Mar 2023 Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes Date – 29th March 2023

Members Present

In Attendance


Fiona Berrow

Di Alderdice

Carol Robertson

Bob Dale                                               Fiona Dyet

Sue Dumbleton                                      Andrew Fraser Emily McLaughlin

Joan Murphy                                         Cllr Rachel Nunn

Ashleigh Phillip                                      Fern Milne

Alison Swanson                                     Residents - 15 Jude Treliving


1)         Welcome and record of those present and apologies

Everyone was welcomed to Riverside Primary School


2)        Declarations of Interest

No Declaration of Interest was recorded.


3)         Approval of Previous Minutes

Minutes for February were adopted.

Sue Dumbleton proposed; Fiona Berrow seconded.


4)         Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting



5)         Reports

  1. Chair


New noticeboard has now arrived.


Stirling Council initially gave permission and offered to install the noticeboard at Lovers Walk however, during a meeting in March with two Stirling Council officers, Riverside Community Council was informed that the desired site is on Cowane's Trust land. Cowane’s Trust has been contacted for permission and confirmation of who will install the noticeboard and what costs will be incurred has been requested. There is £649.98 remaining of the Community Pride Funding for this project.


Cllr Rachel Nunn, who also sits on the Cowane’s Trust board, indicated that it does not need to be Stirling Council that installs the noticeboards.


Community Council Elections

Stirling Council are facilitating Community Council Elections in April. Consequently, the current Community Council will cease on Friday 14th April 2023. A minimum of seven members is needed to form Riverside’s Community Council, with a maximum of nine. If between seven and nine eligible nominations are received then the Community Council will be formed with meetings to be announced afterwards.

If fewer than seven eligible nominations are received, there will be no Community Council for Riverside.

If ten or more eligible nominations are received, there will be a ballot organised by Stirling council, with elections held in June and there will be no meeting until July.

If you are 16 or over and live in the community you want to represent, you are eligible to become a Community Councillor.

To request a nomination form email Nominations must be received by 14th April 2023 at 4pm.


  1. Secretary

Community Council Elections

Riverside Community Council has raised some concerns regarding the continuation of its projects, ongoing discussions, and the role of being a statutory consultee in the event that the community council is not functioning for up to 4 months. Stirling Council have indicated that there will be information on this shortly.


Police Report

There were two detected cases recorded in the reporting period. Both cases refer to minor damage to parked vehicles and are currently marked as enquiry ongoing.

PCs Gray and Hunter recently visited Riverside Primary school and spoke to all Primary 6 and 7 classes in relation to online safety.



Garden Waste Permits – It is now time for garden permits to be renewed and will be £35 this year. They will come into effect on the 17th April 2023.

Midland Bus Diversion 38 – 9.00am and 6.00pm daily Monday 27 March to Monday 3 April 2023. The buses will be diverted between Bannockburn and Forth Valley hospital free shuttle buses will operate every 40 mins Plean – Forth Valley.

Coronation Champions – Nominations for the King’s Coronation Champion is open until the 2nd April. The awards celebrate the work of extraordinary volunteers across the UK. Find out more information here.

Stirling Libraries Tablet Lending – Tablets and MiFi, with unlimited date for up to three weeks, can be borrowed from all 15 branches and two mobile libraries completely free of charge.

Foster Parents – Stirling Council is appealing for new foster parents. A recruitment event to attract new foster carers was hosted in March to share information. For more information on fostering in the Stirling area, check out

Fireworks Display – A courtesy notification of a fireworks display at Stirling Castle on Wednesday 19 th

April 2023 between 10pm – 11pm has been received.


Reported Issues

Litter at Hollywood Bowl – No further action can be taken by the Land Services team can take as the litter is on private land. Hollywood Bowl are aware of the issues it seems. They have been contacted directly and have taken appropriate action in terms of securing their bins to prevent any secondary contamination from their own bins. Land services conducted a litter pick on Rosebery Terrace.

Poo Bags – Stirling Council is no longer able to supply poo bags for our use. Patrols of uniformed and non- uniformed officers will challenge and educate irresponsible members of the public when they are out and about with their pets. Repeat offenders will be fined £80 as a last resort.

Historic Environment Scotland would like to request the use of the outdoor space at the Engine Shed, for the media between 10.00am to 2.00pm for a media opportunity in relation to the King’s Coronation at The

Engine Shed on 5th April 2023. There were no objections received.

There is a new process for all applications to book outdoor spaces. The application is sent round all parties (internal and external) who may have a vested interest in the application and event. This is a pro active community engagement with a working partner and does, as you say, give the Community Council an opportunity to voice any concerns or state an objection which would be taken into consideration prior to the final decision.

Community Members were interested in finding out when the Engine Shed was likely to re-open for public use.


Forthside Development – Riverside Community Council has approached Stirling Council and requested to be an active participant in the discussions and consultations regarding this development, including a monthly update. It is recognised that this project is in the earliest stages and there will initially be very little information

Cllr Nunn has offered to inform Brian Roberts of this request.

