Sept 2022 Minutes

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Strathard Community Council Approved Minutes of meeting: Thursday 1 th Sept 2022. Hybrid meeting at Aberfoyle Memorial Hall with Zoom participation.


Community Councillors Present: Trevor Geraghty (Chair), Joyce Kelly (Planning) Lynda McColl (Secretary), Stuart Stephen (Treasurer), Paul Mackintosh (Vice-Chair), Natashya Sheppard, Nick Lester-Davis (Vice-Chair) Clare Graham (associate councillor),

Minute Secretary: Kate Bovill

Attending: 3 members of public, Elaine Watterson Ward Councillor, Kerry McPhee – Bike Trossachs




1. Opening

2. Apologies

Trevor Geraghty (TG) chaired the meeting & welcomed all. Introductions made for newcomers and outline of standard procedures

Police, Michelle Colquhoun, Andre

Goulancourt, Gillian McEwan


3. Minutes

Minutes from last meeting proposed Stuart

Stephen (SS) Seconded Joyce Kelly (JK)


4. Dukes weekender 10th & 11st September

Kerry McPhee from Bike Trossachs introduced herself and informed Community Council that the Dukes Weekender founders (Stu & Amber Thomson and Rob & Caroline Friel) had passed the event into the management of Bike Trossachs CIC. This means that all profits will now go into improving and developing infrastructure and bike projects in Strathard.

Parts of Aberfoyle Car Park will again be closed with a pump track available for youngsters and a range of trade stalls. The hill climb will operate on forest trails from 3pm on Sat 10th with beer tent, Achray Ice Cream and Drumming. This year adaptive cycles will be included with 15 entries. 25% of overall entries are from women which represents a significant shift and is great news for equality. They have also made efforts to encourage engagement with local businesses and have approached all outlets in the community with a £3 discount voucher to be used in the 10 businesses that have opted in.

TG commended the founders for the work they have done to establish this fantastic




5. Flood Group update

Christopher Roads (CR) updated group on

SCC to write to landowners requesting action to remove debris causing risk of flooding to the community.


progress made with SC since his


presentation to SCC in April and the public


meeting on 24th May. A river inspectors


report has been shared by Stirling Council


which shows that 2 areas of the catchment


in Aberfoyle are showing as ‘poor’. This


means there is a higher risk of them


causing flooding. SC are approaching


Mouchel to model a number of potential


simple actions and will conduct another


River insperction prior to lettering the


landowners (public sector) to request


removal of debris from the River. Elaine


Watterson (EW) informed SCC that Scot


Gov have put a hold on all 1 in 200yr


flooding event funds. TG commended


Flood Group for their scrutiny & ongoing


persistence in this matter. There are also


plans to relocate Beavers from the Tay to


the Duchray catchment and this may have


benefits. Roger Doubal (Flood Group) as


civil engineer acknowledged this is unlikely


to be significant enough to help with the


issues facing the lower areas in Strathard.

6. Community Life Plan

There has been no activity in relation to

Joyce to email ALP


the CLP’s since the last meeting due to

members to arrange


other pressing issues. It is intended to

development of


email all Aberfoyle CLP contributors to

working group


request support from members to create


an ACLP Steering Group which will work


alongside the KCLP and Strono/Inversnaid


Steering Groups to develop an overarching


LPP for presentation to the LLTNP. This


needs to be completed within the next 6


months or we will lose the initiative and


our CLP’s may lose their material status in


relation to planning application decisions.


7. Planning

Planning update for August 2022 – please see appendix 1

Re: Ref No 2022/0212/DET Officer Caroline Strugnell Date Valid 16 July 2022

Telephone 01389 722 148 Proposal Siting

of replacement mobile hot food take-away

SCC will issue a letter of support for the takeaway van application Ref No. 2022/0212/DET



trailer Location Riverside Fairground (Aberfoyle Car Park), Letters from SEPA and Stirling Flood Team have asked that the unit is not raised on hydraulic feet but towed away if flood warnings are issued. Applicant requested a site visit from NPA which was refused. NLD suggests applicant document all interactions.

