October 2023 Minutes

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Office Bearers: Mike McCormick (Chair), Kirsty Ryder (Vice Chair), James Wigglesworth (Treasurer)
Community Councillors: Ann Gilmour
Also: Eighteen local residents, Jeannie Gray (Development Team-Stirling Council), Neil Benny (Councillor-Stirling
West), A Imrie (Community Sergeant-Stirling)
Caroline Hamilton (Community Councillor)
Mike welcomed and thanked everyone for coming along tonight. Delighted to see everyone and new faces round the room. Reminded everyone that zoom facility is also available if unable to make it along in person. Thanks also to the police for coming along tonight to hear the concerns from local residents.
There being no matters arising, minutes proposed by Kirsty Ryder & seconded by Ann Gilmour.
Police Update: over the last month there was thirty-nine recorded crimes within the area with sixteen undetected. Albeit there are positive lines of enquiry with them. No concern of trends within the area. We are aware of the issues within the local area and are actively acting on these. Policing budgets have been cut with no further recruiting at present. This obviously stretches all resources. Residents should report any issues/concerns they have either through calling 101 (or 999 where appropriate), by using the contact us form or contacting crime stoppers on 0800 555 111. All will be in confidence. This is the way that police can take things forward, always ask for an incident number when reporting.
Further lengthy discussions took place round the table with concerns being raised by all. Covering anti-social behaviour, housing allocations, road traffic and speeding throughout various areas within the community, with anti-social behaviour concerning Council and Paragon owned properties. Advised to report and retain information on every occasion as the more information available the more can be done. Police do share everything with the council regarding concerns. This needs to be continually reported to push things forward. Police have taken a note of discussions tonight and will look into, and raise, the areas of concern around these issues.
As a community council we are limited within the departmental restrictions. We can however send/log details over to the housing authorities, regarding the issues and duty of care queries that have been raised here tonight. We will also look at inviting Paragon along to a future meeting. Meantime to allow us to raise concerns with the appropriate authority, please help us by sending this information over to our email address stninianscommunitycouncil@gmail.com Please also remove names from this correspondence.
Elected Member Update: the council budget information that has gone out is something that everyone should look at. The more that get involved with this the better, please respond to it when you see it.
Neil noted that there was a lot discussed tonight. Asked for clarity on the numbers within the police report. Alan confirmed that there are hundreds of calls received from general information to serious crimes. These calls are all split into different criteria when received.
The council have tightened up processes. Variety of legal changes which has strengthened tenants’ rights in turn puts burden of proof for the Sheriff Court system. Further discussions took place.
Secretary: Kirsty confirmed that the role of secretary has been streamlined for going forward. Please contact us for more information if you, or someone you know, would be interested in helping.
Treasurer: James updated on the grant received for admin and minute taker. Usual monthly spending since last meeting. Prices for defibs are currently the same as previously noted. It was agreed to get a sub-group to deal the defibrillators going forward. This will be James, Elaine and Mike.
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Planning/Development: nothing at present.
Thistle Park (Foot Path): Ann gave an update on this with a site meeting arranged. Jeannie will also try to meet as well on 25th October. No specific timescale as yet as we have to update the specification, re-costing and thereafter funding required.
Morley Crescent (Parking): Kirsty confirmed that letters went out to all residents. We have received a response from a resident who is keen to help work with us to push this forward. So hopefully we will be able to update on this at the next meeting.
Community Council: Kirsty confirmed that we are looking for more interested parties to come along and help with all the community work being done. We are also looking as previously noted for a secretary to help with all the correspondence. Please contact through the email address.
Community Council Awareness: Jeannie confirmed that there will be a consultation being posted out to all residents. As this is your voice please complete and return. If we get this form returned in the same volume as has been discussed tonight this will help.
Modan Road: concern raised due to the speed of traffic on this and surrounding roads again. Following discussion, police have taken note and will ask for the strips to be placed on the roads concerned, this data can then be followed through by them. Traffic calming is usually the best. Road safety is a top priority. Please take a note of times and cars involved, report issues appropriately. Kirsty confirmed that this is an ongoing issue and has been raised recently with the Council. Covering all associated streets/roads within this area. A new roads officer has been appointed who has just come into post and this will be raised with them.
Neil confirmed that if road markings are missing this must be reported to the council to be placed onto the job list. As this is something, due to the coverage of our council area, they must be informed of on an ongoing basis. Report on 01786 404040.
Anti-Social Behaviour: this was discussed at length as noted above. Mike thanked everyone for all the input and discussions tonight. Please be patient with us on this and the other concerns raised. We are doing our best, unfortunately this will take time. If we all work together we can take this forward appropriately. As established tonight we all wish to get this area back to the good community it used to be.
Chartershall (Harness Racing): the application withdrawn at the moment. We have asked for all updates.
Golf/Driving Range: has been re-submitted. We have asked for updates on this as well.
Gardens: concern was raised by several residents over the state of gardens throughout the area within rented properties. Is there a way we could get these eyes sores fixed. Could we all get together to help with this? This is something we will all have to look at. It is concerning disabled and elderly as well.
General Roundtable: residents are grateful for help; you are not alone when you come along collectively. Grateful police were here to discuss concerns tonight. It is felt that the area is being poorly treated compared to other parts of Stirling, in that it is not being kept up to standard gardens being one example. We all want our area to get back to the good area it used to be.
Fun/Gala Day: Ann mentioned looking at this further, please think about what you would like. Let Ann know to enable discussions/planning to start. Jeannie confirmed this is where she can help with steering this forward. Neil also wishes to get involved and has spoken to a couple of people that are also keen to get this up and running, he will speak to Jeannie and Ann. Let’s see if we can get a committee together for a full separate discussion to take place and move things forward.
Wednesday 15th November 2023 at 19:00 in Civil Defence Club, where this minute will be ratified.
Mike thanked everyone for coming along, looking forward to seeing all again at next meeting, which is the last one for this year.
Meeting closed at 20:35.