Oct 2021 Minutes

Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 20th October 2021

Held at the Stirling Civil defence Club
Also Via Zoom Conferencing.


  1. Present/Apologies


    Community Councillors – Mike McCormack Kirsty Ryder, David Wilson, Richard Elliott,

    Eric Black, Laura Muir, Kirsty Ryder, James Wigglesworth,
    Caroline Hamilton, Morag Fulton


    Others Present Julie McCann, Jeannie Gray


    Residents Evelyn Reynolds, Pamela Simpson, Alastair Orr, Gaynor


    Apologies Cllr Scott Farmer, Christine Simpson, Jonathon Orr,


  2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting


    Minutes were approved by DW and LM


  3. Matters Arising from previous meeting:


    1. Noticeboard


      RE mentioned that there has been no update since CC last emailed Kirsty. RE will chase this
      up. Steven Bly replied through CC Enquiries and the officers are currently on leave.


    2. Defibrillator


      This has now been installed at the YT Club on Tuesday 19th October. Fraser Kirkwood met
      with Richard and an electrician and it was installed on the Tuesday morning. It is now live
      with the Ambulance Service.


      MMcC gave a huge thanks on behalf of CC to EB and RE for all their hard work on this
      project. CC are looking to have two defibrillators in the local area, one at the YT Club and
      the other at the Toll.


      First Response are a charity based in Grangemouth who can get to an incident quicker than
      an ambulance. They maintain defibrillators in Stirling and Falkirk areas. The check the units
      on a weekly basis and also check for any damages. If the pads have been used they will
      replace them. They request a £100 donation a year for this service and there is no charge
      to replace the pads.


      EB mentioned that CC have a spare set of pads and they are due to expire on October 2025
      and they cost approximately £100.


      RE commented that using the First Response Charity would relieve pressure from other
      people checking the unit. The spare pads could be used if needed and replaced


      MF mentioned about paying more than the minimum amount to First Response as CC have
      two units so that would be £100 per unit as it is a charity and it supports the local


      KR asked if First Response provide training on first aid which would increase the confidence
      in the community to use the units.


      MMcC discussed donating to the charity with £50 initially and then increase to £100 per
      unit. In a couple of months check what interest there is for defibrillator and First Aid


      MF added about providing local schools with training as this may stop vandalism.


      RE will contact First Response to see what training is available. PS would like to be included
      in the training and would require an interpreter. PS asked if the training could be speak first
      and then show as this would help her to learn.


    3. First Bus, 57 Route latest information


      RE commented that there was not much of an update on Route 57. There is still a shortage
      of bus drivers in the local area. The C11 goes into Torbrex, this was discussed as there are
      many narrow roads in this area plus cars are parked on both sides.


      MMcC suggested inviting First Bus to a future meeting so that they can respond to


      AO commented on the shortage of bus drivers. Drivers are being tutored on the local
      route, this includes going twice round the route drivers previously said they could not
      manage. Videos of the routes are used for training.


      First Bus will be invited to attend either the Jan or Feb meeting


    4. Flooding to Thistle Park


      .MMcC commented that there is no sewage in McGrigor Road apart from rain water. The
      area is really bad when there is a heavy storm.


    5. Cornhill Crescent, Glasgow Road, (Stirling Council/Police
      & Participation Request)


      Problems in the area included antisocial behaviour and drug activity. The local paperboy
      has left his job due to these issues. Before Covid, Police were stopping and searching drug
      dealers. Relevant nominals have been reported to the police but there has been no direct
      action taken.


      The police that cover the Toll area are different from the community police in the area.


      Local cars have been vandalised. A drug dealer has recently moved into the area and
      people have been found in hedges under the influence.


      MMcC suggested asking a Council Member for help to get Police to a CC meeting.


      RE mentioned an email that he sent to SC about issues in Cornhill Crescent, in their reply
      they mentioned that action had taken but no details of the action had been provided.


      FOI(S)A request was mentioned to find out what has been going on to alleviate the issues in
      the local area.


      MMcC also mentioned inviting the housing department to a meeting to address concerns in
      the area regarding drug dealing etc.


      AO added that there had been meetings held about the issues over the past few years and
      the CC could ask for minutes of those meetings.


      DW mentioned that if the FOI(S)A request is rejected then CC could then request
      information from the Information Commissioner.


