March 2021 Minutes

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Strathard Community Council Draft Minute of meeting: Thursday 4th March 2021
Online via Zoom


Present: Trevor Geraghty (Chair), Stuart Stephens (Treasurer), Gillian McEwan, Joyce
Kelly, Natasha Sheppard, Lynda McColl (Secretary) Michele Colquhoun, Andre


Minute secretary: Kate Bovill


Apologies: Michele Flynn (SC), Isabel Madden (Associate Councillor), Police Scotland


In Attendance: Stirling Councillors Martin Earl & Jeremy Rice McDonald, FLS Shirley
Leek, MSP Dean Lockhart


13 members of public




1. Opening

Trevor Geraghty (TG) chaired the meeting &

welcomed all.


2. Minutes

Proposed Joyce Kelly (JK), seconded Natasha

Sheppard (NS)


3. Matters

School safety, TG has been seeking guidance
to progress this, established relationship with
Chair of Aberfoyle Primary Parent Council
who is very keen to see progress with this
issue. Gillian McEwan (GE) updated the
meeting that formation of this year’s Parent
Council limited by Covid but will progress this
once formed.


Cemetery wall has been not only repaired but
also repointed inside & out after a request
was made from the SCC. (GMcE) extended
thanks to Local elected members for their
help with this. Martin Earl (ME) stated all

thanks should be extended to Cemeteries
Officer Barbara Docherty.


TG to forward
thanks from
the SCC

4. Flooding

JK briefed that following the most recent
flooding event and many residents’

complaints re prolonged road closure and no
access to a potential & historically used access
route through forest via Duchray road which
is now limited by a locked gate. SCC used
Stronachlachar/Inversnaid/Kinlochard CLP
database to send out questionnaire to find
how residents experiences and circumstances
were impacted by the lack of access to the
forest road. The survey achieved an 80%
return of those polled. (90% of that felt that

historical escape route was essential. 6% felt



it was important) The survey proposed that in
times of emergency residents should have
right of access. JK was aware that 3 families
impacted by the B829 closure are dependent
on epipens – clearly creating potential for a
serious incident. JK went on to say that the
survey recorded many personal experiences
which were emotive and distressing and
clearly identified a need for an agreed policy
in regard to the Duchray Road.

TG wholeheartedly commended the
emergency services. There were families
majorly impacted as a result of flooding and
no access/egress route to their homes.

TG liaised with Police & TS&R at the scene but
commented that there was no clear agreed
policy that the emergency services were
aware of and no Forestry Land Scotland (FLS)
present. The flooding lasted for 3 days


Martin Earl (ME) commented that doing the
survey was excellent as it clearly established
the demand/need to have route access for
emergencies ONLY. He went on to say FLS
have liability/responsibility and should be
able to create a carefully managed solution.
Stirling Council have a role in supporting
resilience groups – comprised of key
stakeholders including residents who work
together to create manageable solutions for
challenging circumstances such as these. TG –
proposed “SCC requires a formal procedure to
find a safe solution.” JK seconded.


Shirley Leek (representing Forest and Land
Scotland) said that FLS historical approach is
to limit access and noted that the issue is
liability and is national policy as many similar
issues occur in other areas. She went on to say
that previously enquiries with Stirling Council
(SC) adopt and bring up to standard a formal
access/egress route were considered to be
cost prohibitive. She also highlighted the
risks involved in using Duchray Road and
suggested as a responsible landowner FLS
was required to limit access. However she did
agree that FLS would be willing to listen and
work together with community reps to find a





The topic generated much discussion from
attendees highlighting different aspects of the
issue which concluded in a resolution for
form a small resilience group of willing
residents to liaise, in the first instance with
FLS, on finding a solution that met in as far as
is possible all parties needs but did not rule
out escalating the issue if a local solution
could not be agreed to.


