Dec 2022 Minutes

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Strathard Community Council Approved Minutes of meeting: Thursday 1 th Dec 2022. Hybrid meeting via Zoom at Aberfoyle Community Memorial Hall.


Community Councillors Present: Paul Mackintosh (Chair), Joyce Kelly (Planning) Lynda McColl (Secretary), Stuart Stephen (Treasurer), Natashya Sheppard, Nick Lester-Davis (Vice- Chair), Trevor Geraghty, Gillian McEwan, Clare Graham (associate councillor),

Minute Secretary: Kate Bovill

Attending: 5 members of public, Martin Earl Ward Councillor Trossachs andTeith.




1. Opening

2. Apologies

Nick Lester-Davis (NLD) chaired meeting as SCC Chair joining remotely due to illness

Police, Andre Goulancourt


3. Minutes

Minutes from last meeting proposed Joyce

Kelly (JK), Seconded Lynda McColl (LM)


4. Matters Arising

Aberfoyle and Buchlyvie Medical Practice – Information has been provided to the SCT Development Officer that the Aberfoyle Surgery is to reopen 2 days per week in the New Year. It is currently closed due to staffing.

Action LM to draft and circulate letter to councillors prior to forwarding to the Practice Manager of ABMP


It was discussed and agreed that the SCC will approach the Surgery more formally to clarify the following:

To confirm the factors currently impacting on opening Aberfoyle Surgery, to outline what contingency planning is taking place currently around reopening the surgery, to ask what support ABMP are seeking from FVHB and to ask to be formally updated by the Practice, giving the dates of our next

meetings and asking for a response.



NLD attended and received information

NLD to ask FLS about Flood impact assessment of felling in the area.

NLD to contact MSP to enquire about help with costs of statutory felling for households.


that statutory felling notices have now


been served on 5 locations including


Braeval and Milton in order to try to


control the spread of Phytophthera


disease currently affecting larches. The


felling of these and adjacent forestry will


have a significant impact on the


landscape. Natashya Sheppard (NS) asked


if the flood impact of removal had been





No mention had been made of the impact or disease of Western Hemlock

Jane Jones asked if there was any instruction to remove Rhododendron Ponticum from private gardens – none known.

Statutory notices are issued to householders by Scot Gov not by FLS. Would help to contact our MSP to ask what help is offered around the costs of this to homeowners.


6.Food Larder – Aberfoyle Memorial Hall

Emma Ferguson & Allison Graham (Hall Committee) gave a brief presentation on the aims and achievements of the hall in its energy efficiency and heating improvements. The final part of this will be new doors and a new kitchen. Initially the Food Larder idea ‘Aberfood’ was raised for consultation at the Community Climate & Sustainability event in March 2022 funded by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The Food Larder is now active and has a committed volunteer base. The project saves food discareded by the Coop on 5 nights a week and volunteers are encouraging all to use in order to reduce food waste. The project has a fridge and a freezer which is restocked 5/7 days with food being weighed to evidence what has been saved from Landfill. The hall are trying to promote acrosse range of media and want to extend to include more donations of food as well as cooking/community food events providing purposeful engagement at the venue. Paul Mackintosh asked about numbers

uptaking – this hasn’t been measured yet.


7. Community Event planning

Senior Citizen Meal has been planned for Monday 19 th Dec at the Forth Inn with hospitality venues contributing food at cost. Volunteers will staff the event.

Community Councillors have agreed to donate £200 from CC funds to support the Event.

JK asked if a younger partner/spouse of an over 65 could attend if they donated. Kate

Bovill will investigate

KB to check with Forth re under 65 partners



There will be an Event Planning Group meeting in the New Year with reps from both SCC, SCT & AVP as well as any other interested community members. This is to try to arrange and plan events well in advance and to communicate this clearly across the community. Clare Graham (CG) agreed to be the SCC rep on the events group.


8. Flooding

Flood Group met with Shirley Leek (FLS) to assess the condition of the river. Flood Group will be asked to provide updates ongoing at the SCC meetings. Flood Group minutes to be attached to SCC minutes going forward.

Flood Group - Appendix 1.


9. FLS Gates

Requested at CEG for clarify their new policy around gate access for this area. PM asks for the process to be followed in securing access.

