Feb 2022 Minutes

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Meeting Monday 7th February 2022 on Zoom



Members Present : - Grace Edmonds; Kate Ramsden; Julie Hutchison; Evelyn Mac- dougall; John Gray; Andrew Thompson; Pamela Lee; Ellie Balfour

Apologies : Craig Melville

In attendance: Cllr R Davies; M Vass, SCDT; + 0 residents

(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development Trust * Denotes an action)


1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest


JH welcomed everybody to the meeting and said that we will discuss a return to the Village Club later in the meeting.

There were no declarations of interest.

2. Minutes of January meeting and matters arising


The minutes had been circulated to CC members. EM said that she had made a mis- take in the amount in the Current Account and that it should be £2651.81. With this change the minutes were adopted, proposed by JG and seconded by EM.

Matters arising: M Vass reported that RSHA was unsuccessful in its bid to Place plans.

GE and EM have submitted an application for a Community Pride grant to cover the cost of an extra BVB about the Resilience Plan.

MV reported that representatives from the contractor, the SCDT and Thomas graham library attended the first bulldozing of the library last week and that the site is now cleared. The contractors are building a good relationship with the school and have donated wood chips and logs cut into seats for the playground. The school will be asked to make a Time capsule to be buried in the site. Residents have complained to SC about the signage for the diverted path. New signs will be erected to make the route clearer.

GE has sent suggestions for names for the new development to SC.

3. Police Report


PC Graham sent the report for December.

Anti-social behaviour : There have been several reports of a male acting suspi- ciously in the Mugdock Country Park/ West Highland Way area. Extra patrols have been made in the area, including patrols by the mounted branch. No recent further reports have been received. Members of the CC are concerned about this serious situation which is ongoing. GE will contact PC Graham to ask for more information and ask if we should publicise the situation to the community.

There was a report of persons on quadbikes causing annoyance at the area of Boards farm. Police attended however there was no trace.

A female walking on The Whangie injured her ankle. Lomond Mountain Rescue Team attended, and the female was brought down from the hill safe and well.

Road traffic: A vehicle previously stolen from the Glasgow area crashed on the A809 near Queensview. Enquiry is being carried out by Police in Glasgow.

A 2 vehicle RTC occurred at Carbeth. No injury and details were exchanged. On Milngavie Road there was a 4 vehicle RTC.

A female was arrested No injuries were sustained and all parties exchanged details.


A female was arrested for being drunk in charge of a vehicle on Milngavie Road. Theft: A theft by shoplifting occurred at the Co-op in Strathblane. Food and alcohol were stolen. Enquiries are ongoing.

The full Police Report is available on the CC website.

4. Update on the Resilience Plan.


AT has circulated the draft plan to CC members. He wants to send it to the Resili- ence Officer at SC and RD said that he would find out who this is. AT asked if the members thought that doctors’ surgeries and paramedics should be included in the telephone cascade. The view of the meeting was that they should be. JG said that he thinks there might be a list of first responders in the village and the surgeries might have these.

AT asked about including bin collection points and whether these are useful. MV said that these were identified after the last big freeze in 2010 when the bin lorries couldn’t access the side roads. She thinks that gritting is better now. AT said that he will leave them in the plan. AT will ask SC about insurance cover for local farmers if they are helping with road clearing.

Appendix D is the village map. AT said that this can be extended to include Carbeth, Auchengillan, Aucheneden and Mugdock but wondered if it needs to be when these areas do not have central places of safety. We do not want the residents in these ar- eas to feel excluded. RD said that Auchengillan Centre would be a good place of ref- uge. He will check with the manager if they would agree to be included in the plan. They will also use their tractor to help people whose drives need cleared.

AT said that they would like to refresh the map but KR wondrs if they are allowed to do this within copyright rules. JH suggested that KR and AT should ask SC about this AT will contact the Reslience Officer at SC to check that the plan is acceptable, and it can be signed off at the next meeting.

Appendix E will be sent to every household. AT hopes to include the map also. JH thanked AT and KR for their work on updating the plan.

5. Parking issues.


A resident has continued to notify us about incidences of parking on the pavement at the Co-op. There are also major problems on Milndavie Crescent where it is often difficult for bin lorries and emergency vehicles to gain access. RD suggested double yellow lines on the inside of the road. He also said that we can ask SC for a parking warden.

AT suggested that we should raise awareness that parking on the pavement is illegal and EM suggested that we should put an article in the BVB. This was agreed.

MV said that the Parent Council and the Headteacher asked her to raise the issue of parking at the Primary school, particularly when the building work at the library is tak- ing place.

Some years the Kirkhouse car park was suggested as a car park for drop off and pick up times and the owners at the time agreed. Miss Spencer is going to check with the present owners to see if they will allow this and MV suggested that the CC should also ask. JH will do this. PL noted that the inn is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays at present.

