Aug 2021 Minutes

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Strathard Community Council Approved Minutes of meeting: Thursday 5th August 2021. Online via


Community Councillors Present: Trevor Geraghty (Chair), Gillian McEwan, Joyce Kelly, Lynda
McColl, Andre Goulancourt, Stuart Stephen, Natasha Shepherd

Minute Secretary: Kate Bovill

Attending: Rob Friel – Dukes Weekender, Jeremy McDonald Stirling Council, 1 member of public





  1. Opening


  2. Apologies

Trevor Geraghty (TG) chaired the
meeting & welcomed all


Michele Colquhoun


3. Minutes

Minutes from last meeting proposed

Lynda McColl (LM) Seconded TG


4. Matters arising

TG aware that Fire Service were still
struggling to gain retained fire
fighters – high importance to
continue to raise this, perhaps via
school (new term & incoming new
head teacher in October) TG has
been talking to new people in area &
good opportunity.


Christmas events – Gillian McEwan
(GM) meeting Alison Boa (AB -
Strathard Development Trust) within
next 10 days to get possible dates for
3 afternoon teas (1 per month? & 1
Christmas event. Trust is seeking
grant funding for hampers.


SCC will also contribute to costs of
Christmas events this year


5. Dukes Weekender 2021

Rob Friel attended to inform about
this years event and welcomed any
thoughts or concerns from SCC,
especially relating to Covid risk of
encouraging visitors. Event will run
w/e 11th & 12th Sept.


£1000 raised from 2019 event has
been donated to local primary
schools (Aberfoyle/Gartmore/Port of
Menteith) for cycle safety



equipment. This has been
coordinated by Andy Stanford
(resident/parent) & Stuart Fielden
(Aberfoyle PS). Thanks also to Endura
who have supported with discounted
equipment and who have strong local
links/interest in supporting local


Event details – Risk Assessment
conducted for Level 0 if needed.
Largely following structure of
previous event BUT no road closures
as hill climb will run through the
forest (Section 11 confirmed for
redirect/limiting access on route 7)
Adaptive bikes included for first time

– hand bikes & pedal recumbent. No
film night this year. Stirling council
have approved some use of their car
park for Sign on Marquee/event
running & adaptive bike user parking)
Permission granted by Geraint for
general event parking at Manse road
field. Numbers will be capped at 500
(bookings so far just shy of 200, with
comparable events filling up very
quickly) Booking closes in a month.


TG – Village better resourced, as now
have water mains stand pipe, School
holidays will all be over so local area
will be quieter. Previous negativity
from local business/residents had all
been associated with the road
closure. He commended Dukes
Weekender team for exemplary
previous events & implementation &
congratulated them on getting this

year’s event in place. Recommended
getting posters & information in all
local business windows to raise
awareness of event.


6 Police Report

See Appendix 1

TG read through Police report –
attached. Road blocked at
Altskeith for many hours of
vehicle recovery/breakdown
highlighted further the
accessibility/resilience issues &

risks around B829 road closures.


7 Treasurers report

See Appendix 2

Nearly 4k are Committed funds
but healthy balance for ongoing
projects in community. Accounts
are now with auditor in prep for
Septembers AGM. Admin return
submitted to Stirling Council
(minute secretary, Christmas card,
admin costs)


Discussion around small budget
set aside for Christmas event that
this would be better rolled into to
overall before creating an on-
going, larger community events
fund. This can then be used for
accessing outside funding &
administrated effectively (eg
committed funds & where from)
as with other areas of SCC
financial management.


GM – Trust via AB would like to
see more inclusive events for all –
not just senior citizens – e.g. kids
party, Gala etc.

This fits well with SCC creating a
specific fund.

No Questions raised

SS – Apply new
structure to
budget to
Events Funding

8 Planning

See Appendix 3

JK explained that there were only
4 new applications and 3
approvals despite the planning
report covering an 8-week
period. She went on to say that
whilst the majority of new
applications did not appear to
pose any issues for the SCC
application 2021/0248/PPP did

require some discussion. This was
an application to develop a Pod
Site on the shores of Loch Ard,
which contravened the expresses
wishes of the majority of
Kinlochard residents as expressed
in the Kinlochard Community Life
Plan (KCLP). A thorough
discussion followed on how much

emphasis the SCC should put on



the KCLP contents in relation to
individual applications. At the
conclusion of the discussion a
vote was taken on whether or not
the SCC should raise an objection
to the application. It was agreed
by a vote of 6-2 that an objection
should be raised on the basis that
the application did not comply
with the stated wishes of the
majority of Kinlochard residents
that there should be no more
development along the shores of
Loch Ard. 5 voted for the
objection in the meeting, 1 voted
ex-committee for the objection
and 2 councillors abstained. JK
took an action to work on the
objection and share it with the
committee prior to forwarding to

the Park.



