Apr 2022 Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes Date – 27th April 2022

Members Present In Attendance Apologies

Fiona Berrow Andrew Fraser Joan Murphy

Bob Dale David Sherman Ashleigh Philip

Sue Dumbleton Cllr Thomson Alison Swanson

Emily McLaughlin Cllr Susan McGill Carol Robertson

Residents: 8

1) Welcome and record of those present and apologies


Vice-Chair Sue Dumbleton welcomed everyone in attendance in addition to those Members and Associates listed above.

2) Declarations of Interest

No Declaration of Interest was recorded.

3) Approval of Previous Minutes


Minutes for March were adopted.

Fiona Berrow proposed; Bob Dale seconded.

4) Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting


None arising.

5) Reports


a) Chair

Joan Murphy was on holiday this month and Sue Dumbleton Chaired this meeting.


Carol Robertson has been appointed as a full Community Councillor.

Riverside Community Council has a vacancy for a Community Councillor. Contact riversidecommunitycouncil@gmail.com for more information.

b) Secretary



Flooding – An update from Stirling Council flooding team was requested to clarify the information on SEPA’s Flood Risk Management Plan.

• Stirling Council confirmed that they are still working on an Optioneering Report which is unlikely to be concluded until 2023.

• The Scottish Government is currently reviewing its funding position and Stirling Council are awaiting confirmation of funding availability for 2022/2023.

• Stirling Council is aiming to hold engagement sessions as part of these works and are looking to host host these over the summer months.

• Flood defences would likely consist of both walls and embankments and the community will be engaged with throughout the process.

Trolleys in Forth – Stirling Council have informed Riverside Community Council that they do not own the land the trolleys have been dumped on and are therefore not responsible for their removal. It has been suggested that a Land Register search to ascertain who the owner is and approach them.

Broken Fence on Forth Crescent – this will be fixed shortly.

Degrading railings along the riverside path – Stirling Council will be engaging with their welding contractor to discuss the fabricating of repairs. They will also discuss with Cowanes Trust any repairs within their section of ownership so as to keep the fence uniform.

Pedestrian Crossing: A Stirling Council officer visited the site and ascertained that the green man is present with the alarm sounding for 7 seconds and that there is a further 7 seconds before the red light changes to green for traffic. The officer states that they “ cannot agree that there is a specific problem to the time given for pedestrians crossing this junction. ” They also noted that they witnessed wheel chair users and older people crossing during the time of observation.

Forth Street Bollards – Stirling Council is looking to place bollards at the top of Forth Crescent to stop vans from parking illegally on the wide foot-way. Riverside Community Council supported this activity.

Waverley Park: - Stirling Council has some budget this year to replace play equipment will look to replace/repair some of the adult fitness equipment. Stirling Council will also try and replace the hammock. The 3 piece balance beam is no longer available from the manufacturer but it is hoped that it can be replaced with something similar.

Benches, Toast – Thanks was given to Stirling Council for commissioning the replacement of the benches at the end of the path through the Old Harbour Forest. This work will shortly be completed.


Major Gas Works – Stirling Council begin work to upgrade the gas network within the Dean Crescent area and parking restrictions will be in place from the 9 th May for seven weeks.

Streets that will be affected on a rolling basis:

• Dean Crescent (both sides), Stirling between junction with Riverside Drive & Forth Street

• Forrest Road (both sides) between junctions with Dean Crescent & Edward Road

• Riverside Drive (both sides) between Sutherland Drive and Abbey Mill

• Abbey Road (both sides) between Abbey Mill & Cooperage Quay

• Forth Place outside 25-29

SHARE is an NHS Research Scotland initiative, supported by the Universities in Scotland and the Chief Scientist Office in the Scottish Government. SHARE is a register of volunteers (11+ yrs) who are interested in research for improving healthcare. They aim to help people find health research projects which are relevant to them and are looking for volunteers to join. Find out more here.

Neighbourhood Networks is a member led organisation that encourages people to make new friends, build connections and learn and share new skills. The group work with people who may be isolated or at risk of isolation and are looking for people to join in. Find out more here.

Wellbeing Scotland , Alloa are looking to recruit more Befrienders for the Stirling and Clackmannanshire areas. You can find more information here.

Some information is shared between meetings, including road closures, TROs and other Stirling Council communications and this is available on the Riverside Community Council Website . The weekly Planning Schedule is also available each Wednesday.


c) Treasurer

Expenditure: The Community Council paid for the Zoom account for April (£14.39 per month),

d) Planning

There were no planning issues.

You can visit Stirling Council’s Planning Portal for further planning information.

You can visit the Scottish Government’sTell Me W ebsite for further licensing information.

6) Sub-Groups


a) Active Travel and Sustainable Transport


Lovers Walk – Stirling Coucnil has approached Riverside Community Council to consider the permanent closure of Lovers Walk.

Riverside Community Council feels that this is proposal warrants an extensive consultation by Stirling


Council, which will accurately reflect the feelings of the many people who live in Riverside and other people who travel in Riverside.

Riverside Community Council will remain neutral regarding this proposal and will seek further information on what Stirling Council would propose for consultation on.

