January 2023 Minutes

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AT : 19:00


Kirsty Ryder (Vice Chair), Richard Elliott (Secretary), James Wigglesworth (Treasurer), Caroline Hamilton (Community Councillor/Planning Consultant), Alastair Orr (Resident), Jonathan Orr (Resident), Claire Nimmo(Resident), Kenny Ritchie (Resident), part meeting Scott Farmer (Stirling Councillor)


Mike McCormick (Chair), Morag Fulton(Community Councillor), Laura Muir(Community Councillor), Rev.Gary McIntyre(St.Ninians Old Parish), Pamela Simpson(Community Councillor), David Wilson (Community Councillor)


Kirsty welcomed and thanked everyone for coming along for the first meeting of the year. We are all looking forward to another good year ahead.


There being no matters arising, minutes proposed by Richard Elliott & seconded by James Wigglesworth.


Scots Wha Hae – Application has been withdrawn for the flats at this time. If we receive further information we will update accordingly.

Churros n Chill – Update is awaited following the action taken previously.

Salt & Chilli – Enforcement officer is now looking into the situation with the waste around this venue and will be taking this forward.

4. POLICE SCOTLAND (Richard Elliott)

Unfortunately, the police representatives are not here this evening. However, following previous discussions and issues raised with police we did have a look around and the various lorries/ tar trucks do not have appropriate signage on display, which should be legally displayed. Also, number plates are missing from trailers. With some also being parked on double yellow lines, on the actual corners and on pavements. This needs to be looked at and taken seriously to prevent a serious incident happening. As this is blocking sight, access and causing blind spots for pedestrians/wheelchair users and children.

Residents also raised previous discussions regarding local cameras and also the local lights/crossings, as cars are continuing to go through red lights. There is concern over safety here as well; would be good to have a bit more presence/enforcement in the area. Richard will drop them an email.


No further update from Council on this following the reassurances we were given at the last meeting Contact appears to not have been made to all residents that raised concerns. It is disappointing as they gave a good account of the situation and the issues around the housing regarding the voids and works that were being done to help. Agreeing that communication needs to improve. The properties being discussed appear to be the same and are not being handed over to new residents, or contact made with existing residents; with a lot of empty properties still there. Richard will contact them regarding all.


Thistle Park Foot Path – Kirsty apologised and she will endeavour to get an update on this for the next meeting.


St.Ninians Old Parish Church – Gary had sent in details however there is not much to report on the progress of the tower and cemetery project. There is a meeting due and he will update when more information available. Hopefully more progress will be made soon.


Borestone Primary School – Building work looks to have begun in the school following the previous external surrounding groundwork being completed. This project will provide a single storey extension with two classrooms and multi-use space. Refurbishment work will also be carried out. Richard will contact for an update.


Morley Crescent – Following a meeting last year at the Paragon Association office in Falkirk and a chase up letter, we have been advised that further action would be required to progress the refresh/renew of the hardstanding parking area. The Association are happy in principle to support this application and do not foresee any objection from residents to this. However, we have been advised from them that the residents within the Association area, we would need to consult all residents. We are unable to obtain details under the GDPR regulations of each resident within this area. Richard will contact Paragon again to establish and endeavour to progress the renewal of this existing parking area. Requesting Paragon to contact all residents within the area to advise of the refresh with no change to usage or existing maintenance. Residents also stated that information on previous works, which will be taking place, have previously been sent directly from the Association to all residents. Update awaited as we will be applying for funding for these works and we just await confirmation from Paragon.

Traffic & Noise Pollution – Following last meeting we have received confirmation that there are no plans for further works to Barnsdale Road or Buntine Crescent. The traffic surveys that has been carried out by the council stated that all levels at these locations are within the limits.

Kirsty will pick this up as we are looking to get a separate group/forum together to discuss this at length and take things forward with council/police, from a community safety concern. This forum would include all authorities, safety bodies, councillors and residents covering the area. Richard will draft a letter to all official bodies initially.