Resilience Group

TG & John Lewis (JL) met with MSP
Evelyn Tweed & her assistant to raise
issue and communicate urgency
around alternative emergency access
route to when the B829 was closed.
Recommended to follow up via SC.
Meeting with Maria Lucy & the SC
resilience coordinator was held on
Wed 21 July. At the meeting JK asked
SC too call a meeting for all
stakeholders including Scottish
Water. Maria Lucey said they
preferred to contact FLS in the first
instance & feed back to the
Resilience group before commencing
a broader meeting. The Resilience
Group still awaiting feedback. JK
took an action to contact Maria
Lucey to check on progress.


Meanwhile TG has submitted
pictures of the splitting road with
major camber at Milton to the
Trossachs & Teith SC councilors as

well as SC roads department. No

JK to coordinate
KRG meeting.


response as yet. Jeremy McDonald
(JM) has raised with SC roads
department & they are aware road is
due to be surveyed as this has not
been done for some time.


TG – evidence of risk has now been
provided to all relevant bodies.


JK will liaise with Natasha Shephard
(NS) & JL to arrange resilience group
meeting to plan next steps


9 Local Place Plans

JK explained she had been
approached by the Park to ask if she
was willing to join a small steering
group being set up to support
community engagement on how the
Park will implement and support
Local Place Plans. She said she had
agreed to take part but that the Park
would also be writing out to all
community councils to encourage
engagement from as wide an area as
possible and that there would be
opportunities for other SCC
councillors to become involved in the
workshops if they wished.


10. Establishing Delegated
Community Engagement Teams to
Support the SCC in FLS Land
Management Plan Discussions

JK explained that she had been
heavily engaged with FLS since the
last SCC meeting getting agreement
that the SCC will be considered an
official consultative body and that
FLS would agree to working with
delegated community engagement
teams. The LMP’s are constantly
being updated covering such wide
areas and the SCC is limited in
capacity both in terms of time and
knowledge which is why we would
like to appoint some lay people to
the SCC consultative teams. The
membership will alter depending on
the areas covered by specific plans
and the availability of people to
support. Terms of Reference have
been developed which indicate that
the teams should always have 1 SCC

and SCT member and lay members



are required. JK said that she was
just awaiting confirmation from FLS
that they were happy with the TOR’s.


In addition to these negotiations JK
went on to say that the LMP
discussions had highlighted that
LMP’s were primarily about planting
and harvesting and that there many
other areas of FLS activity which
could benefit from community
engagement. It was recognised that
John Hair did provide FLS activity
updates to SCC meetings but that this
information tends to be anecdotal
identifying recent or current
activities, which did not afford the
SCC the opportunity to influence any
events with the potential to
adversely impact the

community. She went on to say that
there had been a couple of recent
FLS policies which have impacted our
communities and the SCC was now
engaged in rear guard actions to try
and modify them and that it would
be much better if there was an
opportunity to engage with FLS
before they implemented policy
rather than after the event. She said
that she had written to John Hair
suggesting introducing community
engagement teams into these areas
also and had received a rather
ambivalent response with a promise
to get back to her soon.


11 Community Life Plans


JK said that now restrictions had
been lifted there should be an
opportunity to organize the
workshop for the Aberfoyle
Community Life Plan. The intention
is to reconvene a meeting of the
Steering Group to agree how, where
and when to organize this. This will
enable finalization of the plan at
last. We will then have all of

Strathard covered by Community Life




Kinlochard and

JK stated that the aim is to re-
establish workshops aimed at taking
the action groups forward however
the closure of Kinlochard Village Hall
is a problem. She went on to say that
It may be possible to organize
something in the community field but
that is of course weather

dependent. If this wasn’t possible it
was unlikely that the workshops to
update the plans could commence

before the KVH opened up again.


12 Coop Project

JK had nothing to report and said
that at the last Zoom with Paul
Aylmer the building was yet to go to
market. Although there had been
interest expressed nothing of any
significance appeared to have
happened. She confirmed that the
SCC would keep in touch with Paul

and follow progress with the sale.


