Jan 2022 Minutes

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Minutes Wednesday 19th January 2022

Hybrid meeting



1) Present/Apologies


Community Councillors – Mike McCormack, Richard Elliott, James Wigglesworth,

Caroline Hamilton, Morag Fulton

Others Present Julie McCann, Eric Black, Gary McIntyre, Leah Thom, Andy

Gardiner, Carolyn Fraser, Cllr Bryan Flannagan, Cllr Neil Bennie

Residents Evelyn Reynolds, Jonathan Orr, Pamela Simpson, Ellen Millar, Alistair Orr

Apologies David Wilson, Kirsty Ryder, Laura Muir

2) Approval of minutes of previous meeting


Minutes were approved by MMcC and RE

3) Matters Arising from previous meeting:


I) Noticeboard/ YT Club


The noticeboard has been installed. RE has the keys just awaiting invoice from Stirling Council. This subject will be taken off the Agenda from next month onwards.

II) Defibrillator


Flyers will be sent out to all members. A course on how to use the Defibrillator was discussed. LM, MMcC and MF are interested in attending as is Karen from the Hairdressers at the Toll and her staff. The training is through First Response.


MMcC suggested that the CC pay for the training for Karen and her staff as they are facilitating the defibrillator at the Toll.

III) Traffic Management – Barnsdale Road, Buntine Crescent


There were tar truck issues in McGrigor Road. There are now new parking bays where the truck now parks. Since then there have been no issues.

CF mentioned that a housing study was undertaken and suggested that a site visit be organised between the SC and CC to identify the local issues.

Tar truck cause the most issues and create the most noise first thing in the morning. PS mentioned the 20mph zones at Primary School near Wellpark Road.

The crossing at the roundabout at Stirling High is also very busy and was highlighted CF suggested that a list of areas of concern is compiled which identifies the issues.

MF asked what time the survey would happen. CF added that at 5.30am there have been recorded issues and this was a suggested time by KR.

MMcC and KR were out before Christmas between 4 and 6am taking notes of the vehicle registrations and the companies that are causing the most issues.

NB mentioned that the Softpad speed bumps do not work to reduce speed. It would be beneficial if the speed engineers looked at the speed bumps.

CF added that the structure of the roads were examined two years ago. This was to check and reduce speed against the impact of residences i.e. child safety and reduction in accidents.

The Walking and Cycling network was mentioned as a child friendly scheme. RE discussed the nib at Glasgow Road which will be removed outside Paulinos.


IV) Cornhill Crescent/Glencairn Street


From the FOI request a reply was received which only went back to 2021 but there have been issues for 7 to 8 years. This request will be reviewed and a new request submitted.

The FOI was about the issues between the police and residents that have had no solution. CC are looking to find out what happened within SC about this. There has been lots of information and intelligence sent to the police but not much action taken.

BF mentioned that there is a scoping panel that meets specifically to discuss Anti-social behaviour and drugs.

V) Borestone Crescent – Waste Bins


MMcC has not had a chance to meet with MF yet this was to highlight the issues that wheelchair users have due to the bins being left out.

Issues with bins not being emptied was also discussed.

MMcC recently did a tip run from Earlsburn Avenue as there were hardly any bin collections in that street.

Medical waste bins were discussed. NB added that there are no longer any yellow waste bins but there are now two grey bins, one for medical waste and the other is a normal bin.

PS commented that there is a lot of litter down by the church down near Shirra’s Brae. There was no extra bin collection between Christmas and New Year. The new buckets are smaller and so light that the blow over when it is windy.

RE suggested inviting representatives from the waste department to the next meeting

Marion McAllister from Cambusbarron Community Council has mentioned that there has been no bin collection in that area since 10 th December. It was discussed that it would be a good option if both Cambusbarron and St Ninians Community Council joined together to address the issue of lack of bin collection in their respective areas.

Marion will be asked to attend the same meeting as the Waste Department to discuss the above issues.

There is also lot of rubbish left near the maisonettes near the Civil Defence Club.


