Jan 2021 Minutes


Wednesday 20th January 2021

To be conducted via Zoom Conferencing




Community Councillors – David Wilson, Richard Elliott, Eric Black, Mike

McCormick, Laura Muir


Others Present Julie McCann, Pam Campbell


Residents Jonathan Orr


Apologies Alistair Orr, Cllr Scott Farmer, Morag Fulton, Cllr
Christine Simpson, James Wigglesworth.


  1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting


    Minutes were approved by RE and LM


  2. Matters Arising from previous meeting:


l. Traffic to building sites & Safe Routes to School – Agreed


DW was expecting to have an update from Carolyn Fraser. RE commented that there are no
updates in the email.


ll. Route for Site Deliveries


RE commented that he has not seen a great deal of traffic at the Ogilvie site. It is still open
but there is no a lot of haulage there. Marshalls are carrying on with Forth Housing site,
they did not manage to complete the site before Christmas. The last two properties still
have slabs and groundworks to be completed.


lll. Re-instatement of highways & pavements after Earlsburn


The re-instated kerbs and paths have not been topped with tarmac yet. The groundworks
are not able to be completed due to the weather.


At Elmbank Road there are a few cars there but not a lot of people on the site.

RE commented that on 18th January, Gateside Road, Elmbank and Howlands Road were
being closed for resurfacing and drainage. The sign has disappeared now and no work has
started yet.


Marshall have reinstated the kerbing so resurfacing can be completed. Work is due to start
on 18th January and finish on 31st January. PC will chase this up to check dates through CC
Enquiry which means that the Council have 10 days to reply.


lV. Earlsburn Avenue/Howlands Road Site Completion Update


Howlands Road and Earlsburn Avenue are nearly complete.


V. Defibrillator


RE mentioned that an email was received from a female asking for an update on the
defibrillator. There had been a recent problem where an elderly person had died due to
cardiac arrest and the ambulance did not arrive in time. RE asked the female where she
thought would be the best place to put the defibrillator and she replied down by the toll due
to the footfall with the shop, chemist etc.


DW commented that ambulances are struggling to respond at the moment due to the
pandemic. British Heart Foundation will fund a defibrillator but not the cabinet or
electrician. The cabinet costs about £600.


Everyone in CC unanimously agreed that the toll was the best place for the defibrillator.


EB mentioned that CC had been thinking about putting one at the toll, and possibly using
the electricity from the bus shelter. The other option would be using the electricity from
the shops for example, the nearby McColls, hairdressers or bookmakers. Checks would need
to be made with landlord for permission for the cable and that the tenant is on board to pay
for the electricity.


PC mentioned the Trossachs Search and Rescue team, who had previously provided the CC
with quotes. The CC could apply for a Community Grant for the defibrillator and cabinet
upto £1500. The Trossachs Search and Rescue could check and maintain the unit.


DW commented that Beechwood had installed one with no cost, through the British Heart
Foundation. Trossachs Search and Rescue have a virtual map of defibrillators in Stirling and
they provide annual maintenance and fix any issues with the equipment. DW is keen to link
in with the Search and Rescue to seek the best advice about funding etc.


MMcC asked about outside the chemist being the best place for the unit, opposite the
current noticeboard. There are no walls to mount the unit there however there are walls at
the bus shelter. The chance of parking quickly at the bus shelter in order to use the unit was
also discussed.

PC will speak to her colleagues at Stirling Council to check the options and also check with
housing. Insurance for the unit was discussed and the fact that replacing the pads was
expensive. PC will check with Stuart McNiven.


CC unanimously agreed that the defibrillator should be a priority for the CC.


PC mentioned that Cambusbarron went through the same process with SC and there were
issues with the code for the cabinet. Gargunnock has a regime to check their unit. DW will
contact Richard Norman from Cambusbarron to discuss options.


Vl. First Bus, 57 Route latest information


Email was sent in December concerning this but not reply as yet. There has been a recent
outbreak of COVID at the Bannockburn Bus depot. A previous meeting with the CC and local
residents about the 57 bus service was discussed.


RE mentioned an update with Chris Carberry who suggested that the CC contact First bus
direct with concerns, including leaving the shelter in place until further notice.


