May 2023 Minutes

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AT: 19:00

Mike McCormick (Chair), James Wigglesworth (Treasurer), Ann Gilmour (Community Councillor), Caroline Hamilton (Community Councillor), Jim Bruton (Community Councillor), Laura Muir (Community Councillor), Claire (Resident), Elaine (Resident), Jonathan (Resident), Jen Preston (Councillor-Stirling West)

Richard Elliott (Secretary), Kirsty Ryder (Vice Chair), Katie (Resident)

Mike welcomed and thanked everyone for coming along tonight.

There being no matters arising, minutes were proposed by Laura Muir & seconded by James Wigglesworth.

James has looked into costs of a third defibrillator locally approx.£1,452.00, supply only. It will need to be installed somewhere with a power source as a trickle feed is required. There is also a suggested donation of £100 per machine annually, which covers maintenance and replacement of items if used. James will contact again regarding both.

Councillor – Caroline has stepped down from doing the planning. Ann has agreed to help with the planning on an interim basis whilst doing the Thistle Park related planning/development.

Police report submitted with no local concern. A couple of local police officer staff changes. Unfortunately, they were unable to make the meeting this evening. We hope to receive a full update next month.

Mike noted that it was good to see the barriers up now for the works to progress on the corner of Barnsdale/Glasgow Road. The footpath on the corner will be closed for the duration of the house building.
Unfortunately, a full update from housing hasn’t been received, we hope to receive this update for next month from Mr Clark in the housing department. A discussion took place around various options to help increase the time scales. Jen advised that the policy has recently changed. In light of this it would be good to have someone along to put these suggestions to, discuss the options and obtain case studies.

Thistle Park Foot Path – Ann updated everyone following an onsite meeting that took place and shared a map of the area. Full discussion took place. Concerns over the gradient, photos taken of existing gradient already completed at Bruceview Path. Further request has been put forward regarding costings for hard surface of this path going forward. Noting the similarity with this and Bruceview Path gradient which is already surfaced on a gradient. A questionnaire has also been created for local residents to complete and also users of the path, to enable a cross section to be obtained we are to obtain as many responses as possible form this. Ongoing communication in progress with appropriate departments. Funding also to be looked at.

Schools – An update has been received from Borestone Primary, as they also hold a meeting on a Wednesday evening they are unable to come along. No other responses have been received from other schools in the area.
Churches – Mike will contact other local churches/chapels in the area as all should be represented an aware of our meetings. Also noted that the manse in McGrigor Road has now been sold.

Parking – vehicles are being parked on junctions, roundabouts, on pavements. This can be dangerous and obstructive to road users and also pedestrians. Especially wheelchair users.
Pavements – discussion around the dropping of kerbs and cars driving over these, as councillor had been approached. This causes danger for pedestrians. Resident was advised to contact council directly in the first instance and keep us informed.
Bus Route (No.57) – Jonathan advised that he will be going along in June to the next meeting and will update everyone at the next meeting. The ticket costs and zones are also being reviewed. Delays have been noted however this seems to be down to the roadworks/road closures in and around the area impacting the schedules. We will look to invite McGills to one of our next meetings. Jonathan will also mention that we are looking to have an update when at the meeting. Various bus types are still being deployed on the route.

Community Council 2023 – Meeting dates noted at the bottom of this minute and also on the noticeboards within the area.

Forum Five – Richard went along to the meeting which was set up to get things started and he will update everyone at the next meeting.
Defibrillators – a location notice of local defibrillators will now be permanently held on our local noticeboards going forward, located in the same place on all for consistency, bottom left. Elaine will look into the cost and type of plaque we can get for the defibrillators to ensure the postcode is clearly noted on each. Elaine will also speak to local companies to display this notice highlighting the locations of the local defibrillators.
Looking for sites to potentially install a third defibrillator. A few suggestions came forward. We will look at locations of existing machines to ensure that they are spaced and available 24/7.
Scottish Water – Laura mentioned the loss of water last Sunday that impacted FK7/FK8 areas. Due to the loss of water in the area Scottish Water were distributing water from only one location (Stirling High). This was not on a bus route and not easily assessable for those without transport. Residents also requested extra water for neighbours that were vulnerable who were unable to access the location or the webpage. They were advised that each resident had to contact/go via web with full details to obtain water. This is clearly not possible for all residents. The area should’ve been covered from more than one location due to the actual size of the postcode area involved. Postcode area to be established and letter to go to Scottish Water regarding the distribution of water. Whilst recognising that they resolved the outage very quickly and communicated this.
Gala – we used to have galas previously, what ever happened to them. Is this something that we could look at for next year. Could also be put on Facebook/leaflet as a ‘would you be interested in’. A further full discussion needs to take place around this to firm up thoughts and ascertain interest from local community. James is happy to look into this.
Noticeboards – suggestion to approach COP to take over their existing board as it is no longer used by them and has fallen into disrepair. Albeit some recent notices are held within the noticeboard. We would renovate and maintain this board going forward, obviously allowing COP to also post notices as required. Further suggestion to approach local shop owners/companies to see if they would be willing to have a small noticeboard element within their window. Local clubs/venues could they possibly put a noticeboard/box on the side of the buildings. Further discussion on this is required.
Community Council – previous successes to be photographed for Facebook and also for an open day. James will produce for the open day. All available to take up to date photos around the area for next meeting, these will be collated by Elaine for Facebook in the first instance. Defibrillators have already been completed.
Look seriously at leaflet drop to increase knowledge; engaging local press (editorial) regarding some successes. Again, further confirmation on this will be required, from all.
WhatsApp – suggestion for community council WhatsApp group for emergency situations like the Scottish Water outage. This would only be used for emergency communications and nothing else. Will be discussed for all at the AGM to start a WhatsApp Emergency Contact Group for all community councillors.
Community Council – Election of Office Bearers – Community councillors have been elected; meeting took place with Stirling Council on 27th April 2023 to formalise community council going forward.
Facebook – we are now more visible linking with more companies, engagement has also increased with more followers/likes. Looking to get some Facebook support from a monitoring angle only, this will be discussed at the next meeting.

Wednesday 21st June 2023 at 19:00 in Civil Defence Club, where this minute will be ratified.

Mike thanked everyone for coming along and closed the meeting at 20:42.

Item Commenced Responsible Notes Update Status
Footpath – Thistle Park 2022 Cllr Jen Preston/Ann Ongoing discussion / Photos
re: Right of Way Access
21Jun2023 In progress
Mayfield Park Area 2022 Richard Litter / Nuisance - Update 21Jun2023 In progress
Morley Crescent 2022 Richard Housing association to issue literature around May/June 2023 21Jun2023 In progress
Alsorts After School Care Feb2023 Katie Useful information has now been received and will follow this up 21Jun2023 In progress
St.Ninians Roundabout / Underpass (Toll) 2022 Richard Works started April 2023 – update when completed 21Jun2023 In progress
McGills Apr2023 Richard Looking to invite to a future meeting 21Jun2023 In progress
Bus Routes 2023 Jonathan Attending meeting in June Following meeting In progress
Community Council – Successes Jan2023



Obtain photos of all successes within the area. 21Jun2023 Ongoing
Community Council - Awareness 2022 All Facebook & Local ongoing Ongoing
St.Ninians Old Parish Church on hold Richard Update when work starts   Pending
Golf Range on hold Richard Further details awaited – update when rec’d   Pending
Trotting on hold Richard Further details awaited – update when rec’d   Pending
Traffic / Noise Pollution on hold Richard Responses are awaited   Pending
Licenced Venues on hold Kirsty Broken Glass/Rubbish   Pending