St Ninians Community Council has been in touch regarding their speeding issues and to ascertain if this is an issue across Stirling. Ashleigh Phillip will be responding.

b) Bins and Recycling


Bins – Forth Street and James Street and Adverse Weather Challenges

Emily McLaughlin met with the Recycle4Stirling team to start a conversation about the bin issues in Riverside. Options were discussed for tackling these issues including an access awareness campaign and further community resilience engagement. This will continue to be addressed.

Riverside Community Council will ask Stirling Council to consider re-issuing the recycling legislation to support new residents understand the system.

Cllr Thomson informed Riverside Community Council that Stirling Council are working on posters for back doors in shared accommodation and further awareness.

e) Environment


Dog Fouling:

£130 has been spent of poo bags since February last year which is approximately 380 rolls, 6000 bags. It was agreed that the campaign has been a good initiative for the area, giving people a non-confrontational way of approaching those who don't clean up and it also shows that Riverside is a proactive community who wants to stop dog fouling.

It is no longer feasible to continue it the way we currently run it. Emily McLaughlin proposed a Take One, Leave One scheme, supported by the free bags that the Dog Warden has offered to supply Riverside Community Council with. It was agreed that £20 could be spent on leaflet holders for the bags and this scheme would be trailed for the next 6 months.

Giant Hogweed has been spotted in the public spaces past the Rowing Club and Community Orchard. Riverside Community Council will inform Stirling Council.

f) The Green, Forth Place


No further activity.

Funding opportunities are being collated for future reference.

g) Parking


There was no further update to this trial or other parking related matters.

Kate Joester, from Living Streets team conducted an audit at the crossroads at Forth crescent and Forth street and reported that there was a very high level of traffic during her audit, 8.30am – 9.30am 21 st April 2022.

The difficulty of crossing the road was commented upon as Kate Joester witness an unaccompanied child


having to wait five minutes to safely crossing the street.

The suggestion of a pedestrian crossing was strongly supported.

Fiona Berrow commented that there was clear support and enthusiasm for a crossing discovered during The Green Consultation.

Riverside Community Council have asked for temporary traffic lights to be installed at the Forth Street, Forth Place and Forth Crescent junction as this is a dangerous, unpleasant and difficult crossing - this was refused.

Park and Stride for Riverside Primary School was supported as a solution to some of the congestion issues around school drop off and pick up.

g) Summer Jubilee Celebrations


David Sherman, Iain Gibson and Carol Roberston have been working towards the Jubilee Celebrations and the line up is as follows:

Thursday Afternoon Tea – 60 older residents of Riverside are invited to a celebratory afternoon tea with activities and a visit from Riverside Primary’s Glee Club.

Saturday Family Fun Day & Market Waverly park: 12pm - 4pm

Join us at Waverley Park from 12pm for outdoor games, fun activities with Riverside Naturally, stalls from local business and food vendors, come and try sessions from Stirling County Rugby Club and Riverside Lawn Bowling Club and a special visit from the Fire Brigade!

Plus there’s going to be delicious pizza from Mangiamo , coffee and cakes from Bean N Biscuits and delicious luxury ice cream from Milk & Honey and much more!

Jubilee Jam - Live Music Riverside lawn bowling club: 12pm - 6pm

Join some of the best local musicians for live sessions at Riverside Lawn Bowling Club! We've got musicians and dancers from multiple genres throughout the day; so there's something for everyone!

Griff's Gaff Disco - Live DJs Abbey Road Market: 4pm - 9pm

Join an amazing line up of DJs from 4pm at Abbey Road Market for an electric mix of disco and house music! You can also sample Abbey Road's stunning selection of food and drink as you enjoy this free music event!

Ceilidh & Disco Riverside Lawn bowling club: 7pm - 11pm

Grab your tickets for the party! Riverside Ceilidh Band will be performing an amazing selection of traditional Scottish music, before our DJ takes over and we dance until closing time!

David Sherman and Carol Robertson offered thanks to the tremendous generosity from people throughout Riverside. The events are open to everyone - residents can volunteer or raise questions by emailing: riversidejubilee@gmail.com


8) Local Groups


Riverside Naturally Over £200 was raised during the Step Into Spring Campaign and Riverside Naturally gave a huge thank you to all who participated by decorating their window or donating.

Riverside Naturally is always looking for volunteers and everyone is welcome. Typical sessions are on the second Thursday of the month at 6.30pm and the last Saturday of the month at 9.30am

Riverside Bowling Club - Riverside Bowling Club is open for the season and are looking for new members: Full (Playing) Members £95.00 Student Members £25.00 Social Members £10.00

9) Upcoming Events


30th April – RN Seed Swap and Maintenance Session 1st May – Neighbourhood Walk

12th May – RN Maintenance Session, 6.30pm – Riverside Community Orchard 25 th May – RCC Public Meeting

4th June – Jubilee Summer Celebration

5th June – Neighbourhood Walk and Litter Pick

9) A.O.B


An application for funding from the Museum Galleries Scotland Communities Stories Fund was submitted in March and a Riverside Community Council will be notified on the 29th April if successful.

Carol Robertson met with a potter keen to be involved with the stories project.

Andrew Fraser informed Riverside Community Council that Wallace Gate Leak is being attended to.

10) Date of Next Meeting


27th May 2022 – Venue TBD

All previous minutes, policies and consultation comments can be found on our website and available on request.

Previous minutes and further information about Riverside Community Council can be found on our website.