St.Ninians Roundabout/Subway (Toll) – Richard received a reply from the council advising that the barriers and handrails have been assessed and passed for replacement, fencing has also been assessed. The work for repairs and updating should take place this financial year.

Drainage Issue (St.Valery Drive) – owner and council are now in conversation regarding this issue. A site visit has been arranged and the resident will now hopefully get a resolve to the flooding issue.


Community Council 2023 – Meeting dates issued, noted on Facebook, also at the end of this minute.

10. AOCB

Freedom of Information (Cornhill Crescent) – we have received letter advising and apologising for the delay. This is due to a large backlog of cases awaiting allocation for investigation. They are currently recruiting investigation officers however this will also take time. We will update when details known.

Forum Five – Richard contacted the local five community councils involved previously in the forum five meetings. All replies received so far are in favour of starting these up again. This will improve communication throughout all areas and we can all support each area with common concerns. Richard will contact the council to request these meetings be re-instated at least every quarter.

Heritage Trail Board – Richard secured funding from the Community Pride Fund with the new plaque being installed at start of this year (2023).

No.57 Bus Route – Unfortunately Scott had to go earlier. However he has a meeting with McGills in the next couple of weeks and requested that we forward the details of the new route to him, along with all related details. There will also be a new bus shelter at Bruce View/Cultenhove Road beside the brick retaining wall at the grass bank. Following discussion it was agreed that it would be good to get a representative from the new bus company to come along.

Internet Banking – James confirmed that he has spoken to the bank and internet banking has now been put into place. Signatories will be added and this will be easier for all transactions going forward being authorised by at least two people. This should be up and running over the next couple of months.

Councillors – We have now received a list of councillor’s attendance dates at our meetings.

Elections – Community Council elections will be published in due course by Stirling Council. We have our elections at our AGM in June and have already advised dates and date of AGM to the council.


Mayfield Park Area – Broken glass and needles are still lying around. This is causing continual concern from the residents and greater community. Police advised previously that they would look at increasing presence in this area, however there appears to be no change in the gangs and waste being left. Community safety teams need to be involved if not already, further contact will be made to update the appropriate authorities of the continuing situation that is actually appearing to get worse.

There is also a known issue with local dangerous dogs that are out without muzzles. Dogs have been trained and as a result are causing serious bites to people and mauling of other dogs, which have required serious emergency vet attention and hefty bills for the owners. As this is a safety issue for all residents and preventing the safe use of available green space, Richard will contact police to advise.

Community Council Work – Discussion on the work and funding we have completed on behalf of the community to improve paving, dropping kerbs, YT local gardens etc.

Looking at an open event for all residents to come along when the weather gets better. Photos should be taken of all projects covered over the years, with ongoing photos for all being done. We need to shout about our achievements and inform all. This will also be on social media (Facebook). If anyone has a local story or historical snippet, please contact us.

Application for Community Central Fund was requested. This is a lottery fund source and we have to be a member to benefit from this fund. We are pleased that we have been accepted to this and we should hopefully get some funding in the future for the community.


Wednesday 15th February 2023 at 19:00 at Civil Defence Club, where this minute will be ratified.


Kirsty thanked everyone for coming along and closed the meeting at 21:05

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Ongoing Action Log





Footpath – Thistle Park

Discussion with housing


Feb 2023

Licenced Venues

Broken Glass/Rubbish


Feb/Mar 2023

Drainage Issue (St.Valery Drive)

Update awaited


Feb/Mar 2023

Morley Crescent

Update when known


Mar 2023

Traffic / Noise Pollution

Responses awaited


Mar 2023

Freedom of Information (Cornhill Crescent)

Update when known


Mar/Apr 2023

St.Ninians Roundabout/Underpass (Toll)

Works Scheduled – update when completed


Apr 2023

Community Council Awareness

Facebook & Local



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