Apr 2022 Minutes

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Minutes Wednesday 20th April 2022 Community Council Meeting





Community Councillors – Mike McCormick, Kirsty Ryder, Richard Elliott, Caroline

Hamilton, Laura Muir, Morag Fulton, James Wigglesworth, David Wilson.

Others Present Julie McCann, Kirsty Turner (Youth Participation Team),

Gary McIntyre (St Ninian’s Old Parish Church),

Residents Evelyn Reynolds, Jonathan Orr, Alistair Orr, Pamela Simpson.

Apologies Cllr Scott Farmer, Emma Furie, Eric Black

1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting


Minutes were approved by KR and RE

2. Matters Arising from previous meeting:


Kirsty Turner - Youth Club Set up


There have been Facebook queries about why there are no facilities in the local area for children & young people. All the local facilities were closed due to the pandemic. There was a consultation with young people all over Stirling including the rural areas about what they wanted.

Opening the YT Club was discussed but the roofing and electricals are in need of attention, the frontage and shutters would need to be checked and redecorated as it has been shut due to the Covid situation for the last two years and very little maintenance has been carried out on the building.


There is a youth worker in every secondary school in Stirling – Ricky Williams in based in Stirling High School.

Some 34 people suggested what they wanted locally. Drop in sessions in schools are planned to see what kids want i.e. sports etc. Youth Services are trying to get the hall or the Astro pitch at Stirling High on Monday from 6 – 8pm. Before Covid they had a P6/P7 and a S1 plus groups but they were low in numbers.

There is a summer group planned for P7’s at Stirling/Bannockburn High.

There are links with Active Stirling and twilight basketball at Raploch was mentioned.

Options for activities include: cooking (possible food poverty), creative classes and football at St Ninians with sessions at Stirling High.

MMcC asked if the kids were interested in a local gala which used to take place every year for many years in the area and used to tie in with the shows being at Thistle Park.

DW mentioned other groups such as the scouts etc. Five years ago there was a beavers group at Borestone Primary School but there were not enough adults to keep the group going. Children are reluctant to attend activities in another areas.

Children in every P6 and P7 class in St Ninian’s Primary and Borestone Primary will be asked for any ideas for activities in the local area. All P6/P7 loved the YT club at previous events but parents did not like the area and so put barriers up and prevented their children from attending due to the location of the venue.

An open night at the YT club was discussed along with a new sign, and the shutter being painted to make the building look better.

PS asked how the Youth Club would be advertised. Would parents be able to see photos of inside the club? KT added that the club will be publicised in schools and social media.

MF mentioned that there is another Notice Board at the Mayfield Centre that could be used to advertise the Youth Club, but the keys are not available at present.

MMcC asked about funding for youth leaders in relation to PVG checks. KT added that few people in the St Ninian’s area want to volunteer. Local people are needed to volunteer and will be put through relevant training programmes.


PS mentioned that she taught basic sign language to the youth club a few years ago and the kids really enjoyed it.

JW asked KT if Youth Services had thought about using Thistle Park for some of the outdoor activities.

After school activities such as a homework club were also discussed.

AO commented that there are great children in the area who are looking for opportunities such as different activities to do.

MMcC commented on the Santa Sleigh run by the Rotary Club that went through the Raploch area. There had previously been misconceptions about the Raploch but the kids and families had an amazing night and the Rotary Club were made to feel very welcome.

Ps commented that some kids may be more street wise than others and could be picked on.

ER mentioned that the outdoor space at the Mayfield Centre could be used and also the Mayfield Centre itself as another venue for the Youth Club.

YT Club Garden/Planting, Kirsty Turner Youth Services Department in Attendance


Members of the community wish to help to maintain the YT Club Garden and are hoping to get local children involved.

MMcC suggested having planter boxes in the area like Bridge of Allan etc.

KT was aware that there were anti-social issues with young people at the toll. Youth workers visit the area on Fri and Sat but have not seen any wrongdoings as yet.

I. Traffic Management – Barnsdale Road, Buntine Crescent


RE and KR had a meeting with Carolyn Fraser’s colleague. No update from site meeting from Roads Department. KR will chase this up with CF.

RE sent a flyer to every Community Council to see if they had similar issues and he has one or two replies. Cambuskenneth is a 20mph village, Causewayhead has had speed checks done on the main road and Airthrey Road. Bannockburn has had parking fines issued.


