June 2021 Minutes

Wednesday 16th June 2021

To be conducted via Zoom Conferencing


  1. Present/Apologies.


    Community Councillors – David Wilson, Richard Elliott, Eric Black, Mike McCormick, James



    Others Present Julie McCann, Sharon McGrouther (Community Link Officer), Fiona
    Keating (Principal of Early Years at Borestone Primary School), Paul
    Houghton (Planning Consultant)


    Residents Alistair Orr, Jonathon Orr, Kirsty Ryder, Jorge Iguzquiza, Ahmed Elkesh


    Apologies Caroline Hamilton, Morag Fulton, Laura Muir,


  2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting.


    Minutes were approved by MMcC and RE


  3. Matters Arising from previous meeting.

    Election of new Co-opted Member:

    Paperwork is in and approved. KR has been approved and elected as a co-opted member.
    CC voted – DW, EB, RE, MMcC and JW all agreed.


  4. An address to the meeting from a Mr Paul Houghton of D.M. Hall,
    Estate Agents, Re: Future Development of The ‘Scots Wha Hae’,
    Public house.


    Paul Houghton from DM Hall Chartered Surveyors in Bridge of Allan explained that Decata Group in
    Aberdeen had bought the Scots Wha Hae pub with the view to redevelop it.


    Decata want to convert the pub into a takeaway with a flat above. The back court will be a housing
    development and the existing rear garden will be redeveloped. There will be flats or townhouses at the
    back. There is a pend which gives access for parking. There is no support for the redevelopment in the
    garden but there is support for the takeaway and flats.


    The pend is close to traffic and the control junction. A Crossed yellow box in the area was discussed. RE
    commented that there is already vehicle access to the pend but EB added that this is not legally


    EB asked about customer parking for the takeaway. There are already issues at Glasgow Road when
    customers try to access the chip shop and Chinese Takeaway. PH suggested using Lidl car park across the
    road from the pub. DW commented that there are already two takeaways in the block.


    MMcC commented that the Scots Wha Hae used to have deliveries there early in the morning. It was
    suggested that 4 spaces were reserved at Lidl, perhaps approaching Lidl about renting these spaces for
    takeaway customers to use.


    A house nearby that was selling hot rolls behind the chip shop was mentioned.


    RE asked if the building was a listed building. PH added that it was a conservation area, the refurbishment
    will be carried out sensitively to the surrounding area and building.


    DW mentioned that there is space available behind the bus stop to create more spaces.


  5. Defibrillator.


    RE commented that he had emailed Greg from Trossach Search and Rescue but there had been no update.


    Residents near Polmaise Avenue have been asking why there is no nearby defibrillator. SM will speak to
    colleague about any updates.


  6. First Bus, 57 Route latest information.


    DW and RE sent emails again to find out information but no reply. There has also been no update from
    numerous emails to NB.


    The Ombudsman may be able to put legal pressure on an elected member but there needs to be a formal
    written complaint about the issue. If nothing has happened within 8 weeks then the Ombudsman can be
    approached and they will want proof of the lack of help.


    There was also discussions about how to get an elected member to reply to emails to CC.


  7. Notice Board, Bruceview Park/Cultenhove Road.


    RE commented that Brian Smith has been in touch via email about the installation of the Noticeboard. RE
    has asked Brian to contact EB about the installation as EB was involved in the previous Noticeboard being


    BS will need the dimensions of the board and will need to arrange a site visit.


  8. Cornhill Crescent, Glasgow Road, (Stirling Council/Police & Participation Request).


    DW had emailed the police about concerns in the area but as yet received no response.
    Drug issues in the local areas was discussed as well as the lack of the housing.

    RE commented that St Ninians is classed as a deprived area, people are housed there and there is a stigma
    for the type of people housed there.


    On 23rd May SC brought in a new formula for how the CC ask for information. RE had to go through CC
    enquiries to get any answers or get a reply from Stirling Council. Steven Bly then distributes the emails out
    to the relevant individuals.


    The application cannot be sent to SC unless agreement from members of CC in between meetings.
    DW, RE and EB mentioned a letter to SC about a partial complaint.


  9. Traffic Management, Buntine Crescent, Howlands Road, Barnsdale Road.(Speeding
    & Traffic Noise).


    AO mentioned issues within the Cornton Area. DW added that there were not enough police in the local


    RE commented on speeding in the area and had emailed PC Barclay about speeding in Barnsdale Road and
    a speeding survey was mentioned. DW added that police were out early in the morning watching
    motorists on Borestone Place recently.


