June 2022 Minutes

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Strathard Community Council Approved Minutes of meeting: Thursday 2 nd June 2022. Hybrid meeting at Aberfoyle Memorial Hall with Zoom participation.


Community Councillors Present: Trevor Geraghty (Chair) Joyce Kelly (Planning) Lynda McColl (Secretary), Paul Mackintosh, Michelle Colquhoun, Stuart Stephen, Andre Goulancourt

Minute Secretary: Kate Bovill

Attending: 2 members of public, Drew Leslie (Stirling Council), Gene Maxwell SC Councillor, David Jarvie, Architect with SAVA estates (re Coop)




1. Opening

2. Apologies

Trevor Geraghty (TG) chaired the meeting & welcomed all.

Police, Gillian McEwan, Nick Lester-Davis, Natashya Sheppard


3. Minutes

Minutes from last meeting proposed Joyce Kelly (JK) Seconded Michelle Colquhoun



4. Matters arising

TG will resend mins of Flooding & Resilience Public meeting (24th May) to all

and relevant organisations


5. Changing Places – toilet upgrade works/Stirling Council

SCC were notified on Fri 20th May of major disruptive works beginning on Mon 23rd May with no consultation. There is a significant impact of no ladies public toilets available plus a large area of car park made unavailable. In addition, work still to be completed with the pedestrian crossings. Roads department are looking to close Lochard Road during the summer holidays. Drew Leslie (DL) acknowledged the frustration felt by SCC around lack of communication and notice given and gave a full apology on behalf of SC and the departments involved. DL also grateful for the time given by SCC/TG to deal with this. SC have had problems – twice procurement unsuccessful and needed to progress with bundled project with choice of spiralling costs if waiting until later in the year. As work is being done, will ensure space used in car park is reduced as soon as possible and provide access to the toilets. Project manager is full time on site, DL will provide SCC with names of staff.

Hoardings taking up 6 spaces in main




carpark & 30 in woollen mill. Concerns raised by SCC about H&S plus major impact on needed parking & therefore business, concerns about coach trips moving elsewhere. Stuart Stephen asked if SC were monitoring, DL confirmed project managed closely with SC. Changing places a SC priority supported by NPA. Pointed out by TG that if a private business had acted in this way SC would have swiftly challenged. TG also challenged need for storage area for 3 months. DL will get site designer out to reassess H&S – narrow one way area with workers, resident Jimmy Quinn (JQ) experienced difficulty accessing bus service due to works.

DL crossings will be completed next week barring awaited delivery of 1 beacon.

Resident Lyn Turner (LT) experiencing strong light from beacon at night, barriered lights should be used plus puddling at new main street crossing. In response LM explained that gullies required clearing


6. Coop Planning application/SAVA estates

The Architect working for SAVA Estates attended the meeting to explain their updated ventilation submission in relation to their application and the approach that SAVA Estates use to manage properties they own. Despite being provided with comprehensive information on the ventilation system the SCC committee felt they were not in a position to determine if it was appropriate for use in the proposed build environment. Given that the committee did not have the required expertise it was agreed that they were dependent on Stirling Council’s Environmental Health Dept guidance on this as this was the key issue with the planning proposal and one, which depending on the outcome of the Environmental Health’s investigations could constitute as a Material Consideration associated with the LLTNP policy “ Residential amenity

(noise, overshadowing etc);” and possibly




on the “Impact on natural or built

environment” policy. In conclusion it was agreed that JK would email Jennifer Paton, the LLTNP Planning Officer with responsibility for the application and request that the SCC be given an extension to the response period allowed them to await the outcome of the Environmental Health’s decision regarding the ventilation system before formally responding.

David Jarvie (DJ) attending on behalf of SAVA estates. 3 emails from local residents objecting to change of use application were read out, LT also has objected. Views were all noted for the record and would be taken in to consideration by SCC. TG clarified that SCC do not have the power to endorse or reject any planning applications.

DJ – SAVA are trying to let but there is no interest in the whole unit. They are altering the extraction unit proposed to a carbon filter which would not need a high flue and would remove 95-99% of odours. Much of this system could be built into the fabric of the building and any remaining external elements can be coloured to reduce visible impacts. This is used in many places in Edinburgh where strict planning rules are needed. Maintenance – onus would be on business operators to maintain appropriately, frequency of maintenance ie filters would depend on type of restaurant (eg Italian vs indian) JK requested information from DJ of information of businesses where carbon filter extraction systems are working now. DJ said planning consent can have conditions applied. LT said she had much experience of living in the vicinity of restaurants and the associated litter, vermin and disruption to residents re take away businesses also needed to be considered when looking at the

“disamentiy” element. She also highlighted

that in her experience noise as being an




issue even with the carbon filter version of ventilation systems.