There is also issues with bins being left out and prams/electric scooters/wheelchairs cannot use the pavement and have to go on the road which can be unsafe.

NB suggested that residents phone the council if bins are not collected and to report that the bins have been left out.

VI) Morley Crescent – Parking Issues


There was a meeting with Claire Rowland from Paragon on Friday 10 th December which included a walk around and photos being taken.

There is an allocated area in the crescent for emergency vehicles but this is used as a parking bay for other vehicles

Not all properties have room for driveways. It was suggested that like the recent development in Thistle Park that some of the grass at Morley Crescent be used to create additional parking to help alleviate the issue.

Paragon will be invited to the next meeting.

VII) CCTV, The toll Shopping Precinct


RE mentioned that there has been no update from the police.

MMcC suggested finding out about having Christmas Lights at the Toll and discussions were had about the lights at Bannockburn Shops and that the Toll could look similar. NB commented that CC could apply to the Community Pride Fund for this project.

EM mentioned that there was some funding a few years ago, and NB added that Bridge of Allan obtained funding for their Christmas Lights from Community Pride Fund.

The main issue however is who would put the lights up and take them down. The decision about the CCTV is led by the police.

The recent change in services at Mayfield from doctors surgery to Community Alcohol and Drugs Service (CADS) was discussed, how there was a lack of consultation and the NHS did not need approval from the local area to introduction the new drugs service.


VIII) The Toll Underpass Cleaning


The drains were cleaned on 1st November and cleansing issues were address on 28th October although the area should be cleaned more regularly.

PS commented that the underpass does not smell as bad as it used to and there is less glass in the area.

MMcC suggested sending out a letter to local pubs and takeways in order to keep local areas tidy and reduce litter.

XI) Borestone Primary School


Teachers have reported that there is an increase in dog fouling around the school. RE will write to the council about the issue.

Children delivering leaflets and putting leaflets up to highlight the issue was discussed as well as putting information on Facebook and the Noticeboards.

MF mentioned that there is a spray that can be used to highlight the dog foul and this worked in Cambusbarron.

XII) Adverse Cambers/Slopes


Adverse Cambers and slops can affect wheelchair users in the local area. CC is registered with Disability Scotland and a list of uncompliant roads will be compiled. MF and MMcC will report back on issues.

XIII) Planning Items


On 24th November, more fencing near North Park Farm has been approved. In Dec 2021 the application for the flats at Scots Wha Hae were refused.

On 15th December there was a refusal on the change of use for the Falcon bar, outdoor seating etc. Planning Enforcement was mentioned for the new takeaway using the premises illegally.


Until enforcement action by SC, the premise can keep the current set up. If a new build has no permission for an adaption of the property they can keep the changes until SC use enforcement actions.

The Scots Wha Hae Building is a listed building and they wanted to use the downstairs area as a takeaway.

JO asked if the Black Rooster would be shut down due to lack of planning permission. They could appeal any enforcement process. RE added that the planning permission was only approved for the new windows.

XIV Police Report


There is not much information in the Police report this month.

XV) Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines


SC are opening a hub that residents disposals will be taken from a reclaiming bin at the Waste Depot for furniture and items that they no longer use that can be refurbished and re-sold. The funds of the sale will be used to pay the staff wages.

There is an Area Forum consultation (there are no longer Forum 5 meetings), which will gather the local CC, residents action groups etc.

There is a new Stirling Council website.

The Deputation procedure is in place where residents can comment on items on the Council Agenda.



Gary McIntyre from St Ninian’s Parish Church reported that the meeting that was due to take place on 20th January has been postponed due to the principal speaker contracting Covid. This has been re-scheduled to Thursday 17th Feb at 7.30pm. There is local interest from MP. MSP’s, and they are looking to forma friends and project group.


EB mentioned local foodbanks in the area which gets help from COP and Start Up Stirling. MMcC is involved in Start Up Stirling and they are doing a 10000 steps in February challenge

XVII) Date of Next Meeting


Wed 16th February 2022 at 7pm to be at Civil Defence Club, St Ninians.

XVIII) Close