Jan 2022 Minutes


Meeting Monday 10th January 2022 on Zoom



Members Present: - Grace Edmonds; Kate Ramsden; Julie Hutchison; Evelyn Mac-
dougall; John Gray; Andrew Thompson; Pamela Lee; Ellie Balfour

Apologies: Craig Melville; Philip Graves

In attendance: Cllr R Davies; M Vass, SCDT; + 2 residents

(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development
Trust * Denotes an action)


  1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest


    JH wished everybody a Happy New Year and said that she was sorry that we have
    had to go back to Zoom meetings, but we thought we should keep to Government
    guidelines. We hope to return to in-person meetings as soon as we are allowed.


    There were no declarations of interest.


  2. Minutes of December meeting and matters arising


    The minutes had been circulated to CC members and were adopted, proposed by JG
    and seconded by EM.

    Matters arising: JH said that our meeting with Angela McGibbon will be discussed
    under Roads issues.

    Councillor Hutcheson had replied via Stephen Bly to our request for information re-
    garding training for CC members. There is currently no training available, but we
    should contact SB if we have any particular training needs. GE will email him to ask
    about training in Planning.

    JH has not had a reply to our query about insurance cover for snow clearing.

    AT reported that he and KR had not had time to work on the Resilience Plan over the
    break but will get back to it soon. EM said that she had a very poor response from
    residents in the Carbeth, Auchengillan and Auchineden areas to the information
    gathering letter she put in the BVB. Residents look out for each other, with snow
    clearing on private roads carried out by the organisations that use them. AT asked
    about a possible evacuation centre in the area and EM suggested St Mocha, Eden-
    mill or the Outdoor Centre at Auchengillan. KR said that residents will have a cas-
    cade list of useful numbers for emergencies. RD suggested that WhatsApp groups
    are a good way of reaching people.

    AT reported that the Christmas fair at the Wildlife Sanctuary was very successful,
    raising just over £700. The first batch of about 900 trees should arrive this week and
    volunteers hope to plant these at the weekend.

    MV reported that the library is moving on Friday to the Kirk Rooms and the building
    contractors are due to be on site next week.


  3. Police Report


    PC Graham sent the report for December.


    Anti-social behaviour: A male was assaulted in his home in Netherblane. No seri-
    ous injuries were sustained, and a positive line of enquiry is being followed.

    Road traffic: There was an RTC on the A81 at Dumgoyne on December 31st. No
    serious injuries were sustained.

    Theft: A stolen vehicle was recovered from a field near to Mugdock Lodge. The vehi-
    cle had been stolen from Glasgow and crashed into the field. The perpetrators had
    disappeared. Enquiry remains with Glasgow officers.


    In the early hours of December 24th access was gained to a house in Kirkland Ave-
    nue, car keys were taken and a car stolen.

    A similar incident occurred in Fintry where keys were taken from a house and a vehi-
    cle stolen from the driveway.

    Fraud: A resident was asked to complete a form regarding a vaccine passport. Bank
    details were requested which raised suspicion and none were given out. Please be
    aware of all types of fraud as they are very common.

    A potential fraud also occurred in Croftamie where a resident received a text from
    someone purporting to be her son, asking for money and giving details of where to
    send it. Her son was in contact prior to money being transferred and confirmed that
    he had not sent the text.


    The full Police Report is available on the CC website.


  4. Roads Issues.


    On December 9th JH and GE met with Angela McGibbon from SC to look at roads
    issues in the village. She said that she has had no recent complaints about the traffic
    calming on the A81. We asked about a 20mph zone through the village, but she said
    that this might be difficult as the A81 is a trunk road. MV pointed out that AMcG has
    been saying this for years and in the meantime other trunk roads in the region have
    20mph zones. We are in the budget for this to be considered in 2023 and will contin-
    ue to pursue this with SC. We looked at OMR and the issue with people driving on
    the pavement. AMcG said that the pavement is too narrow to allow bollards to be put
    in. She suggested reducing the width of the junction to give space for bollards on the
    corner. This will be expensive. JG said that he is concerned about putting in bollards
    as businesses need to have deliveries. He also asked if there would be a consulta-
    tion with residents before a 20mph zone is installed. JH said that SC will carry this
    out. We also looked at Campsie Road where the traffic calming is not working.
    AMCG said that she thought that the 30mph signs might need to be moved closer to
    the village. She will send officers out to look at the road and decide what can be
    done. JH pointed out a broken manhole cover on the pavement near Station Road.
    This is dangerous for pedestrians. This has now been repaired. JH also pointed out
    several signs that have fallen down in the village and the new bollards on the A81
    which are already falling down. AMcG asked JH to email her a list of these issues
    and they will be looked at. She has done this.

