February 2023 Minutes

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Minute of Meeting



AT: 19:00


Mike McCormick (Chair), Richard Elliott (Secretary), James Wigglesworth (Treasurer), Caroline Hamilton (Community Councillor/Planning Consultant), Alastair Orr (Resident), Jonathan Orr (Resident), Claire Nimmo (Resident), Kenny Ritchie (Resident), Katie Kyrousis (Resident), Jen Preston (Stirling Councillor), Bryan Flannigan (Stirling Council), Stephanie Martin (Police), Graeme Woodhouse (Police)


Kirsty Ryder (Vice Chair), Morag Fulton (Community Councillor), Laura Muir (Community Councillor), Rev.Gary McIntyre (St.Ninians Old Parish), Pamela Simpson (Community Councillor), David Wilson (Community Councillor), Gaynor Edwards (Resident)


Mike welcomed and thanked everyone for coming along tonight.


There being no matters arising, minutes proposed by Richard Elliott & seconded by James Wigglesworth.

3.   Development/Planning

Pirnhall Area – landworks have commenced at the Pirnhall area by Persimmon Homes for proposed dwelling houses and landscaping.

Local Place Planning local place plans were introduced by the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019. They’re a way for a community to take a larger role in the planning process by creating & submitting a formal document about how that area’s land should be used. A community can use a local place plan to set out its vision for the development of a single place, building or wider geographical area. Highlight issues that are specific to that area and suggest ways they can be tackled, request changes to the area’s local development plan. Only community bodies can develop local place plans. This means either a community council or a community-controlled body, as defined by the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. If community is interested in preparing a local place plan, or just want to find out more, please email LDP@stirling.gov.uk A meeting is set to take place on Microsoft teams on 20th Feb at 18:00.


Graeme has joined local area and updated all present on the local area team for the area. Also, patrols will also be conducted on bikes. No serious issues in the local area since the last report to date that would impact the local community. Also discussed the incident that took place February 3rd, responded to by all emergency services. Confirmation that this was not something that should be of concern to the local residents and recognition that communication could have been more at the time to give reassure to residents/local community.

Full discussions took place regarding the local parks, anti-social behaviour, parking of trucks/appropriate signage/hazards hanging from, vehicles causing obstruction and also surveillance for the speeding in and around the area. If a vehicle is causing an obstruction this should be reported and will be addressed. VOSA has been contacted and trucks are classed as heavy plant, a full explanation is awaited from VOSA. The park area is continually having issues with local dog attacks and is causing continued stress to dog walkers. Again, please report this and it will be looked into. Local presence will be increased.

5.   Housing

Residents that were assured of contact and help have not received any communications to date. Full discussion took place on the response received from housing and requests made. Concerns raised again over timescales and lack of time management to complete jobs required. Supervision and management of the timings should be looked at, as this is local money being used and also with external contractors being employed. A private company would complete works much quicker than is currently being done to

turn properties round for use. Someone has to answer to these timescales to sort things going forward for all present and future residents. Councillors present will chase up the issues addressed tonight. Richard will also contact again to request someone to come along to next meeting.


Thistle Park Foot Path – Kirsty apologised and she will endeavour to get an update on this as soon as possible.


Borestone Primary School – Richard asked why we had not received further communications regarding works commencing at the school. As we had been one of the instigators in requesting extension to school. Confirmation received confirming the works had been started and are due to be completed by August/September 2023. This project will provide a single storey extension with two classrooms and multi- use space. It would be good to have more communication with the local school. Richard will contact.

Alsorts After School Club – Concern that there is no local after school provision for local families, with only one week’s notice being given to users. Unfortunately, as a community council we had not been informed that this was due to close. Alsorts seems to have been impacted by various issues. Other care services cannot be accessed for various reasons. Appreciation on the level of staff training for governance however this red tape is causing lack of provision. Is there something that could be done by local council, as it was part funded by them. Families are having to consider private care, which is not always affordable as an option, along with work schedules being impacted.


Morley Crescent – following a meeting the Association are happy in principle to support this application and do not foresee any objection from residents to this. They (Paragon) will contact all residents in area, advising through their next newsletter of the proposed works. This newsletter is due to go out in May 2023 along with the annual communication to all. This will allow feedback and enquiries to be made.

Traffic/Noise Pollution – Richard invited appropriate council staff to come along to this meeting. However, they are unable to make the next couple of meetings and further information is awaited. They have also been advised that we can accommodate with a hybrid facility through zoom. Richard also received confirmation that 6th Feb to 19th March cycleway and footpath works are taking place elsewhere. Jen confirmed that roads have agreed to look at road markings that may hopefully help locally going forward. It is disappointing that we didn’t hear this directly from them which would be a great help with communications.

St.Ninians Roundabout/Subway (Toll) – We have been advised that the work for repairs and updating should take place this financial year. Update will follow when work starts.


Community Council 2023 – Meeting dates issued, noted on Facebook, also at the end of this minute.

  1. AOCB

Forum Five – Richard confirmed that meetings are in place to arrange the Forum Five meetings going forward. With a meeting due to be held on February 20th, which he will attend and report back on.

Heritage Trail Board – Richard advised that the company attended to replace the board on Tinkers Loan. However on arrival they discovered that the securing/foundations had been removed by Land Services and these will have to re-instated to allow completion. This has generated more work and cost for all.

No.57 Bus Route – Ongoing communications with McGills regarding this route. We have also been asked for a representative that uses this service to go along to the next meeting being held on March 2nd. Residents present will discuss and look at going along to the meeting.

Communication also received regarding cost of bus service following a meeting. Confirmed that they will look at the route proposed along with price structure, as they have a priority to look at the service and current fleet. It has been noticed by local bus users that they are gradually being improved.

Internet Banking – James confirmed that this is in place for going forward.

Community Newsletter – This has also been uploaded to Facebook page.

Elections – Community Council elections will be published. We have our elections at our AGM in June and have already advised dates and date of AGM to the council. Jen will confirm maximum and minimum numbers required for going forward.

Community Council Work – Discussion took place around an open event for all residents to come along when the weather gets better. Photos should be taken of all projects covered over the years, with ongoing photos for all being done. We need to shout about our achievements and inform all. This will also be on social media (Facebook). James is happy to take this on and produce the visuals required for the day.

If anyone has a local story or historical snippet, please contact us. Venue and date will be confirmed.


Wednesday 15th March 2023 at 19:00 at Civil Defence Club, where this minute will be ratified.

  1. CLOSE

Mike thanked everyone for coming along and closed the meeting at 21:11

Ongoing Action Log





Traffic / Noise Pollution

Responses awaited


Mar 2023

Footpath – Thistle Park

Discussion with housing


Mar/Apr 2023

Licenced Venues

Broken Glass/Rubbish


Mar/Apr 2023

Freedom of Information (Cornhill Crescent)

Update when known


Apr 2023

Heritage Trail Board

Update awaited


Apr 2023

St.Ninians Old Parish Church

Update awaited


Apr 2023

Mayfield Park Area

Update awaited


Apr 2023

St.Ninians Roundabout/Underpass (Toll)

Works Scheduled – update when completed


Apr/May 2023

Morley Crescent

Update when known


May 2023

Community Council Awareness

Facebook & Local