Jun 2022 Minutes

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Minutes Wednesday 15th June 2022

Hybrid meeting



1. Present/Apologies


Community Councillors – Mike McCormick, Richard Elliott, Morag Fulton, Caroline

Hamilton, Laura Muir, James Wigglesworth, Pamela Simpson, Kirsty Ryder. Pamela Reynolds.

Others Present Julie McCann, Jeannie Gray, Cllr Jen Preston.

Residents Alistair Orr, Pamela Simpson,

Apologies Rev Gary McIntyre, David Wilson.

2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting


Minutes were approved by MMcC and MF.

3. Matters Arising from previous meeting:


I) Youth Work

The YT Club Garden was overgrown. Funding has been successfully secured in order to transform the community garden. A community artist will paint a mural outside the building. Young people will be involved in the design of the mural. The garden project will progress over the summer holidays and perhaps on Saturday mornings local residents will help out.

A local community garden in Dunblane was vandalised in the last few weeks, this includes issues with tools in the sheds and the fence.

10 children will help with the mural and children and residents will help with the gardens.

The Youth worker only found out on 15th June that they received the funding for the project.


Summer programme for the kids includes, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, lush bathbomb making, and video making with Sky.

The Child and Care fund will provide food over the summer holidays.

RE mentioned that children asked for the basketball courts to be cleaned. RE, CH and Cllr Scott Farmer all spoke to Stirling Council about this and the area was cleared up which included broken glass etc. There was also a request for more rubbish bins in the area and Cllr Scott farmer has acted upon this, it was noted that there was lots of dog foul in the grass in front of the courts.

Cop were originally responsible for this area and due to lack of funds they could not insure the park areas, so it was offered back to Stirling Council. SC always mowed the grass and did not charge COP for it.

RE and JP will chase up Stirling Council about the grass in the area

The Mural on the wall at the YT Youth Club was discussed. MF mentioned the Mural at Abbey Road in Riverside and she had been speaking to the man who owns Abbey Road Markets. He owns the scaffolding company next to the market and has offered to provide scaffolding free of charge for the painting of the mural.

RW commented that all the overgrowth has been cleared out of the garden and the plan over the next few weeks is to get the children involved in re-creating the area.

The children will work with a local artist to help decide what is in the mural. RE will arrange another meeting to help with the planning of the project.

RE and MMCC commented that land services were cleaning the underpass at the toll and the painting of murals in that area were discussed.

II) Interpretation Panels – Heritage Trail


The heritage trail plaques were discussed and it was mentioned that some of the plaque had been spray painted and beyond repair and so Stirling Council had taken them away.

III) Traffic Management – Barnsdale Road, Buntine Crescent



KR emailed Carolyn Fraser about the meeting with representatives in March 2022 but has had no response. The way that SC have treated the residents was discussed in relation to this issue.

RE spoke to PC Pam King and issues surrounding Barnsdale Road and Buntine Crescent were discussed. Pc King explained that a second officer must be present during patrols of traffic issues for corroboration purposes.

There is a new Community Police Inspector Sonia Connelly. There have been 25/30 complaints of speeding issues.

KR and MMcC spoke about the early morning survey, a vehicle with no diesel cap was mentioned.

Issues within McGrigor Road and the tar truck was discussed. Diesel had been leaking from the truck which can destroy the tarmac on the new parking bays near the park. The truck should not be parked in a residential area due to insurance purposes and for health and safety reasons.

Once or twice a week, items fall out of the back of trucks and on to the roads in the areas concerned.

SC stated that speed bumps are an effective traffic calming measure. Two in the area are currently needed to be replaced.

In July/Aug there will be traffic calming measures put in place near Borestone Primary School.

IV) Flytipping at Wordie Road to Hillview Footpath Area

No update

V) Cornhill Crescent/Glencairn Street


No updated from the Scottish Commissioner, It may take a further three to four months before the complaint can be investigated due to the excessive workload that they are experiencing.

VI) Morley Crescent – Parking Issues



Paragon have no issue with selling the land at Morley Crescent to Stirling Council for a small amount. There has been no update from Stirling Council Planning.

It was mentioned that the new parking at Thistle Park was funded by the Regeneration Fund.

RE will organise a meeting with Claire from Paragon, ER and CH about the area.

VII) The Toll Underpass Cleaning


RE had a meeting with Stephen Robertson/Craig Smith. The smell of urine in the underpass was discussed and the deep cleaning of the area. The machine that is usually used is unable to go down to the underpass, but the area can be cleaned manually.

There has been a new mast for CCTV fitted in the area as well as new trees to be planted also additional flower planting will take place within the subway areas.

The barrier around the roundabout needs to be repaired/upgraded. In addition, the steps leading up and down to the underpass need to be highlighted and the railings painted.

With regards to the general upkeep of the underpass, the paint on the concrete is peeling. Street art at the tunnels was discussed which the type of paint used will repel graffiti.

There are many cigarette butts outside the Borestone Bar Area, MF mentioned that the pub had previously been pulled up for it by the licensing board.

VIII) St Ninians Old Parish Church


Gary was unable to attend the meeting but will email CC with any updates on the Church Funding for restorations.

IX) CCTV/ Toll Shopping Precinct


There have not been any further developments to date, RE to chase up and provide a report at the next meeting in August.

X) Disabled Parking bays


No updates concerning the disabled bay at the toll, it is still to be repainted. MF commented on the delay in receiving blue badges for disabled parking and that it can take up to 30 working days for them to be processed.


XI) Waste Bins


RE has a meeting on 20th June at 11am at Erskine Street to discuss this issue.

XII) 57 Bus Route


RE has emailed John Scott, First Bus, on 31st May and had no reply. Stirling Council cannot do anything about the service. There are new houses in the local area which means that there will be a demand from more people who could use this bus service.

First Bus will be invited along to a future meeting.

AO mentioned that the number 38 bus has also been affected and the cost of fares has increased. It was cheaper to get a taxi into the town that it was to get the bus for three adults.

JP will also raise issues with First Bus.

XIII) Borestone Primary School

No updates.

XIV) Police Report


RE gets feedback from PC King about issues in the local area. There have been anti-social behaviour issues reported within the new Kings Meadow area. The Police Report when issued, is viewable on our Community Council email page.

XV) Planning Items


The Environmental Protection Act 1990 was discussed with regards to planning.

XVI) Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines


The Trotting Application at Charteshall/ Pirnhall was discussed. An email was received by the British Trotting Association to advise of the application. There will be a consultation with the CC and local residents about the planning application for this.

An email was received from Alex Rowland about a Member’s Bill he was presenting to the House of Commons, concerning the introducing and implementing of new regulations for future house building projects throughout the UK.




Jeannie from SC mentioned a project based at Hillview Community Centre, was held once a week, which is a main priority of supporting groups. Working with CC and Community Empowerment was also discussed.

XVIII) Date of Next Meeting


Wed 17th Aug 2022 at 7pm to be at Civil Defence Club, St Ninians.

XIX) Close