Nov 2021 Minutes


Meeting Monday 1st November 2021



Members Present: - Grace Edmonds; Julie Hutchison; Kate Ramsden; Evelyn Mac-
dougall; Philip Graves; John Gray; Andrew Thompson; Pamela Lee; Ellie Balfour
Apologies: Craig Melville; Cllr A Berrill

In attendance: Cllr R Davies; M Vass, SCDT; D Bertram, Flood Group + 3 residents
(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development


  1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest


    JH welcomed everybody to the meeting and said that it was good to be able to meet
    in person again after so long. She asked RD when the councillors’ surgeries are
    starting again in person and he said they should start next month.


  2. Minutes of October meeting and matters arising


    The minutes were accepted, proposed by AT seconded by EM

    Matters arising: GE emailed Police Scotland regarding concerns from residents
    about dangerous driving on Old Mugdock Road near the Co-op. PC Graham said
    that he would monitor this.

    Resilience Planning will be discussed during the item on Flooding.


  3. Police Report


    PC Graham sent the report for November..

    There was an attempted break in art the St Mocha Coffee Shop but no entry was

    Country Cycles in Killearn was broken into and a number of high value bikes were

    An attempted fraud was made via a message pertaining to be from Hermes. The vic-
    tim handed over bank details and an attempt was made to transfer funds from one
    account to another.

    Further advice on fraud and home security can be found in the Police Report on the
    CC website.


  4. Elected Member’s report – Councillor Rob Davies


    The main issue currently is bridges as two have collapsed in our area resulting in
    road closures. A third of the Roads budget has been moved over to repair these. The
    Catterburn Bridge is currently being surveyed. There is a meeting on Wednesday re-
    garding the bridges that the public can dial into and RD thinks the CC should do this.
    RD and a local farmer went to look at the Blane Smiddy bridge and were horrified by
    the condition it is in.

    There is a council meeting on Thursday to discuss Stirling’s bid to be City of Culture.
    There have been complaints about bins not being collected. RD said that residents
    should contact SC directly or through him. He is concerned about the situation if
    people miss a collection and have a month to wait for the next one.

    The December SC meeting will start to address the budget for next year.

    JH asked RD if he would speak to Angela McGibbon regarding the driving and park-
    ing issues at the Co-op and ask if she could visit the site. RD will do this. JH sug-
    gested that bollards along the pavement might be the answer. A resident said the Co-op and Post office vans have to park on the pavement, causing additional prob-
    lems. RD suggested complaining to the Co-op and the Post office about this.

    There is a council meeting coming up to discuss the Deputation Policy.

    JH told RD that she has told the Church that he will be laying the Council wreath in

    JH thanked RD for his report and for standing in for Cllr Berrill who is unwell.


  5. Update on Flooding Issues – Doug Bertram


    The Flooding group has been working with SC and other stakeholders to look at
    flooding issues in the valley. A number of sources of flooding have been identified
    and a study is being done to identify areas likely to flood in the future so that we can
    be better prepared to deal with this risk. The challenge is that evidence needs to be
    more strategic than just anecdotal. The group has asked residents to send infor-
    mation about what they can see from their homes during flood events.

    A further challenge is that the effects of storms are different depending on where you
    live. Often the infrastructure cannot cope with the volume of water. This information
    needs to be captured and inserted into the model that the consultants are working
    on. The group asked the CC to request information from residents regarding the re-
    cent floods. Only when there is a clear picture of what is happening can mitigating
    measures be decided.

    DB reported that SC has been very helpful in terms of possible measures to deploy.
    They are using a Smart Village concept, where a network of things will feed infor-
    mation back. SC will provide two rain gauges and two residents have put up their
    own. There will also be a series of pressure sensors and cameras to monitor water
    flow One of the sensors and a camera will be in the culvert on the A81 and another in
    Jenny’s Burn. This is phase one of the project. Once information is collected the
    group can think about mitigating processes.

    AT asked about capacity to cope with the future? DB said that there is little infor-
    mation about past years for our area and the group has to work with that. The group
    needs information about what is happening on the day of an event to pass on to the
    consultants. PG asked if the group has engaged with SEPA etc. regarding river flow
    on the Blane and rainfall records from SEPA recording sites. DB said that there is no
    information about the Blane. SEPA’s rainfall records are not local enough and their
    measurements of the Endrick do not reflect what happens here.

