Jun 2022 Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes Date – 29th June 2022

Members Present In Attendance Apologies

Fiona Berrow Andrew Fraser Di Alderdice

Emily McLaughlin David Sherman Sue Dumbleton

Joan Murphy Ashleigh Phillip

Carol Robertson Cllr Thomson Alison Swanson

Residents: 8

1) Welcome and record of those present and apologies


Joan Murphy welcomed everyone in attendance in addition to those Members and Associates listed above.

Riverside Community Council will be taking a break over the summer and will meet again on the 31st August 2022.

Riverside Community Council has had a successful year, culminating with the success of the Jubilee weekend. Probably the best in the world*

*Source beloved resident


2) Declarations of Interest

No Declaration of Interest was recorded.

3) Approval of Previous Minutes


Minutes for April were adopted

Fiona Berrow proposed; Alison Swanson seconded

4) Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting


None arising

5) Reports


a) Chair


Joan Murphy attended the Gathering, an event organised by SCVO. There were two areas of inspiration to be considered by Riverside Community Council after the summer:

Imagination Library - Started by Dolly Parton, the aim is to reach all of Scotland’s Children and sending them a book once a month. The organisation is keen to meet with Riverside Community Council and connect to Stirling Council and a meeting will be arranged.

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) – Scottish Community Safety Network with Scottish Government are undertaking consultations throughout 2022 (this was one of them). 3 questions

  • What can we do to help prevent ASB?
  • What gets in the way of preventing ASB?

· How can we support people better to deal with ASB?

Riverside Community Council will invite them to a consultation in Riverside.

These outreach activities will be explored after the summer.

Food Train is looking for volunteers to:

· help with collecting shopping lists, doing shopping and delivering shopping to older people in Stirling and Clacks

· help to deliver a new service, called Food Train Friends , offering valuable social contact to older people in the community.

No experience is necessary and full training and support will be provided.

b) Secretary Police Report


There were 3 Undetected cases which refer to an attempted theft, unreported damage to a motor vehicle, and a minor altercation between persons.

Bin Review - Stirling Council will embark on a review of its waste services.

A short-life working group will be established to confirm the full extent of the review, which will include

· The frequency of each waste collection stream

  • The garden waste charge
  • The costs of the waste collection service

· Ensuring the highest level of recycling

· Will also include the views of the public, waste services work force and trade union


Disabled Bays – Forthside Way - On Street Parking for Disabled Persons

Flooding – SEPA has a three day flooding forecast Flood forecast .

Census Coverage Survey – Census Coverage Operatives will be calling at homes until the end of July. A small number of questions will be asked, that can either be answered on the doorstep, by completing a paper form or by speaking to the free helpline.

Forth Street Bollards – Stirling Council have installed new bollards on the corner of Forth Street and Forth Crescent.

Participatory Budget Training – Fife College has launched a new course designed for young people and communities to learn more about participatory budgeting to engage in local decisions on services and budgets. The course also highlights the distinction between grants based PB and Mainstream PB processes.

The new qualification is SCQF Level 5 and free places will be available for 750 participants who are volunteering with PB and/or Grant Making processes in Scotland.

Roads Operations Framework – This document is supplied to Riverside Community Council however is not accessible to the average person and as such serves no meaningful purpose. We will discuss a response.

Defibrillators – A member of the public informed Riverside Community Council that the 999 operators do not have our defibrillator information on their system. This will be rectified.

Some information is shared between meetings, including road closures, TROs and other Stirling Council communications and this is available on the Riverside Community Council Website . The weekly Planning Schedule is also available each Wednesday.


c) Treasurer


Jubilee expenses will be completed and funding report will be submitted to Stirling Council.

£56 in donations was received from donations during the jubilee

d) Planning

Planning Democracy is a small, largely voluntary, organisation who have worked tirelessly over the past 12 years to bring about a fairer, inclusive and truly sustainable system of land use planning in Scotland. They are considering how we can maximise their impact, increase resources and explore ways to have closer links with Community Councils. Riverside Community Council will respond.

