April 2023 Minutes

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Meeting Monday 3rd April 2023 in the Village Club
Members Present: - Julie Hutchison; Grace Edmonds; John Gray; Andrew
Thompson; Pamela Lee; Graeme Kemsley
In attendance: M Vass, SCDT; + 2 residents
Apologies: Evelyn Macdougall; Rob Davies; Eleanor Balfour; Kate Ramsden;
Ian Boardley
(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development
Trust * Denotes an action)
1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest
JH welcomed everybody to the meeting and said that it could be our last
meeting depending on the outcome of the elections next month.
AT declared an interest in a planning matter.
2. Minutes of March meeting and matters arising
The minutes had been circulated to CC members and were accepted, proposed
by JG seconded by GK
Matters arising: JH contacted Angela McGibbon about the repainting of the
roundabouts in the village. AMcG replied that the white lining is continuing
and the roundabouts will be painted.
GK said that there are not enough 20mph signs on the A81 straight by the Village
JH reported that the sign about the traffic calming at the Village Club has
been hit and is facing the wrong way. JG said that he has turned it back.
A resident complained that drivers are not obeying the 20mph limit. JH said
that we cannot legislate for inconsiderate drivers.
JH asked why Campsie road has been left at 30mph. AMcG that this cannot
be 20mph as there are no frontages on this road.
JH emailed AMcG and Stephen Bly about the chevrons on the bend on the
A81 entering the village. These are broken and pointing the wrong way. JH
will pursue this.
The new swing has been installed in the playpark. JH will ask SC how much
money we have left and we might be able to buy another piece of equipment.
MV reported that the new library is opening on April 18th.
JH congratulated the SCDT on their hard work in getting this built for the village.
3. Police Report
As Constable McNulty is now working alone he plans to send bi-monthly Police
reports, therefore there is no report this month
4. Local Place Plan
We have the slides and discussion from the meeting with SC. As we don’t
know if we will all still be on the Community Council in future we intend to form
a sub-group to look at the plan.
JH thinks that we need to make a start on our plan
JH has a copy of Drymen’s plan and hopes to also get Gartmore’s. These will
help us to formulate a questionnaire. A resident asked about the uptake of
questionnaires. JH said that it is often very poor but that a recent survey has
had a good response. JG pointed out that we have experience in running
community consultations. He suggested that we look at the work that we did
for the housing needs survey and also the Community Action Plan. He would
expect about a 20% response. AT said that he had about 25% response to
the library survey.
5. Community Council Elections
The nomination form for the elections went live today. JH asked members to
wait for a few minutes after the meeting to have a look at the form.
AT asked if he should stand as he will be away for some of next session. We
will ask SC about this.
6. Meeting Venue
JG and KR visited the school to check availability of wi-fi for our meetings.
Nobody in the school knows how to access this. We sent this information back
to SC. We could use somebody’s phone as a hot spot, but we don’t think that
we should have to do this. The school staff already have to use their personal
hotspots to run their lessons. JG and KR offered to tell SC that this is unacceptable.
SB emailed to suggest the library as a meeting place. He has passed on the
information that SC is wasting CC time. He will not liaise with Bookings. JH
will contact Gerry McGarvey who has offered to help. JH said that the library
would be fine, but we would prefer to be in the VC.
MV pointed out that this is the second time that the Community council has
had this argument with SC.
7. Elected Member’s Report
There was no elected member present.
8. Planning and Licensing
JG had emailed CC members with planning information for the meeting.
23/00137/FUL: Demolition of existing dwelling house and erection of replacement
dwelling house. The proposal is to replace the existing bungalow, adja3
cent to Blanefield House, with a two story house. Nobody has any concerns
about this so JG will not comment.
22/00729/FUL: Erection of house in garden ground of 12 Glasgow Road,
Blanefield. This application has been refused and the decision is being appealed.
JG does not intend to comment further on this.
A resident asked about the proposed house below Blue Risk. JG said that we
commented about drainage issues with this site and will continue to press
planning officers about this. Permission was granted on condition that the
house will not be extended in the future. JG said that we need to check that
the field opposite Blue Risk is reinstated once the building work is complete.
JG has signed up for an Ordinance Survey Licence which we need to use the
mapping software for the Local Place Plans.
Light pollution from the campsite on the Cuilt Road is still an issue. JG will try
to take a picture for SC.
9. Finance
As Evelyn has been unwell there is no financial statement this month.
10. Correspondence
We had a lovely email from a resident complementing us on the BVB this
month. We had another one from a resident who wants us to advertise goods
and services available locally. JH does not think this is what the BVB is for
and the meeting agreed.
We had a request for help in tracing a relative who has moved to the village,
which we successfully did.
JH thanked Pat and Robert Davy who have delivered the BVB for mamny
years and are now leaving the village.
A resident said that Greens intend that their delivery vans will use the car park
when they take over the Co-op. This should help with parking in the area.
JH has asked to be informed when the planters are due to arrive outside the
Co-op so that she can check where they will be placed.
A resident said that residents beside her really appreciate the work of the CC
and of SC to address the parking issues at the Co-op.
11. AOCB
JG said that it had been suggested at the last meeting that we should purchase
a camera and microphone for use at meetings. He has looked at various
options for this and suggested that we listen to the recording of this meeting
to see what the quality is like.
A resident reported that Scottish Water is using the old railway line beyond
Station Road to access repairs to the bridge. It is now very muddy and he
asked if SW will reinstate the path when work is complete. GE will write to SW
regarding this.
12. Date of next meeting
The forthcoming CC elections mean that we do not have a date for the next
MV thanked the retiring CC members for their hard work.
Contact us at contact@strathblanecc.org.uk Also on our website
www.strathblanecc.org.uk. Telephone numbers for Community Councillors
are on the notice boards, in the library and in the Blane Valley Bulletin