Nov 2022 Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes Date – 30th November 2022

Members Present

In Attendance


Sue Dumbleton

Di Alderdice

Bob Dale

Ashleigh Phillip Fiona Dyet

Fiona Berrow Andrew Fraser Alison Swanson

Carol Robertson Cllr Rachel Nunn

Joan Murphy 11 Residents

Emily McLaughlin

1) Welcome and record of those present and apologies




2) Declarations of Interest

No Declaration of Interest was recorded.

3) Approval of Previous Minutes


Minutes for October were adopted

Ashleigh Phillip proposed; Alison Swanson seconded

4) Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting


It was noted that the donation for venue hire from a resident was received with thanks from Riverside Community Council and not returned.

5) Reports


a) Chair

Joan welcomed everyone to the last meeting of an amazing year including the following activities and achievements:

  • Emerged from COVID – began to meet again face to face

· Success of the Platinum Jubilee weekend

· Plans for The Green, Forth Place with Stirling Council support


  • Positive discussion about Active Travel
  • Some Parking progress
  • Zebra Crossings
  • Noticeboard progress
  • Primary School Hall from January

· Cambuskenneth Bridge netting removal

  • Less Dog Poo

· Spring and Advent Window Fundraising Events

  • Leak diverted under Lovers Walk

Thank you to the Lawn Bowling Club for hosting the public meetings.

Notification of Co-Option will be on the next agenda and unless there are further applicants and pending Stirling Council checks a new Community Councillor will be appointed in January. (Closing date 3 rd Jan 2023)

b) Secretary


Police Report

There were two undetected cases recorded in the reporting period. The cases relate to a broken window and a fraud scam.

Consultations and Funding Opportunities


Community Development Team are facilitating a winter programme called Let’s Get Together to fund community activities to help residents be out keeping warm and active, meeting up with each other for social contact, to play games, to take part in sport, to sing, dance, chat, have a bite to eat – whatever suits your particular community. Find out more on the website here..

Business Resilience and Growth Fund is open for applications until the 6th January. This fund will include payments to help vulnerable households experiencing fuel poverty this winter and an increase to the amount of funds available to organisations who had applied for support to work with people experiencing financial crisis.

Thrive to Maximise - £3000 funded employment enhancement fund: available to support eligible employees who are parents with additional training, development opportunities or working hours. For more details email:

Stirling Council has launched its annual round of public budget engagement, seeking opinions and feedback from residents through the Budget Conversation to understand the services that matter most to them. Find the survey here.



A list of apprenticeships, jobs and training opportunities shared by our Community Council Enquiry Co- ordinator can be found on the website here.

Stirling Council is taking part in the 16 Days of Activism - this is an international campaign that was launched in 1991 to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and will end on Human Rights Day (10 Dec). This supports the previously discussed White Ribbon Scotland campaign.

SHARE, The Scottish Health Research Register and Biobank, is a Register of people who are happy to be sent information about health research projects (studies). They are looking for healthy people and people with health conditions to join SHARE. This might involve taking part in surveys online, sharing


your views on your healthcare or taking part in a study researching a new medication for an illness you may have. Find out more here.

Stirling will become the first fully Augmented Reality (AR) city in the world following a ground-breaking project involving Stirling Council, BT and Seymour Powell.

The cutting edge software will transform the visitor experience to Stirling allowing people to explore the city in a unique and exciting way through their smartphone screen. This aims to be way to encourage people to support local businesses.

Find out more at

Boundary Commission for Scotland – has started the review process of UK Parliment Constituancies. The review will recommend 57 UK Parliament constituencies in Scotland. Please see our website for further information – comments can be submitted here.

Community Council Health Check – Riverside Community Council has completed the initial draft. This will be submitted shortly.

Reported Issues


Cambuskenneth Bridge Netting – The netting has been successfully taken down.

Dropped Kerbs, Abbey Road – Based on feedback from the Disability Audit and The Green, Forth Place Consultations Riverside Community Council has enquired about the possibility of lowering the kerbs on Abbey Road. It was noted that there are other areas on Abbey Road that may need attention. Bins – Cllr McGill reported back that Stirling Council will re-issue letters to urge residents to remove their bins from the footways are soon as possible.

The Lawn Bowling Committee has enquired about the possibility of installing communal bins in Riverside.

Noticeboards – Stirling Council have agreed to share the Pontoon noticeboard with Riverside Community Council.

New noticeboards have been chosen and the next step is being discussed. Cllr Rachel Nunn offered to follow up on some our outstanding issues.

c) Treasurer

Expenditure: We hired Riverside Bowling Club for the October Community Council meeting (£30).

Income: We received a donation from a community member who wished to contribute towards hiring Riverside Bowling Club for our meeting venue (£20).