ME asked if (SL) could send the SCC, ME &
MSP Dean Lockhart (DL) the emergency
protocol/flowchart for the community and
reiterated the benefit of a local resilience
group where responsibility is devolved to the
collaborative group.

DL has contacted CEO FLS and will appraise
SCC with any response. He offered to help in
any way possible.

SL said that FLS did not have a local plan for
residents as FLS official policy is that there
should be no access to forest roads by the
general public.

TG questioned how the 3 Lochs Forest Drive
could be open for campers, tourists and
people not familiar with the forest but it was
not possible to facilitate a safe route for

SL answered that this was a managed access
route which was unlocked morning and
locked at night with a one-way system &
much higher spec road therefore was not

TG said that in the first instance immediate
action needed to ensure that the
Police/Fire/TS&R are given correct
information on what advice they can give the
community if the B829 is closed.

TG thanked SL for her contribution and
attendance and thanked DL for contacting FLS
CEO and looked forward to hearing the

Action arising: Resilience Group to take

forward negotiations with FLS.


Post Meeting
Note: First
Zoom to
meeting of the
group to agree
way forward
scheduled for
Wednesday 10

5. Planning (see
appendix 1)

JK briefed that as far as she could ascertain

there was nothing controversial in February’s
list. There were 3 new planning applications
but none with any objections raised so



far. Conversion of Craigmore Guest house
into 4 holiday flats, installation of solar panel
on the Forestry deer larder and installation of
2 heat source air pumps at the Rob Roy hotel.
There is one approval converting an ancillary
building into a retail unit at Hill Cottage
Duke’s Pass and overdue applications have
risen from 9 – 11.

She added that engagement with Amy Unitt
the LLTNP delegated officer for
2020/0267/DET Caravan Site Crannaig
House had now concluded. Amy answered all
the SCC questions and from a planning
perspective it was difficult to argue with her
logic. She went on to say that while it was
difficult to argue with the installation of 1 Pod
although the underlying aim of the
application may be to pave the way for more
in the future there was an assurance given
that permission for additions would have to
be applied for separately. The SCC would
have the opportunity to comment on all
future applications made in this regard. Her
advice was that there was insufficient
grounds to raise an objection to this
application and that she would advise that we
have no further comment to make on the
application but ask to be kept informed
should anything arise during the planning
process which calls into question any of the
assumptions being made on the suitability of
utility provision to the site, in particular
sewage services.
There was unanimous

She went on to say that the SCC support letter
for planning application 2020/0250/DET the
Stonachlachar car park upgrade was now on
the planning portal along with 28 other
contributions. 27 in support 1 against and 1
concerned about bin provision. Only 4
however came from local residents and the
other 25 spanned contributions from Ireland,
England and Central Scotland all mainly from
previous customers of the Pier Café which

was testament to the quality of service
provided by the business.


6. Coop/SKS

JK briefed that things were moving forward

with the Coop project and said that they were



close to finalising the Options Appraisal prior
to starting on the Business Case. A meeting
with Calum Couston the SLF advisor had been
arranged for next week to discuss progress
and find out about timings for the new SLF
fund opening up which would be critical if the
decision is to move forward with the project.
A virtual meeting is to be called with all who
expressed an interest in volunteering to
support the project soon to establish actual
interest as this will be one of the deciding
factors in the decision to move forward or
not. JK emphasised that the project could not
move forward to the next stage unless there
was support from members of the



7. Community
Life Plans


JK advised that current activity encouraging
more engagement from Aberfoyle residents
was moving forward and showing
encouraging results. She said that there is
still another 2 weeks of advertising the aims
of the project via various communication
mediums before the decision on whether to
press forward with the membership achieved
or to postpone until such times as face to face
meetings are allowed. The minimum
requirement is to get sign up from 50% of
Aberfoyle residents.