Discussion around the sort of business that would succeed – the application indicated that it would be down to the lease holder or new owners to decide. The aim of SAVA Estates in requesting a category 3 change request was to broaden the potential and does not dictate the sort of business that would operate. In relation to the condition of the building – DJ – this would be raised by prospective operators surveyor and built into conditions of lease.

For layout of proposed plan, TG asked if the design could be flipped ie the restaurant element situated at the opposite end of the building alongside other food outlets further from the residential properties. DJ for SAVA estates said this could be done. The ultimate decision on whether to approve the applications rests with the LLTNP, but licensing of the ventilation system is the responsibility of Environmental Health.


7. Flooding & Resilience

At a Public meeting on 24th May, local resident Christopher Roads presented a range of opportunities to mitigate flooding impacts, which was well received. There will be development about resilience

planning and how to progress this.



JK said that the individual FLS Land Management Plan CEG’s are going well with regular communications

ongoing. Currently there are active plans for Loch Katrine and West Loch Ard with Loch Chon ready to begin processing. She expressed some concern on the effectiveness of the General FLS/CEG group however. The more general CEG which looks at FLS policies outside the specific Land Management Plan areas is meeting quarterly but it is unclear at this time if the ultimate goal of the SCC in getting involved is on track to being

met. The aim in requesting that FLS

engage with the community in a general




CEG was to try and facilitate sharing of information ahead of FLS implementation of policy to avoid FLS action which would result in negative consequences for the Strathard community. At the moment it appears to be operating as a forum for FLS to tell the community of plans without providing any opportunity to influence those felt to pose negative consequences for the community. JK advised that the situation would be monitored to see if it improved but that the possibility of discontinuing the forum would be considered if it was felt not to be operating as a consultation process.


9. Planning

Appendix 1

JK informed the meeting that there had been 7 new planning applications, 1 approval and said that the overdue applications had risen to 6 from 2 the previous month. There had been no comments submitted against the new planning applications.


10. NPA

No update – big trolley signs still located at

FLS site


11. SCT

Kate Bovill (KB) is conducting a community

transport survey


12. Safe routes to school

1. Safe routes path to and from school is a long term ongoing project with positive collaboration between SCC, FLS and SC. There will be a feasibility study done in July looking at the route behind the school between the two cul-de-sacs on Lochard Road.


3 crossings have been installed throughout the village.

1 crossing in the Main Street up and running.

Operational delays caused by:

Problem with road / pavement creating a large puddle on the main road crossing. Working on plans to correct this issue.

Electricity company installing electricity to the crossing lights. These works confirmed completed within the next week.




Awaiting new signage on the Trossachs road to the area just as you approach the crossing at the bank corner, alerting motorists and cyclists especially of the new road layout and crossings ahead.

Council have been informed of the dangers faced by the children having to cross the road bridge at the manse road.

Carrying out a bridge survey and looking at what things can be done either side of bridge to again alert motorists and cyclists of children trying to cross safely.

July meeting with the council should give us more information regarding the outcome.

The road surface outside the school has deteriorated more than usual due to the time lapsed since resurfacing. SC are investigating options for this work. When the surface has been completed, yellow zigzags will be added.

NB SC are intending to close Lochard Road to conduct this work SCC meeting with SC Roads 28/6 to resolve access issues.


13. Stirling Council Councillors

Gene Maxwell attending for the first time as a newly elected councilor. Introduced his broad background and experience as a resident within Trossachs and Teith as well as being a previous CC Chair & involved in committees in NPA. Described details of SC administration structure going forward.

TG – main concerns from SCC at present that population trebles during summer but

the waste service remains the same.


14. CLPs


No extant actions outstanding at this time.

Stronachlachar/Inversnaid CLP

An outstanding action on JK to seek a volunteer to take on the Chair and support Sheila Gordon who has offered to help manage maintenance of the CLP.


At the recent workshop held to update the KCLP a safety issue in regard to Kinlochard play park was raised. On 2 separate occasions motorists had to slam on their

breaks to avoid missing a small child




egressing the gate. This is partly due to the fact that the gate is located in the lea of Aros Cottage’s hedge which obscures the view of oncoming traffic until they are actually at the gate. This coupled with the fact that in busy periods cars are parked the full length of the play park perimeter fence and across the gate itself. Children egressing the gate are only then visible once they clear both the gate and the parked cars and are then almost on the middle of the road. There is no pavement along the entire stretch of the road as there is not sufficient space to allow for this.