NLD to circulate the Policy for what Questions this raises for councillors and to feedback.

NLD to forward Policy

to ME for information

10. Stirling Council

Short term let registration process has been approved by SC but the registration portal is not yet up on website affecting bookings beyond May 2023. Promises made to have it working by the end of the week. SC now has the power to control numbers of Short term lets.

Bin Survey has been completed with an outstanding level of engagement across SC area. Over 1000 positive suggestions made.

NS asked if there had been a report about

the bin lorry leaving the forest road.


11. Police

Criteria for qualifying for speed cameras is being reassessed. Police Scotland have now started to produce their own pop up police officers.

Police report – Appendix 2

KB to investigate for community purchase for school

12. CLP

PM/JK/Jamie Hamilton approved that the Life Plan mailing lists could be used to send a one-off survey on behalf of Development Officer in order to improve communication and access to information across Strathard.

JK to approach SC and ask that potential issues from the separation of responsibilities in

relation to LPP’s can

be addressed.



Generally, there may be an issue emerging that impacts on Community Councils operating within the National Park in relation to Local Place Plans/Life plans. It is essential that the Life Plans will be recognised and applicable where there is a separation of roles in relation to statutory planning procedures. NPA have no control over the basic infrastructure, which falls

under SC responsibility.


13. Planning

See Planning List - Appendix 3

JK reported that there had been no new applications registered in November and 3 overdue applications had been approved leaving 3 overdue applications extant.

JK went on to say that there has been inconsistency demonstrated by Stirling Council in its approach to planning around the B829 in relation to risk of flood impact on ingress/egress. 2 different planning proposals have resulted in different responses around access. NS suggested that SC are admitting that the road access along the B829 is indeed a safety issue.

ME has raised a query to ask if SC has established in principle whether there is greater risk to holiday makers or for private homes and for SC to provide more information around this. JK took an action to approach the LLTNP for clarity on the situation.

JK to contact LLTNP planning dept to ask for clarity on status of B829 flooding criteria.

14. SCT update

Health Transport service is operating well – Councillors have all received an update this week. Resilience plan is currently being focused on. SCT AGM is set for Feb 22nd 2023 where a number of directors will be stepping down. Joyce Kelly formally asked Trevor Geraghty (TG) and secured agreement that he is still willing to be SCC

rep on the Trust Board.


15. Broadband

JK requested clarification about status of connectivity for Stronachlachar and Inversnaid. Stronachlachar internet has

TG to investigate status of funding or progress in Inversnaid




not currently been extended to Inversnaid where the hamlet is dependent on satellite internet. Broadway Broadband are seeking government funding. SG are looking at Starlink. TG will investigate and update SCC at Feb meeting.


16. Safe Routes to School

Next phase of funding from Paths for All to scope path from Stabal ‘ard to Craigfoot Terrace. Next meeting with NPA & FLS on 7/12/22


17. Communications

CG gave a clear presentation outlining a new SCC website including a straightforward structure for the SCC to consider. It Includes meeting links, clear format for communicating agenda and contact protocol.

How SCC wish to use in relation to planning needs some thought and discussion. CG will circulate the link for councillors to explore. Existing documents and archives need to be structured in advance of use. Sara (contractor) has completed her user guide.

CG also highlighted the financial implication that show that currently, SCC will save admin costs.

NLD extended thanks and all congratulated CG on her work

CG to circulate link All SCC councillors to access and feedback

Thought around use of site to communicate around planning

18. Treasurers report

No changes since Nov report – latest report 3/11/2022 attached at Appendix 4


19. AOCB

Discussion around flooding limiting the type of speed bumps on Lochard Road. Speed bumps to be installed in January.

JK received a nomination to the SVE annual volunteer awards and was Highly Commended for her work as part of SCC over many years.

NLD to draft letter to SC.



NLD will draft a formal complaint to Stirling Council (outstanding from prev meeting)


Next Public meeting Thurs 2nd Feb 2023

Aberfoyle Memorial Hall 7pm



Appendix 1

Strathard Flood Group


Minutes of meeting 17/11/22

Present: Christopher Roads (Chair) Roger Doubal, Walter Semple, Paul Mackintosh (Strathard Community Council Chair), Kate Bovill (Development Officer, Strathard Community Trust)

Matters arising since last meeting:

The SC actions arising from the previous minutes have not been delivered. Christopher Roads (CR) has requested an update from Stirling Council (SC) via an SCC enquiry. Staff member has been absent and will return next week (23/11) SC Community Council Liaison Officer Stephen Bly will follow up then.

