May 2022 AGM Minutes

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Riverside Community Council Annual General Meeting Minutes


25th May 2022


Members Present

In Attendance


Fiona Berrow Sue Dumbleton Emily McLaughlin Joan Murphy Ashleigh Phillip

Alison Swanson

Di Alderdice Fiona Dyet

Bob Dale


Riverside residents joined the meeting.


1)  Declaration of Interest

No Declaration of Interest was recorded.


2)  Approval of Previous Minutes

Minutes for the previous Annual General were adopted Fiona Berrow proposed; Ashleigh Phillip seconded


4)  Chair’s Report Introduction

Riverside Community Council is currently made of eight community councillors and four associate members. We currently have a vacancy for one further member.

We have had a new Stirling Council liaison officer who has supported Riverside Community Council over the past year. Riverside Community Council extends thanks to Stephen Bly.


Another Year Of Challenges

COVID 19 has affected us all and has added many challenges to our way of life.

The strength of spirit and Community Resilience in Riverside has been inspiring and we felt strongly that we wanted to help and support our community as much as we could throughout another year of uncertainty and change.

  • We continue to hold virtual zoom meetings
  • We held in person meetings when COVID allowed
  • Our zoom account is available to community groups to facilitate meetings and events which normally would be held in person.
  • We engage with Stirling Council in any matter that is brought to our attention and work on the issues delayed due to COVID.
  • We have looked for ways to encourage safe activity and community engagement to help boost spirits throughout lockdown.



Communication is very important to Riverside Community Council – we endeavour to be representative of our community. We communicate in the following ways:


Website: Updated regularly, report community news events and our progress on all our activities. E-Mail: Contact us directly about things that matter to you.

Noticeboards and regular articles in the Stirling Observer: Our non-digital means of sharing information. Neighbourhood Walk – Monthly gentle walks round Riverside to allow residents to meet and chat with Community Council Members.

Newsletter: Our regular e-mail round up of the events around Riverside and the Stirling Area, also offered in paper form.

Others: Facebook page, Community WhatsApp Group, Community Partnerships


Our Sub Groups

Active and Sustainable Transport

Created to focus on people powered travel and looking at ways to encourage and improve safe, active travel and sustainable transport in Riverside.

Completed three reports on the finding of our active travel consultations:

  • Riverside Active Travel Survey Report
  • Riverside Older People's Survey report
  • Riverside Disability Access Report


Bins and Recycling

Main areas of concern – Forth Street for obstruction of the pavements, James Street for generally being unhygienic and litter strewn, and some shared properties where recycling facilities are an issue

Met with the Recycle4Stirling team to discuss proactive actions and

Enhance community resilience with regards to storm related health and safety



Sub-group created in 2020 to support the group of Riverside residents that organised the installation of the three defibrillators Riverside has.

Over seventy households took part in the Living Advent Windows throughout December.

The fundraising event was a huge success and enough money was raised to replace the pads and batteries ensuring the defibrillators are up-to-date and ready for use.

In addition the batteries will be returned and used for training on defibrillator use and maintenance. Rolling training is planned for the future.



Hosted a lockdown litter pick in August and regularly use the equipment to clean Riverside during our neighbourhood walks

Running a Dog Fouling Awareness campaign and offering free poo bags, with over 3600 been given out. A new campaign will be running to encourage a Take One, Leave One scheme.

Adopted our environmental policy to support Stirling Council and residents as we work to achieve the 2045 climate emergency goals.

Commented on Stirling Council’s Alive with Nature and Pollinator Policy. Support local groups and their environmental initiatives.

We continue to be one of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Clean Up Hub. Riverside Primary School has been active in cleaning up Riverside.



Commented on SEPA's Flood Risk Management Plan.

Flooding is an important consideration for any Riverside plans and Stirling Council informed us that reports will be finalised in 2023.

Plans will be devised based on the findings and available budget. An embankment will be needed for Riverside and the community will be consulted on this.


The Green, Forth Place

In a joint project with Riverside Naturally, with input from Stirling Council, local architects designed a proposal for the entrance to Riverside.

