Feb 2021 Minutes


3rd of February at 7:30 pm
Online meeting


  1. Present: Scott Patterson – Chair (SP), Hector Muir -Vice-Chair (HM), Gabriela Ingle -
    Secretary (GI), Elaine Blanchard (EB), Joanne Inglis (JI), Al Rawlinson (AL), Andy Greig
    (AG), Michelle Flynn SC (MF), Cllr Evelyn Tweed (ET), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (JM)
    Yvonne Dickson -Minutes Secretary (YD)

    (7 members of the public)


    Apologies: Sheena Stewart (SS),

  2. Approval of minutes of meeting on the 19th of November 2020 Agreed (EB)
    Seconded (GI)

  3. Matters arising - None


  4. Reports – External:

    1. Transport Scotland re Traffic Alleviation at Safari Park – HM - sent a draft letter to
      the CC – to be agreed? all agreed – Action HM will send

    2. Police Scotland – see attached

    3. Stirling County Councillor – (ET) Problems with Dirty Camping issue due to
      pandemic – trying to put plans in place to ensure it doesn’t happen like last time.
      Meeting with National park and police - was a positive meeting – the NP wanted
      better coordination of litter collection. Rubbish is being left and occasionally fires
      are still alight – further finance and resources going into these issue hopefully.
      Complaint about filming – Outlander – but this is legit.

      People needing assistance with housing, grants and support at the moment.
      Enquiries about schools going back. First minister reported on this on Tues 2 Feb
      (JM) talks about strategic bin placements at hot spots discussions about a shuttle
      bus around the region. (JI) asked when the dirty camping solutions would be put
      in place – before Easter? (ET) Yes National park are hopefully gearing up for this

  5. Reports – Internal:

    1. Chair – noted Thornhill received £500

    2. Secretary – nothing to report, other than we are still using her zoom, having
      technical issues re Gmail account.

    3. Treasurer – (EB) Latest statement: £2,524.04 £40 paid out for ICO data protection
      fee (to be renewed September 2021) £500 paid in (food supp/sanitary) from

      Stirling Council grant. I’ve passed a cheque to Laura Williamson to replenish
      phone box with essentials and she will submit all receipts. Cheque signatory
      change has been completed and sent to bank, so awaiting update.

    4. Planning – (HM) been sending out weekly planning apps. Questions about 3
      houses near the school planning permission – on agenda to discuss

    5. Thornhill Community Trust – (EB) Discussion on the completion of a safeguarding
      policy for volunteers taking part in any work in the future. A biodiversity survey
      has been concluded for the North Common and Matt Harding will present his
      findings and suggestions for management at the end of the month. Ideas to
      purchase cameras for nest boxes and link the feed with the school, Group keen to
      share photos of garden wildlife. Future plans for live talks and field trips, e.g. to
      see water voles. Discussion on futures group, which will be presented later in the


    6. Blair Drummond Community Hall – no updates


  6. Community Council Business

    1. Dunsire and Partners’ development in Thornhill: (AG) – keen to get ahead with
      consultation –put together a questionnaire. But wait until planning has been
      applied for to get a better picture. (GI) asked if app has been submitted – (AG)
      timeline was end of last year but hasn’t gone in yet. (MF) suggested set up a
      reminder to set a reminder on the planning portal to get notifications of when it
      will go in.

    2. Windfarm – Shelloch development in Gargunnock – (GI) they have put full
      planning info in so we have till 22 Feb to comment on behalf of CC and TCT –
      there is a notice on Social Media to put comments to Stirling Council. 14
      responses from the residents and some of them are here. We have copies of the
      responses and they have been sent to SC they are all objections. Taller than
      proposal 150 metres tall whereas on the planning app they are 180 metres –
      visual impact – significant change. Wildlife issues, tourism, natural habitat etc.
      Letters can be attached if required.

      (MF) reminded CC that it is material concerns that apply i.e. visual impact is a
      material concern. (GI) has concerns about changing the goal posts and setting
      presidents for future applications – would like to object about the changes. (MF)
      You can only object to current application – previous plan was rejected by SC but
      passed by Scot Gvt (LJP) 180 metres turbines are 3 x taller than the Wallace
      Monument so a big impact on the landscape.

      SC guidance says the land cannot take any more turbines so we can use this to
      put in as objections. (MF) make it clear to residents to put in objections of their
      own or with CC (ET) supports MF to encourage residents to put forward concerns
      to show strong feelings in the community. (SP) is there anything in the Stirling
      Observer and should we put something in. (MF) you could put an advert in to say
      that the community of Thornhill are objecting to this but it would be better in

      your own newsletter for your area or surrounding villages. (NM) Gargunnock –
      trying to raise awareness in his community but has been disappointed with the
      response as the community believe this has already gone through and
      Gargunnock think they may have financial benefits. The scaling of these turbines
      is going to have a landscape and visual impact. This will disturb the soil and the
      peat in the area. Has spoken to Arnprior past the nursery where the large
      vehicles will drive through a few of the villages whilst work is in progress.