It was agreed that funding relevant to minuted and agreed upon projects can be actioned when deadlines fall between public meetings. This should be documented via email to show clear discussion and includes completing application forms with the oversight of the treasurer.

d) Planning

Bellwood Hall

Riverside Community Council welcomed John Fotheringham, owner of Bellwood Hall who offered a history of his ownership of this building and his general plans for the future.

It was agreed to discuss as full agenda item at next meeting on January 25th, including flooding issues,


parking restrictions and routes of engagement. Riverside Community Council has no legal obligation regarding these issues at this point.

You can visit Stirling Council’s Planning Portal for further planning information.

You can visit the Scottish Government’sTell Me W ebsite for further licensing information.

6) Sub-Groups


a) Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

Shift Funding – It was agreed to postpone seeking funding from this funding body until next year due to volunteer capacity and expectation of delivery.

Ashleigh Phillips attended the Scottish Rail Conference which was felt to be largely irrelevant to the interests of Riverside Community Council. There was discussion about using train stations more effectively as Community Hubs.

Forth Valley Active Travel Hub is currently rebranding and is about to re-opening and would like further engagement with communities to find out what is needed in an active travel hub.

Gritting – Di Alderdice has applied for two grit bins through the Stirling Council’s Winter Volunteer Scheme. Free bags of grit were also collected from Recyke-a-bike, which were offered to us by SVE which will be put to use by our True Gritters team.

b) Environment


The Outdoor Woodland Learning Scotland group (OWLS) have a Forth Valley branch and we are hosting a skill sharing and networking event on 7 th of December. This is primarily focused on teachers/education staff, but is open to anyone with an interest in outdoor learning. We have members from groups like scouts and guides too so might be of interest to some community groups!

Treelink has started a new initiative offering - Free Trees for Babies giving families a free tree to mark a birth, adoption or loss. Registration is open until the end of January – visit here for more information.

Ash Dieback Disease - Ash Dieback is a disease affecting over 50% of the British population of Ash trees. Stirling Council makes all decisions about any trees to be felled. It has been pointed out that trees along the riverbank near the Cambuskenneth bridge will become unsafe and will need to be removed.

Old Harbour Forest – Stirling Council is developing management plan old harbour woods with support and activities with the Greenspace Rangers. Riverside Community Council has been approached by a couple of residents who are are looking to do some more work in the forest outwith the arranged activities and hoping that the Community Council would be the channel to facilitate this. Fiona Berrow will look into Insurance costings. Community Councillors have been asked to review the proposal and this will be discussed further at the January meeting.

7th Jan 2023 Coppicing Event in The Old Harbour Forest.

c) The Green, Forth Place


There has been no further update regarding the Sustrans application. Stirling Council will submit in Spring 2023. This funding will be used to enhance the space as you enter Riverside from the City Centre by making it safer and more enjoyable to use the area. A meeting of interested parties will be held in January.

d) Lovers Walk


Nothing further to report.

e) Parking (inc School Streets)


See The Green, Forth Place.

f) Misc Initiatives


Stories Projects – Proposal has been distributed amongst the Community Council to discuss. It was agreed to progress with this project and seek funding. The project will aim to collect stories and capture the journeys of people within Riverside and culminate in a public art display of some kind. A working group of between 4-8 people will be formed with the first meeting in January.

Christmas Parcels – Sub group will be meeting on 31st October 2022 to plan the Christmas Parcels. It was suggested that this project include any New Scots living in Riverside. The P2s from Riverside Primary School will be making cards for the bags again.

Living Advent Windows – Planning is underway for the annual defibrillator fundraising event and many households have signed up to be part of Riverside’s Living Advent Windows – including local businesses and the Primary School.

Imagination Library – No report.

7) Local Groups



8) Upcoming Events

2nd December – Karaoke and Quiz night – Lawn Bowling Club

3rd December 2022, 11am – 1pm – Meet the Neighbours at the Abbey Road Market.

9) A.O.B

The Lawn Bowling committee enquired as to whether Riverside Community Council would be hosting another fete day, similar to our Jubilee Celebrations and intimated that they would be delighted to have another open day in conjunction with an event.

Potholes – there were a number of potholes identified by community members. Riverside Community Council will contact Stirling Council and urged residents to use the Report function on the Stirling Council website to also log any issues they are having.

Mrs McPhee, Head Teacher of Riverside Primary was awarded Teacher of the Year 2022 with Central FM’s Local Hero.

10) Date of Next Meeting


January 29th 2023, 7.15pm Riverside Primary School

All previous minutes, policies and consultation comments can be found on our website and available on request.

Previous minutes and further information about Riverside Community Council can be found on our website.