April 2021 Minutes

Wednesday 21 April 2021

To be conducted via Zoom Conferencing




Community Councillors – David Wilson, Richard Elliott, Eric Black, Mike McCormick, Caroline

Hamilton, Laure Muir


Others Present Julie McCann, Pam Campbell, Cllr Scott Farmer, Fiona Keating
(Principal of Early Years at Borestone Primary School)


Residents Jonathan Orr, Alistair Orr, Kirsty Ryder, Charmaine Muir


Apologies James Wigglesworth, Morag Fulton


Approval of minutes of previous meeting


Minutes were approved by RE and EB


Matters Arising from previous meeting:


  1. Re-instatement of highways & pavements after Earlsburn Avenue Site
    completion Update


    RE reported that there is nothing happening with regards to the highway.


    This will be taken off the agenda but CC will keep an eye on when housing and paving are complete.


  2. Defibrillator


    MMcC and Richard spoke to Karen Frame who is all in favour of the defibrillator and is delighted to help
    CC as it will save lives. KF had mentioned that kids hang around the area so the possibility of having CCTV
    over the defibrillator to check for vandalism was discussed. MMcC commented that it is fantastic that a
    shop in the toll had agreed to help the CC.


    DW will send an email to Trossachs Search and Rescue looking for advice on funding and will check what
    signage can go up near the defibrillator.





    PC had given RE the contact details of Frazer Walker about the defibrillator and RE wanted to see the
    outcome of this evenings meetings before contacting Frazer. PC informed RE that Frazer is now retired.
    PC will ask Greg at Trossachs Search and Rescue to be in contact. Lorraine McGillvray from Environmental
    Health and Keith Davidson (CCTV) were also mentioned. Cambusbarron Community Council had wanted
    CCTV for their defibrillator and one of the rural communities has CCTV near its defibrillator.


    PC commented that there are low vandalism rates on the defibrillator as there is no electric shock from it
    as the unit looks for a heartbeat first.


    MMcC is keen to press on with the project when the shopkeeper wishes to help the CC.


  3. First Bus, 57 Route latest information


    DW had emailed Neil Bennie and mentioned that there had been route testing to check if the bus can go
    up and down the road.


    The circular running from Earlsburn Avenue, Gateside Road etc was discussed and feedback will be given to
    NB once the check of this bus route has taken place.


  4. Hillview Footpath Repairs/Upgrade


    RE commented that the lights are in and working. The handrails have been fitted but the overgrowth is still
    to be completed. JO has used the footpath a few times and said that it is a lot better at night due to more
    lighting, and it’s just the overgrown bits of the path to be sorted.


    RE added that this can now come off the agenda.


  5. Notice Board, Bruceview Park/Cultenhove Road


    PC is chasing colleagues up about the notice board and aims to have a lot of things resolved for the May


  6. Cornhill Crescent, Hedges and Gardens/SC and Police Activity


    DW commented that the hedges/gardens are still an issue but the bigger issue is the drug activity and anti-
    social behaviour in the area.


    A participation request between SC and Police was discussed. CC had previously asked the police about
    the issues but they replied that there was no intelligence in the area and so it was not deemed to be a
    problem. Local residents have often reported intelligence to the police with no action taken.





    A local resident reported some of the issue that they have been having with their tenant and previous
    evictions regarding that property. The window above the tenant’s main door needs to be replaced, there
    are lots of rubbish in the area which includes sofas, fridges and general rubbish. The Council has been
    contacted numerous times about the problem. People are coming and going in the area which may be
    linked to drug dealing. A hole has been dug under the garden fence. Tenants are scared to live in their
    property, one person tried to open their door and walk in which has resulted in the tenants now locking
    their door as soon as they go into their home.


    SF commented that antisocial behaviour is difficult to deal with as substantial evidence is required. It was
    recommended that tenants engaged with the Antisocial behaviour team and keep a diary of ongoing


    There is a disconnect between the community police and local police regarding intelligence.


    The local warden has not been monitoring the area and the problem is also added to when the problem
    tenant will not engage with Stirling Council at all.


    The community police officer has been contacted and they will speak to the tenants. A recent video
    meeting had taken place recently to look for solutions. PC will share the issues with Keith Davidson from
    Stirling Council.


    SF described what evictions are and the sheriff courts grant order.


