Aug 2021 Minutes


Minutes Of Community Council Meeting
Held On Wednesday 18th Aug 2021

Via Zoom Conferencing


  1. Present/Apologies


    Community Councillors – David Wilson, Richard Elliott, Eric Black, Caroline Hamilton,
    Morag Fulton, Laura Muir


    Others Present Julie McCann, Sharon McGrouther (Community Link



    Residents Alistair Orr, Jonathon Orr, Cllr Neil Bennie


    Apologies James Wigglesworth, Mike McCormick and Kirsty Ryder will
    be on the meeting later


  2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting


    Minutes were approved by RE and CH


  3. Matters Arising from previous meeting:


  1. Defibrillator


    Update, electrician was taken to visit Karen at the Hair Salon at the Toll and there are no
    issues. Karen wants to decorate the wall outside before the unit goes up, this should
    commence on the 7th September.


    YT Club Update – They are happy to have the defibrillator on site, just waiting on technical
    services agreeing to do it and to see who installs it.


    RE has the Defibrillator Housing Units and EB has the Defibrillators in his garage.


    DW mentioned that these will have to be registered. EB added that the ambulance will give
    the access code to open the cabinet. DW also commented on training for the community on
    how to use the equipment.


    EB stated that there was enough money in the bank to buy the defibrillator outright. The
    Community Pride Fund Application was successful and £1,500 was obtained and used to top
    up funds.


  2. First Bus, 57 Route latest information


    NB mentioned that there was a route test in July. Route includes Howlands Road, then
    along Gateside Road, up Elmbank Road, back onto Gateside Road, left onto Howlands Road
    and then left onto Cultenhove Road. This was a different proposed route by First Bus.


    DW mentioned that previous issues with the route included how the tight streets made it
    difficult for the buses to drive up them and also the ongoing nearby construction works.


    RE asked if the use of smaller public vehicles (Hopper Type) would be a more efficient and
    manoeuvrable way of using this route, First Bus reported that there is not enough of the
    small buses in the fleet and were allocated as and where needed the most.


    AO mentioned the route from Barnsdale Road to Cultenhove Road, down Howlands Road,
    onto Gateside Road left onto Elmbank and right onto Gateside Road again would be a good


    The elderly and disabled people are isolated due to lack of route in the area. RE mentioned
    an elderly resident who has been unable to get into town since the change of the route.


    NB will feedback to SC about CC concerns. RE mentioned using yellow line at Junctions to
    improve issues. Cambusbarron have previously done this.


  3. Notice Board, YT Club/Cultenhove Road.


    No YT Club update.


    The proposal was to be that the board was to be purchased by YT Club /Education
    Department saving the CC paying an unrecoverable VAT amount and the CC would then



    reimburse the Education Department the Nett Costs. Full ownership of the Noticeboard will
    remain with the CC. The YT Club will be allocated a set of keys for their own usage.


    Community Payback will tidy up the gardens and install the noticeboard around September



  4. Cornhill Crescent, Glasgow Road, (Stirling Council/Police

    & Participation Request)


    DW has written to Police Inspector – awaiting reply.
    There are ongoing issues with drugs in Cornhill Crescent.

    RE has sent an enquiry on behalf of CC about the residential issues.


  5. Traffic Management, Buntine Crescent, Howlands Road, Barnsdale
    Road.(Speeding & Traffic Noise)


    RE mentioned a CC traffic monitor at Buntine Crescent. In the period of a week there were
    1671 vehicles on a stretch of road 200 yards long.


    There was an average of 239 vehicles a day.


    There was a car that bumped into a lamppost and a man was charged with attempted
    murder. This was a hit and run and the accused had deliberately driven at the victim in
    Buntine Crescent. The vehicle hit the victim and then a nearby lamppost. Injuries to the
    victim included a broken leg.


    NB commented on methods of speed intervention including the use of nibs but every nib
    will disrupt the traffic on the road.


    RE mentioned that cars go through speed bumps and use Buntine Crescent as a shortcut.


    NB suggested that Carolyn Fraser is invited to a CC meeting about traffic management in
    the area.


    MF mentioned that the camber on the road makes it difficult for wheelchair users


    RE will ask for the report on Barnsdale Road.


    KR has received a response from Bruce Leekie. Taking the issue to the Ombudsman was
    discussed, there has been no support from elected members or SC. There had been an
    environmental health survey which deemed that the noise was unacceptable.


    KR asked if CC could find out more information from the residents who had commented on
    the Facebook post and potential use of polls.


  6. Works arising from Town Centre Regeneration Grant


    Update from Keir Stevenson, there will be 12 parking spaces installed at McGrigor Road and
    roads will be resurfaced in September.


    There are outstanding repairs still to be completed and there is a discount as the work can
    be completed on both projects at the same time using the same labour and machinery.


  7. Borestone Primary School


    No update


  8. Planning Items


    Issues with the Falcon Bars recent development including the need to present a
    Retrospective Planning Application for change of use and for introduction of new seating
    areas. CC to monitor progress. (Original Planning Consent was for change of Windows only).


  9. Police Report


    Main issue was the attempted murder in Buntine Crescent. Report is placed on CC Mail


  10. Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines


    There was an email about SC Media Release


  11. AOB


    DW commented on when the CC can meet face to face. No date set as yet. There was a
    suggestion that a hybrid meeting be used with some people attending in person and others
    attending virtually via Zoom. Discussions included CS and SF being able to call a meeting of
    SC about CC meetings.


    LM mentioned Glasgow Road parking for the new flats at Barnsdale Road and noted that
    there was a lack of parking there.


    RE will email CC enquiries about issues with wheelchair users and cambers.


  12. Date of Next Meeting


    Wednesday 15th September 2021 at 7pm to be held virtually by Zoom conferencing


  13. Close