Kinlochard and
Stronachlachar/Inversnaid CLP’s

JK briefed that the mailing lists for both CLP’s
was used to distribute a survey on the issue of
how the locked gate on the Duchray forest
road affected residents in Kinlochard,
Stronachlachar and Inversnaid and there was
an 80% response. There was a clear wish
expressed by 90% of the respondents of an
essential need to have the gate opened to
residents when the B829 is blocked or there
is a Yellow weather warning issued for the
area and a further 6% expressed this need as
important. There were a huge number of
comments recorded on the survey, which
illustrate clearly the profound need for a
policy of open gate during times of
emergency. JK said that this was a clear

indicator on one of the values in having the


All – to
residents to
sign up to CLP


CLP’s in place as the survey was turned
around overnight and delivered results within
2 days giving the SCC clear and unambiguous
evidence on the wishes of the residents in the
valley of Strathard such that we have a clear

steer on how we should represent them.


8. Joint

JK provided a sit rep on the SCC stance re



joining other Community Councils in


distributing a survey amongst Strathard

LLTNP Survey

residents regarding LLTNP performance and

potential changes CC’s would like to see.


Comments received by Martin Earl in regard


to this survey at the Feb SCC meeting


indicated there was misleading information in


the preamble to the survey and JK had an


action to check this out with Gavin McLennan


the originator of the survey. JK reported that


while she had been supplied with some


information unfortunately it was not


sufficient to clarify the provenance of the


disputed statement and recommended that


the SCC hold fire on sending out the survey


until the information contained was


confirmed as being correct or was changed.


She forewarned the Councillors that because


there was no meeting scheduled for April it is


likely that this decision would have to be


taken ex committee if there was to be any


value in SCC involvement in the survey. TG


concurred that best to avoid involvement


until the basis for involvement has been


clarified. Councillors agreed. ME has not


heard back about this through his channels



9 Forth Valley
Health Board

Isabel Madden (IM) a Health Professional and
an associate community councillor for health
liaising, sends apologies but also reports:
Covid vaccinations progressing well with age
60-65 and at risk groups. They hope to move
on to age 55-60 in the next 2 weeks with the
goal of vaccinating all over 50s and at risk
groups by the end of March.

She emphasises the importance of ensuring
everyone attends for the 2
nd dose and
continues to follow current Covid guidelines.

All – reiterate
to community
to follow
guidance and
ensure 2
dose is
attended for.


ME reported that there have been increases in
Covid infections in some rural communities



and reinforced the need to continue safe
behaviours around this.

TG thanks IM in her absence for her input


10. Visitor

TG – we are expecting big influx of visitors
once restrictions are lifted. SCC ask SC for
support with waste management and toilets.
ME – Operational planning meeting now
happening weekly with a more coordinated
approach to enforcement and presence –
Police, LLTNP & Stirling Council (SC). Majority
of SC are now working a 7 day contract which
increases availability at weekend. SCC need to
contact LLTNP & enquire what their plans are
for management and what range of extra
resources for Kinlochard.

JK – on-going meetings with Kinlochard
Village Hall rep Katy Lamb, Matt Buckland
(MB) LLTNP, herself and reps from Stirling
Road and NP Access committee to agree
policy which will be consulted with the SCC &
community before agreeing steps/strategies.
NS asked if residents could be informed of
proposed meeting the CLP database

JK responded that she was wary of overusing
the CLP database until there is news to

ME said that the Police had a remit of
enforcement against Antisocial or Obstructive
behaviour while SC’s role would also address
Antisocial behaviour and parking issues. The
LLTNP Rangers focus on inappropriate fires,
environmental damage, camping management
& enforcement.

A clear set of protocols for what residents
should do/who to contact should be made
available and distributed among the Strathard
resident population.

Lynda McColl (LMC) asked who manages 5m
rule ME responded the Police.

TG identified an Action was required to
ensure contact protocols are made available
to the community. Discussion required to

agree who this Action rests with.