A resident raised the issue of the £19million funding being used to clear up the contaminated land. Cllr Rachel Nunn informed the Community Council that the Scottish Government has given funds outwith the

£19million to the Ministry of Defence to pay for the site to be cleaned up.

It was also noted by residents that in the event that issues such as potholes, exposed wires etc. have been reported to Stirling Council that the response has been very quick and this has been appreciated by the community.



Magic Little Grants – Magic Little Grants 2023 is now open for applications! They are offering £500 Grants for grass-roots organisations to access the funding they need to launch or strengthen their services. Applications are now open and will be until 31st October 2023.

Impactful Funding – The aim of this fund is to support projects and organisations who contribute to the recovery and reduction in societal harm associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, and mitigate the impact of the ongoing cost of living crisis. Notice of interest to be submitted by Friday 31st March 2023 at 12 noon.


c)  Treasurer

Income: We were given permission to transfer the remaining balance of the Jubilee funding (£13.41) into our Unrestricted funds.


Expenditure: We paid for a minute-taker at the February meeting (£40), transferred the remaining Jubilee funding into our Unrestricted funds (£13.41) and bought colouring sheets (£7.70), ice cream (£35), tea, coffee and travel mugs (£38.99) and a 5 litre insulated flask jug (£36.99) for the ‘Let’s Get Together’ event.


d) Planning

There were no planning issues to report.

You can visit Stirling Council’s Planning Portal for further planning information.

You can visit the Scottish Government’s Tell Me Website for further licensing information.


6)         Sub-Groups

  1. Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

The second edition of our Active Travel Newsletter can be viewed here.

An update on progress and the most up to date construction programme for Walk, Cycle, Live Stirling is available on our website.

Tactran’s (Tayside and Central Scotland Transport Partnership) Regional Transport Strategy 2023 – 2033 is available here.


b)  Environment

Ash Dieback Disease: Ash Dieback is a disease affecting over 50% of the British population of Ash trees. Stirling Council makes all decisions about any trees to be felled. It has been pointed out that trees along the riverbank near the Cambuskenneth bridge will become unsafe and will need to be removed.

Litter Pick – A successful litter picking event was held on the 25th March 2023, in partnership with Riverside Naturally. Litter Pickers are available from the Community Council to borrow for free.


c) The Green, Forth Place

Nothing further to report.


d)  Lovers Walk

Nothing further to report.


  1. Parking (inc School Streets)

Zebra Crossings – There is no date for the crossings to be installed. Stirling Council are hoping to get a meeting set up and the dates finalised after the Easter break.


Joan Murphy and other met with Tom Horner, Team Leader, Sustainable Transport Development, Climate Change and Sustainability to walk round Riverside and discuss the various transport issues the area has. Tim Horner committed to writing a summary of the issues in time for the public meeting on the 29 th. This was not received.


A strong statement of dissatisfaction was made regarding the issue of parking. Riverside Community Council has been discussing the issues of parking in their area for over four years with Stirling Council. Over £7k has been spend on research, surveys and other initiatives to enhance, improve and make Riverside safer. Over these past four years many discussions and promises have been made by Stirling Council with very few practical changes being facilitated. Excuses and apologies are continuously being made however Riverside feels that the time, effort and expertise of the volunteers who work to make positive changes are being disrespected and the credibility of the Community Council is being called into question.


A community member ended the statement by saying: “Promises were made and all promises were broken.”


f)  Misc Initiatives

Spring Event – A very enjoyable event was held on the 11th March 2023. Thanks given to the generosity of the bakers, the Riverbank Centre for the free venue hire and Stirling Council’s Let’s Get Together funding.


Area Forum – Following the successful re-establishment of the Eastern Villages and Young Persons Forums Riverside Community Council is invited to a supported development meeting on Wednesday 10th May 7-8.30pm to look at re-establishing The Wallace Forum. This meeting will be to determine what interested parties would want in a productive and sustainable forum.


Stories Project – The project will be revisited when the community council reforms.


g)  Old Harbour Woods

Judi Legg and Di Alderdice were assessed by Stirling Council Greenspace Rangers to ascertain whether


they were qualified to run events to the standards set by Stirling Council. They were both successful and have a program of events in the Old Harbour Woods arranged for the next few months. You can find more information here.


Congratulations to both.


Approval was given to apply for funding for this project.


7)         Local Groups

Defibrillators – A local resident donated a sign for the defibrillator at the primary school and another local resident very kindly installed the sign for free. Fundraising continues all year round and money raised will go towards replacing the pads later this winter.


8)         Upcoming Events

Thursday 13th April 2023, 6.30pm – Riverside Naturally Evening Maintenance Sessions


9)         A.O.B

Appreciation and thanks were given to the three members of the Community Council who would not be standing for re-election.


Appreciation and thanks were given to the whole Community Council for their work over the past four years: navigating throughout COVID, exploring exciting projects, enduring lengthy discussions and hosting amazing events.

10)                                                                                      Date of Next Meeting

To be confirmed on completion of Community Council elections.


All previous minutes, policies and consultation comments can be found on our website and available on request here.


Previous minutes and further information about Riverside Community Council can be found on our website.