Sept 2022 Minutes

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Meeting Monday 5th September 2022 in the Village Club



Members Present : - Julie Hutchison; Kate Ramsden; John Gray; Andrew Thomp- son; Evelyn MacDougall

Apologies: Grace Edmonds; Eleanor Balfour; Pamela Lee

In attendance: Councillor Paul Henke; M Vass, SCDT ; + 1 resident

(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development Trust * Denotes an action)


1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest


JH welcomed everybody to the September meeting. There were no declarations of interest

2. Minutes of June meeting and matters arising


The minutes had been circulated to CC members. They were accepted, proposed by JG, seconded by EM

Matters arising: All queries & requests for information to SC to be submitted via Ste- phen Bly (SC), who forwards it into the relevant department. To date he has been very good in dealing with queries raised. JH contacted him to ask for a meeting with the Access Officer regarding the issues with the rubble infill on the edges of Cuilt Brae, and the danger it poses to walkers and vehicles. Stephen has suggested we arrange an onsite meeting, JH to contact him to ask for a shortlist of dates so we can get something set up. The Carbeth Hutters are also keen to be involved in the meet- ing.

Resilience Plan/Household Emergency Plan – a final version has been agreed for the 2-page excerpt of the Resilience plan, being an Emergency Planning checklist for residents to keep handy in case of unexpected events. It will be printed on card/thick paper and be included in the next issue of the BVB. Residents can personalise the plan with their own contact details. We have had to push ahead with the version without an accompanying map so that the grant obtained for the purpose can be used to cover printing costs. If/when the map becomes available it can be attached to a later version, or attached to the downloadable version for the website.

JH checked if Councillor Henke knew who the new Councillor for Roads is, so that we can raise issues with them – PH to let her know

3. Co-Option of New Member


Rob Davies had sent his apologies in advance of the meeting but was happy to be co-opted in his absence. The co-option was Proposed by JH and Seconded by KR and was approved unanimously by members present. We look forward to properly welcoming him to the next meeting.

Ian Boardley’s papers have been approved by SC, we agreed to wait until the next meeting to co-opt him to the committee.

4. Police Report


Constable Graham sent the report for September and pointed out that, although it seemed like a lot, the report did include 2/3 months of incidents!

Anti-social behaviour

Male found in possession of cannabis at Queens View car park. Recorded Police Warning issued.


Persons unknown drove into Queens View Car park and struck a camper van with large pieces of slate before

driving off.

Noisy music was reported to be coming from a house in Old Mugdock Rd. All quiet on Police arrival.

Persons on dirt bikes were reported to be causing annoyance at tracks near to Car- beth. No trace on Police arrival.

Complaint of noise coming from licenced premises in Strathblane. Noise not exces- sive however turned down on


Few reports of youths jumping in the quarry. Youths moved on and no major inci- dents noted. This is an area that

has been monitored due to previous incidents.

Road Traffic –

Male reported for careless cycling after an RTC occurred on Stockiemuir Rd at Car- beth area.

A youth ran out in front of a vehicle in Cuilt Rd. Slight pain to the side occurred as a result. No blame

attached to the driver.

2 vehicle RTC occurred near to Kirkhouse Inn. No injuries sustained. RTC occurred on A81 at Duntreath. One vehicle, no injury.


Theft of vehicle whilst parked in Netherblane, Blanefield.

Theft of tools from a building site in Moor Rd. It is suspected that a disgruntled work- er is to blame however enqs continue.

Bank card found at Carbeth Fishery, later used in a fraud in the Glasgow area. Sus- pect identified and enqs continue to trace him.

Tipping bucket from a digger stolen from a site in Dumbrock Drive. Enqs continue. An attempt to break into a garage occurred in Old Mugdock Rd. Persons were dis- turbed however and nothing stolen.

Theft of wine and Ibuprofen stolen from Strathblane Co-op. A female was traced and cautioned and


Theft of a Trailer and All Terrain Vehicle stolen from moor on Stockiemuir Rd. Theft of an insecure bike on pathway near to Boards Farm.

Theft by HB occurred in Netherblane whereby cash and a keys for vehicle were sto- len. Keys used in order to steal vehicle.

Theft by HB occurred at a house in Milndavie Rd when the occupants were on holi- day. A bike and jewellery were stolen.

Attempted fraud by way of WhatApp message occurred. Frauds are still occur- ring/being attempted so please be vigilant.

PC Graeme McNulty will be joining in the Ward Officer role for the Forth and Endrick area on 12th September. Graeme was previously the School Based Officer at Balfron High School.

5. Name for New Road


A future resident of the new development at Devil’s Elbow raised concern over the length of the name of Graham Lambie Brae and asked if it could be shortened. CC referred the query to SC, who deferred back to CC . We replied that the name was agreed by way of a poll of residents, and this had been the most popular choice. CC will therefore not be taking this any further, and the original enquirer would have to pursue directly with SC.


6. New Cemetery


With the proposed new build ‘Gladmans’ now fully rejected by planning and the Scot- tish Ministers, the committee agreed it should push Stirling to progress the new cem- etery extension, on the site designated in the Local Development Plan. A survey 5 years ago confirmed only 5 years left within the current cemetery, and there are not many plots left. MV recalled the 2021/22 budget included Capital Expenditure for the new cemetery. PH to confirm to JH who we should contact within SC. We know the process will take some time, so agreed the urgency in getting things started now.

