August 2023 Minutes

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Riverside Community Council Meeting. Wed 30th August in Riverside Primary School
Present: Council members: Fiona Berrow, Fiona Dyet, Joan Murphy, Parvin Morrissey, Ashleigh
Phillip, Carol Robertson.
Associate members: Di Alderdice, Andrew Fraser, Chara Parraco
Cllr Danny Gibson
13 other people came along to the meeting
Apologies: Jude Treliving.
Minute Actions
1. There was no declaration of Interest
2. Previous minutes were proposed by Fiona Dyet and seconded by Fiona
3. Matters Arising: Pontoon was recently cleared of a blockage but is now
blocked again.
4. Chair’s Report:
a) Noticeboard.
 Riverside Naturally has sent recommendations for screening the
noticeboard near Lovers Walk with plants.
 Neighbours across the road from the board will be involved in the
final decision.
 The Boards have been refreshed and stocked with new posters
Thanks to Parvin. Duplicate keys to be purchased
b) Riverside News Break-in. The owners, Mr and Mrs Muhammad, sent a
message to the meeting, thanking the neighbourhood for their help and
concern. A collection and card have been organised.
c) Mailchimp. Residents reported that they find this useful. People were
reminded to sign up for notifications.
d) Website. Pat Morrissey was thanked for taking over maintenance of
the website.
Fiona B to confirm
that money is
available for this.
Parvin to get a 2nd set
of keys cut
Fiona D to locate June
2023 minutes and
send them to Pat.
5. Secretary’s Report:
a) Hogweed control. No further progress. There is currently no funding
for Lantra training.
b) Bird droppings. Fiona has contacted Network Rail re birds guano under
bridge at Lovers Walk
c) Police Report. 4 crime reports + 4 undetected reports. Mainly antisocial
behaviour. Our community police officers are PC Hunter PC004 and
PC Gray PC0046. email address
d) Induction sessions for community councillors and associates are
available from Stirling Council. More info is being sought about the
content of the sessions.
6. Treasurer’s Report: Income
No income was received during July or August.
We paid £108.00 for our annual fee for our website and £12.46 for the
domain name (also an annual fee). We also paid the annual fee to the
Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of £35 (saving £5 on the usual
fee of £40 by setting up a direct debit).
We currently have -£152.98 in the admin grant ‘pot’ but we are expecting
this year’s admin grant to be paid into the account in early September.
We have a current balance of £566.93 in the Community Council bank
7. Planning – nothing to report. No recent update on Bellwood Hall or
Abbey Road Market site.
Joan to check if any
movement on
8. Travel and Sustainable Transport
A local resident raised an issue regarding safety for bus passengers using,
pushchairs, walkers, wheelchairs etc after a recent incidence. There is
nothing to restrain passengers sitting in the tip-up seats in the reserved
area if the bus needs to make an emergency stop. If there are no seat
belts, the seats should only be rear facing. (Passenger was in a seat facing
sideways). Bus Driver has written a report.
Cllr DG to follow up.
Fiona D to contact
reporting the
incidence to the
9. Environment
a) Grit bins were requested last year.
b) Riverside Naturally. For the third year running Riverside Naturally has
been awarded the Outstanding Ranking from Keep Scotland Beautiful's
It's Your Neighbourhood scheme. The apples in the Community Orchard
are almost ready. People are asked to be mindful and share fairly. The
structure of raised Bee Bed requires some attention – any plans will be
shared with the CC. The compost area is being given a make-over, and
Orchard day is planned for 28th Oct 2023. Some new members have
joined over the summer, and all are welcome at our end of month
maintenance sessions.
c) Litter picking hub. Riverside is the hub for Stirling Council. Di Aldardice
holds the equipment.
d) Leaflet Holders. Fiona Berrow has picked up the Leaflet holder (A4,
metal). This will be erected onto the legs of the pontoon notice board.
Fiona D to enquire
about grit bins for this
Di to find out if there
is a form for recording
use of the equipment.
Fiona B and Mike to
restock holders.
10. Green Forth Place
No update
11. Zebra Crossings
Zebra Crossings have been put on hold by Stirling Council. It seems to
have misunderstood the location of the proposed crossing. The roads
dept is understaffed, so progress is difficult.
Cllr Gibson
recommended raising
this with Gary Neil,
(Roads Manager).
Joan to forward key
emails on the subject
to Cllr Gibson and the
other 3 Councillors.
Lorries parking on foot ways are also a problem for access. Recommend
contacting the company and complaining as this has been successful in
the past.
Joan will contact
12. Parking
No update on restricting access to the streets around the primary school
at key times.
Cllr Gibson to find out
what is happening.
13. Old Harbour Woods
Himalayan Balsam was cleared over the summer. A hedgehog box has
been built and sited. The next volunteer session is this coming weekend.
14. Defibrillators
All 3 are now registered with ‘Circuit UK’ so locations can be quickly
located in an emergency. 3 sets of pads are required.
2 defibrillators have been donated, but they need pads and batteries.
Could be used by a local group?
Chara to offer the 2
defibrillators on the
whatsapp group.
15. AOB
Chargers for electric cars. Stirling Council will let CC know in early Sept
when these will be operational
Community craft afternoon to be held from 2-5pm in the lawn bowling
club on Sunday 1st Oct.
Next meeting 27th Sept.