Jun 2022 Minutes

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Meeting Monday 6th June 2022 in the Village Club



Members Present : - Julie Hutchison; Grace Edmonds; Kate Ramsden; John Gray; Andrew Thompson; Evelyn MacDougall; Craig Melville; Eleanor Balfour; Pam Lee Apologies: None

In attendance: Councillor Paul Henke; M Vass, SCDT ; Robyn McEwan, SC+ 2residents

(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development Trust * Denotes an action)


1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest


JH welcomed everybody to the June meeting.

2. Minutes of May meeting and matters arising


The minutes had been circulated to CC members. They were accepted, proposed by AT, seconded by KR

Matters arising: JH has had an email from Angela McGibbon. A works order has been issued for the cleaning of the electronic speed sign in the village. Money has been allocated for work on parking issues on Old Mugdock Road and Dumbrock Road.

JH had an email from Aileen May who is working with Ukrainian refugees. She asked if we could give her a small grant towards writing materials and books. JH replied that we do not have funds to provide a grant but that we would be happy to put an article about her work in the BVB and to co-ordinate donations from the public. Aileen re- plied today saying that she does not need donations just now but will contact us if she does in the future.

JH thanked Councillor Henke for keeping us updated on the Cuilt Road. JG and EM both commented that the council officers do not seem to understand that the issue is the safety of walkers. MV suggested that we should contact the Access Officer and JH will do this.

3. Police Report


Constable Graham sent the report for May Anti-social behaviour:

Constable graham has been made aware of complaints regarding noise form events in the Village Club. No calls have been made to the police about these.

A male was issued with a recorded Police warning following a minor assault at a house on Cuilt Road.

A male was found in possession of cannabis at Queen’s View car park and issued with a recorded police warning.

Road traffic:

There was an RTC on the A809 at Carbeth involving a motor cyclist and a pedal cy- cle. The pedal cyclist sustained serious injuries as a result.


Tools were stolen from a house under renovation on Moor Road, Strathblane. En- quiries are continuing.

JH noted that the theft of the bucket from the digger at the Wildlife Sanctuary hap- pened after the Police report was compiled.


4. Confirmation of Members.


Two co-opted members, Pamela Lee and Craig Melville, have met the criteria to be- come full members. They were duly elected to the Community Council, proposed by JG and KR and AT and EM and agreed by all the members present.


5. Intention to Co-opt.


Two local residents, Rob Davies and Ian Boardley, have offered to join the Communi- ty Council. GE will send the relevant papers to them to complete over the summer break, with the intention to co-opt them at the September meeting.

6. DRT Bus Service


A resident raised the fact that this service has been withdrawn. Councillor Henke said that a committee has been formed across Stirling region to try to address this issue. GE will write to the resident to inform him about this.


7. Community Resilience _ Robyn McEwan


Robyn McEwan from the Risk and Resilience Team at SC gave us a presentation about Risk Management. She left us with a toolkit to enable AT and KR to carry out a risk assessment as part of our Resilience Plan.

At asked what strategies CCs are using to conduct Risk assessment. Robyn replied that we are the pilot for the Community Tool Kit. AT can ask SC to review our plans if necessary.

EM asked if AT had heard about insurance for farmers who are prepared to help clear snow if necessary. Robyn replied that they don’t think that the CC is covered for this, but she has not yet heard from the underwriters. AT asked about an updated map of the area. This is not yet available.

MV asked if the council still operates the machinery ring that farmers can sign up to and which then allows them to be used to clear roads etc. Robyn had not heard about this but will get back to us.

JH thanked Robyn for giving her presentation.

8. Elected members Report. – Councillor Paul Henke


Tenders went out for the repair of the Catterburn bridge some months ago and are due back tomorrow. The Council will debate the tenders within a week to ten days. There will then be a public consultation on the work involved. The money for the re- pair has been fenced and the work is expected to take many months.

JG asked if Paul knew if the road surface on Kirkburn Drive is being replaced or if it just the pavements. It seems as if the road surface will be patched but not resur- faced. The quality of road repairs in SC is very poor. JG said it would be useful if we knew if patching is a bad idea or if it is just poor workmanship. PH thinks we should ask for a site visit from Road Maintenance. He will email JH a list of Council Officers so that we know who to contact. JG asked if we should file a freedom of information request regarding payment for substandard work.

9. Planning and Licensing


22/00261/PPP: Erection of dwelling house on land between 25 and 27 Dumbrock Road Strathblane. JG filed comments as agreed at the May meeting.


22/00341/FUL: Partial demolition and two new extensions, Banchory 9A Milndavie Road Strathblane. This is a large extension but the neighbours do not object so we will not comment.

22/00295/PPP: demolition of existing livery buildings and erection of 5 dwelling houses. Bankend House Strathblane. This is a proposal to demolish old stable blocks and construct 5 houses with a new entrance. The developers will have to make a contribution to the local community as there will be more than three houses. JG and EB will look at the plans in more detail and circulate comments to the CC members. MV said that this is a big development on the Green Belt which is there to maintain space between Strathblane and Milngavie. JG said that he will look at the exception to the Green belt that allows building on brownfield sites to see if the development meets that criteria.

JH will reply to an email regarding tree felling on Duntreath estate.

10. Finance


Current Account - £2805 24 Instant Saver - £1373.25

EM said that there is money coming into the current account via various bacs pay- ments from some of the local organisations as contributions to the medals for the children.

10. Correspondence


There was no correspondence this month

11. AOCB


There was no other business.

11. Date of next meeting September 5th 2022, in the Village Club Copy date for the BVB – June 17th


Contact us at contact @strathblanecc.org.uk Also on our website www.strathblanecc.org.uk . Telephone numbers for Community Councillors are on the notice boards, in the library and in the Blane Valley Bulletin