Apr 2022 Minutes

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Minutes from April 4th 2022 AGM & Regular CC Meeting

The meeting was in two parts starting with the AGM and then a CC meeting. It was noted the Chair James Allardice had resigned from the CC at the previous meeting to retire.

Following advice from Stephen Bly, Alan MacLennan and Gary Roberts were accepted onto the Community Council as full members.

Apologies Cllr Earl, Cllr Tweed, Alison Stewart, PC Scott Kennedy

In Attendance: Gary Roberts, Alan MacLennan, Sheona MacLennan, James Allardice, Cllr McDonald



The previous AGM minutes from 2020 were approved.

Office Bearers reports will be attached to these minutes, two things of note where an acknowledgment of the fragility of Community Council due to such a small active

membership and the CC has £42 left and is awaiting next year’s admin grant. There was no Minutes Secretary but there was agreement to seek one, Cllr McDonald agreed to write up the proceedings.

All office bearer posts were relinquished for the AGM and Cllr McDonald temporarily chaired the meeting to allow members to fill the positions a fresh. The Officer Bearers election took place as follows.

Chair Sheona MacLennan was proposed by Gary Roberts and seconded by Alan MacLennan

Secretary Alan MacLennan was proposed by Sheona MacLennan and seconded by Gary Roberts

Treasurer Sheona MacLennan was proposed by Gary Roberts and seconded by Alan MacLennan


Co-option of James Allardice was proposed by Sheona MacLennan and seconded by Alan MacLennan

Cllr McDonald handed the meeting back to the newly elected Chair. This closed the business for the AGM.

Part 2 Regular Community Council meeting


Noting the fragility and potential for collapse of the CC, actions were discussed to recruit new members and get support and training from Stirling Council and to recruit a new note taker. It was resolved that the Community Council and Councillor McDonald would write to relevant Stirling Council Officers and Chief Executive Carol Beattie to ask for support for the CC in recruitment, training, and officer support as the CC rebuilds its membership.

The CC would shortly be applying for the next years admin grant on submission of the accounts it was noted this money can only be spent on administrative purposes and the CC needed to find money to fund local projects James Allardice mentioned the Community Gain from the Gold Mine was due for payment in April and he believed this money would be paid to Stirling Council to administer. Cllr McDonald agreed to look into this.

Cllr Report : Cllr McDonald noted he was stepping down suggested making a 10 point list of priorities for the new Cllrs and a walking meeting to look a local issues, he also mentioned he was pursuing Stirling Council to confirm they would fund Online Conferencing and hall hire to allow the Community Councils to offer hybrid meetings if they wished to.

Trust News: An AGM is imminent and, they were looking at a community buyout of land in Crianlarich for development and at the next meeting were voting on Trademarking the Village names to secure the intellectual property as an asset which could be monetised, protected in the future.

Following last meeting where Fire Service Recruitment was discussed Cllr Earl met with Mark Bryce to discuss the issue and offer reassurance. In the Police report few crimes but PC Scott Kennedy noted similar recruitment issues. James Allardice chased off a Burglar from the Mountain Rescue building as the individual tried to access an open window it was agreed to inform the Mountain Rescue to be vigilant about open windows and security to avoid a similar opportunity for a burglar.

Planning: Following the construction of Cables down Glenfalloch the access roads may be retained. Lots of outstanding planning matters but nothing of significance to comment on at this time.

Meeting Closed

Next meeting May 2nd 2022.

Minutes prepared by Jeremy McDonald, Councillor Proposed Alan MacLennan Seconded Sheona MacLennan


Approved 2 May 2022