Mar 2022 Minutes

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Meeting Monday 7th March 2022 in the Village Club



Members Present : - Grace Edmonds; Kate Ramsden; Evelyn Macdougall; John Gray; Andrew Thompson; Pamela Lee

Apologies: Julie Hutchison; Craig Melville; Eleanor Balfour: Margaret Vass, SCDT; Councillor Hutchison

In attendance: 2 residents

(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development Trust * Denotes an action)


1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest


KR welcomed everybody to the meeting. There were no declarations of interest.

2. Minutes of February meeting and matters arising


The minutes had been circulated to CC members. They were accepted, proposed by EM, seconded by JG

Matters arising: GE asked Constable Graham if we should highlight the incidences of inappropriate behaviour at Mugdock Country Park in the BVB. He said that the Police are taking these reports seriously but that there had already been some hysteria re- garding this, and we might not want to risk adding to it therefore we decided not to mention the incidents in the BVB.

JG reported that Rob Davies is looking into the mud in the burn from the construction site. JG reports any incidences of mud in the burn to SEPA who are working with the contractor to address the issue. The mud has come from the road via the drains or directly from the site and there might be another water source under the soil. SEPA is investigating this. KR asked if the problem would stop once the building is complete and JG said that they think it will.

JH has contacted Angela McGibbon about the signs at the traffic calming on the A81 which have still not been replaced.

Issues with parking around the Co-op are ongoing. .SC are planning to erect no wait- ing signs which may help. A resident received some information from SC which clari- fied some issues. We will continue to monitor this area.

GE met Stewart Smolarek from Scottish Water. He agreed that they will replace the grass near Park Place which has been damaged by contractor’s lorries. The road surface is the responsibility of SC.

GE and JH had a conversation with a local electrician about the suitability of using the old phone box to house the defibrillator. He didn’t think it was suitable. The wall of the Co-op will be the best place for it and a local resident is talking to the Co-op about this.

3. Police Report


There was no Police Report this month.

4. Update on the Resilience Plan.


AT said that he had very little to report. He sent the draft plan to Robyn McEwan, the Resilience Officer at SC and asked for comments, especially whether local farmers who help with snow clearing will be covered by SC insurance. AT also requested a


current map of our area, including Carbeth and Mugdock. He asked for a meeting to discuss the plan. He had a response saying that the plan looks good, there are just a few issues to discuss. AT sent a list of possible dates for a meeting but has not heard back.

AT contacted the local surgeries to ask if they should be included in the plan. The Strathblane surgery replied that they will discuss this at their next Practice meeting. Killearn surgery has not responded. AT thinks that we can probably go ahead with the plan without the surgeries.

GE should hear next week if the grant application to distribute the plan has been successful.

5. Royal Jubilee.


KR said that we are looking to see what people want to do to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. There is local interest in having a bonfire and we have permission to use the field adjacent to the park for this. We will think more about this for the April meeting.

6. Re-assignment of CC roles


The Roads portfolio has become vacant following the death of Phil Graves. Craig Melville has agreed to take on this role until the AGM in June.

7. Elected Member’s report


The elected member on duty was ill and sent her apologies.

8. Planning and Licensing


21/01069/FUL: Erection of dwelling house in garden ground of Carbeth Cottage, Blanefield. JG sent a letter to Planning regarding the Green Belt and has e-mailed to check that this has been received. The officer had not realised that the application had to meet Green Belt regulations. JG does not like that we are going to be the bad guys as far as the developer is concerned.

JG had asked about training for the Local Place Pan and received a reply from SC saying that we don’t need to work on our plan yet. The council intends to offer a pro- gramme of community council engagement in the autumn and support will be tailored to the needs of individual CCs. JG mentioned that there are other private organisa- tions that offer general training on planning for CCs if SC doesn’t do this.

9. Finance


Current Account - £2561.81 Instant Saver - £1343.12

The current account includes a donation of £50 from residents to be used for the BVB.



10. Correspondence


We had an email from Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust regarding a litter pick that they carried out a few weeks ago. They collected 9 bags of litter from the Blane Water and 20 from the WHW. They are planning to do another pick later in the month. AT asked if it would be worthwhile to put up signs regarding litter. KR will put the letter from Loch Lomond Fisheries on the Facebook page.

We had an email from a resident asking if we are organising collections for Ukraine. Current advice from Charity organisations is that monetary donations are best. KR will congratulate people who are helping to collect.

AT asked if we have any information about the possibility of residents offering ac- commodation for refugee families. We have no information yet. AT will try to find out if there is any way to help accommodate refugees.

11. AOCB


EM raised the issue of the dreadful condition of the Cuilt Road. Some is due to extra traffic caused by the closure of the Catterburn Bridge, but the main problem is the sustained use of the road by very large tractors towing trailers which use the road several times a day. The vehicles are too wide for the road and are destroying the verges. Several areas have become very dangerous. RD has looked into this and says that he does not think the tractors are doing anything illegal. He suggested that we could ask for signage with a weight restriction on the road. EM and GE will draft a letter to SC regarding this issue and the condition of the road surface and discuss this with CM.

JH heard from a resident that workmen were repairing the bus shelter at Ballewan Crescent. They did not repair the roof and the bus stop sign was removed. JH will contact SC about this.

A resident, Ian Boardley, explained that he is attending our meetings to represent Mugdock. He was a friend of Phil Graves and told him that he would carry on his liai- son role with the CC. JG acknowledged that it is important to have representation from Mugdock and also Carbeth via EM.

11. Date of next meeting April 4th, 2022




There will be no BVB until April



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