Dec 2022 Minutes

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Meeting Monday 5 th December 2022 in the Village Club



Members Present : - Julie Hutchison; Grace Edmonds; Kate Ramsden; John Gray; Andrew Thompson; Rob Davies; Pamela Lee

Apologies: Evelyn Macdougall; Eleanor Balfour; Councillor Paul Henke

In attendance: M Vass, SCDT; + 7 residents

(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Devel- opment Trust * Denotes an action)


1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest


JH welcomed everybody to the December meeting. AT declared an interest in a planning matter.


2. Minutes of November meeting and matters arising


The minutes had been circulated to CC members and were accepted, pro- posed by JG seconded by RD

Matters arising: JH had heard that the replacement bus shelter for Ballewan crescent is still out to tender.

SC has asked JH which swing we want for the playpark. JH said that they should choose whichever one they think best and agreed that we would have one for older children.

JH emailed Stephen Bly to say that we are unhappy with the original reply to our query about the toilets. She asked SB who we should contact to progress this issue.

We have asked Angela McGibbon to look into extending the proposed 20mph speed limit to beyond the new houses on the A81.

New drains are being installed at the junction of the A81 and Station Road in response to concerns from residents about flooding in Blane Crescent. AT suggested that we should email SC to thank them for their quick response.

JH reported that the proposed Teams meeting on Local Places and plans has been cancelled and will be rescheduled.

SC has launched an on-line budget consultation and wants all residents to complete this.

MV asked if we had received a reply from Carol Beattie to our query about the summer roads closure. We received a reply from the roads department which was unsatisfactory. We had suggested that current working practices regard- ing road repairs are unsatisfactory, and this was not addressed. It was agreed that GE will write to Councillor Kane about this.

MV told the meeting that TGLL now has the keys to the new library, but they are still waiting for SC to agree the lease. She now thinks that it will not open until the end of January. MV thanked the volunteers who helped with the planting.

. JG reported that there is no further information on the Gladman appeal.

3. Co-option of new member


Ian Boardley is unwell and could not attend the meeting.


4. Police Report

Constable McNulty sent the report for October Anti-social behaviour:

A hut at Carbeth was extensively damaged by fire on November 15th. This is being investigated as possible Wilful Fire-raising and enquiries continue.

Four persons were seen near the allotments with a lurcher type dog. There are concerns that they may have been lamping for wildlife.

Road safety:

A crime report was raised after a parked vehicle was struck by another vehicle on Station Road and the driver failed to stop.


Suspicious looking persons were seen entering a driveway and paying close attention to a parked car. Please remain vigilant and ensure that all vehicles and houses are locked, particularly during darkness.

The Police report included a link to the Local police Plan consultation and we will put this link on our Facebook page.

5. Hall Hire


JH told the meeting that we moved from the School to the Village Club for a variety of reasons, including the need for Wi-Fi. SC agreed to pay for the let. They have now stopped paying and we owe six months’ rent. We believe that they should still pay so we will have to negotiate new terms with SC. JH will contact Carol Beattie and RD suggested copying her email to Financial Ser- vices also.

JH pointed out that we could not use Zoom in the school which means we would not be inclusive. KR asked if Zoom is offered to residents to attend meetings. It was during Covid and could be again once we know where future meetings will be.

6. Elected member’s Report


Councillor Henke is unwell so there was no report.

RD noted that a substitute councillor should have joined us and GE will email Stephen Bly about this.

7. Planning and Licensing


22/00768/FUL Formation of dormer on garage building, Millwater House,44A Old Mugdock Road The CC agreed to make no comment on this.

22/00754/FUL Erection of single-story garage outbuilding. JG said that this looks secluded and modest. It was agreed that we will not comment.

22/00745/FUL Alterations to existing conservatory, two storey extension to rear and replacement of existing garage at 8 Glasgow Road Blanefield. JG noted that this is broadly replacing existing accommodation with more mod-


ern. The Scottish Wildlife Trust has raised concerns about bats, but we will not comment.

22/00729/FUL Erection of dwelling house in garden ground of Kenly, 12 Glas- gow Road Blanefield. This is similar to a previous withdrawn application which was discussed at the September and October meetings. It was agreed that JG will submit similar comments this time.

22/0000682/FUL and 22/00683/FUL Erection of 4no. and 10no. accommoda- tion pods on land West and South East of Auchineden Farmhouse, Blanefield. We have not commented on this previously, but JG reported that Roads have requested that the existing access from the A809 should be improved. RD noted that we have been asking for several years for the 40mph signs to be moved to beyond this junction.

8. Finance


Current Account - £2802.62

Instant Saver - £1374.22 plus interest.


9. Correspondence

There was some discussion about possible ways to raise funds in response to an email we received from a parent whose son has been selected to repre- sent Scotland in a karate competition in Germany. JH has emailed the resi- dent to say that we cannot help with fundraising.

We had correspondence regarding the For Sale sign that has been attached to the chevrons on the A81. GE will email Stephen Bly about this.

We had a complaint about light pollution from the campsite on the Cuilt Brae. JG will contact Planning about this.

12. AOCB


A resident reported that the bus shelter opposite West Row needs cleaning. JH will contact SC about this.

JH asked if CC members were happy to make a donation the WDWE at the Christmas lights switch on. This was agreed.

A resident reported that the Warm Places group will meet every Wednesday from 10.45 to 12.45

12. Date of next meeting January 9th, 2023, in the Village Club.



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