7. Village Toilets


The committee has been made aware that Killearn still has its public toilets, PH con- firmed Balfron does too. As the Kirkhouse has withdrawn its status of providing facili- ties to non-customers the need for public convenience is pressing. Even once the library is up-and-running, the far end of the village is a popular starting point for walk- ers, so the facilities should be available.

MV confirmed the SCDT has considered taking it on as an asset transfer in the past, but the cost of refurbishment would be too high. Despite this they ensured that the power supply remained in place when the toilets were closed, in the hope it could be re-established.

PH will speak to SC to see if we can get them refurbished and put back into use.

8. Access Officer


Already covered under Matters Arising – JH to chase via Stephen Bly at SC

Also discussed Charging Points for electric vehicles as the village doesn’t have any, and it never seems to have been proposed by SC? The new library carpark may have space to take one, and outside the church has previously been discussed. PH will take back to SC to enquire.

9. Telephone Boxes


A request to put a business advertisement on the noticeboards has raised the ques- tion of available space for advertising within the village (other than as a flyer in the BVB). We discussed whether the two telephone boxes could have boards installed for this, probably maintained/kept up to date by the CC? A resident had also en- quired about using them for surplus plants/non-perishable food etc. The committee will suggest the idea on social media and see what the feed-back is from residents. We would also need a joiner/handy person to rig up the advertising boards and fit shelves.

10. Planning and Licensing


Change of use to private garden only 81 Glasgow Road Blanefield Stirling G63 9HP Ref. No: 22/00542/FUL | Narrow gap site between Station Rd and Ballewan Crescent

CC : No Comment

Erection of dwellinghouse Land At The Former The Wildings Moor Road Strathblane Ref. No: 22/00503/FUL | Received: Wed 27 Jul 2022 | Validated: Fri 29 Jul 2022 | Seems a repeat of 22/00222/FUL Floods officer OBJECTS CC : No Comment

Erection of coffee shop/drive-through takeaway and installation of air source heat pumps (being an Amendment to Planning Permission ref. 17/00881/FUL) St Mocha



Carbeth Drive Through Blanefield G63 9AY Ref. No: 22/00459/FUL | Received: Fri 08 Jul 2022 | Validated: Wed 27 Jul 2022 CC : No Comment

Demolition of existing livery buildings and the erection of 5No. dwellinghouses and associated infrastructure Bankend House Stable Bankend Strathblane G62 8LB Ref. No: 22/00295/PPP | Received: Mon 09 May 2022 | Validated: Tue 17 May 2022 | Status: Awaiting decision

JG and EB had agreed an approach and circulated draft comments to the CC members in advance of the meeting. The meeting discussed the Green Belt policies and limits on what can be justified on the applicable policies. The proposed comments were agreed by the CC. JG will finalise these and submit tomorrow.

Erection of dwellinghouse Land Between 25 And 27 Dumbrock Road Strathblane Ref. No: 22/00261/PPP | Received: Mon 25 Apr 2022 | Validated: Thu 28 Apr 2022 |WITHDRAWN (NEW APPLICATION TO FOLLOW?)

CC had commented in support of this – will keep eye on to see if re-submitted

Erection of dwellinghouse Land At The Former The Wildings Moor Road Strathblane Ref. No: 22/00222/FUL | Received: Mon 11 Apr 2022 | Validated: Tue 03 May 2022 See 22/00503/FUL above

Thanks to John and Eleanor for the time they have put into these, and on keeping an eye on the deadlines over our summer recess

MV raised the point that planning should begin for the Local Place Plan which is com- ing up for review soon. JG had queried in March and was advised it was too early to start. A joint meeting between CC/SCDT and SC will be set-up to discuss taking it forwards.

11. Finance


Current Account - £2,635.65

Instant Saver - to follow (£1373.25 in June)

The Jubilee Medals have been paid for (£249.59), and £210 was received by dona- tion in respect of these. An admin grant of £475.61 was received from SC

Kate Baxter has reviewed and returned the accounts and the members of the CC ac- cepted the reviewed accounts, Proposed by JH and seconded by JG. The commit- tee thanks her for her continued support. It was agreed that the assets needed to be reviewed as the list was not up-to-date.

12. Correspondence


A resident has asked whether the traffic calming measures could be extended down to the A81 outside Netherblane, as speeding is an issue there, along with the poor road surface. JH to raise with Angela McGibbon at SC, it was agreed to discuss fully at next month’s meeting.

Rural Stirling is having its AGM on the 15th September in Callander. RSVP by 12th September. JH & MV hope to attend.

13. AOCB




JH met Donna and Paul from SC at the playpark to discuss upgrading some of the equipment. Between various pots & budgets there is approximately £10k available to spend, although it is understood that the cost for installation will take up a large part of that. JH suggested that they come up with a handful of suggestions for different age groups, then take them to the pupil council for them to pick.

The poor drainage on the site was discussed, and Paul will look at the possibility of resurfacing to aid with drainage, and he may be able to offer a grant to cover this.

Xmas Lights Switch-on at the Village Club : we will see what dates suit the band, then work out a suitable night accordingly.

MV raised the recent closure of the A81 heading out to Milngavie, the uncertainly over how long it would be closed for and for how many days, and the disruption caused by poor signage and communication. PH suggested a letter be written to Carol Beattie (Chief Executive) about it.

14. Date of next meeting 3rd October 2022, in the Village Club Copy date for the BVB – 19th September


Contact us at contact Also on our website . Telephone numbers for Community Councillors are on the notice boards, in the library and in the Blane Valley Bulletin