Following a letter from CR to the CEO of Forest and Land Scotland (FLS) Shirley Leek (FLS Planning Officer) has agreed to walk the section of river identified by SC as requiring intervention in their latest (inspected Dec 2021 for 2022 report).

Roger Doubal (RD) & CR will meet with Shirley on Mon 21 st Nov ’22 and accompany to visually assess the river and discuss FLS responsibilities and potential actions. Following this meeting CR will provide a short summary to SCC to ensure they are kept fully up to date with Flooding issues.

Martin Earl (Ward Councillor, Trossachs and Teith) has shared Stirling Councils latest Flood Programme Update Briefing Note (dated 7/11), which outlines the broader context (impact, costs & current priority status) within which Strathard Flooding challenges exist. All present have reviewed this document .

Walter Semple (WS) has produced a briefing document (28/10/22) outlining a potential Flood Group strategy. This was presented to SCC on 3/11/22.


Walter Semple (WS) presented his current view – He outlined the current approach as a shift from previous. The group are currently focused on exploring the opportunity by Flow


limiting structures (leaky dams) by going to the source of the flooding and seeking to address it there. The group is also conscious of the funding environment with the ability to seek its own funds. The group should also be willing to politicise and encourage informed community engagement with this approach.

Much discussion was had around the SC Update Briefing Note providing the wider context in the river catchment area covering Callander, Dunblane, Bridge of Allan and Stirling as well as Aberfoyle. Exploring comparisons of peak flows in the different areas was discussed as a potential action.

It was decided that the group would focus only on the Strathard area and its output beyond Aberfoyle in order to have clear parameters and ensure focus.

WS pointed out that the ‘bund’ proposed by the Mouchel report did not have community support and although they were reconsulted in 2019, there is no evidence that residents support the proposal approved by Stirling Council and sent to the Scottish Government for funding.

It was decided that the groups Strategy in the short term should follow Walters Flood Group Strategy and disseminate this appropriately. CR/WS will revisit and agree the one page executive summary before this is shared. Once this action is completed, it will be sent to the following:

Ward Councillors Elaine Waterson, Martin Earl & Gene Maxwell MSP Evelyn Tweed and her officer Scott Mcmurray

MP Alyn Smith

CR is also meeting MP Alyn Smith in the near future and will seek his advice on how to progress this for our community.

It was agreed that the group would wait to hear back from SC about their outcomes from the SCC enquiry process as well as any results from FLS meeting before setting a date for the next collaborative meeting.

Appendix 2


Trossachs and Teith Ward,

Strathard Community Council

Community Council :

01/11/22 to 29/11/22 Compiled by PC Donald King

Reporting Period :


Antisocial Behaviour

You are concerned about antisocial behaviour including drunken behaviour.


There have been no reported incidents of this nature during this time.

Ward Plan Priorities
















The draft LPP’s for 2023-2026 are now available for consultation. We would encourage feedback ahead of the plans being subject to final amendments and presentation for approval at scrutiny boards next year.

The survey is open until 12 th February 2023, and you can take part here: Local Police Plans 2023-2026 - Police Scotland - Citizen Space

Other Incidents / Activity of note














  Text Box: ents /


We are looking to raise awareness of romance fraud.

Romance fraud is widespread and estimates suggest that only one in five instances of fraud is reported.

Romance fraud works with the offender establishing trust and rapport with their victim. The victim believes they are in a genuine relationship as the offender claims to adhere to the same religious faith or

Other Incid

Activi ty of note














































The Community Officers for your area are: PC Donald King and PC Lorna Deans, based at Callander Police Office.

The Community Sergeant for the area is PS Sarah Stephenson, based at Dunblane Office.

