March 2021 Minutes

Public Meeting

Members Present

In Attendance


Fiona Berrow

Di Alderdice

Sandra Engstrom

Bob Dale

Fiona Dyet

Phil Boydell

Sue Dumbleton

Andrew Fraser


Susan Engstrom

David Sherman


Emily McLaughlin

Cllr Thomson


Joan Murphy



Ashleigh Phillips

Residents - Five


Alison Swanson




  1. Welcome


  2. Declaration of Interest

    No Declaration of Interest was recorded.


  3. Approval of Previous Minutes

    Minutes for February Meeting were adopted
    Fiona Berrow proposed; Bob Dale seconded


  4. Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting:



  5. Reports

    1. Chair Report

      Joan Murphy welcomed everyone to the meeting focusing on the brighter things going on in our
      community, with the better weather, COVID restrictions beginning to lift and the vaccination programme
      being successful.

      Joan Murphy mentioned the Step Into Spring Windows which have been a cheerful addition to Riverside
      and a good fundraiser for Riverside Naturally.


      Riverside Gateway – In conjunction with Riverside Naturally, Riverside Community Council are discussing
      the possibility of regeneration of the open areas around the Junction of Forth Street, Forth Crescent and
      Forth Place, including new planting, improved street furniture, signage and utilities.


      The regeneration plan will take into account:

      • The visual impact of the area

      • Ease of use by people who pass through the area on foot (seating)

      • Planting to support biodiversity and to reduce water run-off and air pollution

      • Maintenance beyond the initial project works

      • Road safety and the safety of pedestrians

      • Impact on immediate neighbours

      • Funding including professional landscape architectural input

      • Support of Stirling Council


        The four local councillors have been contacted and an onsite meeting with be held with a
        representative of Stirling Council.

        Consultation and communication with the Riverside Community will be a priority.


    2. Secretary

      Police Report - There were five detected cases and ten undetected cases which are part of an on-going
      investigation with twenty one calls to the police. There have been a number of thefts over the past month
      and our Police Officers urge community members to report any issue they may have.

      Graffiti – There has been an issue of vandalism in Riverside this month and Alison Swanson has been in
      contact with our new Community Police Officer, Jennifer Fisher. The main issue is that although the graffiti
      is on Stirling Council property, the council may not be aware of them so they go unreported. Riverside
      Community Council would like a contact to deal with directly to ensure these antisocial activities are
      addressed effectively.

      Correspondence -

      Electric Cars – The charging posts are scheduled to be installed in the summer months – this has been
      delayed due to COVID and requisitions issues.

      Broken Post Box – This was reported and replaced in the same day.

      Fallen Tree – A Tree along Dean Crescent on the Riverbank had been reported in March 2019 and has
      fallen further. This has been reported as a potential hazard

      Broken Fencing – There are areas of the fence round the river that are in need of repair – this has been
      reported to Stirling Council.

      Flooding on Lovers Walk – This has been reported to Stirling Council who said it was the first time they
      were aware of this area flooding although this has been raised during our extensive Lovers Walk
      communications. Network Rail is aware and we have made repeated requests to fix it.

      Damaged Sign on James Street – This was reported and fixed promptly due to being a street lamp with
      exposed wiring.

      Consultation – Stirling Council is running a consultation on their Climate and Nature Emergency Plan and is
      encouraging residents to comment. There is a survey running until 30 th April 2021 and people can
      comment for a further four days at

    3. Treasurer

      Expenses this month are £61.25 from the COVID Grant for the Easter Bags, £62.59 for stationery, Zoom
      subscription and leaflet holders and £243.48 was paid to Iain Gibson, Stirling Council from the Scotland
      Loves Local Grant.

      Outstanding or restricted funds are £152.37 for walking or litter picking events, Zoom Subscription,
      Shiphaugh Tree and a card reader for the air monitoring unit. It was agreed that Di Alderdice could be
      reimbursed for this expense before the grant is paid out.

      £3700 is outstanding though does not need to be paid until the grant money is received.


    4. Planning

      Barracks Signage – This was raised in June 2020. Riverside Community Council was informed that
      Enforcement Issues are confidential and therefore details would not be shared online. However, the
      signage was removed due to being unauthorised.