It was agreed that as a minimum the location of the play park gate required to be moved further along the perimeter fence. On making enquiries on the best way to have the issue addressed it was advised that the SCC should place an enquiry on Stirling Council, the owners of the play park, via Stephen Bly the Community Liaison Officer for our

ward. This was subsequently done and was picked up extremely quickly by SC Service section and SC Roads.

Stirling Roads response including instating double yellow lines and after some discussion with SCC representatives have issued a notice to this effect in the Stirling Observer. This notice is open to consultation and anyone whishing to comment should address it via Stirling Council Road’s notice published in the Stirling Observer. In addition the SCC was informed that the Services Dept intended to move the play park gate when the perimeter fence is replaced within the next few months.

Stirling Council have moved extremely quickly on this issue and while the SCC would have preferred to have been given time before the proposal was officially adopted and published to socialise within the community it was felt that the Stirling

Council’s consultation process would give




all residents the opportunity to comment and object if so desired. The SCC agreed to issue an information email to all Kinlochard Residents on the KCLP mailing list to inform them and ensure all had adequate time to respond and make their views known. While the SCC had ratified the SC proposal ex-committee it was agreed that the email to residents would contain no recommendation to residents. It was felt that the SC consultation process offered all residents the opportunity to express their personal views for

consideration by SC Roads Dept.


15. Events

There will be an Aberfoyle Gala on 31/7/2022 from approx. 12-4pm.

SCC should start planning Xmas Lunch for residents now.


16. Treasurers report

Appendix 2

Admin grant application needed by end of July but cant sign off the necessary accounts until AGM. SS will get accounts independently verified & approach Stephen Bly to resolve. Potential to have a short focussed AGM to address this.


17. Police report

See Appendix 3


18. AOCB

Coopted Councillors can become full councilors after attending 3 meetings. This to be confirmed.

Councillors to prepare for Lochard Roads meeting 28 th June.

Clare Graham has offered information on digitizing SCC – this to be address and help sought.

QEFP Trail Update – Appendix 4


Next Public meeting Thurs 4nd August 2022

Kinlochard Village Hall 7.15pm

Appendix 1 – SCC Planning Report


Weekly Planning Lists for May 2022


Planning Applications:


• Ref No 2022/0140/NOT Officer Lorna Gray Date Valid 3 May 2022 Proposal Construction of 2 no. roads (150m and 350m) for harvesting purposes Location Land North East Of Loch Drunkie North East Achray Forest Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Simon Amor Gresham House 45 Enterprise House Springkerse Business Park Stirling FK7 7UF Agent Alasdair Macnair RDS Forestry Ltd 45 Enterprise House Springkerse Business Park Stirling FK7 7UF Application Type Prior Notification Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid co-ordinates 255583 E 703975 N Advertisement Type

• Ref No 2022/0142/DET Officer Amy Unitt Date Valid 9 May 2022 Proposal Change in the use of garden grounds for siting of 1 no. glamping pod for holiday let Location Hazelbank Manse Road Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Kenneth McNeil Hazelbank Manse Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3XF Agent Mr John White John H White Architects Ballat Crossroads Balfron Station Glasgow G63 0SE Application Type Detailed Planning Permission Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid co-ordinates 251751 E 700463 N Advertisement Type Neighbour Notification

• Ref No 2022/0143/TRE Officer Simon Franks Date Valid 6 May 2022 Proposal Tree works protected by Tree Retention Zone condition on 2016/0234/DET - remove No1 tree with ash dieback Location Altskeith Country House Aberfoyle Stirling Applicant Mrs Alison Rios McCrone Altskeith Country House Loch Ard Road Kinlochard Aberfoyle FK8 3TL Agent Application Type Tree works application Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid co- ordinates 246902 E 702143 N Advertisement Type

• Ref No 2022/0158/HAE Officer Lorna Gray Date Valid 20 May 2022 Proposal Demolition of existing concrete garage and erection of ancillary building to form gym, shower room and store Location Craigview Main Street Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Myles Painter Craigview Main Street Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UN Agent Application Type Householder Planning Permission Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid co-ordinates 252493 E 700916 N Advertisement Type