13. Strathard Development Trust
See Appendix 4

Update attached, Work has stalled
around broadband for Inversnaid, TG
confirms residents & visitors to
Stronachlachar/Trossachs Pier now
have access & have provided very
positive feedback.


Braeval broadband is now up &
running with funding being sought to
connect Duchray community.


AGM 29th September.


Editor has been found for Strathard


Vinyls in old Coop building, part
funded by Friends of Loch Lomond &
Loch Katrine and the SCT. Being used
very regularly with map of Great
Trossachs Trail, info on the
Steamship/Loch Katrine and a panel
promoting the Strathard Business



Discussion followed around SC trying
to charge high rates from the
community for the Hub, this has
been raised with MSP Evelyn Tweed.


14. AGM

Thurs 2nd Sept 7.15 in Aberfoyle
Memorial Hall.


Communicate for SC notification


KVH won’t be available until January
so SCC meetings will be in Aberfoyle
in short term. Golf Club or Lodge are


Lets reclaimed as part of Admin grant
so cost neutral

GM to inform
Stirling Council
& get
notification in
the Stirling

15. AOCB

Minutes of recent feedback around
Aberfoyle Toilet Project & Cycle path
development project – See appendix
5 & 6.


GM has contacted Stirling Council
relating to the state that the
Cemetery was left in following recent
grass cutting.


GM has also contacted Stirling
Council as Aberfoyle was left out of
the summer holidays Play scheme
they run every year in local parks.
They have confirmed we will be
included in the October holidays.


TG – reported a desperate need for
recycling facilities in Aberfoyle.

Massive piles of Glass were waiting
collection – passed to Martin Earl.
Jimmy Quinn has also been following
up via Stirling Council.

QEFP update received as excel


Next Meeting & AGM Thurs 2nd Sept at 7.15pm


Appendix 1 – Police Report



Trossachs and Teith Ward,

Strathard Community Council



01/06/21 to 05/08/21 Compiled by PC Lorna Deans


Ward Plan

Antisocial Behaviour

You are concerned about antisocial behaviour including drunken behaviour.


During the reported period officers have been assisting National Park Rangers with campers in the


Road Safety

You are concerned about speeding, dangerous driving and indiscriminate parking.


On 15/6/21 a vehicle crashed through a wall and came to a halt on the shoreline near to Altskeith
Hotel on B829. The driver failed to report the incident. Police recovered the vehicle and
enquiries are still ongoing to trace the driver.




You are concerned about homes being broken into and travelling criminals.


On 13th July 2021 a theft by shoplifting occurred at Coop, Main Street,
Aberfoyle. A male and female have been charged and reported to the
procurator fiscal in relation to this.



Community Engagement and Reassurance


It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible
and who address local problems.


If anyone has any policing issues that they wish to discuss, please contact us at




Incidents /
Activity of

Police Scotland are currently conducting a public consultation in relation to the use oflink attached provides information. The
consultation closes on 31/8/21. Would it be possible for this to be shared to the local
community. If there are any issues accessing the link, it can be accessed via the Police
Scotland website.


PC’s Deans and King will be holding a police surgery at the Hub, Main Street,
Aberfoyle on Tuesday 7th September. This is an opportunity for members of the public
to speak to us regarding any concerns/issues or be provided with information regarding
subjects such as rural crime and doorstep crime.



Issues raised





The Community Officers for your area are: PC Donald King and PC Lorna Deans, based at Callander
Police Office.


The Community Sergeant for the area is PS Grant MacDonald, based at Dunblane Office.


They can be contacted via the email address or by
phoning 101

We regularly publish information on the ‘Forth Valley Police’ Facebook page and tweet using


Appendix 2 – SCC Treasurers Report

Strathard Community Council – Bank account balance at 5 August 2021


£ £


General Fund opening Bank balance 28.5.21 11985.10
Monies out

Minute Secretary ( 40.00)
CCN (ALP) (1850.00)

Scotways ( 20.00)


Total monies out (1910.00)
Monies in

Total monies in 0.00


General Fund closing Bank balance 30.6.21 10075.10
Subsequent income/expenditure


Appendix 3 Strathard Community Council
Planning Lists

Weekly Planning Lists for June/July 2021
Planning Applications:

  1. Ref No 2021/0249/DET: Officer Amy Unit:: Date Valid 21 July 2021: Proposal Change in
    the use of holiday apartment unit to permanent residential accommodation Location Inchrie
    Castle Duchray Road Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Richard White: Type Detailed Planning
    Permission Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central)
    area) Community Council Area Strathard CC: Advertisement Type Neighbour Notification:


  2. Ref No 2021/0261/NOT: Officer Scott Brown: Proposal Construction of up to 1050 metres
    of ATV access track Location Land West And South Of Loch Dubh Loch Ard Forest Kinlochard
    Applicant Mr Andy Malcolm Forestry and Land Scotland Aberfoyle Office Aberfoyle FK8 3UX:
    Officer Scott Brown: Date Valid 20 July 202:1 Application Type Prior Notification Expected
    Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community
    Council Area Strathard CC


  3. Ref No 2021/0215/DET Officer Alison Williamson Date Valid 7 July 2021: Proposal
    Erection of telecoms mast, installation of associated equipment and upgrade of access track
    Location North Of Loch Ard Forest Block Off B829 South Of Stronachlachar: Applicant WHP
    Telecoms Limited 401 Faraday Street Birchwood Park Birchwood Warrington WA3 6GA
    Agent Damian Hosker WHP Telecoms Limited Helena House Troy Mills Troy Road Leeds LS18
    5GN Application Type Detailed Planning Permission: Expected Decision Level DEL National
    Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC:


  4. Ref No 2021/0248/PPP: Officer Vivien Emery Date Valid 6 July 2021: Proposal Change in
    the use of land from agriculture to caravan site for siting of holiday pods and managers
    accommodation and formation of access, car parking, footpaths and installation of sewage
    treatment plant Location Ledard Farm Aberfoyle Stirling: Applicant Ledard Estates Ltd
    Ledard Farm Loch Ard Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TL: Application Type Planning Permission in
    Principle: Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central)
    area) Community Council Area Strathard CC: Advertisement Type Neighbour Notification.


Withdrawals: None

  1. Ref No 2021/0140/HAE: Officer Lorna Gray: Date Valid 18 May 2021: Proposal Installation
    of solar panels on perimeter wall Location Corrienessan Cottage Aberfoyle Stirling Applicant
    Mr Michael Payne Great Scott Holdings Corrienessan Cottage Lochard Road Milton Stirling
    FK8 3TQ : Application Type Householder Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward 2
    (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC: Date Decision Issued 14 July
    2021: Decision Approve


  2. Ref No 2021/0141/DET: Officer Lorna Gray: Date Valid 23 April 2021: Proposal Erection of
    telecoms mast, installation of associated equipment and upgrade of existing ATV track
    Location Forestry land south of Achray Toll, off Dukes Pass, Stirling: Applicant Secretary Of
    State For The Home Department The Home Office Marsham Street London SW1P 4D:
    Application Type Detailed Planning Permission: National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern
    (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC: Date Decision Issued 9 June 2021:
    Decision Approve

  3. Ref No 2020/0149/HAE: Officer Amy Unitt Date Valid 17 July 2020: Proposal Demolition of
    existing porch and single storey extension and erection of replacement porch and single
    storey side extension: Location The Glassert Lochard Road Aberfoyle: Applicant Mr James
    Cowderoy The Glassert Lochard Road Aberfoyle FK8 3TJ : Application Type Householder
    Planning Permission :National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community
    Council Area Strathard CC Date Decision Issued 24 June 2021: Decision Approve


Enforcement Matters:





Access Exemption

Overdue Applications:


  1. Application Number 2019/0183/DET Development Proposed : Formation of
    telecommunications compound to include erection of telecoms mast, installation of
    associated equipment and construction of hardstanding and access track Location: Land At
    Tom Nan Saighdearan Aberfoyle . Date Application Valid: 5 August 2019 Date of expiry of
    period for representations: 6 September 2019


  2. Application Number 2019/0305/DET. Development Proposed: Change of use and
    extension of 1 no. existing building to dwellinghouse and erection of 5 no. terraced
    dwellinghouses and 1no. detached dwellinghouse Location: Stronachlachar Cottage
    Stronachlachar Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TY Date Application Valid: 28 November 2019 Date of
    expiry of period for representations: 3 January 2020