TG – contact
SC to ask for
info on
officer rotas
and weekend
patrolling in


JK – establish
protocols via

11 Treasurers
report (see
appendix 2)

Report shows balance – what in & what is
expected to come out. Healthy balance but

with some already committed – CLP and covid

TG –


info ident and


TG Covid resilience funding could cover
collating and dissemination of information for

SS – Strathard Development Trust interested
in working with other groups in community
eg Xmas TG – on agenda for next meeting

NS – info dissemination needs to be physical –
not electric for when networks are down
(fridge magnets?)

JK – CLP coordinators got good price for
doorstep drop – perhaps use this?


12. Police


Appendix 3



Latest info on activity included in appendix 4


14. AOCB

LMc – Thanks again to SC for repairing Cemetery

JRM – Transport plan to TG, happy to continue



Next meeting Thurs 6th May 2021 Online via Zoom 7.15pm


Appendix 1





Strathard Community Council

Weekly Planning Lists for February 2021

Planning Applications:

  • Ref No 2020/0337/DET Officer Amy Unitt Date Valid 2 February 2021: Proposal
    Subdivision of guesthouse to form 4no. flatted dwellings (for use as holiday lets)
    Location Craigmore Guest House Lochard Road Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Andrew
    Malcolm Doonhill Manse Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3XF: Application Type Detailed
    Planning Permission: Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2
    (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC : Advertisement Type
    Neighbour Notification


  • Ref No 2021/0051/DET Officer Nicola Arnott Date Valid 17 February 2021: Proposal
    Installation of 15 no. solar panels to roof of deer larder building Location Deer Larder
    Forestry And Land Scotland Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Bruce Stephens Forestry and Land
    Scotland Upper Battleby Redgorton Perth PH1 3EN: Application Type Detailed Planning
    Permission Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern

    (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC: Advertisement Type Neighbour


  • Ref No 2021/0062/DET Officer Lorna Gray Date Valid 23 February 2021: Proposal
    Installation of 2 no air source heat pumps: Location Rob Roy Motel Aberfoyle Stirling:
    Applicant Mr Viktor Dobozi Rob Roy Hotel Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UX Agent:
    Application Type Detailed Planning Permission: Expected Decision Level DEL National
    Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC :
    Advertisement Type Neighbour Notification




  • Ref No 2020/0231/DET Officer Amy Unitt Date Valid 12 October 2020 Telephone 01389
    722 606 Proposal Partial change of use of ancillary building to use class 1 (retail)
    Location Hill Cottage Aberfoyle Stirling Applicant Mrs Cindy McLoughlin Hill Cottage
    Dukes Pass Trossachs Road Aberfoyle FK8 3SY Agent Application Type Detailed
    Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area)
    Community Council Area Strathard CC Date Decision Issued 19 February 2021 Decision


    Enforcement Matters:








    Overdue Applications:


  • Application Number 2018/0113/DET Development Proposed : Erection of
    extension to provide additional function room, bar, kitchen and roof terrace
    (amendment to planning permission ref. 2016/0234/DET) Location: Altskeith
    Country House Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TL. Expiry Date 5 May 2018.

  • Application Number 2019/0183/DET Development Proposed : Formation of
    telecommunications compound to include erection of telecoms mast, installation of
    associated equipment and construction of hardstanding and access track Location: Land
    At Tom Nan Saighdearan Aberfoyle . Date Application Valid: 5 August 2019 Date of
    expiry of period for representations: 6 September 2019

  • Application Number 2019/0305/DET. Development Proposed: Change of use and
    extension of 1 no. existing building to dwellinghouse and erection of 5 no. terraced
    dwellinghouses and 1no. detached dwellinghouse Location: Stronachlachar Cottage
    Stronachlachar Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TY Date Application Valid: 28 November 2019
    Date of expiry of period for representations: 3 January 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0111/DET Development Proposed : Formation of footpath
    and installation of viewing structure Location: Land North Of Stronachlachar Pier
    Stronachlachar Applicant: Mr Denis O'Kane Date Application Valid: 22 May 2020 Date of
    expiry of period for representations: 10 Jul 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0149/HAE Development Proposed : Demolition of existing
    porch and single storey extension and erection of replacement porch and single storey
    side extension Location: The Glassert Lochard Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TJ Date
    Application Valid: 17 July 2020 Date of expiry of period for representations: 14 August