DW commented that there were issues with what the PF will prosecute with regards to speeding etc.

II. Fly Tipping at Wordie Road to Hillview Footpath Area


AO commented that the issue is at the back of Wordie Road. RE contacted the Council and this has since been cleared up. AO added that this issue needs to keep being reported or it will become a regular dumping ground. The steps were re-furbished recently, also lighting was installed along the footpath near the nursery.

III. Cornhill Crescent/Glencairn Street


RE received a reply from the Appeal Commissioner and they cannot find the appeal letter. Lost documents result in GDPR issues and the Information Commissioner may be informed. RE has since re-issued the appeal and has had a response back from the Appeal Commissioners Office, stating that they have received the re-issued appeal.

IV. Morley Crescent – Parking Issues


RE, CH and MMcC had a walkaround of the area to discuss parking issues and noticed the volume of cars compared to the amount of residents in the street. There has been no correspondence from Paragon for the past two months.

The Thistle Park project (additional parking spaces), was funded by the Regeneration Fund. Pam Campbell (Previous community liaison officer) was excellent at addressing and chasing up community issues. There has been no correspondence at all from the current Community Area Officer.

KR suggested contacting MSP about issues.

RE mentioned that Paragon offered to gift the land to Stirling Council for the parking. DW added that criteria for the parking spaces could be due it being near a local shopping area.

MMcC added that another letter will be sent to Paragon about this issue and then to our MSP


V. The Toll Underpass Cleaning


Cllr Scott Farmer asked CC to inform him if there was no response from SC about the underpass cleaning. SC responded that there were practical issues with the machinery getting to the underpass and Stephen Bly (SC) added that the area could only be manually cleaned.

CIS in Throsk do the cleaning with a jet pack power wash for around £100 and this can be done out with the busy times that the underpass is used i.e. between 12 midnight and 6am

A compressor can be used and then a large hose to clean the area. RE to contact SC as to arrange an on-site meeting to discuss the matter further.

VI. St Ninian’s Old Parish Church


Parish project – there is genuine interest and support in the Graveyard/Tower/general maintenance of gravestones project. Letters have been sent to relevant groups for example Historic Scotland and local schools to explain what the project and invite individuals to a workshop.

MMcC suggested contacting Stirling Incorporates Trades.

GMcI added that the cemetery has been closed due to safety as there is unsafe gravestones and long grass causing an hazard where the road used to be, etc.

VII. CCTV/ Toll Shopping Precinct


No update. Police had previously stated that the column had been erected and the camera was just to be installed. RE took contact Police for update on camera installation.

There is a disabled parking bay in the Toll Car Park that requires repainting. Housing Service is responsible for marking lining Disabled Bays and this has been allocated to an officer

VIII. Waste Bins

No updated from Emma Furie. RE to chase up for an update from her department.


IX. 57 Bus Route


RE has re-introduced this issue on the agenda, as it was originally taken off because of the Covid situation and was to be re-introduced in early 2022. AO commented that an email was sent to be sent for an update on the situation as the new houses have all be sold in the new Ogilvie site and there is a need for further infrastructure such as services to transport in that area.

In certain roads in the Cornton, there are yellow lines that stop parking which allow the bus to negotiate round the route. In Strathmore Crescent, Cornton, the double deckers gets round the route with cars parked on both sides of the road.

It was suggested that similar methods could be used such as implementing yellow lines for the 57 bus route around the Howlands Road and Gateside Road route. RE to investigate further.

X. Borestone Primary School

No update

XI. Adverse Camber


This is in Erskine Street and there are wheelie bins obstructing the paths. Bins have been discarded by binmen in the middle of the pavement etc. RE to inform Emma Furie of the SC Waste Services Department, of the bin situation and issue photo’s showing the blocked thoroughfare.

XII. Police Report


This has been issued to CC website. There was a fire at Beechwood Park which cost

£25,000 in damages recently reported.

XIII. Planning Items


A Single Storey extension application to the rear entrance of 43, Borestone Place, St Ninians, was reported. No objections to this application from the CC on this.

IXX.Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines



RE commented that the CC have joined Disability Equality Scotland and will receive weekly updates from them.



Rebuilding local properties in the Mayfield Area was discussed.

XXI. Date of Next Meeting


Wed 18th May 2022 at 7pm to be at Civil Defence Club, St Ninians.

XXII. Close