  3. Application Number 2020/0111/DET Development Proposed : Formation of footpath and
    installation of viewing structure Location: Land North Of Stronachlachar Pier Stronachlachar
    Applicant: Mr Denis O'Kane Date Application Valid: 22 May 2020 Date of expiry of period for
    representations: 10 Jul 2020


  4. Application Number 2020/0202/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwellinghouse
    Location: Land Between Creag Mhor Cottage And Creag Mhor House Lochard Road


    Stirling FK8 3TD Applicant: Mr And Mrs Russell McKeand : Date Application Valid: 8
    September 2020 Date of expiry of period for representations: 16 October 2020


  5. Application Number 2020/0231/DET Development Proposed : Partial change of use of
    ancillary building to use class 1 (retail) Location: Hill Cottage Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3SY

    Applicant: Mrs Cindy McLoughlin Agent’s Name: 12 October 2020 Date of expiry of period
    for representations: 13 November 2020


  6. Application Number 2020/0304/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwelling house
    Location: Balanton Yard Montrose Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UL Applicant: Ms L Briggs
    Agent’s Name: Nicholas Goward Agent’s Company Name: studioEAST Chartered Architects
    Agent’s Address: King James VI Business Centre Friarton Road Perth PH2 8DY Date
    Application Valid: 4 January 2021 Date of expiry of period for representations: 12 February


  7. Application Number 2020/0214/DET Development Proposed : Erection of replacement
    garage with flatted dwelling (holiday accommodation) Location: Hazelbank Manse Road
    Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3XF Applicant: Mr Kenny McNeil Agent’s Name: Mr John White

    Agent’s Company Name: John H White Architects Agent’s Address: Ballat Crossroads Balfron
    Station G63 0SE Date Application Valid: 22 October 2020 Date of expiry of period for
    representations: 8 March 2021


  8. Application Number 2020/0337/DET Development Proposed : Subdivision of guesthouse
    to form 4no. flatted dwellings (for use as holiday lets) Location: Craigmore Guest House
    Lochard Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3SZ Applicant: Mr Andrew Malcolm Agent’s Name: Mr
    John White Agent’s Company Name: John H White Architects Agent’s Address: Ballat
    Crossroads Balfron Station G63 0SE Date Application Valid: 2 February 2021 Date of expiry
    of period for representations: 12 March 2021


  9. Application Number 2020/0304/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwelling house
    Location: Balanton Yard Montrose Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UL Applicant: Ms L Briggs
    Agent’s Name: Nicholas Goward Agent’s Company Name: Nicholas Goward Agent’s Address:
    King James VI Business Centre Friarton Road Perth PH2 8DY Date Application Valid: 4
    January 2021 Date of expiry of period for representations: 12 February 2021


Appendix 4 - SCT update from meeting

Strathard Community Council 5 August 2021 – SCT update from 27 July meeting


  1. Inversnaid/Stronachlachar broadband project


    Final monies received from Stirling Council but not yet passed to Broadway (internet


    No report back on connectivity but aware that it hasn’t reached Inversnaid yet.
    Request for update still outstanding.

  2. Braeval Broadband projects

    Braeval complete and up and running.
    Duchray project progressing

  3. AGM


    Proposed date 29 September


  4. Christmas


    Discussions ongoing and funding applications to be made.


  5. Report from Strathard Community Council (SCC)
    No update since 6 May meeting.

  6. Strathard News


    Progress being made and future issues being planned.


  7. Co-op
    No update.

  8. Hub


    Meeting held with MSP and councillor, supportive of keeping Hub going. Request to SC to
    reconsider charges.


  9. Aberfoyle toilets
    Now open 24/7.

  10. Trossachs Visitor Management meeting


    NP general update – increase in visitor numbers, fewer reported problems
    Thinking about 2022 projects

    Appendix 5 Aberfoyle Toilets

    Good Afternoon All,


    I am pleased to let you all know that we have the final results on the Aberfoyle Toilets
    consultation, not as many as we thought but some and good comments….


    Aberfoyle Consultation – 7 respondents all for going ahead



    • Good to see proper improvements for our disabled fellow citizens

    • Pity we have to lose so many toilets to incorporate this larger one but very necessary.

    • About Time there Are decent disabled facilities in Aberfoyle


      The team will now progress the project to develop the design and take the project through the
      building warrant and planning processes. I’ll arrange another meeting once we are able to
      update on progress with the next phase.


