Aug 2022 Minutes

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Wednesday 17th August 2022




Community Council Meeting also with the Hybrid Facility Available.


1. Present/Apologies


Community Councillors – Mike McComick, Richard Elliott, Caroline Hamilton, Laura

Muir, James Wigglesworth, Kirsty Ryder, Pamela Simpson.

Others Present Julie McCann, Jeannie Gray (SC), Cllr Jen Preston (SC), Val

Brand, Lisa Kaney, Claire Rowland (Paragon), Annette and Ann (Trotting)

Residents Claire Nimmo, Kenny Ritchie, Jonathan Orr

Apologies Morag Fulton, Alistair Orr, David Wilson

2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting


Minutes were approved by KR and CH

3. Trotting


There was a meeting on Tues 16th August in the Civil Defence about the plan for the new Trotting area within the St Ninian’s/Bannockburn area and Annette and Ann attended tonight’s meeting to discuss this.

The Trotting will be located in the field across from Robert the Bruce Monument at the Bannockburn Heritage Centre. One of the issues raised was the noise this would cause in the area and one of the solutions suggested was to have more trees in the area to reduce the noise.

RE asked about parking in the area and there will be double yellow lines in place, MMCC added that there will be car park for 220 cars with an overspill for 50 cars. ‘’Speakers’’ at the trotting will be positioned to reduce the volume for the benefit of the local residents.


There have been concerns about gambling in this area.

RE asked if the planning app for stables at Chartershall is linked to the Trotting.

There will be a purpose built, bar toilets near the heritage site. The track will be permanently installed.

4. Golf Range Application


There will be a viewing of the Golf Range Application at the King Robert on 22nd September. The proposed site for the Golf Range is beside the trotting Course. CC wish to see the application before commenting.

5. Salt and Chilli House Take Away, Cultenhove Road


RE commented that there is a lot of discarded, part full, food containers and rubbish accumulating outside of the Fast Food Take Away next to the YT Club during and at the end of the evenings business. A separate bin is needed outside the outlet for depositing the

take away’s own rubbish. There is a Stirling Council Bin in use for the general litter of the public situated outside the food outlet for day to day litter and is emptied regular by Stirling Council, as are others around the local area, the bin is also emptied regularly at Paulinos Fish & Chip Shop on Glasgow Road.

RE will write letter to the local business about the rubbish outside their shop.

PS added that domestic bins are being left too late to be emptied and so results in them overflowing.

The issue with current bin collections is going to be raised with Stirling Council for a special Consultation on the future of bin collections.

6. Interpretation Panels –Heritage Trail


The Panel Concerned is at Tinkers Loan/Gateside Road. A replacement would cost £750.00 Inc Vat, also included in that was Delivery and Installation.

Jean Cowie suggested that the CC apply for funding through the Community Pride Fund, which was unanimously agreed upon by the members of the CC.

JW commented on the insurance, SC had insured the panel for the first year, then the CC would insure them thereafter. There was never a formal agreement put in writing or stressed that the CC should insure them indefinitely, so the panels were not insured since that time.


The new gardens in Bannockburn, near the Empire Bar, were mentioned as it is has been made such a nice area with the wooden train feature being installed recently.

7. Traffic Problems


KR has asked JP to contact Carolyn Fraser about the traffic issues as there has been no response from CF for a long period of time.

There is a temporary new Community Police Inspector Sonja Connolly.

At Mayfield Street, people have been parking on pavements, etc, there was also a discussion about charging points in the Mayfield/Main Street Area including 4 charging points in the Main Street car park.

8. Cornhill Crescent/Glencairn Street


The Freedom of Information Request will not be allocated until the beginning of September 2022 at the earliest.

There are also issues with a resident in Polmaise Crescent concerning Anti-Social Behaviour. There is a lack of police action even through residents are reporting issues. This includes a driver who is regularly driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs.

It was discussed that individuals from troubled backgrounds/with addictions are allocated to live in this area.

9. Housing


RE will prepare a formal letter and send to Stirling Council to ascertain what stock of houses they have in St Ninians, How many are empty and how long is the current turn round for re- letting. What is the criteria that people must meet to be allocated housing.

In McGrigor Road there has been an empty house which has kitchen units sitting in the living room for a number of weeks, of which are waiting to be fitted. An electrician attended for a short period but the house has been lying empty since November last year.

Claire Rowland suggested that Paragon was contacted about allocated housing.

