Aug 2021 AGM Minutes

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St Ninians Community Council Minutes Of The Annual General Meeting

Held On Wednesday 18th August 2021 at 7pm Conducted via Zoom Conferencing.


1) Welcome by the Chair.

Present/ Apologies.

Community Councillors – David Wilson, Richard Elliott, Eric Black, Caroline Hamilton, Morag Fulton, Laura Muir

Others Present Julie McCann, Sharon McGrouther (Community Link


Residents Alistair Orr, Jonathon Orr, Cllr Neil Bennie

Apologies James Wigglesworth, Mike McCormick and Kirsty Ryder will be on the meeting later

2) Adoption of minutes of last Annual General Meeting 18/11/2020.


Approved by RE and EB.

3) Chairpersons Annual Report (And Questions From The floor).


Achievements this year have included the Hillview Footpath, Thistle Park Parking, Noticeboards and the 2 Defibrillators.

There have been struggles linking in with Stirling Council Departments this past year. There have been issues but we are looking to find a way to work with SC to help with our community.

Thank you to all the members for all support over past year, special thanks to RE for pushing forward with a lot of issues in the past year.

We welcome KR as a new co-opted member. KR will be an excellent addition to the CC.

4) Treasurers Report & Submission of Balance Sheet & Annual Accounts For Year Ending 31st March 2021. (Duly Independently Examined & Certified Correct & Questions From The floor).

This covers the period from 1st April 2020 to 31 st March 2021.

There was £8,170 in the bank at the start of the year and £8,175 at the end of this year in the bank. Bearing in mind that we still have to pay for the new notice board at the YT Club Site. We also purchased 2 Defibrillators and Housings, but we applied for a grant to cover the amounts paid out, of which we were successful in obtaining.

General admin grant and minute taker. These amounts are slightly lower than previous year as a few meetings have been missed due to Covid until CC were able to access video conferencing.

Ladies of the Rock had a funds paid from the CC account until they had their own bank account set up and to enable them to carry out their work.

5) Secretary’s Annual Report (And questions From The floor).


Secretary’s Report:

First of all, I would like to thank you all (The members), for the assistance you have given me over the past year whilst acting as the secretary.

It’s not been an easy year for anyone, and it’s been hard for some more than others, but I thank you all for your efforts in helping to push through the projects that we have undertaken these past 12 months.

Despite meeting a future member under distressing circumstances, we have gained an active addition to our Community Council in Kirsty McKay.

Welcome Kirsty and thank you for joining us.

We are now on a new learning curve with regard to our dealings with Stirling Council’s new Protocol’s, when dealing with issues/complaints and requiring information from their departments also following up ongoing enquiries. But we will no doubt get the measure of things and use them to our advantage.


We have achieved many goals over the past year, namely the forthcoming installation of 12 new parking bays on McGrigor Road/Thistle Park. Repairs to steppings and new handrails and installation of street lighting to the Hillview Footpath.

The purchase and siting of 2 new notice boards with another one in the pipeline also many smaller issues, including successfully suggesting the road naming for the MFI housing project, thanks to information coming from Mike McCormick.

We should be especially proud of obtaining 2 new Defibrillators and their Housings. Also getting permission to site one at the Toll, from shop owner Karen, who has the Hair Salon next to McColl’s Store.

We are in the midst of obtaining permission from the YT Club, to site the 2nd unit on the outside of their building.

But we still need to pursue and obtain a solution to the speeding/traffic noise plaguing our area and the problems of anti-social behaviour and drug related issues in our community.

We need to put more pressure on the relevant parties, whether that be the Police, Stirling Council or local politicians.

In closing, I would like to thank Eric & David for their help and advice during my tenure as Secretary over these last 12 months.

6) Demit of Current Office bearers/ Election of Office Bearers.










Vice Chairperson










Planning & Licensing Correspondent





DW asked if anyone else wished to take on the role of Chair.

RE nominated MMcC but he has to be at the meeting to accept the nomination. MMcC will step up to take the Chairperson position but because he was absent, he could not be elected at this meeting.


DW commented that RE has been very good in the role of secretary.

VC post can be filled at a later date. KR intimated that she would be interested in the position.

EB stated that he would like to withdraw and resign from the CC after 10 years service. This would mean that bank signatories would have to be altered. EB is willing to stay on until next meeting and is more than willing to provide a detailed handover to the next treasurer.

It was agreed that both DW and EB would continue to carry on with their roles until September’s meeting.

JW is interested on taking the Treasurers position but again, this will be decided in the Sept meeting.

S.McG - All posts were accepted.

7) A.O.B - None

8) Date of Next AGM Meeting, Wednesday 15th June 2022.




9) Close.