Dec 2021 Minutes


Meeting Monday 6th December 2021



Members Present: - Grace Edmonds; Julie Hutchison; Evelyn Macdougall; Philip
Graves; John Gray; Andrew Thompson; Pamela Lee; Ellie Balfour

Apologies: Craig Melville; Kate Ramsden

In attendance: Cllr J Hutcheson; M Vass, SCDT; + 3 residents

(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development
Trust * Denotes an action)


  1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest


    JH welcomed everybody to the meeting and thanked Councillor Hutcheson for joining

    There were no declarations of interest.


  2. Minutes of November meeting and matters arising


    JG noted that there was a sentence missing from the planning section. GE will en-
    sure that this is inserted.

    With that condition the minutes were accepted. Proposed by JG, seconded by AT.
    Matters arising: JH and GE will meet Angela McGibbon on Thursday 9th December
    to walk around the village and look at the traffic calming and other roads issues. They
    will also discuss the possibility of a 20mph speed limit. They will also raise the issue
    of lack of information regarding the ongoing participation request.

    The Christmas tree will be delivered this week from Duff Trees who have kindly do-
    nated it. CC members will meet on Saturday 11th at 10.00 to put the tree up and turn
    on the lights.

    MV updated the meeting about the new library. The operating agreement has been
    signed with SC and agreement has been reached with the contractor. Subject to
    Scottish Power the build will start on January 10th. JH thanked MV and passed on
    congratulations from the CC to Thomas Graham Library Ltd and the SCDT.


  3. Police Report


    PC Graham sent the report for December.

    Anti-social behaviour: A male was arrested after causing a disturbance within a
    house in Dumbrock Crescent.

    A male was found in possession of cannabis within a vehicle on the Lennoxtown

    Road Traffic: There was a one vehicle RTC on the A809 at Carbeth. There were no

    A vehicle skidded in wet conditions and hit a telegraph pole on the Lennoxtown

    There was a complaint about a Royal Mail van causing an obstruction at the Co-op
    in Strathblane. The vehicle was moved by Police and the Post Office made aware.

    Theft: Access was gained to a house in Dunglass View where car keys were found
    and a vehicle stolen.

    Another fraud was committed in Strathblane. Customer details were obtained and
    insurance policies were taken out fraudulently.

    Advice on Fraud prevention and on winter driving can be found on the full Police re-
    port on the CC website.


  4. Resilience Plan - AT


    JH said that AT and KR have been working hard on updating our Resilience plan
    which was last updated in 2017. CC members have already seen a draft.

    AT talked us through the document which is largely a severe weather response. He
    asked for input from other CC members regarding contacts etc.

    JH said that Pat Orr is happy to be the contact for ST Kessogs She suggested that
    contact with the CC should be the CC website.

    MV suggested that the admin. for the Strathblanefield Facebook page should be
    asked to make the page public in the event of an emergency.

    AT asked about the best way to contact residents in Mugdock and Carbeth. Both
    have WhatsApp groups that could be used as a means of contract. AT asked if there
    are any centres there that could be used as shelter in an emergency. EM said that
    there is the outdoor centre and possibly Edenmill. PG said that the WhatsApp group
    would be most useful in Mugdock. He will send contact details to AT.

    JH mentioned that a local farmer offered to help with snow clearing during the last
    emergency but that they need to go through SC to be added to a list of farmers will-
    ing to help. Councillor Hutcheson will check whether they need to register or if this
    only necessary if they are clearing roads.

    The CC agreed that we do not need the contact list from the previous plan as all con-
    tacts are in other areas of the plan.

    AT asked if we need to show the locations of grit bins on the maps. The CC agreed
    that this would be useful for areas outside the village but most residents in the village
    know where the bins are.

    AT would like the household section of the plan to go to all households in the village.
    This can be delivered along with the BVB.

    JH thanked AT for his explanation of the plan and the work they have done.


  5. Elected Member’s report – Councillor Jane Hutcheson


    Councillor Hutcheson congratulated everybody concerned on their achievement with
    the library.

    She thinks she might be able to source funding for a Community Speed Watch. She
    has spoken to PC Graham about this. This might help with our request for a 20mph
    speed limit.

    A survey has gone out from The Scottish Government to all 16 -18-year-olds asking
    about their sexual activities. There have been a lot of complaints about this. SC has
    not discussed this with the elected members, many of whom have real concerns
    about it and the manner of administering it via schools. Pupils need to feel comforta-
    ble to complete this type of survey. JG said that maybe young people do need to be
    asked these questions but that the purpose of this survey is not clear.

    The survey work has been done on the Catterburn Bridge but there is no further up-
    date on when work will start. She hopes that SC will do better with this one than at
    Branshogle, but work has started there at last.

    Councillors had a briefing about Walk, Cycle, Live.
    SC has agreed to hybrid working for councillors.


  6. Planning and Licensing.


20/00590/FUL: erection of 4 houses at Aros House. The CC opposed this on the ba-
sis of extra traffic on OMR. The Roads officer agreed with us but said that four hous-
es would not make much difference. JG attended the Planning Panel but felt that it
was pointless. Planning was approved, but build is subject to access approval from
existing residents.

Gladman Appeal PPA-390-2060-1. The Reporter’s report is being considered. There
is still no decision on this.


21/00918/FUL: Erection of house in garden ground of Carbeth Cottage Blanefield:
The planning group is reviewing this application and will circulate comments to the

21/00907/FUL: Erection of dwelling house, an outbuilding garage, driveway, parking
landscaping and associated works, land Southeast of the Mill House, Milndavie road
Strathblane: an enhanced flooding assessment has been submitted for this applica-
tion JG has drafted a comment to oppose this and circulated it to CC members.

EM asked where to find conditions on planning approval and JG showed the meeting
how to find these on the Planning site on the SC website. JG has enquired about
help with Place Plans but has not yet had a reply.

JH thanked JG for his work.


  1. Finance


    Current Account - £2651.81
    Instant Saver - £1343.09

    JH asked about purchasing better equipment for hybrid meetings. Those joining on
    Zoom sometimes find it hard to hear. JG said that we need to link the microphone to
    the sound system in the VC. JH said that we still have money from our Covid grant
    which we could perhaps use to enhance our equipment.


  2. Correspondence


Steven Bly notified us about a consultation on remodelling Stirling to create green
spaces. AT circulated the email to members of the Wildlife Sanctuary who may be
interested in being involved in this.

JH reported that Mugdock Country Park are hoping to fund a public access defibrilla-

JH spoke to somebody in Killearn regarding the Christmas lights on their lamp posts.
She now has the details of how they acquired the lights and costs involved. We will
look into this for our village for next year.


  1. AOCB


    JH asked Councillor Hutcheson about training for CC members. She does not think
    that there is anything on offer at present.

    A resident reported two incidents involving delivery drivers at the Co-op. There has
    been a slight improvement in driving by Co-op drivers but not by the Royal Mail. Lo-
    cal drivers are still driving on the pavement. JH said that we will discuss this with An-
    gela McGibbon.

    AT reported that Strathblane Wildlife Sanctuary is holding a Christmas fundraising
    event on Sunday 12th December from 12.00 – 3.00


  2. Date of next meeting January 10th 2022
    Copy date for the BVB January 18th 2022.


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