  • Application Number 2020/0202/DET Development Proposed : Erection of
    dwellinghouse Location: Land Between Creag Mhor Cottage And Creag Mhor House
    Lochard Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TD Applicant: Mr And Mrs Russell McKeand :
    Date Application Valid: 8 September 2020 Date of expiry of period for representations:
    16 October 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0231/DET Development Proposed : Partial change of use of
    ancillary building to use class 1 (retail) Location: Hill Cottage Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3SY
    Applicant: Mrs Cindy McLoughlin Agent’s Name: 12 October 2020 Date of expiry of
    period for representations: 13 November 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0291/DET Development Proposed : Erection of 3 no. lighting
    columns Location: Guyana Main Street Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UQ Applicant: Date
    Application Valid: 7 December 2020 Date of expiry of period for representations: 8
    January 2021


  • Application Number 2020/0308/ADV Development Proposed : Proposed display of
    advertisements comprising 11 no. wall mounted signs (2 no. illuminated), 1 no. flag-pole
    sign (illuminated) and 6 no. post-mounted signs. Location: Guyana Main Street
    Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UQ Date Application Valid: 30 December 2020 Date of expiry of
    period for representations: 28 January 2021


  • Application Number 2020/0250/DET Development Proposed : Extension to existing car
    park Location: The Pier Tearoom Stronachlachar Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TY Applicant:

    The Steamship Sir Walter Scott Ltd Agent’s Name: Murray Watt Agent’s Company Name:
    MW Consultants Agent’s Address: The Mill House Thornhill Stirling FK8 3QJ Date
    Application Valid: 2 November 2020 Date of expiry of period for representations: 4
    December 2020


  • Application Number 2020/0304/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwelling
    house Location: Balanton Yard Montrose Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UL Applicant: Ms
    L Briggs Agent’s Name: Nicholas Goward Agent’s Company Name: studioEAST Chartered
    Architects Agent’s Address: King James VI Business Centre Friarton Road Perth PH2 8DY
    Date Application Valid: 4 January 2021 Date of expiry of period for representations: 12
    February 2021



Strathard Community Council – Bank account balance at 4 March 2021


£ £

General Fund opening Bank balance 12253.02

Web Domain Fee ( 56.92)

General Fund closing Bank balance 12196.10

Subsequent income/expenditure


Minute Secretary






SLF (Co-op grant)



SKS (Co-op feasibility)


( 4200.00)

SLF (Co-op grant)



SKS (Co-op feasibility)


( 4200.00)


General Fund closing Balance 12116.10


Less Commitments

Aberfoyle Life Plan 4150.00

Christmas Fund 20.94

SSE Resilience Fund Grant 1521.93


Available Funds 6423.23




  • Aberfoyle LifePlan


Monies in


SC Community Pride Grant


Strathard Community Council



National Park





Strathard Community Trust




Stirling Council £1750.00


Monies out


CCN £ 800.00


CCN £1300.00


Available funds in Bank account £4150.00
Monies committed but not received £1750.00

  • Christmas Fund


    Funds in Bank account £ 20.94

  • SSE Resilience Fund Grant


Funds in Bank account £1521.93





Trossachs and Teith Ward,

Strathard Community Council



04/02/21 to 03/03/21 Compiled by PC Donald King


Ward Plan

Antisocial Behaviour

You are concerned about antisocial behaviour including drunken behaviour.


There have been numerous calls in the area regarding alleged breaches of Covid
legislation that officers have attended and dealt with in the area.


Road Safety

You are concerned about speeding, dangerous driving and indiscriminate parking.


