June 2023 Minutes

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Minute of meeting of Strathard Community Council
Thursday 22nd June 2023
Aberfoyle Memorial Village Hall.

This meeting immediately followed the formal acknowledgement of Community Councillors as elected by the Strathard Community in the presence of Stirling Council Officers. The formalities included the election of officer bearers within Strathard Community Council.

Present: Paul Mackintosh (Chair), Nick Lester-Davis (Vice-Chair), Lynda McColl (Secretary), Catherine Cairns (Treasurer), Joyce Kelly (Planning rep), Trevor Geraghty (SCT rep), Gillian McEwan, Clare Dillon, Natashya Sheppard

Minute taker: Kate Bovill (SCT Development Officer)

Apologies: Andre Goulancourt, Police

Paul Mackintosh (PM) welcomed the newly elected councillors
Minutes of last SCC meeting 6/4/23 - proposed Lynda McColl (LM) seconded Nick Lester-Davis (NLD)

Updates since last SCC meeting

Forestry and Land Scotland /Community Engagement Group Larch disease - Helicopter Survey has found 17 new sites of infection in Strathard but there will be more than this. FLS are lobbying the Scottish Government to have the 6month deadline for SPHN extended to 5yrs.  
Flooding Stirling Council have withdrawn their proposal for a bund in the Aberfoyle town and will reconsider options for flood management. The Strathard Flood group will meet again within two weeks.
FLS have also offered to take interested members of the Strathard Community on a site visit in September to see the SUPERB project Climate Change mitigation sites including ‘leaky dam’ sites being tested in the Duchray catchment
Resilience - Emergency Planning A multi-agency meeting was held at Aberfoyle Memorial Hall to discuss emergency planning in Strathard. Attendees included representatives from SEPA, Police Scotland, FLS, SFRS, SC resilience/community development/thriving communities/Health and Safety, SSE, Clackmannanshire Council, SCT & SCC as well as interested residents.
PM - a risk assessment of the full area would be too complex. Highlighted the Clacks model where community members are trained and insured as volunteers empowered to close the road if necessary.
Kate Bovill requested that the SCC take a positive approach in order to progress resilience planning and highlighted this as a priority.
Communications - Stronachlachar Mast EE have not opted in for inclusion as a service provider impacting options for residents and visitors to the area. Trevor Geraghty (TG) will support Joyce Kellly (JK) to connect to Sean Marly at Stirling Council in relation to the broader 4G dialogue around connectivity and communications for the upper area of Strathard - Stronachlachar and Inversnaid. TG/JK
Strathard Hub Membership Due for renewal £120 per year - TG to double check. Councillors asked if this was a necessary expense but was agreed that it facilitates a range of meetings over the year as well as a postal address for the Community Council. TG
SCC priorities for the year Agreed to focus on a topic per meeting in order to progress specifically. The priorities were identified as Transport, Health, School, Housing, Community Engagement, Resilience & Flooding.
The next meeting will concentrate on emergency resilience planning.

Clare Graham and LM to collaborate/share info for an SCC banner

SCC will be adjacent to Gillian McEwans stall and will be staffed in shifts

TG will arrange a hook a duck attraction and prizes

PM will design and circulate an SCC flyer for approval

AOCB Developers in Stronachlachar are seeking to add 2 affordable homes to the development with restrictions on sale. This would ensure 20% below market price in perpetuity
Speed bumps are being installed at the beginning of July by the company that supplies them
Strathard News - NS will ensure article submitted for next issue - deadline 1/7
Next Meetings of SCC
7pm Start
3rd August - Kinlochard Village Hall
7th September tbc
2nd November tbc
7th December tbc