    Cultenhove Road, Barnsdale Road and Modan Road have issues with tar lorries about 6am in the morning.
    In Cultenhove Road there are no speed bumps but cars are speeding up and down the road. Barnsdale
    Road also has issues with speeding.


    EB and RE spoke to people at Craigend Road and they are aware of the problem with the lorries in the early
    mornings. They mentioned it had not impacted them as they sleep on the other side of the buildings and
    had new windows installed. They did specifically mention noise from tar trucks noise between 5.30 to 6am
    but some residents are already awake at that time. Trailers have to go over speed bumps but tar trucks
    are wide enough to not need to go over speed bumps. Suggested methods to overcome this issue included
    introducing chicanes to narrow the road.


    A further meeting between KR/DW was discussed about these issues.


  10. Works arising from Town Centre Regeneration Grant.


    There is still outstanding work at the toll to be completed and parking at McGrigor Road was mentioned.


    The Thistle Park Plan, footpath to Barnsdale Road can be completed for £69,751 instead of £73,384 as the
    works will be carried out at the same time so less labour to pay for as they are both near to each other.


    Currently waiting on a commencement date from Keir Stevenson regarding the upgrade of the pavement
    and the parking bays.


    Update from Meeting: RE was informed by Keir Stevenson, Head of the Regeneration Funding Group that
    works installing the parking spaces and the resurfacing of McGrigor Road itself and the last repairs to the
    toll footpath at the Shell Garage to the Civil Defence Club will commence on Monday 6th September 2021.


  11. Borestone Primary School.


    BPS has been in contact with Bannockburn Heritage Centre and both will help to clear the grounds at the
    woods between BPS and the Centre.


    Update from Gillian Orr the Headteacher: there will be two class extension starting in Oct 2021. In the
    Community Garden there is a small working party made up of staff and parents. They plan to relocate the
    poly tunnel and use planters, then open up the garden so that the community can use it. GO has asked CC
    if there is any other funding available for this project.


    MMcC suggested that the school contact the Stirling Rotary Club, the Stirling Round Table or the Carse of
    Stirling Rotary. The Presidents fund may have a couple of hundred available. There has been no kids
    outing this year or last so there may be able to distribute some funds. DW will check for info on funding
    and feedback to FK

    FK mentioned an outing to Polmaise Castle that BPS had been on recently.


    MMcC also mentioned applying to the Forestry Commission which may be able to donate apple/pear trees
    which cost little money.


    DW asked FK to send him information about the garden and DW will put the information on the CC
    Facebook page.


    FK met with Zoe from Hillview so that the children can help with the areas overgrown with weeds.


    Cultenhove Community Garden belongs to COP and they used to maintain the gardens but could no longer
    afford it. FK had emailed Debbie from COP but has not had any reply yet, this was about the monoblock in
    the garden that needed to be repaired.


    Ahmed is happy to help with the community garden at the YT Club. The issues there are clearing weeds
    and overgrowth.


    FK added that the nursery is full at the moment and they have had five new starts in January.


  12. Planning Items.


    Demolition of Flats at the corner of Barnsdale Road/Glasgow Road has been approved with conditions.
    In Wordie Road there is an application for a single story extension.


  13. Police Report.


    Lack of police presence during meetings was discussed and DW will email the Inspector to see if there is a
    way that the police could attend meetings using alternative technologies to Zoom conferencing.


    The Police Report mainly contains drug issues.


  14. Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines.


    An email was received from the Communities Development Fund about Summer Activities.


    There has been a media release about the role of the Armed Forces during the Covid 19 pandemic.


    Stirling Libraries will open in June. This includes Cowie, Cambusbarron, Plean, Bannockburn and Killin.
    Appointments must be made to visit.


    SC Media Release about the new shape of the Council website. There is also a Digital Transformation


    Stirling Taxis have 14 electric charging bays at Forthside. This is a SC drive to deal with climate change.
    There is a vacancy for an NHS Board Member, and LFD Tests are available to collect from pharmacies.

  15. AOB.


    AGM will be held during August’s meeting.

    MMcC reiterated the lack of support that the CC has from Police and Local councillors.
    JW has offered to help with surveys.


  16. Date of Next Meeting.


    Wednesday 18th August 2021 at 7pm & AGM will take place prior to meeting to be held virtually by Zoom
    conferencing, (Subject To Change Depending On Government Guidelines At The Time).


  17. Close