  6. Subgroups


    1. Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

      The Active Travel Survey will be closed on the 31st March 2021. There have been over 120 responses with a
      variety of comments that will be analysed by Forth Environment Link. This information will be used to
      create the Active Travel Plan for Riverside.

      The grant claim and progress report has been submitted to Paths4All. This can be found on the website.

      It was agreed that we would look into an audit of Riverside regarding accessibility for people with
      disabilities with the money that was allocated to the Active Travel day, which will not go ahead due to
      COVID. that

      A University Student is planning to do their PhD around Active Travel using Riverside as a case study.


    2. Defibrillators

      There is a spare Defibrillator which Fiona Dyet was given last year. Last year Polmaise Community Council
      contacted Wilma Comrie at Stirling Council enquiring if we could 'lend' them a couple of defibrillators. The
      Sub-Group agreed that it could be offered to them on the understanding that they replace both the battery
      and pads and maintain it.

      Lucky2Bhere has been contacted to as if the recent fundraising, linked to the Advent windows, might be
      partially used to offset replacement batteries this year.

      Mrs McPhee, the headteacher of Riverside Primary School has agreed to moving the AED, ideally to be
      relocated near the main entrance to the school or moved to face Alexandra Place. The Sub-Group have
      also been in discussion with Stirling Council to discuss the costs of this.

      The Sub-Group plans to apply for funding for the defibrillators from a variety of Funds.


    3. Community Resilience Plan

      There is no update this month.


    4. Environment

      Riverside Naturally – The Step Into Spring campaign has been a huge boost to the charity with over £400
      raised. There is lots of new growth to be seen in the North Woodland Garden.

      With the funding from Scotland Loves Local planting will be undertaken at the end of April and beginning of

      The ARK, in partnership with Stirling Council is being prepared for wildflowers to be sown.
      The Wildflower Meadow next to the Community Orchard will be planted at the start of May.


      Dog Fouling – Over 300 bags have been given out for free and the response to the campaign has been

      Emily McLaughlin has been in touch with the Dog Warden who is aware of the most problematic areas in
      Riverside and may visit out of uniform. We were offered further signage and free bags.

      It was agreed that we should continue our campaign and introduce pictures by children on posters.


      Litter Pick – With COVID restrictions easing it was agreed that we would host a socially distanced litter pick
      on the 10th April 2021. Emily McLaughlin will organise.


    5. Fairy Trail

      Bob Dale has the fairy doors ready to go and plans to put them out late Friday night on the 2nd April.


    6. Lovers Walk

      Stirling Council has trimmed back some of the overgrowth on the Riverbank.

      Riverside Community Council awaits information from both Stirling Council and Network Rail about the
      improvements to and closure of Lovers Walk. It has become apparent that Lovers Walk falls within the
      Bridgehaugh Conservation Area. This means that the plans for repairing the fence have to be approved by
      the conservation planning officer at Stirling Council.

      Riverside Community Council has not seen the plans and has no information on the proposed work or when
      it will start. Separately Network Rail will undertake repairs to the railway bridges at Lovers Walk and the
      road will be closed for 'some months'. No further information has been made available.

      Updated in April - This will not be happening this year and has been postponed until 2022.


    7. Parking

      On 24th March Riverside Community Council was made aware of plans for traffic control and build outs
      around Forrest Road and Alexander Place funded by the Scottish Government's Spaces for People scheme.
      Riverside Community Council had a number of concerns about the plans, the proposal and the scale of the
      consultation. An extension for offering comments was granted.

      Riverside Community Council will also meet with Cllr Thomson to discuss this issue


    8. Well-being Walks

      There has been no response from Paths for All regarding the request for support in developing post-covid
      walks in Riverside. Sue Dumbleton will continue to follow this up and look at other options for the proposal,


  7. Bins

    Further attempts have been made to contact waste services about the bins on Forth Street and work which
    the Riverside Community Council might do to alleviate the problem of the blocked pavement. All
    communication has been via the Community Council Enquiries email address.

    There has been no response to date.


  8. Easter Parcels

    Following on from the success of the Christmas Parcels, Easter Parcels will be delivered by a group of
    volunteers to over 40 people around Riverside.


  9. AOB



  10. Date of next meeting:


Our AGM will be held on the 28th April 2021, hosted using Zoom


Further details of things discussed can be found on our website or you can e-mail us directly.