    A resident said that she appreciates the work the group is doing, but raised the issue
    of failure of road drains in some areas. This is particularly an issue for residents of
    Blane Crescent as water flows down into the crescent from the A81. DB said that the
    problem is that the drainage system is very old and poorly maintained. It was de-
    signed for a smaller community and we may have reached saturation point. Both SC
    and Scottish Water need to consider the issue.

    JH asked RD if he could raise the issue with the Roads Department. He will do this.
    A residents asked if there is a process to get flood resources into the village as part
    of the Resilience Plan. KR said that we had a severe weather resilience plan which is
    currently being updated. Once it is complete and lodged with SC we can apply for

    grant funding to provide resources in the village. AT said that we are intending to put
    a piece in the BVB to give residents an emergency contact in the event of severe
    weather. AT asked if we could put an item in the BVB to ask residents to contribute
    information to the Flood Group. The CC agreed that this should be done. KR said
    that SC is already looking at solutions for the problems in Blane Crescent.

    MV suggested that we should keep an eye on the Capital programme for next year to
    ensure that flooding is covered. EM asked if the Flood group needs any equipment,
    but DB said not at present. He thinks it is more important for us to address resilience
    and response.

    JG congratulated the Flood group on their work and JH thanked DB for his interesting
    presentation and his work with the group.


  6. Planning and Licensing.


21/00762/FUL : Land adjacent to West of An Larach Milndavie road Strathblane. The
CC opposed this due to flood risk and SEPA has sent a letter strongly opposing, cit-
ing the objections of the CC and residents.

21/00644/PPP Glamping pods Edenmill complex: The CC has not yet commented on
this but our intention to comment is on file. JG will progress this.

21/00531/FUL Wee Kirk with no outside cooking. This has been allowed with a time
limit of March 2023 and with several conditions, including provision of bins, cycle
parking, more accessible parking spaces and restrictions on operating and use.

20/00590/FUL: erection of 4 houses at Aros House. The CC opposed this and it is
going to a planning panel next week. JG is contacting Moor Road Residents to con-
firm that they organised to attend and speak.

Gladman Appeal PPA-390-2060-1. The Reporter’s report is being considered. There
is no decision yet.

21/00918/FUL: Erection of house in garden ground of Carbeth Cottage Blanefield:
The planning group will review and provide recommendations.

21/00907/FUL: Erection of dwelling house, an outbuilding garage, driveway, parking-
landscaping and associated works, land South East of the Mill House, Milndavie road
Strathblane: JG recommends to oppose again due to the flood risk downstream. The
CC agreed to oppose this.

The Draft National Planning Framework is due to be laid before Parliament and pub-
lished for public consultation this Autumn. JG said that this concerns policies rather
than the local level.

There is then possibility of help with Place planning from RSHA. They are looking to
work more closely with CCs. MV suggested that we should look at Place Planning in
conjunction with the SCDT. These plans will feed into the Local Development Plan.
Communities will look at housing needs from a community perspective. JG said that
we need to look into this.


  1. Finance


    Current Account - £2705.71
    Instant Saver - £1343.08

  2. Correspondence


The Bank of Scotland are running drop-in sessions at the McLintock hall in Balfron,
every Friday from 10am until 4.0pm, until December 3rd. You can speak to their
Community Banker for support with any personal or business banking questions.


  1. AOCB


    MV reported that there has been progress on the library. They have agreement on
    principle from SC which is going to committee on November 11th. There is progress
    in value engineering to get the build back to what can be afforded.MV can’t yet say
    when the contract with the builder can be concluded. There is still a chance of a start
    before Christmas. A further donation has been received towards the build. SC is still
    working to find a temporary relocation solution for the library while the build takes

    JH reminded the meeting that the CC will lay a wreath at the Remembrance Service
    as usual.


    MV asked what the CC is doing about road issues in the village, especially a 20mph
    limit. We have always been told that we cannot have this. AT said that he under-
    stands that SC is currently evaluating the effects of then 20mph speed limit in villag-
    es where it has been implemented. Presumably they will use this evaluation to de-
    cide whether to implement it in other villages. JH said that we can contact the Roads
    Department. She also said that we need to contact SC regarding the ongoing Partici-
    pation Request.


  2. Date of next meeting December 6th 2021
    Copy date for the BVB November 15th 2021.


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