They can be contacted via the email address TrossachsTeithCPT@scotland.police .uk or by phoning 101

We regularly publish information on the ‘Forth Valley Police’ Facebook page and tweet using @StirlingPol


Appendix 3

Strathard Community Council

Weekly Planning Lists for November 2022

Planning Applications:





Wk 44

Ref No 2022/0147/HAE Officer Nicola Arnott Date Valid 5 August 2022 Telephone 01389 722661 Proposal Erection of raised deck area (retrospective) and installation of patio doors to rear of property Location Craigrannoch Main Street Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Colin Shearer Craigrannoch Main Street Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UN Agent Emma McGuinness 21 Wedderburn Place Dunfermline Fife KY11 4PJ Application Type Householder Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid Co-ordinates 252499 E 700904 N Date Decision Issued 3 November 2022 Decision Approve

Wk 45

Ref No 2022/0181/DET Officer Jennifer Paton Date Valid 21 June 2022 Telephone 01389 727738 Proposal Alterations to existing retail unit to sub divide into 3 units. Class 1 retail unit, class 1 retail with ancillary cafe use and class 2 office unit. Alterations to shopfront to form additional entrance (as amended). Location Scottish Co-Op Main Street Aberfoyle Applicant Sava Estates Former Co-op Main Street Aberfoyle FK8 3UG Agent Don Bennett Bennett Developments and Consulting 10 Park Court Glasgow G46 7PB Application Type Detailed Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid Co-ordinates 252118 E 701013 N Date Decision Issued 10 November 2022 Decision Approve

Wk 46

Ref No 2022/0212/DET Officer Caroline Strugnell Date Valid 16 July 2022 Telephone 01389 722 148 Proposal Siting of replacement mobile hot food take-away trailer Location Riverside Fairground (Aberfoyle Car Park), Aberfoyle. Applicant Ms Alex Colquhoun 10 Dukes Court Aberfoyle FK8 3UU Agent Robert Hay The Hay Partnership (Lomond) Ltd 73 Glasgow Road Dumbarton G82 1RE Application Type Detailed Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid Co-ordinates 252167 E 700919 N Date Decision Issued 14 November 2022 Decision Approve


None Enforcement Matters:

None Appeals:



Overdue Applications:

• Application Number 2021/0194/DET Development Proposed : Formation of bellmouth junction and access road to serve a maximum of 12 dwellinghouses Location: Land To The West Of Lochard Cottage Kinlochard Stirling Applicant: Mr Graham Clough Agent’s Name: Gareth Roberts Agent’s Company Name: Organic Architects Agent’s Address: 140 West Princes Street Helensburgh G84 8BH Date Application Valid: 14 September 2021 Date of expiry of period for representations: 29 October 2021

• Application Number 2022/0099/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwelling house Location: Land Between Creag Mhor Cottage And Creag Mhor House Lochard Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TD Applicant: Mr And Mrs Richard Baston Agent’s Name: John White Agent’s Company Name: John H White Architect Agent’s Address: Ballat Crossroads Balfron Station Glasgow G63 0SE Date Application Valid: 5 April 2022 Date of expiry of period for representations: 13 May 2022

• Ref No 2022/0213/DET Officer Caroline Strugnell Date Valid 21 July 2022 Telephone 01389 722148 Proposal Erection of 8 no. holiday let units Location Drumore Cottage Duchray Road Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Peter Lawns Drumore Cottage Duchray Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3XL Agent Darran Crawford Linearchitecture Ltd Unit 2 Oak Killean Mill Business Park Killearn G63 9LQ Application Type Detailed Planning Permission

Appendix 4

Treasurers report – no change since this 3/11/22

Strathard Community Council – Bank account balance at 3 November 2022

£ £

General Fund opening Bank balance 29 July 2022 7285.67 Monies out

Michelle Colquhoun (Christmas expenses 2021) ( 87.65) Trevor Geraghty (IT expenses) ( 295.44)

Minute Secretary ( 90.00) Total monies out ( 473.09) Monies in


SC Admin Grant 755.61 Total monies in 755.61

General Fund closing Bank balance 13 September 2022 7568.19 Subsequent income/expenditure

Land Register ( 72.00)

Aberfoyle Memorial Hall ( 25.00) Total subsequent spend ( 97.00)

General Fund closing Balance 3 November 2022 7471.19 Less Commitments

Community Events Fund 1073.97 1073.97

Available Funds 6397.22 Commitments

1 Community Event Fund

Funds in Bank account 1 September 2022 £1073.97 Funds in Bank account 3 November 2022 £1073.97