November 2023 Minutes

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Meeting Monday 6th November 2023 in the Village Club
Members Present: - Julie Hutchison; Kate Ramsden: Andrew Thompson; Grace
Edmonds; Rob Davies; John Gray; Eleanor Balfour: Ian Boardley
In attendance: Councillor Paul Henke; M Vass SCDT; PCs McNulty and McCammon
Police Scotland; + 4 residents
Apologies: Graeme Kemsley; Pamela Lee
(SC = Stirling Council. CC = Community Council. CDT= Community Development
Trust * Denotes an action)
1. Welcome from the Chair and declarations of Interest
JH welcomed everybody to the meeting, especially PCs McNulty and McMcCammon
and also Andrew who joined us from New Zealand.
She shared the news that Angus Graham died on Friday and passed on our condolences
to his family.
There were no declarations of interest.
2. Minutes of October meeting and matters arising.
The minutes had been circulated to all CC members and were accepted. Proposed
KR, Seconded IB
Matters arising: JH met Fergus McFarlane from Loch Lomond Fisheries to discuss
the spread of Himalayan Balsam. He showed her the trial patch where they are trying
to control growth. He is not certain that this is working but there is no money to repeat
the trial. He suggested that we organise a local working party in May to pull up
the plants and he will then strim it. This exercise might need to be repeated.
JH also met Steven Robertson and a colleague from Land Services to look at problems
with leylandii obstructing pavements in the village. He took a lot of pictures and
will notify Roads who will send letters to property owners requesting that they cut
back the trees. They have 28 days to do this. After that the council will prune the
trees and bill the property owners.
PL and JH talked to RBS and managed to get the account address changed and the
two accounts amalgamated. PL is now waiting for RBS to send a password and then
we will have access to on-line banking.
3. Police Report
PC McCammon presented the report this month.
Anti-social behaviour
Vandalism was recorded after an unattended car was damaged at Mugdock Country
Park. Enquiries are ongoing.
A member of the public on a bike was bitten by a dog and received a minor injury to
her ankle. This is being investigated under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act.
A report was received of a young person chasing another young person with a metal
tube. All partied have been traced safe and well and the suspect has been dealt accordingly.
A person was arrested and held in custody for sending threatening messages over
social media.
Road safety
Enquiries are ongoing to trace the driver of a vehicle that collided with unoccupied
vehicle and failed to stop and report the incident.
A report was received about a vehicle striking a dog after it ran onto the road without
a lead. No serious injury was sustained by either party. The dog was taken to the vet
and treated.
A garage door was forced open and a mountain bike and golf clubs stolen. Enquiries
are still ongoing.
A member of the public had their unattended handbag stolen while attending their
grandchild’s birthday party at Edenmill Farm. Enquiries are ongoing.
Other incidents
Another incident of a dog being out of control has been received and passed to the
Stirling Council Dog warden who has statuary powers to deal with such matters.
IB asked about the policy for reporting roadkill. PC McCammon said that if the animal
is dead the Council should be contacted to remove it. If it is alive or the carcase is
causing an obstruction on the road, then we should contact the police.
MV asked about continued speeding in the village. PC McNulty said that they would
like to be able to attend more often but this is not possible. He suggested Community
Speed Watch. IB noted that the road round Mugdock is very dangerous with people
driving much too fast.
JH thanked PCs McNulty and McCammon for attending and wished PC McNulty well
in his new job.
4. District Nurses
The district nurses are currently operating out of Killearn on a trial basis until January.
The CC has sent a letter complaining about this as it is difficult for people to get
to Killearn with our bus service. JH said that we are encouraging members of the
public to write also. GE will write to Forth Valley to ask if somebody will come to our
next meeting to explain the reasoning for this trial. PH will raise the issue with the
5. Local Place Plans
A decision was made to defer discussion about this until January to allow CC members
to familiarise themselves with information from SC.
6. Elected Member’s Report – Councillor Paul Henke
PH told us about the Central Scotland Environmental Trust which provides grants
throughout Stirling and Clackmannan. He thought that this might be a source of funding
for speed guns if we want to take part in the Community Speed Watch initiative.
RD asked if SC is making a response to the Scottish Government proposal to freeze
Council Tax. PH said that this has not been discussed in council. He noted that SC
has not increased rents for many years.
7. Planning and Licensing
JG had a query from a resident about the field opposite Bluerisk. He has not had time
to deal with this.
Neighbours are worried about potential flooding from the new house behind Mill
House. The CC is concerned about flooding downstream. The Flood Officer and
SEPA did not seem to address this issue. JG is not confident regarding flooding from
this build, but the planning officer intends to allow it.
We have been asked for comments on an application to fell trees near Craigallian
Road. JG will write back and say we have no questions or comments.
8. Finance
PL was unable to attend the meeting, so no update was available.
JH mentioned that we will now pay for the hall rent quarterly.
9. Correspondence
JH had an email from Hannah Freireich from SCDT about 16 Days of Activism. They
are asking for a representative from each village to provide a photograph of activities
in the village e.g. TSAR, Police etc. GE will ask if either of the doctors would be
available for a photo.
We received a reply from SC about the condition of the path down Milndavie Glen.
The paths Officer reported that it is in good condition, but residents disagree. We will
send photographs and say that we need a better response.
Balfron CC emailed to ask if we own the bus shelter opposite the Kirkhouse and if so
how do we insure it. We do not know who owns or insures it, but SCDT raised the
money to pay for it. GE will contact SC to ask who owns it.
10. AOCB
JH reported that a resident has donated another defibrillator to the village. She approached
the VC committee and they agreed to keep it in the Club in the meantime
and hope to be able to raise cash for an exterior cabinet.
JH had been contacted by the Wilsons who are offering to provide coffee from 10.00
on Sunday to anyone involved in the Remembrance Service.
JH has spoken to Duff trees. They cannot donate a tree to the village this year but
will provide one at half price and deliver it in early December. The members present
agreed that we should pay this.
11. Date of next meeting
December 4th, 2023
Contact us at Also on our website Telephone numbers for Community Councillors are
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