May 2021 Minutes

Public Meeting Minutes



Date - 26th May 2021


Members Present

In Attendance


Fiona Berrow

Andrew Fraser

Di Alderdice

Bob Dale

David Sherman

Sandra Engstrom

Sue Dumbleton

Susan McGill

Ashleigh Phillip

Emily McLaughlin


Alison Swanson

Joan Murphy

Residents - 10

Phil Boydell



Fiona Dyet


  1. Declaration of Interest


    Susan McGill declared that she is a board member of the Cowane’s Trust.


  2. Approval of Previous Minutes


    Minutes for April were adopted

    Fiona Berrow proposed; Sue Dumbleton seconded


  3. Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting


Emily McLaughlin noticed an omission in the July minutes - Phil Boydell was proposed by Alison
Swanson as an Associate Member 15th July 2020 and seconded by Fiona Berrow.


  1. Reports


    1. Chair

      Like dandelions, which are one person’s beautiful flower and another’s dreaded weed, Community
      Councils can’t please everyone all the time. Community consultations are vital to engagement and
      understanding community needs but it must be understood that consultation can slow the process
      down. Riverside Community Council is trying hard to listen to all points of view and find acceptable

      solutions for the range of issues that the community raises.

      CC recruitment - Riverside Community Council has been recruiting and is currently verifying an
      applicant for potential co-option at our June meeting.


      Riverside Gateway – landscape architects, with experience of community consultation, will be
      contacted and a list of wants and desires for the area will be prepared. The name of the area will
      be decided as part of the consultation. Andrew Fraser will contact the council regarding the
      signage strategy. The group will apply to The Mushroom Trust, the deadline is 16th July 2021


      Treebilee - The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) is an initiative to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years
      on the throne. David Sherman has suggested we investigate the possibility of combining this with
      an outdoor event next year and applying for funding


    2. Secretary


      Police Report: There were two undetected cases involving theft and one Act in a Racially
      Aggravated Manner and one detected cases involving vandalism.

      A Social Media Policy was proposed and adopted.*
      Consultations -

      Climate and Nature Emergency Plan – Riverside Community Council commented on this


      Specialist Additional Support Needs: Expansion Consultations - It was felt that Riverside
      Community Council was not in a position to make a comment on behalf of the community, though
      urged individuals to have their say through Stirling Council’s Engage platform.

      The Scottish Government has a consultation running on Local Place Plans. (Andrew Fraser to
      comment on behalf of Riverside Community Council)


      Newsletter – It was decided that after a year of sending newsletters monthly that a change was
      necessary and starting in August the newsletter will be send bi-monthly.


      Agenda – It was agreed to change the standard format of the agenda, removing sub-groups which
      have completed their objective and adding more current issues. The agenda is available 14 days
      before each public meeting and can be found on the noticeboards and the website.


      *This can be found on our website.


    3. Treasurer

      Fiona Berrow gave the Treasurer’s report.

      Zoom is recorded as having been paid twice this month due to how the meetings fell and February
      being a shorter month.

      Upcoming expenses include our ICO registration, litter picking/well-being walks insurance and our
      ongoing Zoom cost.


    4. Planning


      The enforcement order on the James Street garages is continuing to be investigated.


  2. Sub-Groups

    1. Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

      The first draft of the Active Travel Survey report is being revised following comments from Riverside
      Community Council and sub-group. Thanks were given to everyone who turned out on Saturday for
      the photo shoot, and to Bob Dale for the great photos.

      Andrew Fraser is working on the first draft of Older People’s survey report. This will need to be a
      stand-alone report and not an appendix in the main report, because of production costs.


      Disability access survey - there has been no reply from Living Streets after two emails and a phone
      call. We will now approach Sustrans.


      Thanks were given to a volunteer for continuing the air pollution monitoring.


      The MSc student hasn’t started on her Active Travel and Vulnerable People Safe Spaces project yet
      due to finishing course work, but plans to start when time allows


    2. Defibrillators


      Nothing to report


    3. Community Resilience Plan


      A meeting is hoped to be arranged for June.


      1. Environment


        Forthside – Riverside Community Council has been in touch with Stirling Council to ascertain who
        is responsible for this plot. Concerns have been raised due to the increasing abundance of Giant
        Hogweed and accumulated litter. Stirling Council has indicated that volunteers would not be able to
        access the land to tidy it up due to the hazards the Giant Hogweed in particular presents.


        Cowane’s Trust – Riverside Community Council has been in touch with Stirling Council and the
        Cowane’s Trust to ascertain who own the land between Shore Road and Forth Crescent as there is
        a plant which looks very precarious and there is concern it could bring the wall down.


        Treelink has approached Stirling Council to manage the Old Harbour Forest, to ensure it is
        maintained and nurtured in a manner supporting natural growth and biodiversity.


        Riverside Naturally – Volunteers over the summer will be engaged in ‘balsam bashing’ which is
        working along the river path clearing the highly invasive Himalayan Balsam that has taken over the
        riverbanks. Nettles will not be removed by this group as despite their prickly nature they are
        highly prized in a biodiverse area and they are loved by butterflies to eat and to lay eggs on.


      2. Fairy Trail


        Nothing to report.


      3. Lovers Walk

        Stirling Council confirmed that work has been completed except for the painting of the fence round
        the river. No timescale for this action.

        Stirling Council's conservation planning officer has confirmed that the Bridgehaugh conservation

        area related to the river walkway fence. This is the original fence, approx. 100 years old and, if
        damaged, has to be repaired in keeping with the original.

        Stirling Council Roads Officer has advised that a decision on repairs to Stevenson Bridge is yet to be

        A request that Riverside Community Council be involved and consulted on this, as far as possible,
        has been logged with CC Enquiries.

        Drains have been cleared at Lovers Walk again


      4. Parking

      Stirling Council has introduced a temporary 20miles/h speed limit on those streets within Riverside
      to which such a permanent limit does not already apply.

      Riverside Community Council has received further comments since the April meeting about parking
      problems since our last meeting and have been in communication with Stirling Council’s Transport
      and Planning Officer.

      Riverside Community Council is making clear that a proper consultation needs to be organised to
      allow for everyone to be heard and all possible suggestions made.

      Previous suggestions will be put forward by the Council at the end of March and our response to
      Council is available on website

      A meeting of interested residents will be arranged as a precursor to discussions with the Council. It
      was suggested that a member of staff from Riverside Primary School be invited.


  3. A.O.B


Riverbank Centre has opened up to approximately 1/3 capacity. They are planning to fill the
planters next week, weather permitting.


Riverside Bowling Club is open for the season. Their Clubhouse is still undergoing repairs but the
lounge will be re-opening from the 21st May 2021 with the return of Friday nights in the Lounge.
There is hope of inviting the schools for some taster sessions which proved very successful in the


Thanks to the Council were expressed for repairing the broken railings


9) Date of Next Meeting


7pm Hosted using Zoom