The SCC has reviewed the Aberfoyle Community Life Plan in relation to planning application 2022/0213/DET and do not believe that there is anything material in the ACLP which would warrant the SCC raising an objection to the proposal.

However there have been objections raised by the public on the proposal’s compliance with the LLTNP LDP policies and there are outstanding questions on water and electricity supply to the site which will only be answered by further investigations therefore the SCC do not think it is appropriate to recommend that the application is approved. The decision is to make no comment and I will inform the LLTNP of our decision as required before 06 Sept.



Nick has now formally taken over the Secretary role for the CEG group and Joyce will step back only attending if required.

Plans for harvesting were shared at the CEG. Larch disease EU2 is spreading within area meaning all Larch within 250m of infection needs to be felled. The disease is windborne and present at Braeval.

Residents with larch within 250m of infection will be expected to fell these at their own expense.

SUPERB QEFP Forest Restoration stakeholder meeting 13/9/22 – there will be SCC & SCT representation at this.

There are plans to relocate beavers from the Tay catchment into the Duchray.

See Safe Routes – John Hair will walk route.


9. Resilience

Following Kinlochard Resilience multi agency meeting on August 2nd. NLD

requested minutes of the 3 SC meetings




conducted without the community and asked SC to fund a feasibility study that they can do on private land if it is to community benefit. FLS have acknowledged FOI request around decision-making relating to road use in the forest. SCC willing to progress resilience but Forest road access must be progressed as a key element of this. NLD has asked for FOI re a copy of all correspondence relating to this. Stuart Stephen (SS) – SCC must progress resilience with SC or could create risk due to our position. SCC can also refuse to accept the premise that the forest access decisions have been based on. SCC agreed to send a response back in writing relating to SC’s approach re incorrect information, treatment of residents group.


10. SCT

SCT have submitted a funding application to progress the broader objective picture of what structures, organisations and requirements relate to resilience within the Strathard Community including process to review, update and amend on a regular basis – probably annually. The funding is also to coordinate a community volunteer transport service to enable GP access from Strathard Communities. JK questioned if Bus pass holders would get free. KB – a short term project where not possible to connect to subsidy scheme but will take concern to steering group for low income if

application is successful.

KB to forward list to SC

11. Stirling Council

EW - MacDonald Forest Hills could potentially be hosting Ukrainian refugees. Kate Hudson at Stirling Council and our Ward Councillors should be the point of contact for any community enquiries regarding this. SCC should refrain from any action without guidance on what to step back from and what can we help with. A variety of ideas were discussed which had merit to take forward if appropriate in the future.

SCC to seek guidance from Kate Hudson at SC if refugees are housed there.


Bins – household Card Calendars will be issued for the following year. Due to resources, the bin consultation has not yet occurred.



12. Health

No information forthcoming about Aberfoyle Surgery status. Martin Earl had communicated value of community

representations to FVHB

Resident led Petition – KB, TG & CG

13. Police Report

Appendix 2


14. Events

A brief meeting was held with KB, SS and Hall committee members to discuss Senior Citizens Xmas Lunch/Dinner. Gillian McEwan & Lynda McColl were unable to attend. A number of ideas were discussed and SS will check out prices with hospitality venues for meals and with Peter Sundersland rel lights. Merits of either community based lunch in Hall v’s treat night at a venue were discussed but not finalised. NS – young families might find it difficult this winter – is it appropriate to spend lots on lighting and focus only on Senior Citizens?

JK to sign off pride grant to enable fresh application for Xmas events

15. Safe Routes to School

As mentioned in FLS CEG above, John Hair will accompany path lead Enda McLoughlin on path from Lochard Road behind School to Craigfoot terrace to try to assess for a temporary fix to path access for locals until longer term path development can occur.