• Ref No 2022/0150/HAE Officer Nicola Arnott Date Valid 17 May 2022 Proposal Extension and alterations to dwellinghouse Location Balanton Cottage Main Street Aberfoyle Applicant Mr & Mrs J Madeira Balanton Cottage Main Street Aberfoyle FK8 3UX Agent Michael Stuart Michael Stuart Design 70 Eastcroft Drive Polmont Falkirk FK2 0SU Application Type Householder Planning Permission Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid co-ordinates 252633 E 700780 N Advertisement Typ


• Ref No 2022/0164/HAE Officer Lorna Gray Date Valid 26 May 2022 Proposal Removal of existing garage and erection of replacement 1.5 storey garage building for storage and artist studio Location Corriearklet Farmhouse Inversnaid Stirling Applicant Mr Andre Goulancourt Corrie Arklet Farm Inversnaid Stirling FK8 3TU Agent Murray Watt MW Consultants The Mill House Thornhill Stirling FK8 3QJ Application Type Householder Planning Permission Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid co-ordinates 237659 E 709601 N Advertisement Type

• Ref No 2022/0140/NOT Officer Lorna Gray Date Valid 3 May 2022 Proposal Construction of 2 no. roads (150m and 350m) for harvesting purposes Location Land North East Of Loch Drunkie North East Achray Forest Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Simon Amor Gresham House 45 Enterprise House Springkerse Business Park Stirling FK7 7UF Agent Alasdair Macnair RDS Forestry Ltd 45 Enterprise House Springkerse Business Park Stirling FK7 7UF Application Type Prior Notification National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid Co-ordinates 255583 E 703975 N Date Decision Issued 26 May 2022 Decision Prior approval not required

Withdrawals: None Approvals:

• Ref No 2022/0063/HAE Officer Nicola Arnott Date Valid 9 March 2022 Telephone 01389 722661 Proposal Partial conversion of existing garage / workshop to form new ancillary / multi purpose space and erection of porch Location Garrison Cottage Inversnaid Stirling Applicant Mr P Naylor Garrison Cottage Inversnaid FK8 3TU Agent William Harley WD Harley Ancaster Business Centre Cross Street Callander FK17 8EA Application Type Householder Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid Co-ordinates 234747 E 709498 N Date Decision Issued 10 May 2022 Decision Approve

Enforcement Matters: None Appeals: None

Overdue Applications:

• Application Number 2021/0194/DET Development Proposed : Formation of bellmouth junction and access road to serve a maximum of 12 dwellinghouses Location: Land To The West Of Lochard Cottage Kinlochard Stirling Applicant: Mr Graham Clough Agent’s Name: Gareth Roberts Agent’s Company Name: Organic Architects Agent’s Address: 140 West Princes Street Helensburgh G84 8BH Date Application Valid: 14 September 2021 Date of expiry of period for representations: 29 October 2021


• Application Number 2021/0248/PPP Development Proposed : Change in the use of land from agriculture to caravan site for siting of holiday pods and managers accommodation and formation of access, car parking, footpaths and installation of sewage treatment plant Location: Ledard Farm Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TL Applicant: Ledard Estates Ltd Agent’s Name: Murray Watt Agent’s Company Name: MW Consultants Agent’s Address: The Mill House Thornhill Stirling FK8 3QJ Date Application Valid: 6 July 2021 Date of expiry of period for representations: 13 August 2021

• Application Number 2022/0099/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwelling house Location: Land Between Creag Mhor Cottage And Creag Mhor House Lochard Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TD Applicant: Mr And Mrs Richard Baston Agent’s Name: John White Agent’s Company Name: John H White Architect Agent’s Address: Ballat Crossroads Balfron Station Glasgow G63 0SE Date Application Valid: 5 April 2022 Date of expiry of period for representations: 13 May 2022

• Application Number 2022/0060/LBC Development Proposed : Erection of porch to front elevation Location: Corn Mill Lochard Road Milton Aberfoyle Stirling Applicant: Mr James Harrower Agent’s Name: Agent’s Company Name: Agent’s Address: Date Application Valid: 14 March 2022 Date of expiry of period for representations: 15 April 202

• Application Number 2022/0113/DET Development Proposed : Change of use and subdivision of existing retail unit (Class 1 (shops) to three units: Class 1 (shops), Class 2 (financial, professional and other services) and Class 3 (food and drink) with hot food takeaway (sui generis); erection of flues to rear; alteration to shopfront to form additional entrance Location: Former Scottish Co-Op Main Street Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UG Applicant: Sava Estates Agent’s Name: Don Bennett Agent’s Company Name: Bennett Developments and Consulting Agent’s Address: 27 Park Court Glasgow G46 7PB Date Application Valid: 18 April 2022 Date of expiry of period for representations: 30 May 2022

