October 2023 Minutes

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Riverside Community Council Public Meeting Minutes
Riverside Primary School
Date: 25th October 2023
Members Present In Attendance Apologies
Joan Murphy Lorna Smith Andrew Fraser
Fiona Dyet Di Alderdice Bob Dale
Ashleigh Phillip Cllr Gibson Chara Parraco
Fiona Berrow 7 residents
Jude Treliving
Carol Robertson
Parvin Morrissey
Minutes Actions
1. Welcome
Joan Murphy welcomed everyone to the new venue at Riverside
Primary School (RPS), The Studio, the room used for public
2. Declarations of Interest
No Declaration of Interest was recorded.
3. Approval of Previous Minutes
Minutes for September adopted. Fiona Dyet proposed; Parvin
Morrissey seconded.
4. Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be
addressed within the meeting
5. Reports
a. Chair
Venue: Having previously suggested this room as an option
and been refused, the space is now offered by Stirling Council
at no cost. It is allowed at the discretion of the Head Teacher.
It has good accessibility, toilet facilities, 25 + chairs and
running water.
Noticeboard: The greenery around the Dean Crescent
Noticeboard has been confirmed: two Holly trees, to be paid
for by RCC and installed by Riverside Naturally.
Website: Pat Morrissey has been collecting photos of
Riverside from residents for a photo gallery on the RCC
website (www.riversidecommunitycouncil.co.uk). One will be
chosen per month to feature more prominently. Videos cannot
be used, but photo submissions can be sent, as attachments,
to: riversidecommunitycouncil@gmail.com
b. Secretary:
Goosecroft Road Traffic Lights: Fiona Dyet raised concern
regarding the lack of progress with the works at the traffic
lights when entering into Riverside. Concern was also raised
regarding the integration of the new cycling lane. Cllr Gibson
read from correspondence that work will be completed on the
week commencing 6th November 2023.
Abbey Road: The work to the gable wall of the newsagents
on Abbey Road has been resolved by securing the structure
with new bricks. There seemingly had been issues with work
progressing due to the presence of an owl but appears to be
resolved now.
Engine Shed: The Engine Shed has been confirmed to be
closed to the public and is to be used as a space for education
and training in traditional skills.
Defibrillators: One of the spare defibrillators has gone to
Riverside Bowling Club and the other to Bo’ness Sub-Aqua
Riverside Quay: Fiona Dyet reported questions on the
Riverside WhatsApp group regarding the skip outside
Riverside Quay. Residents have been in contact with Cllr
Gibson regarding the skip and parking issues.
Abbey Road Market: The RCC has responded to the
proposals for developing the space into an area of light
industry. Information is available on Stirling Council’s
Planning website, reference number 23/00474/FUL.
Questions as to construction hours, operation hours and noise
in a residential area were all reiterated.
Winter Watch: 32 residents showed interest in being
involved Winter Watch, a way of using the new grit bins
given by Stirling Council.
Police Report: 28/09/2023–24/10/2023
Crime reports: 2 Detected: 0 Undetected:2
The undetected cases are in relation to a theft of a motorbike
which was later recovered and a theft of a push bike. Both of
these incidents are currently still being investigated.
999/101 CALLS-There were 15 calls to Police in relation to a
range of matters including the above referenced Crime
Reports. Other than a couple of minor disturbances
- Fiona Dyet to
create WhatsApp
(intoxicated persons shouting in street), assist members of the
public and road traffic related calls there was nothing of
particular note.
Dog Pee: Mr Mohammed, at Riverside News, had mentioned
to Fiona Dyet that there has been an issue of members of the
public letting their dogs pee against the front of his shop,
which is then walked into his shop by customers. He
requested to make this issue known to the wider community
to help change the habits of dogs and their owners.
Alyn Smith MP is available 01786 471 899 and
alyn.smith.mp@parliament.uk to help with various issues (see
poster on noticeboards)
c. Treasurer.
Income: We received our Administration grant for 2023-24
Expenditure: We paid £40 to hire Riverside Bowling Club
for our September meeting and purchased more ink for
printing information and posters for the notice boards
RCC overall bank balance is currently £729.04.
d. Planning
Parvin Morrissey noted that apart from the Abbey Road
Market response, there is been nothing else to mention.
- Fiona Dyet to
mention this in the
WhatsApp group
6. Sub-Groups
a. Active Travel:
Parking Enforcement: There were Enforcement Officers at RPS
on Monday, 23rd October, particularly looking at cars parking on
double yellow lines and zigzags outside the school. Information
on idling cars can be found at www.mumsforlungs.org.