You can visit Stirling Council’s Planning Portal for further planning information.

You can visit the Scottish Government’sTell Me W ebsite for further licensing information.

6) Sub-Groups


a) Active Travel and Sustainable Transport



Grit Bins - Stirling Council has asked Community Council’s to submit an interest if we are looking for a grit bin. Di Alderdice has developed a proposal to support our ongoing project to get better gritting facilitates in Riverside. The was agreed by Riverside Community Council.

Stirling Walking and Cycling Index – Ashleigh Phillip is attending and event to find out information on the progress made towards walking, wheeling and cycling in Stirling.

20’s Plenty – Ashleigh Phillip, as part of a campaign looking into speeding around Riverside, has summarised why 20mph is better for our community. Find it here .

Manor Powis Cycling Link – All landowners have agreed in principle to a scheme that might cross their land. The final route on the Stirling side once the path has passed under the railway bridge is still to be finalised– and this is down to costs, future maintenance arrangements and safety issues for active travel users to merge back onto the Alloa Road.

A new Stirling Council officer to liaise on the project is being recruited.

b) Environment


Nothing to report

c) The Green, Forth Place


Looking at funding opportunities – Joan and Alison

Tasks have been split up and looking got meet up shortly to discuss findings. Looking at proposals and chances – popular and different tiers of the project Trying to meet with the community police officers.

Talk with Sam about funding opportunities.

d) Lovers Walk


In March Stirling Council approached Riverside Community Council about the possibility of shutting Lovers Walk permanently to motor vehicles.

Riverside Community Council remains neutral at this point and has asked for further information from Stirling Council on the proposal and have requested that Stirling undertake an extensive consultation involving the wider population that also uses Lovers Walk. There has been nothing further on this.

g) Parking



School Streets summary report from Michaela Jackson has been issued and detailed graphs and comments from residents can be found on our website here.

“The School Streets scheme has been well received among residents and while there were pre-trial concerns relating to property access and overspill onto other streets, there is significant support among the local community for closing these streets during the school run. Further support could be achieved through communication with residents to ensure any concerns regarding access to their homes is mitigated.


Observations from marshals during the School Streets scheme showed that earlier concerns of traffic


overspilling from closed streets and overwhelming neighbouring streets did not transpire, and that parking spaces remained available for drivers wishing to park or drop off children during the school run. Furthermore, support from non-residents swayed significantly between the first and second survey indicating that in practice the scheme did not have the negative impact anticipated in pre-delivery.”


The proposed next steps are:

· Extend trial over a longer period to gather more evidence and provide more opportunity for families to establish healthier routes to and from school

· School route audit session with school

· Further details in final report to Stirling Council in July 2022

Riverside Community Council will respond in favour to these proposals and will ask for further clarity on a few items. Updates will be found on the Community Council website.

g) Summer Jubilee Celebrations


The Jubilee was a resounding success and Riverside Community Council gave a huge thanks to David Sherman for his efforts to organise and run this event.

The event was commended for being inclusive by offering a range of events, having something for everyone and being affordable, with most things being free.

Thank You to everyone involved, including Rosalia, Riverside Bowling Club and Stirling Council.

8) Local Groups


Riverside Naturally has been working on a hedgehog survey in Riverside and plans to include gardens in the nest stage of the project. Residents who are interested and encouraged to get in though with Riverside Naturally.

9) Upcoming Events



14th and 30th July – RN Maintenance Sessions

31st August 2022 – Riverside Community Council Public Meeting

9) A.O.B



David Sherman is stepping down as an associate of Riverside Community Council as he moves out of the area. He has been an asset to the community council and will be greatly missed.

10) Date of Next Meeting


27th May 2022 – Venue TBD

All previous minutes, policies and consultation comments can be found on our website and available on request.


Previous minutes and further information about Riverside Community Council can be found on our website.