Mar 2022 Minutes

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Meeting Minutes Wednesday 16th March 2022

Meeting Held At Stirling Civil Defence Social Club and Via Zoom Conferencing.


1. Present/Apologies


Community Councillors – Mike McCormick, Richard Elliott, Caroline Hamilton, Laura Muir, James Wigglesworth.

Others Present Julie McCann – (Minutes), Marion McAllister (Cambusbarron Community Council), Luke Trainer (Stirling Marathon), Emma Furie, (Stirling Council Waste Department).

Residents Evelyn Reynolds, Jonathan Orr, Pamela Simpson.

Apologies Morag Fulton, David Wilson, Eric Black, Alistair Orr, Kirsty Ryder, Pc Pam King. Rev Gary McIntyre.

2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting


Minutes were approved by RE and JW

3. Matters Arising from previous meeting:


I) Borestone/St Ninians/Waste Issues


Emma Furie from the Waste Department attended and will be the direct contact for CC going forward.

RE commented on Graystale Road, Earlsburn and Coxithill Road where the bins have not been emptied or half emptied with debris scattered everywhere. There has been numerous complaints to Stirling Council but no help. A stricter regime in order to ensure bins are emptied was suggested.

EF added that there were operational difficulties with employees on long term sick with Covid and constant vehicle failures. There is no wriggle room for routes. They are


expecting to receive new vehicles in August 2022 which should help with the current issues. There is a new Service Manager who is due to start soon. Vehicles could not handle bins as they were the wrong size.

Funding has been received from Zero Waste Scotland.

The Service change happened in September 2021. Different methods that were used to communicate this was not suitable for everyone as not everyone has access to Facebook, Twitter etc.

PS commented on issues at Christmas with the bin collection, and added that there will be further issues in the summer with vermin etc. Flats are a big issue as there are many residents so lots of bins. There are always bags lying around the bins, there is never an empty bin and not all bags are being collected.

EF added that the department was due to have extra collections at Christmas but this was not possible due to lack of staff and lack of vehicles

EF suggested that residents email in if there is extra waste so that it can be collected.

Marion from Cambusbarron Community Council stated, that the vast majority of residents do not have access to twitter or email and suggested that better communications methods be used. In Birkhill Road there was a lot of blue bins unemptied and there have been numerous complaints to the CC about the bins from residents.

Previously bins have been collected twice a week from people’s back door. In Douglas Terrace people are having to push prams on the road due to how narrow the pavements are when bins are out for collection or just left out.

Issues with medical waste bins was identified as it highlights which resident have medical conditions which they may wish to keep confidential.

EF commented that the medical waste bins, have to be able to be identified and there is no enforcement to make residents take bins in from the pavements after being emptied.

PS added that the bins blow over and the old bins had better lids.

MMcC mentioned Dundee City Council who had purchase two vehicles, an electric vehicle which cannot be taken to the tip. They cost £100,000 each. Four standard lorries cost £50,000. In 2018 it was reported in the Daily Record that Stirling Council had


new vehicles which had the wrong hooks to lift the bins. Bulldozers were crushing grey bins at Polmaise Tip. It was asked if there was any assurance that the new vehicles, are able to cope with the waste problems. There is a concern that new lorries will not have the right hooks to lift the new bins.

EF added that the new vehicles are easier to repair/replace parts and also easier to get the bins to fit.

MMcC ask how many special uplifts there were per year i.e. fridges, couches etc. EF will double check with colleagues and feedback to CC and will attend future meetings with updates.

Marion also commented on recent fly tipping in the area.

II) Stirling Marathon


Luke Taylor the Race Director for Stirling Marathon commented that the race is due be on Sunday 15th May starting at 8.30am and is the same route as it was in 2019.

III) Traffic Management – Barnsdale Road, Buntine Crescent


Postponed meeting from 23rd Feb due to weather conditions, which has now been rescheduled to 9th March. Carlyn Fraser will attend.

RE and KR had a walkaround with a Council representative who was sent to attend in place of Carlyn Fraser who due to unforeseen circumstances could not attend and during the walk round the noise from tar trucks was prevalent at the time.

Traffic calming measures such as chicanes were discussed,

RE commented on sending out an email to all other Community Councils in Stirling area to see if they have similar issues and gain feedback.

MMcC suggested using social media to highlight the issues. He added that there were previous issues with tar trucks and the driver now leaves at 6am and is very quiet and parks in the new parking spaces after MMcC spoke to the driver’s boss to address the previous issues.

It was also stated that Commercial Vehicles are too heavy for ordinary parking bays.