Vll. Hillview Footpath Repairs/Upgrade


PC has no update but will contact Allan Morrison in housing. An agreement with the council
maintaining the area and streetlights was discussed. Stuart McNiven will be contacted to
obtain a quote for costs.


Vlll. Notice Board, Bruceview Park/Cultenhove Road


RE mentioned a sketch at the front of the YT Club showing what wall space is available for
the noticeboard. Discussions were made about whether it would be better if the board was
freestanding or attached to the wall.


PC added that Stirling Council would prefer a freestanding board so there is not drilling to
the building, the park next to the club is an option. SC need the details about the


EB received a quote from a company for one noticeboard. This can be ordered online
costing £690 plus vat taking it to £845 in total with delivery.


The price to put the board on the wall is considerably less, the existing noticeboard is too
large to fit on the available wall space so a smaller board would be required.


DW suggested the edge of the community garden as a spot. RE added that the board would
need to be facing the road so that would people would see it. It was suggested that
anywhere along the fence facing the road would be a good option for placement of the

lX. Cornhill Crescent, Hedges and Gardens/SC.


DW will discuss this issue with PC over the next month. Some residents may not have the
money for their gardens and DW asked PC if any other areas had been helped.


PC mentioned the Good Neighbours Scheme and Stirling Community Enterprise who offer
apprenticeships in gardening etc. DW will identify gardens who have the issues.


X. Works arising from Town Centre Regeneration Grant


Work has recently been carried out at the Toll with the lights. 2/3 of the work is completed
which includes the pavement from the Shell Garage up towards the flats. Approximate cost
is £14387.70


PC will try to clarify when the work will be completed.


Xl. Stirling Councils Big Budget Conversation


The CC received an email from Dionne Gallacher on behalf of Councillor Chris Kane, the
Convener Of the Community Planning And Regeneration Committee. Requesting what
impact had the amendments to the ''Scheme Of Establishment'' had on the day to day
operations of the Community Council during the Covid 19 Pandemic.


(The Chair Person had submitted the survey before the closing date of the 12th January


Xll. Borestone Primary School


No update at present


Xlll. Planning Items


A plinth is being installed at Bannockburn Heritage Centre


Xllll. Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines


RE mentioned complaints from residents about tar trucks on Barnsdale Road making a noise
as they go over speed bumps at 5.30am in the morning. Cllr Simpson has been contacted
about this but no update yet.


Recent works from BT City Fibre had been ongoing at Cruckburn Wynd just off Wordie Road,
some access of service problems have occurred regarding who's responsible for uplifting
and relaying monoblocking in the areas concerned, awaiting information from the residents

A resident has asked to see minutes from CC and would like to attend meetings. Link will be
sent to them for future meeting.


  1. AOB


    MMcC mentioned that there are a few cars with no MOT’s at McGrigor Road. People often
    used Thistle Park for parking.


    RE mentioned the registration fees of £40 for the IOC Data Protection registration for the
    year have been paid and the certificate received.


    RE stated that the Schedule of Meetings for 2020/2021 and the Minutes of meetings have
    been submitted to SC Community Engagement.


    No one from Church has been in contact about using the Noticeboard. DW added that there
    are 3 churches in the local area. RE will contact them to invite them to use the Noticeboard
    to inform residents about the Church Business and Services, etc.


    JO asked if there was a shortage of gritter's and mentioned issues with the road up towards
    the farm at Wordie Road. RE commented that gritters usually grit the bus routes and main
    roads first then tackle everything else afterwards. PC will send the CC the Winter Gritting


    MMcC asked about topping up bins, best method of contact is SC on 01786 404040.


    DW mentioned issues at the long line/New Line Road and areas around the North Third is
    really busy recently with walkers. It is not safe to walk there in icy conditions. PC mentioned
    the resilience plan and that salt piles are placed at certain areas so that the community can
    grit the area instead of the council.


    The speed that cars drive on the long line was also discussed. If the roads were advertised
    as a walking/cycling route then it may reduce the speed of the cars on the road.


  2. Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 17th February at 7pm to be held virtually.