Cambuskenneth CC: Ashleigh Phillip attended the
Cambuskenneth CC which discussed the change to the cycle
network at Lady’s Neuk into Manor Powis. There seem to be
positive discussions with Network Rail and bidding for money,
with work potentially being confirmed by the end of 2026.
Speeding Cars: There has been discussion on the Riverside
Whatsapp Group regarding speeding cars and loud engines. Also
issues of speeding cars coming up Millar Place, particularly if
children are late for school. Ashleigh Phillip raised the question
of whether the RCC should explore a petition to Stirling Council
to explore changes to road infrastructure to reduce speeding, or
whether the RCC could purchase a radar gun to compile some
statistics. Although the group assembled did not deem these
suggestions the correct way forward, there was a general
agreement that a longer-term strategy regarding the speeding
would be useful.
Recyke-A-Bike: Recyke-A-Bike have several eBike loan
schemes for up to a month, including cargo trikes. Forth
Environment Link also do eBike loans.
Cycle Share: Ashleigh Phillip has submitted an expression of
interest to Cycling UK’s ‘Shared Cycles Fund’ for funding to
purchase a community cargo bike. Questions were raised about
the storage and insurance for the bike.
b. Environment: Spring Clean Scotland will run from 15 March
to 28 April 2024, Di Alderdice wondered whether the RCC
would like to organise anything for this event.
c. Zebra Crossings: Following discussions during the October
RCC meeting, Cllr Magill had been in contact on 06/10 to say
that the Dean Crescent design was complete and work was
being programmed, whereas the Forth Street plans were
unsure. Following this, Michaela Jackson emailed the RCC on
23/10 to say that the Forth Street plans had been agreed
whereas the Dean Crescent plans do not fit the desire lines. It
is unclear what the current plans are. Cllr Gibson said he
would make sure that the RCC is consulted before anything is
finally actioned, to prevent the zebra crossings being installed
in inappropriate places.
d. Old Harbour Woods: The previous meeting was cancelled
due to poor weather. Di Alderdice hopes that the programme
for this year and next will be signed off soon and added to the
RCC website and noticeboards. Next meeting: Saturday, 4th
November, 10:30-1:30, to clear snowberry.
e. Accessibility: Lorna Smith has contacted McGill’s Buses
regarding safety on local buses. Cllr Nunn to try to set up a
meeting with Lorna, the other councillors and McGills to
address issues.
Forth Street: There have been issues with many bins left on
Forth Street, blocking the pavement for pedestrians. Cllr
Gibson to contact Private Rented Sector Team re compliance.
- Ashleigh Phillip
to ask the
Whatsapp Group
for interest in a
Community Cargo
Joan Murphy will
contact Michaela
Jackson and copy
in the 4
Councillors re. this
- Do a check at
times as to where
children actually
cross Forth
St/Dean Cres?
- add next OHW
meeting to RCC
website and
- previous
suggestion had
been to install
communal bins on
this street, like at
the Top of the
7. Local Groups
a. Riverside Naturally: Parvin Morrissey reported that the Bee
Bed will be dismantled and reinstalled at one sleeper high, but
with a larger footprint.
Orchard Day: Saturday, 4th November, 12-2pm.
b. Our Front Room: The singing group Our Front Room will
have another concert on 26th November at Riverside Bowling
Club. Free to attend, but with donations for Strathcarron
Hospice being accepted.
c. Christmas Parcel Group: Before COVID, the RCC had
hosted a lunch for the older residents of Riverside but this is
now hosted by another group. Therefore the parcels can be an
additional gift to the community.
d. Christmas Windows: Chara Parraco will send out final call
to fill available dates to various WhatsApp groups.
- add Orchard Day
and OFR to
website and
WhatsApp Group
- Joan Murphy to
check with
Christmas Parcel
Group re this year
8. OAB
DropBox: The RCC DropBox storage is quite full.
BIFA: Cllr Gibson has acted to get the bins outside the unused
Abbey Road Market collected and removed.
Venue: There was a unanimous vote that The School Studio is a
good space to for Community Council meetings and RCC should
try to meet there every meeting.
Joan Murphy will
clear space from
current Dropbox
Fiona D will
contact Head
Teacher and Room
9. Next meeting: Wednesday, 29h November. Venue TBC.