October 2023 Minutes

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Riverside Community Council Public Meeting Minutes
Riverside Primary School
Date: 29th November 2013
Members Present In Attendance Apologies
Joan Murphy Di Alderdice Lorna Smith
Fiona Dyet Andrew Fraser Ashleigh Phillip
Carol Robertson Chara Parraco
Bob Dale Pat Morrissey
Fiona Berrow Cllr Thomson
Jude Treliving 8 residents
Parvin Morrissey
Minutes Actions
1. Welcome
Joan Murphy welcomed everyone to Riverside Primary School
2. Declarations of Interest
No Declaration of Interest was recorded.
3. Approval of Previous Minutes
Minutes for August adopted. Fiona Dyet proposed; Carol
Robertson seconded.
4. Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be
addressed within the meeting
5. Reports
a. Chair
Venue: October’s venue of the smaller hall at RPS has been
confirmed as a ‘non-bookable space’. Some present voiced
disappointment as it was seen as a convenient, more
personable space. The main hall at RPS has been booked for
every Riverside Community Council (RCC) until the end of
Website: Photographs can still be emailed, as an attachment,
to riversidecommunitycouncil@gmail.com to be added to the
RCC website.
MailChimp: It has been decided to stop using the RCC
MailChimp mailing list for sending out meeting details, due to
the extra work it added and questionable practices of the
parent company. Information will continue to be added to the
local Noticeboards and the Riverside WhatsApp group.
Christmas Parcels: Parcels will be given out to 40 local
residents, including 7 couples and 3 residents in care homes.
Donations are still being accepted, to be given to Joan
Murphy by Wednesday 14th December by 4pm.
b. Secretary:
Police Report: I don’t have the Police Report
Carer’s Information Day: Various groups hosting an
Information Day at: The Bellfield Centre, Stirling Care
Village on 11th December from 11am to 2pm. Tea, biscuits
and a good chat available.
Telephone Poles: A resident had posted to the Riverside
WhatsApp group regarding a telephone pole that was installed
in the view from their flat. There have been several new
telephone poles added in Riverside recently. Cllr Thomson
noted that the telephone company has permitted rights for the
installation of poles on public land, and that councillors
usually get advanced notice of these works, but not always.
The resident, in attendance, has contacted both the company
and Stirling Council regarding the installation, objecting to its
placement and requesting that the pole be moved.
Dean Crescent: A resident has inquired about having further
20 mph signage added on Dean Crescent, or perhaps
additional road markings.
Grit Bins: Grits bin will be installed next to the
Cambuskenneth Bridge, on Sea Forth Place, at Lover’s Walk
and at the corner of Abbey Road and Miller Place. Winter
Watch Group ready to act, once needed.
Recyke-A-Bike: Funding available for purchasing bikes for
children, as well as some adults.
Dog Pee: There has been an issue of dogs peeing outside Mr
Mohammed’s shop, which was then subsequently walked into
his shop. Mr Mohammed has reported the issue is
significantly better after the Riverside WhatsApp group was
informed and asked to consider their dogs’ behaviour.
Wallace Gate: There is a leak which gets splashed onto the
pavement, creating a sheet of ice.
Gas Leak: Gas Leak on Lovers’ Walk reported today and
Stirling Council were very responsive.
c. Treasurer
Income: No income was received this month. We are
- Fiona Dyet to
contact Stephen
- Fiona Dyet to
contact Stephen
expecting £1,500 of Community Pride funding for the Old
Harbour Woods project, but this has not yet been paid into our
bank account (due to staff shortage at Stirling Council, it
should be with us soon).
Expenditure: We purchased two holly trees (£80.26) to
screen the new notice board on Dean Crescent and we bought
more ink (£65.91) for printing posters etc for the notice
Balance: We have £171.35 of unrestricted funds, £116.89 of
admin grant, £80.00 of minutes grant, £196.05 of notice
boards funding and £18.58 of Covid-19 support funding. Our
total balance is £582.87.
6. Sub-Groups
a. Active Travel:
Cycle Share: Questions still to be addressed over location for
storage of potential community cargo bike.
Shared Paths: There was a discussion about the signage for
the paths by the river and whether this issue should become a
topic for the Active Travel Sub-Group.
b. Old Harbour Woods: Lots of snowberry cleared in recent
work done. Di Alderdice went to Stirling Archives recently
and has lots of information about the history of OHW. There
was discussion of how best to present the information, with
the potential of interpretation boards or leaflets.
c. Advent Windows: There are at least 49 windows this year,
with maps of the locations available at both newsagents in
d. Parking/Zebra Crossings: currently no further updates. It
was suggested that this is an issue to pursue again in the New
Year. It was mentioned by a resident that the spaces at the
Quay are often full and questioned whether students were
using these spaces as permanent parking.
e. Accessibility:
MacGill’s: Following a previous complaint to MacGill’s Bus
Company, Lorna Smith’s report was read stating that there is
no legal obligation to provide extra safety measures in the
area reserved for wheelchairs/prams. Cllr Nunn has
approached Alexander Stewart MSP to ask him to consider
putting forward a proposal to the Scottish Parliament to
change legislation to require bus companies to install
enhanced safety measures.
Bins: Recurring issue of bins taking up space on Forth Street
after they have been uplifted. Cllr Thomson confirmed that
letters have been written to residents from Stirling Council,
informing residents of their duty to take the bins in.
f. Webinars: Andrew Fraser gave a report from recent webinars
hosted by the Scottish Community Development Centre
which Community Councillors were invited to attend. A full
report can be found attached to these minutes. **need to
remember to actually attach the report**
7. Local Groups
a. Riverside Naturally: Orchard Day on 4th November was a
success. Riverside Naturally has been asked by the RPS
Nursery class to help with a wildlife project with the children,
as to help maintain the RPS raised beds.
8. OAB
A resident noted that in their discussions regarding poles in
Riverside, they had been informed that there was the potential of
cables being strung from Riverside over to Cambuskenneth.
9. Next meeting: Wednesday, 31st January 2024. Venue:
Riverside Primary School, main hall.