      We will provide regular updates as required through the design process.
      Kind regards



      Chris Burns, Community Development Officer


      Community Development Team | Stirling Council | Old Viewforth | Stirling | FK8 2ET


      T:- 01786 233137 M:- 07387 243024 E: | W:


      Appendix 6 Cycle path

      Your Stirling You Decide Participatory Budgeting


      Cycle Network Meeting


      Teams online


      Date: 26th July 2021 Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm


      Present: Chris Burns / Kevin Argue (Stirling Council), Jim Riach (Loch Lomond Countryside Trust),
      Michelle Anne- Michelle Ketteridge (Leader), Lynda, Keith Yates, Norman Gillan, Enda McLoughlin


      Apologies: David Hopper (SC), Irene Riach (Submitter), Callum Christie, Alison Boa (Strathard
      Community Trust)


      Chris welcomed everyone to the meeting and a round the table introduction took place. Chris, then
      asked those present to look over the previous minutes before handing over to Kevin Argue to recap
      previous discussion and to update the group.


      Cycle Path Update


      KA explained that Anne Clark had been the lead officer from his team (Transport Development) on
      this project; project management responsibly had since been moved over to another SC officer,
      Ewan Prentice and that Anne would continue to offer support. KA noted that in the previous
      meeting notes that David Hopper had said there was a decision made on the Smiddy option – KA
      confirmed that the in house design work had not hugely progressed due to the retirement of the
      Officer who was scheduled to progress this. . KA also explained that due to the pandemic and the
      above had that work had stalled on this, and KA apologised to the group.


      KA then went onto explain that at present Sustrans are not accepting new applications for funding.


      KA t explained that in order to progress the project, the Council has appointed external design
      services from Boyd Brothers.


      KA advised that to the best of his knowledge the Landowner at the Smiddy remained supportive. KA
      advised that Boyd Brothers were undertaking the following –


    • Technical survey work (GPS & ecological)

    • Design

    • Engagement with the land owner Landowner

    KA advised the group that once the consultant produced a new design and then shared with the
    group for discussion prior to finalising the legal Agreement and then the then the Planning
    Application. KA stated that is the aspiration of Officers that the works c start this financial year...


    Robert asked about the width of the path. Kevin explained that it would be within the minimum
    standard and that they would follow the Cycle by Design Scotland standard of 3m minimum to 5m


    Jim asked about the feasibility on Aberfoyle, connecting of villages. KA advised that has not been
    progressed. The main objective is to complete this project and then progress with the wider vision
    through the forthcoming Local Transport Strategy review.


    Lynda asked what length the path will be – KA then shared the proposed path route alignment
    diagrams to the group as visual aide.

    AMK asked about applying to Sustrans as she was concerned that the council’s funding was not
    enough to cover the project.


    KA then explained that the process underway would enable a full and detailed costing to be
    developed. From there decisions about final budgets can be made.


    KY asked about the Thornhill 22 miles is still on the path using the old Kippen railway line which will
    be within the place plan and a high priority. He also added about the Rob Roy / Lake of Menteith
    plan and whether it is worthwhile spending time on this? KA said yes it is worth spending time on

    this but, but noted that the detailed development of this would be begin with a refresh of the
    Council’s Local Transport Strategy, delivering on the objectives of the Council’s Climate Plan. NG
    raised other points that the width of the road may be reduced due to the autonomous cars and that
    this would make space for cycling. Kevin said that he was unsure of this at this time, but that
    national guidance would be updated to account for such developments.


    KY raised the point of the 2001 survey carried out at the Smiddy which identified that the land was
    private and too narrow and would need off road for access to the area.


    JR added that the strategic approach highlighted visitor management issues and volume of traffic
    and consider alternatives for cycling / walking and not just driving, for Aberfoyle / Port of Menteith /
    Thornhill and Blairdrummond corridor. KA agreed with this.


    AMK asked would the further design costs come from the remaining budget, KA confirmed that this
    was the case. . AMK noted that there here could be other possible funding avenues such as Rural
    Towns fund / Active Travel fund. KY added that there is a commitment of £2.5M across the area. JR
    added that there is the Carse of Stirling Partnership, a local community involved in path audits and




    1. Anne Clark and Ewan Prentice appointed as new leads.

    2. Kevin will action the new design and costs and will notify Chris then to organise the next

    3. Kevin (and Team) will organise the legal agreement for the Landowner.

Date of Next Meeting


To be arranged when Kevin has design and costs.