Feb 2022 Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes Date – 23rd February 2022



Members Present

In Attendance


Fiona Berrow

Andrew Fraser

Di Alderdice

Bob Dale

David Sherman

Phil Boydell

Sue Dumbleton


Fiona Dyet

Sandra Engstrom

Cllr Danny Gibson

Carol Robertson

Emily McLaughlin

Rachel Nunn (Observer)

Ashleigh Phillips


Joan Murphy Scottish Conservative Candidate Stirling

Alison Swanson Residents: 8

1) Welcome and record of those present and apologies


Chair Joan Murphy welcomed everyone in attendance in addition to those Members and Associates listed above.

Joan Murphy welcomed everyone to the meeting with a few things that had made February a bit brighter which included the beautiful wolf moon, the extraordinary Green Planet program and the unusual links you find with your neighbours.

2) Declarations of Interest

No Declaration of Interest was recorded.

3) Approval of Previous Minutes


Minutes for January were adopted

Sandra Engstrom proposed; Sue Dumbleton seconded

4) Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting


None arising

5) Reports


a) Chair


Joan Murphy and a local resident visited long time Riverside resident Mamie Davies, who turned 100 years old in the middle of February, with a basket of flowers. Sadly, Mamie passed away shortly after and Riverside Community offered its sincere condolences to Mamie’s family.

Joan Murphy reported that the Network Rail closure of Lovers Walk will commence on the 28 th February until the 21st October. Riverside Community Council will continue to liaise with Stirling Council and Network Rail and feedback any community issues.

b) Secretary Police Report:

Over the past month there were 3 undetected cases including Theft and Damage to parked vehicles, and two detected cases.

The Community Police Officers continue to attend Riverside Primary School at pick up times and have spoken to a number of drivers in relation to considerate and safe parking as well as being mindful of speed.

Police Scotland are not a partner in the school streets project however is keen to be kept informed about how the project is working.

Youth anti-social behaviour continues to be a problem in Stirling and Police Scotland ask that we all help to make sure that teenagers we know are acting responsibly and keeping themselves and others safe.

Riverside Community Council will be arranging a meeting with the Community Police Officers to develop further engagement.



Scottish and Southern Electricity Network’s Resilient Communities Fund core aim is to help communities become more resilient in the face of storms, severe weather and prolonged power interruptions. More recently, the fund has evolved to include a focus on vulnerability. More information can be found here.

Bins – There is an ongoing issue with bins and litter in various areas around Riverside and the storms have further highlighted issues regarding bin collection. Riverside Community Council will be arranging a meeting with the Rycycle4Stirling team to discuss these issues.

Consultation - Stirling Council is undertaking a COVID Recovery Community Consultation to better understand how COVID has affected Stirling residents. Find a short survey here to share your experiences of living through the last six months of the Covid-19 Pandemic and informing Stirling Council what has changed.

Flooding Customs Roundabout – There was considerable flooding in the under-paths at the Customs Roundabout week commencing 14th February. This cleared for the schools returning on the 21st February however it was a severe impediment for those walking or wheeling. Riverside Community Council will contact Stirling Council for further information and ask if there will be action taken to prevent this from


happening again.

Cllr. Danny Gibson shared information and gave assurances that this was being investigated to ascertain whether there is a fault or a flood due to adverse conditions.

Railings, Forth Place Path – This request was denied by Stirling Council.

Benches, River path – The parts have been fabricated and should be in place did March.

Unsafe Branch, Dean Crescent – This tree will be trimmed/taken down if necessary.

Road markings – Stirling Council will be returning to repaint some junctions that were missed in January.

Cambuskenneth Netting – Will be removed as soon as feasible.

A community member raised the issue of double yellow lines around the school being faded. Riverside Community Council will ask Stirling Council to address this.

c) Treasurer

Expenditure - The Community Council bought flowers for a Riverside resident’s 100th birthday (£30) and paid for the Zoom account (£14.39).

Income - We received a donation towards the flowers (£20).

d) Planning

There were no planning issues.

Edward Road and James Street Garages – Riverside Community Council has been contacted by another community member regarding the unkempt condition of these garages. Stirling Council has been asked for support in addressing this.

Cllr Gibson has previously looked into this and will continue to do so.

You can visit Stirling Council’s Planning Portal for further planning information.

You can visit the Scottish Government’s Tell Me website for further licencing information.

6) Sub-Groups


a) Active Travel and Sustainable Transport


The Active travel group plans to reconvene shortly and will initially focus on awareness of the 20mph limit that was introduced in Riverside last year.

b) Community Resilience Plan


Nothing new to report.

d) Defibrillators

The new defibrillator cabinet was installed by a local electrician who volunteered his expertise and time.

Step into Spring – From 21st March 2022 the Window’s group will be inviting people to support Riverside Naturally in a spring themed window event. Money raised will go to further the enhancement of the green


spaces around Riverside in an environmentally conscious way.

e) Environment


Cherry Blossoms – Two cherry blossoms have been marked for being felled. This is most likely to be because they are diseased or dying. Over the next few years many of these trees will be removed and replaced.