A resident has been having difficulty getting housing, in order to accommodate her family dynamics.


Housing in the Mayfield Area was discussed with many of the workmen being spotted sitting around in their vehicles and not working. Houses are falling into disrepair, then needing thousands spent on them so that they are in an acceptable standard for residents to move into.

RE raised the question who are allocated housing? People who really need houses are not being allocated accommodation in favour of others with less criteria.

There is a Consultation by SC on the current Allocation Policy which will be available on the Stirling Council website.

10. Morley Crescent


Funding in 2022/2023 was discussed to make the area better. RE contacted SC to obtain a quote for the parking bays, (approximately 17 bays) which was £67,000 Pounds.

An email from Mr Baxter from Paragon, highlighted many issues they required clarification on, especially by their association’s lawyers. RE to forward on the necessary details to Mr Baxter of Paragon.

MMcC commented that the issues were like those at McGrigor Road had previously, these had all been undertaken by SC. RE had sent a sketch to SC and SC designed and planned the parking bays. SC then incorporated the required drainage necessary for the project.

11. Thistle Park Footpath


RE has forwarded plans of the proposed footpath to Land Services and a request for costings. In the Ordinance Survey Map of the area concerned, it showed the proposed footpath in the original park layout, but was never installed for reasons unknown. CC will await future developments on this request.

12. Toll Underpass


The painting inside the tunnels and the deep cleaning were discussed. The barriers around the roundabout are in a dangerous condition. RE has sent some information to the Highways Department about the issues, who replied that the barriers will be upgraded in the future. The steps will also need to be ‘’highlighted at all exits and entrances’’ of the underpass.


KC also mentioned the Community Safety issues with people urinating in the tunnels and the glass in the area. This had already been highlighted in the previous request for the deep cleaning of the subway system.

13. St Ninian’s Old Parish Church


No update

14. Disabled Parking Bays/Toll Car Park


There are issues with parking on pavements in the area at the Toll.

RE has contacted SC and it is the responsibility of the Housing Department to paint the parking bays, but require permission to undertake the work from the current landlord. Awaiting feedback from SC.

SC issuing parking tickets for cars parked on loading bays was mentioned.

There are issues with delivery drivers parking on the corner which makes it hard for cars to drive past them. MMcC asked if the Community Enforcement Team would be able to patrol the area.

PS commented that she was nearly knocked down by the police on the pedestrian crossing outside the St Ninians Post Office recently. PS mentioned that she had hearing difficulties so she didn’t hear the police and was too busy concentrating on crossing the road safely.

There is no Green Man signal warning pedestrians with hearing difficulties and mobility, when, and how much time they have to cross in safety. RE to send in request to ccenquiries to have the Green Man symbol re-instated.

15. Waste Bins


A SC Consultation with the public with regard to the current waste bin collection and disposal practice recently installed, was discussed. RE has emailed to find out the date and time of the consultation. Initial internal meetings have taken place and planning is needed for the review. We will be informed as and when this will take place by SC.

JP added that questions for the survey need to be agreed. There is a bin strike in September.


Questions were raised whether the current/old bin lorries will be able to cope with the existing bins. The new vehicle stock has still not been bought/leased to date.

16. 57 bus Route


Val Brand has been fighting with First bus for the last six and a half years. There is a cascade system in place and buses are not being maintained. The Glasgow to Stirling Route was discussed with four crucial bus services being cut.

Sorting one route may affect another local route.

There are also issues with cancellation of services during daylight running.

Bannockburn/Larbert/Balfron are the worst paid bus depots compared to Glasgow and the working conditions in the three areas is also poor.

There is a lack of training for bus drivers on how to handle issues with difficult passengers including drunken passengers and how the drivers are communicating with their passengers was discussed.

17. Borestone Primary School


There has been delays with construction and some works will be complete in the 1st or 2nd week of September. CC to monitor.

Improvements to Road Safety in Newpark Crescent was discussed which included the pavement being widened.

18. Police Report


The lack of Police presence at meetings was discussed as well as the lack of information in the police report.

19. Planning


No applications.

20. AOB



Julie McCann is stepping down as Minute Secretary after 8 years due to other commitments. The CC thanked her for her trusted service for the past 8 years and wished her well for the future.

21. Date of Next Meeting


Wed 21st Sept 2022 at 7pm to be at Civil Defence Club, St Ninians. Also there will be the use of our Hybrid Facility

22. Close