Insurance companies cannot cover vehicles if they are parked in the wrong area i.e. private or residential areas.

Speeding in the area was mentioned particularly in the 20mphs areas but police lack the manpower to enforce fines etc. There is a real danger of a possible accident involving children due to the speeding near school areas.

IV) Cornhill Crescent/Glencairn Street


An Appeal has been sent to the Scottish Commissioner regarding the Freedom of Information Request and RE added that the recent review appeal content from Stirling Council contained information regarding the Upper/Cultenhove area of St Ninians, not the lower St Ninians area as requested. This new appeal was sent to the Scottish Commissioner on 1st March. RE to enquire as to progress of this new appeal to the Scottish Commissioner.

V) Morley Crescent – Parking Issues


RE chased Paragon up on 2nd March. The area is communal to the estate. SC has previously been approached to see if parking bays could be installed by them as the grass area concerned is being used for parking and is causing the grassed area to be churned up and destroyed and is now an eyesore. The cars are being parked very close to the existing trees and fears that they may be damaged. The cost of the parking bays would need to be met by the residents, but the grassed areas belong to Paragon Housing Association and is their responsibility. Paragon is willing to gift the land to SC as they do not have finance available to install the facility of parking bays for residents parking.

The parking bays at Thistle Park was paid for by the Regeneration Fund so that could be a possibility for funding for Morley Crescent. It was discussed that it would be an idea to have a plan before April with the suggestion that every household on the Crescent makes a token gesture towards the project.

Emergency parking areas and access for Emergency Vehicles was also discussed.

Meeting date of 24th March at 12 noon at Morley Crescent was agreed to work out a plan for the parking. (MMcM, RE and Caroline to attend).

VI) The Toll Underpass Cleaning



RE has sent email to CC enquiries. Steven Bly replied and stated that cleaning of the tunnels is not on the remit for maintenance, neither is dog fouling or litter. The cleaning equipment would struggle to gain access to clean the area as it is attached to a tow truck.

The underpass was re-surfaced with the Regeneration Fund, it was suggested if the

equipment was able to reach the tunnels to do that then why can’t the cleaning vehicles that are used to pressure wash, access the area.

It was suggested that work to clean the underpass Should be subcontracted out if SC cannot accommodate this work.

VII) St Ninian’s Old Parish Church


There was a meeting recently where a member from Historic Scotland attended who had knowledge of funding, and another member who was a historian. The meeting was just about information in the area.

CC would like to be involved in this project but not sure in what capacity. RE will email GMcI to see how CC could help.

VIII) CCTV/ Toll Shopping Precinct


No update

IX) Borestone Primary School


No update.

X) Adverse Camber


Meeting has been arranged for Thursday 17th March and there will be an update at the next meeting. (MMcM and MF to attend).

XI) Police Report


There are parking patrols in the school area.

RE will email Stirling East PC and invite them to attend the meetings.


XII) Planning Items


23rd Feb - former graveyard to memorial gardens at the rear of St Ninians Old Parish Church.

The Flats have been demolished at the Glasgow Road/Barnsdale Road junction, but no contractor has been elected to build the new dwellings to date.

XIII) Correspondence, Diary Dates and Deadlines






RE commented on the lack of Youth Clubs/Facilities in St Ninians and that the YT Club and Hillview are not being used. There is no activities for kids in St Ninians - Youth Services at Stirling Council will be contacted to see what can be done. JW added that resources were downsized a few years ago with 1 caretaker looking after 4 properties.

There is flytipping at the back of Wordie Road but JO added that this was picked up a day or two after reporting.

The lighting on Graystale Road was reported as being very dark. RE added that once people leave the area where the housing is there is just open space, so it appears to be darker than the populated areas.

Festive Lighting – RE contacted Bannockburn Community Council who had obtained permission from SC. Electricity cannot be used from the lamp posts. It is very expensive to purchase the lights, put them up and maintain them.

Karen from Hairdressers has commented that the location of the defibrillator is listed on the website incorrectly. JW/RE will contact SC and have this amended.

MF is due to stand as a councillor for Stirling West, KR may be moving out from the CC area in the future. The CC will require more councillors.


CH commented on the parking at the toll and that the yellow lines for the parking are worn away. RE to action.

JW mentioned the Zoom subscription which is just over £100 annually and the cost will have to be covered within the Annual SC Grants System for Community Councils.

XX) Date of Next Meeting


Wed 20th April 2022 at 7pm to be at Civil Defence Club, St Ninians.

XXI) Close