    DW added that there has been various problems in the local area over the years regarding anti social
    behaviour and drug dealing. DW had previously written to the Area Chief Inspector about the issues but
    this was then passed on to the Community Inspector to respond.


  7. Speeding Trucks at Barnsdale Road and surrounding areas in St Ninians


    MMcM mentioned the tar trucks that were waking people up going over speed bumps from 5.30am to
    22.30pm. MMcM and KR were out a few early mornings. Diesel came out of one of the rollers as there
    were no caps on it.


    KR added that there is no change in this issue from last month. Every local resident in the area is disturbed
    constantly. Some of the drivers are only going up and down the road to pick up work colleagues and not
    going to work in the nearby building site.


    DW mentioned a site visit and has had not had any update from Neil Bennie but will chase this up.


    KR has written to SC twice as she has serious concerns about the speeding, safety and possibility of an
    accident on the road.


    RE mentioned the Environmental Regulations 2006 which concerns outdoor sounds. MMcM commented
    that it is not urban traffic or contractors. Residents can hear the noise in McGrigor Road from Barnsdale
    Road. There has been no sign of any local police doing a beat patrol in the area.





    EB added that this is a noise issue and an independent assessment of the problem was discussed with 2
    acoustic consultants being approached about it. CC may look at providing some of the funds for the
    consultation if possible.


    KR added that there has been several complaints about the noise and lack of communication from SC. The
    survey has to be conducted at certain times to see the full issue. Noise levels inside properties was also


    The police, Carol Beattie, and elected members have all been notified about the issues. KR mentioned a
    multi-agency meeting and RE spoke about correspondence with Dean Lockhart and the Director of
    Transport for Scotland where the only concern was the truck routes.


    DW commented that when lorries are airbourne a whole load goes up and down on the truck which makes
    the noise. EB asked what level of noise constitutes an infringement of noise regulations.


  8. Police Report


    There is a lack of information and there has been no police presence at the meetings for nearly a year.


  9. Works arising from Town Centre Regeneration Grant


    RE commented that there is no update and the toll is not finished.


    The underspend for the project will need to be checked before other projects such as the defibrillator can
    be funded.


    JO commented that there were lots of empty units in the Thistle Centre etc and an architect from London
    is looking at utilising the area effectively. SF added that the Thistle Centre has recently been bought and
    the new owners are prepared to invest money into the centre. SF mentioned the post pandemic recovery,
    with funding from SC and the priority spends being mental health, isolation, young people opportunities


  10. Borestone Primary School


    Fiona reports that all children have returned to school. The nursery has links with Hillview concerning the
    community garden. Uneven monoblocks in the garden were discussed as were some littering in the area.


    School is keen to have links with Bannockburn Heritage Centre, particularly with regards to the woods near
    the Centre. There has been no contact with the Centre as yet. Previously volunteers had cleared up the
    wooded area. A Walking group from BHC to the school was mentioned as a safer route to school for


    The playing field has not been cut recently but this has had no impact on the children as they are still able
    to complete their daily mile within the school grounds.




  11. Planning Items


    No update at present.


  12. Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines


    Stirling Council are offering free entry to Wallace Monument to Stirling Residents in 2021.
    There has been 14000 garden waste permits issued in Stirling.

    Community Engagement, the Miners Strike and the Scottish Government consultation with plans to pardon
    miner convicted of offences during the 1984/85 strike was mentioned.


    COP had a weekly food larder but are struggling for money. They are looking for funding for the licence to
    occupy the community garden. There has been an increase in food bank use, and COP are looking for funds
    for outdoor play activity.


  13. AOB


    RE mentioned the solar panels at McDonald Drive flats/Endrick Place. It was previously thought that these
    flats at McDonald Drive were being demolished. PC will check for update.


    The litter picker in Wordie Road was discussed. SF added that the litter issue has increased during the


    85 homes are to be built by Bellway near the Pirnhall. This will include 21 affordable homes. SF mentioned
    that 20% has to be social housing.


    RE added that the extension to Borestone Primary has been approved but with conditions. This will
    possibly be commencing in August 2021.


    MMcM mentioned the 20mpt limit signage at McGrigor Road with the sign pointing into the park. This has
    been reported to 01786 404040 with no action taken. There needs to be more 20mph signs in the area.

    The sign is pointing into the park direction and not the road direction.


  14. Date of Next Meeting


    Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 7pm to be held virtually by Zoom conferencing.


  15. Close.