A consultation event was held in March and opinions welcomed.


Lover’s Walk

The money allocated to Lovers Walk through the participatory budget was spend and works completed. Network Rail has closed Lovers Walk for 8 months

Stirling Council has approached Riverside Community Council to consider the permanent closure of Lovers Walk. Riverside Community Council would welcome a full consultation with all involved areas and will remain neutral on the closure.

Investigated the possibility of using a locally loved graffiti artist to paint the railway bridge and pedestrian tunnel. This will be revisited when Lovers Walk is no longer under construction restrictions.



Stirling Council received a grant of £34K from Paths for All to build on work done by Riverside Community Council.

Stirling Council commissioned Living Streets to carry out research and a detailed consultation which was marginally in favour of piloting the closure and monitoring of some roads around Riverside Primary. This happened for 3 days at the end of March

Further consultation is under way to determine if the road closures should be made permanent.

The Community Council is keen to have crossings created as part of the project.


Summer Jubilee

Hosting a 3 day event to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the resilient spirit of Riverside. Engaging with local organisations, business and the Primary School

Thanks offered to local groups and businesses for the support given to this event


Wee Bits and Bobs

Riverside Community Council works hard on the smaller issues that effects the daily lives of Riverside residents. Liaising with Stirling Council we can often get improvements made.



Junction Road markings repainted Double Yellow Lines repainted Fencing repaired

Dropped Kerb at Waverley Park Benches repaired near Toast Community Planters

Christmas Parcels

Wide range of local information on website Well attended meetings


On Going Items:

Replacement equipment in Waverly Park Netting removed under Cambuskenneth Bridge Bollards on Forth Street

Flooding Issue in Underpass Degrading Path - Old Harbour Woods


Items Refused



Temporary traffic lights on Forth Street Extended Pedestrian Crossing on Goosecroft Road

Handrail on Forth Place

Community councils have a statutory right to be consulted on applications for planning permission and the community council has a special role, representing a broader yet still local view which can be set alongside the comments of those with a more individual interest.


Forthside Development

Nothing further has happened with this development space. We will continue to monitor activity.

We have continued to raise the site as a health and safety issue

Edward Avenue/ James Street Garages

Raised issue of unkempt and unsafe garages.

No record of owner so no work can be undertaken.


Our Huge Thanks to everyone who has supported and engaged with us throughout this year. We truly appreciate your help and support.


5)  Treasurer’s Report

Fiona Berrow presented the checked and authenticated accounts from 1st April 2020 until 5th April 2021. In 2020-21 Riverside Community Council had a total income of £3,875.06.

This came from the Stirling Council admin grant (£236.56), Stirling Council Covid-19 support funding (£500), Community Pride funding (£390 for Riverside Heritage Trail leaflets and £1,500 for the Shiphaugh Centenary tree and information panel), a Paths for All grant (3286.03), Scotland Loves Local funding (3563.50) and surplus admin grant funds from previous years (£398.97).


The Community Council had a total expenditure of £4,641.70.


This was spent on admin expenses (£96.44), Covid-19 support (£436.32), repayment of Stirling Council funds from the previous year (£100.07), cards and gifts for community members/supporters (£45.00), west expenses (£98.86), Zoom subscription (£14.39 per month, £100.73 in total), ICO registration (£40), transfer of surplus admin funds from previous years (£398.97 to our unrestricted funds), community plants (£272.22), a Community Resilience workshop (£30), Active Travel & Sustainable Transport (£90), Shiphaugh Centenary tree and information panel (£1,512.00), Quiz prizes (£30), Heritage Trail leaflets (£390) and Notice boards (£157.08).


At the end of the financial year there was £1,988.45 in Riverside Community Council’s bank account. Of this,

£398.19 was unrestricted funds.


6)  Appointment of Office Bearers

Ashleigh Phillips proposed to maintain the status quo. Seconded Fiona Berrow Chair – Joan Murphy

Vice Chair – Sue Dumbleton Treasurer – Fiona Berrow Secretary – Emily McLaughlin Planning – Alison Swanson


7)  Date of next Annual General Meeting

29th June 2022