Significant issues during this time with flooding. Officers were involved in assisting Fire
and Rescue and Stirling Council in closing roads and helping persons and vehicles in
flood waters.




You are concerned about homes being broken into and travelling criminals.

There have been no reported thefts during this time.




Incidents /
Activity of



Issues raised




The Community Officers for your area are: PC Donald King and PC Lorna Deans, based at
Callander Police Office.


The Community Sergeant for the area is PS Grant MacDonald, based at Dunblane Office.


They can be contacted via the email address
or by phoning 101

We regularly publish information on the ‘Forth Valley Police’ Facebook page and tweet
using @StirlingPol



Forestry Report: Hi Lynda


Short update for the March meeting –


Clear fell in Loch Ard Forest, being hauled out through Hoish


Rhododendron removal in Achray


Forest road maintenance on various roads in Loch Ard Forest


Disabled access upgrade to the Lodge Visitor Centre


Forest plans being produced for Achray Forest, Corriegrennan and Katrine


Stuart will be attending to talk about preparations for visitor access, and Shirley for
forest road access.


Let me know if you need any further information on any of the above.



John Hair | Planning Manager

Forestry and Land Scotland, Aberfoyle Office, Aberfoyle, Stirling FK7 8PU

m: +44 (0) 7764838735 e:




Dear All,

Please see below for the most recent QEFP trail update :-

  • The Military Road (The Great Trossachs Path) – Work is almost complete repairing the severe damage
    caused to this route during the 2019 landslips. The stretch of path between Stronachlacher and Corriearklet farm
    remains closed while this work is carried out. Please obey all site safety signage and advice from onsite
    operators. See map attached for details. We hope to see this route re-opened in the coming weeks. There has
    been a slight delay due to the bad weather in February.

  • 8 Mile Loop, Loch Ard – There is resurfacing works taking place on the Crannog section of the black
    waymarked, 8 Mile Loop to improve the trail surface post harvesting works. Please obey all on site signage and
    advice from onsite operators. This work is due to be completed by 15
    th March.

  • Lemahamish Car Park – Work on the car park access road is due to be complete by the end of the week
    which will allow us to re-open the Lemahamish car park to vehicles. This work was delayed due to Covid-19
    lockdown last year and then subsequently, the bad weather throughout January and February. Thanks to
    everyone for their patience.

  • Sallochy Campsite and Car Park - The Sallochy car park remains open to day visitors and parking charges
    apply. The toilets are closed and campsite remain closed due to current COVID restrictions. For regular updates
    see the FLS website -
    Sallochy Campsite - Forestry and Land Scotland

  • The Three Lochs Forest Drive - The Three Lochs Forest Drive remains closed to vehicles due to COVID
    restrictions. The Drunkie toilets are closed but the drive remains accessible to walkers, cyclists and horse riders
    all year round. Be aware there is some timber haulage being carried out by Invertrossachs Estate using the
    entrance access and road repairs and resurfacing works are due to commence on 15
    th March, weather permitting.

    The Lodge Forest Visitor Centre – For information regarding the Lodge, The Café and Go Ape please check
    thewebsite for regular updates -
    The Lodge Forest Visitor Centre - Forestry and Land Scotland

  • Rowardennan and Leny Woods – Phytophthora ramorum, a disease that affects larch trees has been
    confirmed at Rowardennan and Leny Woods, more information on this tree disease can be found at Felling of the infected trees has
    now been completed but visitors should still take care when visiting, information on how to protect our forests is
    available on site plus brushes for cleaning your boots. For more information on how you can help protect our
    forests visit -

If you have any questions about the above or do not wish to receive these updates please contact me.

All FLS work is subject to the continuing guidance regarding Covid-19 which can be found here -

Kind wishes and keep well,

Gill Walker | Visitor Services Supervisor

Forestry and Land Scotland, Aberfoyle Office, Central Region, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire, FK8 3UX