• Application Number 2022/0115/DET Development Proposed : Demolition of existing two bedroom single-storey dwelling and garage, replacement with two bedroom single-storey dwelling. Revised driveway with parking/turning for two vehicles, along with 'service bay' to single track access road Location: Dunardry Manse Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3XF Applicant: Ms Eva-Konstanze Christine Werstler Agent’s Name: Ryan Taylor Agent’s Company Name: Mary Arnold-Forster Architects Agent’s Address: Ploughman's Cottage Fungarth Dunkeld Perthshire PH8 0ES Date Application Valid: 7 April 2022 Date of expiry of period for representations: 20 May 2022

Appendix 2 - Treasurers Report

Strathard Community Council – Bank account balance at 2 June 2022


£ £


General Fund opening Bank balance 28 March 2022 7375.67

Monies out

Minute Secretary ( 40.00)

Total monies out ( 40.00)

Monies in

Co-op Christmas 2021 donation 150.00

Total monies in 150.00

General Fund closing Bank balance 28 March 2022 7485.67

Subsequent income/expenditure

Minute Secretary ( 40.00)

Michelle Colquhoun (Christmas expenses 2021) ( 87.65)

Total subsequent spend ( 127.65)

General Fund closing Balance 2 June 2022 7358.02


Less Commitments


Community Events Fund





Available Funds






Community Event Fund


Funds in Bank account 5 May 2022








Co-op Christmas 2021 donation




Outstanding expenses





Funds in Bank account 2 June 2022 £1073.97




Christmas lunch




co-op donation £150.00


raffle £153.00




Memorial Hall £ 31.25


Event costs £240.65


Surplus £ 31.10


Outstanding expenses



Event costs







Outstanding expenses of £87.65 paid to Michelle Colqhoun (£240.65 - £153.00)




Appendix 3 - Police Report

Trossachs and Teith Ward,

Strathard Community Council


Community Council :

04/05/22 – 30/05/22 Compiled by PC Donald King

Reporting Period :

Antisocial Behaviour

You are concerned about antisocial behaviour including drunken behaviour.


There have been no reported incidents during this period.

Ward Plan Priorities









  Text Box: Road Safety
You are concerned about speeding, dangerous driving and indiscriminate parking.

On 29/05/22 a serious RTC occurred on the A821, Dukes Pass involving one motor cyclist. This required the closure of the road for some time to allow for emergency services to attend and safely deal with the incident.

About 1539hrs same date a serious two vehicle RTC occurred on the A81 near Braeval involving a car and a motorbike. This resulted in 4 casualties and the road being closed for some time. Enquiries are still ongoing in relation to this incident.

Constables Deans and King have been in the Aberfoyle area during this time carrying out speed detection duties and will continue to carry this out when they are able to.


Text Box: Theft
You are concerned about homes being broken into and travelling criminals.

There have been no incidents reported of this type during this time.





Other Incidents / Activity of note



Issues raised Community Council Feedback




The Community Officers for your area are: PC Donald King and PC Lorna Deans, based at Callander Police Office.

The Community Sergeant for the area is PS Grant MacDonald, based at Dunblane Office.

They can be contacted via the email address TrossachsTeithCPT@scotland.police .uk or by phoning 101

We regularly publish information on the ‘Forth Valley Police’ Facebook page and tweet using @StirlingPol

Appendix 4 – QEFP Trail Update (early June)

Loch Ard –

  • Milton Car Park will be CLOSED to visitors to allow us to carry out resurfacing works

from Monday 30 May to Thursday 2 June. Limited parking will be available on the approach road to the car park during this time. The Loch Ard trails can be accessed from Aberfoyle Village, which is an alternative parking option during this time.

· Please be aware of operational harvesting work taking place in Loch Ard Forest from 25 May 2022. All FLS promoted trails remain open but there will be timber haulage wagons on the forest road from Ghlennain Lochan to Milton Car Park from May to August 2022. Please follow all on site signage and advice from operators.

Braeval –

· The blue waymarked Stonefields trail is currently closed for harvesting and storm clearance. This work is due to be completed by the end of 2022. Please obey all on site signage and advice from operators. Access via the Rob Roy Way between Aberfoyle and Callander remains open.

Garadhban –


· We have recently had to fell larch trees infected with the disease Phytophthora Ramorum in the Garadhban area. Find out more about how to protect our forest from tree disease here.

We ask that visitors follow all on site signage when out on the trails and choose an alternative route if the one you had planned to use is closed. For updated information of our trails please keep an eye on the destination pages linked via the main QEFP webpage.