      (AW) talked about publicising this issue and thinks we can put more information
      out on the Thornhill community public page. (SP) asked who is in favour of the
      development – no one – so wants to go ahead putting in the objections (AG)
      wonders if we should wait until they see if there are any more letters from
      residents (MF) suggested to put a letter in to SC soon to let them know the
      concerns and that there will be an objection coming soon. (AL) thanked NM for
      coming to the meeting and letting the CC know that they were also unhappy with
      the proposal for this development.

      (ET) asked if the CC would copy her in to the letter going to planning Action (AG)


    3. Slow down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards
      Stirling – (MF) went back to them again and they said they would have another
      look at it but she is not hopeful. She highlight the points about the speed –
      because of COVID priorities have changed.

    4. North Common – (EB) – a few have been volunteering to clean up as it is a bit of a
      bog at the moment. Wonders if there is a possibility of a crossing. A few of us
      have been doing a lot of ditch digging/freeing over the past few weeks to lessen
      the standing water and inaccessibility. The aim with this and the rest of the village
      is to create a dry route of pathways. We have a paths for all grant waiting to be
      used, but the drainage has to be addressed first. One resident asked if it would be
      possible to put a pedestrian crossing on Main Street, near the near the phone
      box, It would allow safer crossing to/from the shop, PO van, community hall and
      give the school a safer route for walks to and around North Common.

      (ET) if the school has looked at the travel plan it may be given priority and
      possible but needs to be in the plan. (JM) safer routes to schools policy – there is
      a process. Action (EB) get in touch with schools.


      CC Engagement with the community – (AG) wonders how many people read the
      notice boards – look at a website or Facebook. (EB) I have asked that the CC has a
      dedicated tab on the Thornhill Stirling website (
      where we can engage with the community, highlight meetings and log-ins,
      agenda and minutes. Also created a FB page that Andy has volunteered to admin
      so we can engage directly with both communities. Fewer people are venturing
      out to look at noticeboards these days, so the information should be shared
      across many platforms to catch everyone. (EB) would be responsible for updating
      page and could link to a dedicated FB page. Not everyone is digitally connected so
      continue to use noticeboards and village shop etc. Proposed (AG) Agreed by all.

    5. Community Engagement Plan – (EB) At the village meeting in August 2020, a
      discussion was led on developing a vision for Thornhill’s future after the
      pandemic. So many things are done differently now – work patterns, travelling,

      shopping, exercise etc. There was a feeling of greater community caring and
      kindness and a village futures group was born. The group will be made up of
      representatives from the village groups: TCT, CC, community hall, gardening
      society, playgroup etc. Could we have a volunteer to represent CC in this group…–
      Action (AR) will be the representative and feed back and forth to the group and
      the CC.


  7. Residents Forum – (SP)

    1. 21/00020/FUL | Erection of 3 dwelling houses | Land between Thornhill Primary
      School and No. 19 Low Town Thornhill – (TOMM) has issues re parking as there is no
      parking at the school. Feels that SC need to give advice on safety for the playground.
      Not sure if the school is fully aware of the houses and how close they are to the
      school and feels they need to be informed. (JM) suggested he should write to
      planning with his concerns. (TOMM) stated he already wrote to SC (MF) said that the
      safety of cars coming in and out of the school may be a safety concern with these
      builds and this may be considered as a material concern. (JI) we should let the
      community know about these things as with COVID there is not as much
      communication in the community as much and may be missing information, we can
      use the community newsletter. If we need to object tit needs to be quick as the
      expiry date is 10th Feb (SP) do we want to put in a formal complaint – all agreed –
      Action (SP)

  8. AOB – (JI) reiterated- make the community aware of these planning applications
    there is a lack of communication in the community there may be a bit of a
    disconnect, we can use the community newsletter or the webpage if it is up and
    running soon. (AR) agrees and perhaps we should add the planning spreadsheets AG
    has compiled. Action (HM) will send EB the spreadsheets.

    (GI) Resident asking for support for a planning app Robertson Lane – trying to
    develop a little bit of their land. (MF) said concerns were about sewage and
    overbuilding in a small area. Suggested being cautious about commenting or support.
    (AG) has concerns about anyone asking for support from the CC as it may set a
    precedence and for residents to use the CC as a forum for getting planning apps

  9. Date, time and venue of next meeting: 17/03/2021 at 7:30pm