Riverbanks – The work on the bank to partially clear the brambles and other invasive species has been delayed and won't now take place in this financial year as a mammal survey has to be undertaken before any clearance work can be started.

Community Planters – There is now a team of Riverside residents who have adopted a planter and will look after them this season.

Bird Boxes – In a joint endeavour with the Riverbank Centre and Riverside Naturally bird boxes are being made and will be placed around Riverside. Permission has been requested by Stirling Council’s tree team and Riverside Primary School pupils have been invited to assemble the boxes.

f) Parking

The second meeting of the Stirling Council/Living Street steering group was on the 22nd February. The consultation was given to 1000 people and completed by 185 with 96 comments.

Marginally, respondents were in favour of piloting the proposed exclusion zone

The discussion included:

  • Why Argyll Avenue not included – because of the need to allow flow of traffic and avoid people doing U-turns
  • Displacement of vehicles – This was described more as dispersement and an expectation that there would be a reduction in vehicles
  • Bus - There is a service bus which comes from and to Causewayhead to fit with school times

· Access

o Residents within exclusion zone will have permits and access at all times

o Parents of children with SEN, taxis will have access

o Teachers – this still to be resolved

  • Enforcement . - LS staff will be on site at every junction to begin with
  • Closure times . - It was agreed to extend the closure times to 8.30- 9.15 am and 2.45 – 3.30 pm
  • Drop-off area / park and walk with children . - It was agreed that the area between Boating club and Outdoor Bowling was the most suitable
  • Shelter. - Possible covered area with coffee van at drop off or at school gates
  • Information sheet. - LS will produce and distribute an info sheet including concerns, possible solutions, map of street closures and suggested dropoff area.
  • Street crossings. Other areas have got these via School Travel Plan

· Suggested dates- 29th, 30th and 31st March


Riverside Community Council unanimously decided to support the trial road closures.

20-minute neighbourhood:

Kate Joester, of Living Street s is hoping to carry out ‘route auditing’ with families who live outside Riverside.


More information, a link to the consultation and a history of parking in Riverside can be found here.

g) Riverside Gateway


Meetings were held to discuss and finalise the plans for the Riverside Greenspace project.

The consultation process, scheduled initially for the end of January has been postponed due to COVID restrictions. Residents will be informed when new dates have been decided upon and information will be shared on Riverside Community Council's website here.

g) Summer Jubilee Celebrations

Riverside Community Council is proposing a Jubilee Celebration on the 2 nd - 5th June. Thursday: Older People afternoon tea – potential school engagement

Friday – Rowing Club Event

Saturday – 12pm-4pm Family Fun Day, including Bake Off, Crafts, Visiting Services, Active Travel Saturday – 6pm – 10pm Music Event

Sunday – 10am – Litter Pick – Tea and Cake

Meetings are being held over the next few weeks with key members of the community to confirm involvement.

Andrew Fraser has been working on the application to close part of Riverside Drive on Saturday 4th June 2022.

7) Local Groups


Riverside Naturally Created a willow arbour in the story garden with plans to add seats.

Riverside Naturally has approached Riverside Community Council to consider making a request to Stirling Council about replacing the ornamental Cherry Blossom trees with the native blossoming Gean Wild Cherry tree. These are more environmentally beneficial and would support the local habitats and the new policies Stirling Council are in the process of consulting on and implementing.

26th February at 9.30am – Maintenance Session, 10.30am – Tea break and a chat.

Riverbank Centre – Continues to open at a reduced capacity and they are expecting some changes in March, depending on COVID restrictions.

The manager of the Riverbank Centre, Heather will be retiring shortly. Riverside Community Council offers their thanks to Heather for her support and wishes her well in her retirement.

Five other staff members will also be leaving.

8) Upcoming Events


27th Feb – Riverside Naturally Maintenance Session 6th March - Neighbourhood Walk and litter pick

30th March - Next Riverside Community Council’s Public Meeting 30th April – Riverside Naturally’s Seed/Garden Equipment swap

9) A.O.B


Ian Young, the previous Chair of Riverside Community Council sadly passed away earlier this year. Riverside Community Council offers their condolences to his family and thanks for his service to the Riverside community.

Thanks were given to those who have been clearing the litter around Riverside, which had increased due to the adverse weather. Riverside Community Council continues to hold litter picking equipment which can be borrow for free.

Alison Swanson proposed to form a group to embrace the idea hearing of and recording Riverside Stories. Approval was given to apply for funding from the Museum Galleries Scotland Community Stories Fund to celebrate the Year of Stories.

10) Date of Next Meeting


30th March 2022 – Venue TBD

All previous minutes, policies and consultation comments can be found on our website and available on request.

Previous minutes and further information about Riverside Community Council can be found on our website.