The members present agreed that RD should look into putting double yellow lines on Milndavie Crescent, but we will not implement anything without consulting the resi- dents. RD will start the process. We will draw attention to sensible parking in the BVB.

RD asked if we would like an EV charging point in the village. It was agreed that we would like this, and RD will enquire about having one installed.


6 Elected Member’s report – Councillor Rob Davies


There will be Council elections in May and the budget will be released before then. RD had a briefing on the budget and early indications are that the cash grant from the Government will be down by ½% from last year. No-one is sure how this will af- fect spending. Council tax rise is likely to be capped at 3%.

The wind farm at Fintry has been approved.

The Council has agreed to allow Cala to remediate the Killearn Hospital site in two phases.

There are ongoing issues with the bin collections. Bins are collected on different days in various parts of the village which leads to confusion, and residents at Ballagan have not had their blue bins collected for two months. RD asked us to let him know about any other issues with the bins.

JG reported that the drain issue outside his house has never been resolved. He sent an email to SC with a list of questions regarding the clearing of drains and gutters and asking who is responsible for inspecting work done on these areas. He has not yet had a response. He is concerned about contractors being paid for carrying out substandard work, especially in the light of budget cuts. RD will chase this up.

JH thanked RD for his report.

7 Planning and Licensing


22/00025/PPP: Erection of dwelling house on land between 25b and 27 Dumbrock Road, Strathblane. This is a proposal “in principle” for 3-bed house on a gap site.

JG said that parking and congestion are the major problems here. The plans include two parking spaces, but the access to the property will subtract from existing on street parking. JG will comment saying that the CC has no objection in principle, but SC should look at the parking issue.

21/01069/FUL: Erection of dwelling house in garden ground of Carbeth Cottage, Blanefield. JG has asked the agent for the applicant if the Green Belt policy has been discussed with planning officer. The agent assured JG that the Green Belt does not affect this application. JG suggested that he will write to the planning officers to en- sure that the building is allowed under Green Belt rules. He is concerned that the of- ficers do not always seem to understand these. If a house is justified exceptionally in the circumstances of this case detailed reasoning must be provided to avoid creating a free-for-all precedent.

21/00907/FUL: Erection of dwelling house, garage, driveway, landscaping and asso- ciated work, on land South east of the Mill House, Milndavie Road, Strathblane. CC opposed this application on grounds of flood risk downstream. Neighbours have re- cently put in various expert observations in reply to revised flood risk assessment filed by the applicant. All agree that permission should be resisted. There is no com- ment yet from SC or SEPA.

21/00469/FUL: erection of dwelling house and garage on land adjacent to Garden House, Blanefield. This application has been refused but has been appealed to local Review Body.

6. Finance


Current Account



Instant Saver





8. Correspondence


JH has been approached by a resident who is winding up a family trust and wants to donate the money to the library, the VC, the Edmonstone Hall and the CC for the BVB. GE will send bank details for the VC and Edmonstone Hall to JH who will pass these on to the resident.

JH and GE spoke to a resident who wants to move the defibrillator from inside the Co-op to be accessible at all times. It could possibly go into the old phone box, but the resident is happy to speak to the Co-op regarding siting it on the wall.

JH suggested that we should contact SAR regarding the suitability of the phone box. AT will speak to SAR about which site they think is best. JH will speak to the resident to say that we are putting things in motion.

JH spoke to Ian Boardley, a friend of Phiip Graves, who is keen to continue Philip’s role as liaison between the CC and Mugdock. He is happy to help Sue with delivering the BVB. The CC agreed that this is a nice idea. Ian will attend the next meeting.

Michael Brady sent us a link to an article about Barrett buying Gladman



JG asked RD if he had been in touch with a family whose garden has been flooded by run-off from the field which is now the building site. The situation has not been remedied by the contractor. Building control has been in touch with residents in Edenkiln Place, but it seems to be an issue for SEPA. JG asked if it is all right to put the residents in touch with RD. RD agreed to this and JG will give them his contact details. RD asked about ownership of the strip of land between the houses on Eden- kiln Place and the burn. It is not clear who owns this, and RD is concerned about possible erosion in the future.

There have been issues with mud from the site affecting the A81.

JH said that we were all very sad about Philip’s death and we will put an obituary in the BVB. This will highlight people who want to carry on his legacy.

We will resume in-person meetings in the VC next month.

11. Date of next meeting March 7th, 2022





Copy date for the BVB 18th February 2022



Contact us at contact @strathblanecc.org.uk Also on our website www.strathblanecc.org.uk . Telephone numbers for Community Councillors are on the notice boards, in the library and in the Blane Valley Bulletin