    A resident thanked the CC for working on these issues. She had had a response
    form SC saying that Carolyn Fraser would attend a CC meeting to discuss roads is-
    sues, but she will be unable to do so at present due to Covid restrictions. The resi-
    dent said that she thinks the problems on OMR are caused by residents who drive
    and park carelessly. EM suggested putting an article in the BVB asking people to be
    more considerate. We will do this.

    JH said that we need to find a new Roads correspondent as PG can no longer do this
    role. She asked CC members to consider taking this on.


  5. Elected Member’s report – Councillor Rob Davies


    Work is ongoing at Branshogle Bridge and is due to start on the Catterburn bridge

    There have been major interruptions to bin services caused by staff absence.

    All the Conservative and labour members of the Planning panel resigned, and RD
    was asked to join it. He has had some training in planning and will attend the next
    meeting of the panel in a few weeks. There had been a special meeting of SC to dis-
    cuss the School Survey, which is currently being considered by Young People’s
    Panel. JG said that he thought that Alistair Berrill had told him that the survey had gone out to schools, which contradicts RD’s belief that it is still with the Young Peo-
    ple’s Panel. The issue seems unclear.

    Hybrid meetings at SC are moving forward but are unlikely to be in place before the

    Recent data has shown that the number of births in the area is about half of the
    number of deaths. This has implications for the demographic of the population over
    the next few years. AT pointed out that the population of Scotland as a whole is in-
    creasing due to immigration and immigrants tend to be younger.

    JH thanked RD for his report.


  6. Planning and Licensing


    Gladman Appeal PPA-390-2060-1. There is still no information on this.
    21/00918/FUL: Erection of house in garden ground of Carbeth Cottage Blanefield:
    This application was withdrawn and resubmitted as a permanent dwelling. The previ-
    ous plan was for a holiday let and JG is looking into whether the new submission
    meets Green Belt policies. He is unsure if a residence will be allowed under the
    green belt policies but will investigate this and talk to the consultant to check that his
    reading is right.

    21/00907/FUL: Erection of dwelling house, an outbuilding garage, driveway, parking
    landscaping and associated works, land Southeast of the Mill House, Milndavie road
    Strathblane: No decision has been reached on this application.

    JG has enquired about help with Place Plans but has still not had a reply.

    EB said she had been contacted by a resident asking about the length of time it has
    taken to have a stair lift installed. EB said that she didn’t think we dealt with this type
    of enquiry but perhaps the elected member could help. RD said that he will look into

    JH thanked JG for his work.


    6. Finance


    Current Account



    Instant Saver




    EM said that we need to look for more sponsors for the BVB. It costs £120 to sponsor
    an issue. JH said that she hopes we might be able to cut down the numbers we
    have printed as Mugdock residents now have an electronic version.


  7. Correspondence


We have had an email from Ken McAlpine who looks after street names at SC. There
is a proposal to name the new houses Edmonstone Brae, but he is concerned about
this as there is a possible connection between the Edmonstone name and slavery.
He would like input from the CC and suggestions for alternative names. JH suggest-
ed asking for suggestions via Facebook with a cut- off date at the end of January. KR
will do this. RD suggested Graham Road in recognition of the generous donation to
the library.


  1. AOCB


    KR warned the meeting that we are probably about to have a revolt in the village over
    the bins. Residents have not been given extra recycling bins that they have request-
    ed, and the bins have not been collected this week.


    A resident asked if the Christmas tree could be a permanent one as this would be
    better for the environment. This would be a matter for the Village Club committee, but
    JH pointed out that the tree would grow too tall to be easily decorated.

    JG mentioned a survey that SC is carrying out regarding planting wildflowers on
    verges etc in the region. These should improve the look of the village but were not
    successful when they last tried.

    JH said that we do not know if the next meeting will be on Zoom. We will have to wait
    for government decisions on meeting.

    The next BVB will go out in February. GE will apply for a Community Pride grant to
    allow us to provide a permanent copy of the Resilience Plan to every household.


  2. Date of next meeting February 7th, 2022


Contact us at contact@strathblanecc.org.uk Also on our website
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