16. Treasurers Report

See appendix 3


17. AOCB

At the meeting held in the HUB to agree how to handle the handover over the Chairperson role it was decided to hold a short business meeting directly after the main SCC meeting to formalise Trevor’s resignation and election of his replacement. Confirm the roles of the remaining councillors and confirm issuing the contract to digitalise the SCC filing system.

Date of Note – The refurb of the Baillie sign is on the Repair shop this Weds 7th at 8pm

St Mary’s business Forum restarts this Tues 6 th September in the meeting room at the Rectory. All are welcome. It is hoped Jim

Riach, Active Travel Officer from LLT




Countryside Trust will attend to speak about a cyclist friendly award scheme.

QEFP trail update – Appendix 4


Next Public meeting Thurs 3rd November 2022

Kinlochard Village Hall 7.15pm








Planning Applications:

Appendix 1

Strathard Community Council

Weekly Planning Lists for August 2022


• Ref No 2022/0147/HAE Officer Nicola Arnott Date Valid 5 August 2022 Telephone 01389 722661 Proposal Installation of patio doors to rear of property Location Craigrannoch Main Street Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Colin Shearer Craigrannoch Main Street Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UN Agent Emma McGuinness 21 Wedderburn Place Dunfermline Fife KY11 4PJ Application Type Householder Planning Permission Expected Decision Level DEL National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid co- ordina



• Applicant Mr Graham Denholm Kirkton Farm Manse Road Aberfoyle FK8 3XB Agent William Harley Balvalachlan Farm Callander FK17 8JJ Application Type Detailed Planning Permission National Park Ward NP Ward 2 (northern (central) area) Community Council Area Strathard CC National Grid Co-ordinates 251677 E 700864 N Date Decision Issued 19 August 2022 Decision Approve


Enforcement Matters: None



Overdue Applications:

• Application Number 2021/0194/DET Development Proposed : Formation of bellmouth junction and access road to serve a maximum of 12 dwellinghouses Location: Land To The


West Of Lochard Cottage Kinlochard Stirling Applicant: Mr Graham Clough Agent’s Name: Gareth Roberts Agent’s Company Name: Organic Architects Agent’s Address: 140 West Princes Street Helensburgh G84 8BH Date Application Valid: 14 September 2021 Date of expiry of period for representations: 29 October 2021

• Application Number 2022/0099/DET Development Proposed : Erection of dwelling house Location: Land Between Creag Mhor Cottage And Creag Mhor House Lochard Road

Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3TD Applicant: Mr And Mrs Richard Baston Agent’s Name: John White Agent’s Company Name: John H White Architect Agent’s Address: Ballat Crossroads Balfron Station Glasgow G63 0SE Date Application Valid: 5 April 2022 Date of expiry of period for representations: 13 May 2022

• Application Number 2022/0181/DET Development Proposed : Alterations to existing retail unit to sub divide into 3 units. Class 1 retail unit, class 2 office unit & class 3 restaurant with erection of flue masked by existing roof upstand. Alterations to shopfront to form additional entrance. Location: Scottish Co-Op Main Street Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3UG Applicant: Sava Estates Agent’s Name: Don Bennett Agent’s Company Name: Bennett Developments and Consulting Agent’s Address: 10 Park Court Glasgow G46 7PB Date Application Valid: 21 June 2022 Date of expiry of period for representations:

• Ref No 2022/0213/DET Officer Caroline Strugnell Date Valid 21 July 2022 Telephone 01389 722148 Proposal Erection of 8 no. holiday let units Location Drumore Cottage Duchray Road Aberfoyle Applicant Mr Peter Lawns Drumore Cottage Duchray Road Aberfoyle Stirling FK8 3XL Agent Darran Crawford Linearchitecture Ltd Unit 2 Oak Killean Mill Business Park Killearn G63 9LQ Application Type Detailed Planning Permission

