May 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting 2nd May 2022 Crianlarich Village Hall 7.30 pm

Present and Apologies


Present: Sheona MacLennan, Alan MacLennan, Jimmy Allardice, Cllr Jeremy McDonald

Also present 1 member of the public

Apologies: Gary Roberts, William Ronald (LLTNP Representative), Theresa Elliot (SCDT), PC Scott Kennedy

Recording of Declarations of interest



Adoption of previous meeting minutes


Minutes from Monday 4th April adopted. Proposed: Alan MacLennan, Seconded: Sheona MacLennan

Matters Arising


Recruitment drive to attract new members onto the Community Council can be taken forward once the new administration is in place after the election.

Community Gain from the gold mine. Action – Sheona to contact SCDT

Reports – External

No reports from Community engagement nor the NP Representative


Police Scotland


Report from PC Scott Kennedy received by telephone.

Recruitment of new police officer to the Strathfillan area – there is recognition by those in authority of the importance to the area of having a resident police presence. The post has been advertised twice (in the Central region only) with no interest being shown. The next step would be to advertise the post at a national level but there is no timescale for this.

PC Kennedy lives and is based in Killin and covers a very large area.

There has been a couple of mountain rescues in the area but otherwise quiet.

Elected Member


Council budget consultation begins in September. There is a hybrid grant to be made available to enable online and in-person meetings to take place at the same time, with the possibility of a TEAMS licence. Hopeful that there will be more proportional spending across the Stirling Council area from the city out to the rural areas.

Reiteration of usefulness of a 10 point list of local priorities to the incoming Elected Members. Some ideas for this include – housing, Place Plan, broadband provision, a report from the SCDT to be made at CC meetings, support from the Council via a Council officer, the setting up of Facebook page for the CC.

Reports – Internal


Chair – Nothing to report.

Secretary (including correspondence) –


Nothing to report

Treasurer –


Opening / closing balance £43.48

Planning –


Nothing to report.

Community Council Business (Issues brought to the CC for debate and to agree/vote on actions that are in the interest of the community)


It was suggested that the Strathfillan Community Development Trust is not transparent enough and that the Community Council should try and make them be more transparent.


Answer : In the beginning the Trust grew out of the Community Council and was created (as with all trusts of this nature) to enable projects to be taken forward and to hold and administer funds which a Community Council cannot do.

The Trust is an independent body with charitable status and regulated as such, therefore, our Community Council has no influence on the Trust, and we are completely independent of each other.

The minutes of the Community Council meetings have to be published as a legal requirement. To the best of our knowledge there is no such obligation on the Trust, but members of the SCDT can request a copy.

It was also suggested that there be a register of interests drawn up for the Community Council members.

Answer: happy to discuss this further and to create one to avoid bias and conflict of interest in our decision making.

AOB (any items CC members wish to raise not on the agenda)


Cllr McDonald suggested that Mr I Cleaver be co - opted onto the Community Council.

Action – Sheona to investigate and report back.

Date and time of next meeting Monday 6th June 2022 7.30 pm

Crianlarich Village Hall, Committee Room.