      KR mentioned the Community Safety and Community Planning Partnership.


      MMcC added about keeping a diary of event with details of incidents including car regs,
      colour of cars, nominals etc. DW commented that the police will say that there is a lack of


      RE commented on CCTV at the toll and SF had been asked to looking into CCTV. The local
      area has changed a lot since the former Mayfield Health Centre changed to the Community
      Alcohol and Drugs Service (CADS). CC are worried about vandalism in the area due to the
      defibrillator being placed at the toll.


      Email from BF – will escalate to try to get CCTV for the area.
      MMcC will invite BF to the next meeting.

      Shopkeepers are keen to have CCTV in the local area. JG commented that there are
      ongoing conversations in SC about CCTV.


      A resident discussed drug dealing in the area and wheelies bins are also being set on fire.


    6. Traffic Management, Buntine Crescent, Howlands Road, Barnsdale

      Road.(Speeding & Traffic Noise)


      RE sent an invite to Carolyn Fraser and Bruce Reekie but they are on leave. A reply was
      received asked what questions the CC would have for CF and BR. No further update.


      PC commented on the new speed limits in the area including between Torbrex and


      MMcC mentioned the tar trucks that are continuing to make a lot of noise going over speed


      MMcC and KR conducted a survey at 4.45am on the tar trucks. Tar trucks are McGrigor
      Road were also discussed.


      PS commented that on Wellpark Road, the pavements have been fixed but the roads are
      full of potholes.


      RE sent an email to SC to find out more about the Traffic Survey that was conducted in
      Buntine Crescent/Barnsdale Road. CC wish to know what the SC will do with the results of
      the survey particularly concerning noise and speed of traffic. RE will invite Roads
      Department to a meeting, if they do not attend that a FOI(S)A request will be submitted.


      Issues with parking at Morley Crescent was discussed. CH commented that the Housing
      Associating own the land and not the Council. There are designated placed for Emergency
      Vehicles in Morley Crescent, however other vehicles park there. There are also cars that
      are illegally parked on the pavements.


      KR commented that Police Scotland have posted on Facebook looking for requests for local
      areas to be speed checked by the camera and mobile testing unit.


      Professional Indemnity Insurance was discuss with regards to Tar trucks. Tar trucks were
      never an issue before COVID so this may be an issue now due to people working in bubbles
      and not having access to the yard to park the vehicles overnight.


      RE mentioned that flammable liquids are being stored on these trucks so a notice must be
      on the vehicles.


      MMcC discussed the loophole that is being used. 19kg is being held in the cylinders, if it
      was 23kg then an orange plate and an ADR licence would be required. 1 gram of gas is
      equivalent to a litre. Tar trucks should be stored in a nominated hazardous area.


  4. Works arising from Town Centre Regeneration Grant


    MMcC reported that there are now 14 parking bays at McGrigor Road.


    The footpath form Shell garage should have been done together with McGrigor Road, as it
    would have used less labour and machinery and cost approximately £14,000. This should
    now start at the end of October.


  5. Borestone Primary School


    No update. The extension to the primary school was due to start in August 2021.



  6. Planning Items


    There has been an application for the Scots Wha Hae on 29th Sept for flats and a
    retrospective application has been submitted for the Falcon Bar.


  7. Police Report


    Police have been informed twice about the meetings but no reply. There has been no
    police attendance for the last 19 months.


    CC has not received a police report for this month


  8. Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines


    SC have a new Economic Strategy. Future Council meetings will now be live on YouTube.


    Rev Gary McIntyre is looking for CC support on a project to improve the appearance of the
    church tower and cemetery at St Ninian’s Parish Church.


    RE enquired about the camber on behalf of MF- no update. MMcC will have a sub meeting
    with MF about cambers and disability access on local roads.


    Issues with refuse workers not putting bins back properly was discussed. They are often left
    on pavements.


    PS mentioned issues with glass on the underpass.


  9. AOB


    MMcC mentioned issues with the drains at the underpass, which is full of glass and choked


    AO asked what the police did with the information provided regarding incidents in the local


    RE commented on the overgrowth at Hillview which has still not been cleared.



  10. Date of Next Meeting


    Wed 17th November at 7pm to be at Civil Defence Club, St Ninians.


  11. Close