May 2023 Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes
Date: 31st May 2023
Members Present In Attendance Apologies
Joan Murphy Di Alderdice 7 residents
Fiona Dyet Pat Morrissey
Carol Robertson Chara Parraco
Fiona Berrow Cllr Thomson
Parvin Morrissey 8 residents
Jude Treliving
Bob Dale
Ashleigh Phillip
1. Welcome
Joan Murphy welcomed everyone to Riverside Primary School and to the first
meeting of the newly elected Riverside Community Council (RCC). Monthly
meetings have been set for the final Wednesday of every month, except July and
2. Introducing Office Bearers and Associate Members
Joan Murphy thanked three previous RCC members who have finished their term:
Sue Dumbleton, Emily McLaughlin and Alison Swanson.
Following the successful election, the Office Bearers for the Riverside Community
Council are as follows:
Chair: Joan Murphy
Vice Chair: Fiona Dyet
Secretary: Carol Robertson
Treasurer: Fiona Berrow
Planning Officer: Parvin Morrissey
It is noted that Pat and Parvin Morrissey will update and maintain the RCC website.
There are four associate members of the council, with interests in particular subgroups:
Pat Morrissey
Andrew Fraser
Chara Parraco
Di Alderdice
3. Sub-Groups
There are a number of sub-groups from the previous RCC currently being acted upon
which Joan Murphy suggested bringing forward into the new RCC:
a. Active Travel and Sustainable Transport (Ashleigh Phillip, Di Alderdice)
b. Environment (previously Emily McLaughlin)
c. Greenspace (Fiona Berrow)
d. Lovers’ Walk (previously Sue Dumbleton)
e. Parking (Joan Murphy)
f. Imagination Library (Bob Dale)
g. Christmas and Easter Events (Chara Parraco)
h. Community Clean Up (Di Alderdice to collect equipment from Emily
i. Defibrillators (Chara Parraco)
j. Noticeboards (Parvin Morrissey)
k. Riverside Stories (Carol Robertson)
l. Planters (previously Emily McLaughlin, Bob Dale to email current residents
4. Declarations of Interest
No Declaration of Interest was recorded.
5. Approval of Previous Minutes
Minutes for March were adopted.
Ashleigh Phillip proposed; Bob Dale seconded.
6. Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting
7. Reports
a. Chair
Police Report: There were no detected cases and two undetected cases in the
reporting period.
The undetected cases related to theft of a motor vehicle and minor vandalism. It is
noted that motor vehicle theft is very unusual in Riverside and this was a targeted
attack on a Transit van. The Police included some helpful information regarding
preventing car and vehicle theft
b. Treasurer
Expenditure: It was agreed at previous RCC meeting to spend the rest of the
available Let’s Get Together money on reusable cups and a hot water urn. These have
now been purchased and will be used for tea and coffee for future RCC meetings, as
there are no facilities available at RPS.
Current Standing: The annual accounts have been done and are waiting to be
independently verified. There is £2.48 left in the Admin Grant; the next grant will
arrive in September. There is £170 in Unrestricted Funds.
Future Spending: It is proposed that for items which need to be purchased in
between RCC meetings, up to the value of £30, funding could be made available by
agreement within the Community Councillors. This was agreed with the residents
c. Planning
Joan Murphy, Alison Swanson and Andrew Fraser have been regularly checking any
correspondence regarding Planning in the months when there has been no RCC, as
there had been previous concern that issues could slip through during this time. There
are thankfully no issues to report.
d. Sub-Groups and Misc. Issues
Old Harbour Woods: Di Alderdice proposed a meeting to cut some Himalayan
Balsam on 17th July. Posters with further information will be added to the noticeboards.
Hogweed: Joan Murphy reported significant discussion on the Riverside WhatsApp
group regarding the presence of hogweed in various places, both on the riverbank and
within grassy areas. There is concern for the safety of children and animals.
Stephen Bly has reported to Joan Murphy that due to insurance issues, volunteers are
not able to be trained to treat hogweed. Pat Morrissey questioned whether this was an
issue of Public Liability insurance, which was not able to be answered. Cllr Thomson
will follow up about insurance, if possible, and suggested contacting Forth River Trust
and Nature Scot.
Noticeboard: Joan Murphy reported that the fourth noticeboard (including the
Council’s one at the Pontoon) was installed successfully on Dean Crescent. However,
a resident has complained that it is unsightly from their house and that previous RCC
discussion had suggested that the noticeboard would be installed in Lovers’ Walk. It is
noted that the noticeboard has been installed where the RCC was told to place it: on the
grass by Lovers’ Walk, which is Cowane’s Trust land.
A compromise was proposed that shrubs could be planted to obscure the view from the
back. Fiona Berrow will check with Cowane’s Trust whether the installation of shrubs
and this use of funds is acceptable to them. It is suggested that Riverside Naturally
could suggest appropriate shrubs. Joan Murphy will follow this up with resident.
The installation has currently not been billed to the RCC. Joan Murphy will follow this
Green Space/Zebra Crossings: There were two distinct issues discussed: the
development of the Green Space and the installation of the zebra crossings. Although
distinct, they both are part of the same larger project.
The RCC had been told by Stirling Council to expect two zebra crossings to be installed
by the end of the last financial year. This has not happened and there has been no report
from Stirling Council regarding the progress of Green Space near town, close to where
the zebra crossings had been proposed. Many RCC members aired frustration at Stirling
Council for the lack of updates concerning this area and for the disregard of the work
done to consult the residents and raise finances to plan the space.
Cllr Thomson suggested a walkabout with Michaela Jackson, Transport Planning Officer
to progress the project and discussion. Joan Murphy and other residents have previously
had a walkabout with Tom Horner (Sustainable Transport Development) from Stirling
There was universal agreement at the importance of zebra crossing installations being
done as soon as possible, for both safety and access reasons.
Flytipping: Joan Murphy reported that there have been photographs of flytipping
around Roseberry Terrace posted on the Riverside WhatsApp group. Several residents
have contacted Stirling Council regarding this. The RCC will contact Stephen Bly, and
Cllr Thomson requested that all four Stirling Councillors be included in this email to
ensure it is dealt with promptly.
Di Alderdice also reported soil being dumped on the riverbank near the Bowls Club, as
well as gravel being dumped from a wheelbarrow in the Old Harbour Woods. There
have also been several trees cut at the same part of the riverbank.
Forth Crescent Tree: Joan Murphy reported concern on the Riverside WhatsApp
group about a tree protruding through the wall opposite the Pontoon Park. This was
previously reported to Stirling Council two years ago and was surveyed, but there is
concern that the tree has subsequently grown and that the wall could collapse onto the
road. Cllr Thomson reported that it has been surveyed recently by the Bridges Officer.
Chara Parraco will take a monthly photo of the issue to monitor any changes.
Parking at Riverside Quay: Jude Treliving questioned whether parking on the double
yellow lines on Shore Road outside Riverside Quay would be addressed in the Green
Space development. She has seen several near misses with both bicycles and cars due
to illegally parked cars and delivery vans. Ashleigh Phillip suggested that the double
yellow lines on Shore Road should be extended from the current position down to the
8. A. O. B.
WHS PTN: Joan Murphy read a thankyou letter from Wallace High School’s PTN
regarding the donation of hygiene products and school uniform from Riverside
residents. It highlighted the issue of hygiene poverty both locally and in wider society.
9. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday, 28th June 2023, 7:30pm, Riverside Primary