• Ref No 2022/0212/DET Officer Caroline Strugnell Date Valid 16 July 2022 Telephone 01389 722 148 Proposal Siting of replacement mobile hot food take-away trailer Location Riverside Fairground (Aberfoyle Car Park), Aberfoyle. Applicant Ms Alex Colquhoun 10 Dukes Court Aberfoyle FK8 3UU Agent Robert Hay The Hay Partnership (Lomond) Ltd 73 Glasgow Road Dumbarton G82 1RE Application Type Detailed Planning

Appendix 2 - Police Report


Trossachs and Teith Ward,

Strathard Community Council

Community Council :

03/08/22 to 31/08/22 Compiled by PC Lorna Deans

Reporting Period :


Antisocial Behaviour

You are concerned about antisocial behaviour including drunken behaviour.



On 07/08/22 police were made aware that there were dirt/trail bikes in the forest at Loch Ard. Police attended in the area however due to the vast area – did not manage to locate them.

On 14/08/22 a vandalism occurred at a property in the Braeval area. Enquiries are still ongoing in relation to this.

Ward Plan Priorities















Other Incidents / Activity of note






Issues raised


Community Council Feedback


The Community Officers for your area are: PC Donald King and PC Lorna Deans, based at Callander Police Office.

The Community Sergeant for the area is PS Grant MacDonald, based at Dunblane Office.

They can be contacted via the email address TrossachsTeithCPT@scotland.police .uk or by phoning 101

We regularly publish information on the ‘Forth Valley Police’ Facebook page and tweet using @StirlingPol

Appendix 3 – Treasurers Report

Strathard Community Council – Bank account balance at 1 September 2022


£ £

General Fund opening Bank balance 17 June 2022 7355.67

Monies out


Scotways subscription



Aberfoyle Memorial Hall

( 50.00)


Total monies out


( 130.00)

Monies in



Total monies in



General Fund closing Bank balance 29 July 2022



Subsequent income/expenditure



Michelle Colquhoun (Christmas expenses 2021) (



Total subsequent spend

( 87.65)

General Fund closing Balance 1 September 2022


Less Commitments


Community Events Fund 1073.97



Available Funds






• Community Event Fund


Funds in Bank account 2 June 2022 £1073.97 Funds in Bank account 4 August 2022 £1073.97

Appendix 4 – QEFP Trail Update Sept 22

Loch Chon –

· Harvesting work has begun on the West side of Loch Chon. Due to the complex nature of the works including challenging terrain and constraints, the work requires the use of a winch to extract the timber. The forest road will be closed during this time and will require members of the public to use the Stirling Council road running along the East side of the Loch as a diversion.

· In an attempt to mitigate the closure during the remainder of the holidays, there is weekend access only through the site until the end of September.

Bochastle –

· There is no access to Ben Ledi hill path via the Bochastle Car Park as felling operations have begun on this forest road network including the removal of a site of diseased larch, infected with Phytopthora Ramorum. Find out more about how to protect our forest from tree disease here.

Three Lochs Forest Drive –

  • The Green waymarked Achray Viewpoint trailsituated near the exit of the Three Lochs Drive is currently closed due to damage to the footbridge. We hope to have this trail re-opened in the coming months.

Loch Ard –

· All FLS promoted trails from Milton remain open but there will be timber haulage wagons on the forest road from Ghlennain Lochan to Milton Car Park from now until November 2022. Please follow all on site signage and advice from operators.

Braeval –

· Please be aware of timber haulage on the forest road network at here between now and October. Please obey any on site signage and advice from operators. The trail and car park remain open but please obey any on site signage and advice from operators.

Lemahamish –

· Please be aware of timber haulage on the forest road network at Lemahamish between now and October. The trail and car park remain open but please obey any on site signage and advice from operators.

Garadhban –

· We have recently had to fell larch trees infected with the disease Phytophthora Ramorum in the Garadhban area. Find out more about how to protect our forest from tree disease here.


We ask that visitors follow all on site signage when out on the trails and choose an alternative route if the one you had planned to use is closed. For updated information of our trails please keep an eye on the destination pages linked via the main QEFP webpage.