Sept 2022 Minutes

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AT : 19:00


Mike McCormick (Chair), Kirsty Ryder (Vice Chair), Richard Elliott (Secretary), James Wigglesworth (Treasurer), Laura Muir (Community Councillor), Scott Farmer (Stirling Councillor), Claire Nimmo(Resident), Kenny Ritchie (Resident), Jonathan Orr(Resident), Eric Black (Resident), Lianne Muirhead(Golf Range), Shahid Ali(Planning Consultant-Golf Range), Jade Hynds (Police Scotland), Nicola Durward (Police Scotland)


Caroline Hamilton (Community Councillor, Planning), Morag Fulton (Community Councillor), Rev. Gary McIntyre(St.Ninians Old Parish), David Wilson (Community Councillor),Pamela Simpson,

(Community Councillor). Alistair Orr (Resident)


Mike went round table and those online, welcomed all and thanked everyone for coming along.


No matters arising, the minutes were proposed by Richard Elliott and seconded by Kirsty Ryder.


Golf Range Proposal (Lianne Muirhead) – Lianne explained with Brucefield closing and having a passion for golf herself, felt that it would be an opportunity to put forward planning for a new golf range. The initial plan is a 40-bay range keeping in line with initial building. Would hopefully consist of reception area, café, hopefully and an onsite golf shop. With some excess commercial space available and hoping that public will have ideas for this space. There is also space for a short game area which would all allow families to come along for the day. All bringing employment and leisure facilities to the area. The existing walkway will be maintained/re-instated as a sustainable footway to the range, from Chartershall to Whins of Milton leading to Bannockburn. Shahid explained that along with lighting etc all requirements, lighting etc are being considered for the local area, all are being designed in the direction of travel of the range itself not adjoining land. Details were also on social media and is going to a public open consultation meeting on Thursday 22nd September at King Robert Hotel from 14:00 to 20:00.

Scots Wha Hae – Richard updated on planning. They have changed the layout of the access to flats and there is no road access, it is more of a mews type area. Plans circulated to those present. Scottish Harness Racing Club – Richard updated planning at the original site had been denied due to residential development in that area. However, they have managed to secure ground south of the Bannockburn Visitors Centre. As part of a consultation process for this there will be an online consultation Wednesday 5th October. Plans were circulated to those present. Mike had attended the last meeting and noted that it was very well organised, good for local area as using local businesses when here – a good day out, would be good if can be retained for all. The initial concern over the gambling was addressed as the bookies onsite know ‘who is who’, all appeared very well monitored.


Mike explained happy to see police here tonight as there is concern locally with underage drinking/drugs. Richard had also spoken to chief inspector regarding local resident issues which they would hopefully be able to help with. Resident explained the ongoing issues they were experiencing with neighbour, having previously reported, gathered statements and own related


health issues. However as one property privately owned and other council owned this feels to be going nowhere. Resident received advice from police on how to go forward with this. Police recognised the difficulty/frustration resident was feeling. They will raise this with the council liaison officer, along with inspector, and contact resident directly. Local empty housing was also discussed as an option and Scott advised avenues to take. Regarding repairs if there is an essential repair to be carried out it would be completed, with the council chasing for payment. Should contact local councillor with catalogue of these issues.

Local Councillors (Stirling East) can be found here on Stirling Council website.

Full discussion took place on concern over speeding and parking of trucks in area is also a major issue. Some roads are used like racetracks and local concern over serious accidents if nothing changes. Tar trucks are also carrying items that should be covered with special licences, which are possibly not in place for residential parking. Noise created, especially early hours but not restricted to, creating a disturbance with over thirty-nine people advising us of these issues and a local resident having to actually move home.

Another resident mentioned an issue they were experiencing with inappropriate attention and this had previously reported to police.

Police explained situation with them and that they are aware of local issues. Taking onboard all concerns raised tonight. They are going to be looking into this more going forward, with various initiatives in the areas of concern. Will also speak to colleagues including traffic department regarding speeding however unless trucks are obstructing/illegally parked it’s something they couldn’t get involved with. They’ve taken all onboard and will report back at next meeting.


Richard wrote to council regarding housing stock in area – availability/re-let times/stock/beds. He received an update of properties in the area. Discussion took place, main point is the turnaround of approx. twenty weeks, caused by supply issues. Mike asked Scott to escalade within the council, as he has a meeting this week; he will raise community concerns on the housing issues at this meeting.


Thistle Park Footpath – Richard requested details of re-instating footpath. Reply stated that area belonged to housing department, as had been allocated for potential development should it be required for housing. Feedback awaited.


Salt and Chilli House Takeaway – Richard handed in letter on 18th August regarding concerns around the waste/rubbish, requesting business to provide own suitable bins, not using public waste bins. This should hopefully be addressed by company and hoping to receive response for next meeting.

St.Ninians Old Parish Church – Richard received email from Gary regarding the communal gardens. While they had initial concerns over initial planning for the area, they have largely been addressed. It will be a memorial garden and the railings will be painted black. They have been assured no events held while there are church services being held, due to potential parking issues. There is no update to the tower project however process should be made in a month or so on this.


Toll Underpass – Richard conducted a survey of the area and especially the barriers. This is a very busy well-used road and underpass. Major concern over the state of the barriers being in serious disrepair, painting and repair required to bring up to standard. There is no real protection for potential serious accidents happening as a vehicle going through the barrier would mean ploughing straight down to pedestrians. Richard received reply that they would be looking at this


in the future, however this needs to be addressed now. Richard will send full details to them along with photos again requesting a further response.

Disabled Parking Bays – at the rear side of Ladbrokes two disabled parking bays are faded and we requested re-painting. Housing have stated they do not own land. If the area is owned by a landlord this should be clearly marked. Details awaited. Scott will speak to colleagues on this.

Traffic – ongoing issues with Barnsdale Road/Buntine Crescent.

Cornhill Crescent/Glencairn Street – Richard expected to receive details from his Freedom of Information request this month however this is still awaited.

No:57 Bus Route – Mike advised that McGills have bought over that section of the bus company, are willing to meet and happy to listen to the local community. We will go forward with a plan to them regarding the run/route(s) to ensure that all areas, including new build houses are in the catch of the route(s). They have also placed an order for new buses. Mike would like to invite them along to discuss the route(s). Resident also mentioned that it is currently cheaper to take a taxi if there are more than two people going into town. Richard had sent a letter to head office regarding revised route and he had been advised that all details have been handed over to McGills. Bus routes time with McGills No:57


Local Infrastructure – concern over the local infrastructure with all the new developments and extra demand that this places on local services. Scott advised that new developments are looked at and in terms of the planning process FVHB are consulted, where there is a need then it would be built into Section 75 agreement. Residents also mentioned lack of park & ride, supermarkets due to increased footfall.

Post Office/Lidl Crossing – Richard enquired about a ‘green man’ visual to aid the deaf community and also aid wheelchair users for a safe crossing. He was advised that this crossing conformed and was passed by the disabled associations. Mike will look at this crossing for the next meeting.

Drainage Issue – Richard received email from resident regarding drainage coming down the hill at St. Valery Drive. This is flowing through the garden and pathways of the building and runs onto street, freezing over winter. This causes issues for all with standing water. Resident has been advised to contact land services to resolve this issue.

Increase Community Council Awareness – Discussion on how to increase awareness and encourage others to come along. Including all of the St. Ninians area & promote companies. Community Council details here or on facebook A boundary map of the St.Ninians Community Council Area (ward 5) can be found here

Doors Open Days – free access to over a thousand venues across country in September. Local details here

Ongoing Action Log – this was introduced to track items pending and can be found at the end of the minute.


Wednesday 19th October 2022 at 19:00, Civil Defence Club, St.Ninians; where this minute will be ratified.

11. C LOSE

Mike thanked everyone for coming along and closed the meeting at 21:12

~ ~ ~ ~


Ongoing Action Log





Empty Properties Locally

Turn round timescales.

Cllr Jen Preston

Cllr Scott Farmer

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Thistle Park Footpath

Re-instating of foot path

Richard Elliott

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Heritage Trail –

Interpretation Panels

Funding to repair via community

pride fund

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Morley Crescent Parking

Paragon Housing to update

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Licensed Venues

Broken Glass/Rubbish

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Disabled Parking Bays

Owner of Land & Re-painting

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Waste & Bin Collection

New consultation & new report

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Borestone Primary

Ongoing improvement works

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Update ‘about’ section & in general

Kirsty Ryder

Oct 2022