June 2021 Minutes

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9th of June at 7:30 pm
Online meeting


  1. Present and apologies Scott Patterson Chair (SP), Hector Muir -Vice-Chair (HM),
    Gabriela Ingle -Secretary (GI), Elaine Blanchard - Treasurer (EY), Al Rawlinson (AL),
    Michelle Flynn SC (MF), Yvonne Dickson - Minutes Secretary (YD), Graham (G) Andy
    Greig (AG), Cllr Evelyn Tweed (ET), Gary Richardson (GR), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (JM),
    Joanne Ingles, (JI),

    Apologies: Sheena Stewart (SS), Cllr Martin Earl (ME)

  2. Approval of minutes of meeting on the 17th of March 2021 Agreed (HM), Seconded

  3. Matters arising - none

  4. Reports – External:

    1. Transport Scotland re Traffic Alleviation at Safari Park – (HM) Nothing to report
      at the present time, keep it on the agenda

    2. Police Scotland report emailed out to all 25 April -9 June 2021 -

      Antisocial Behaviour - On 08/05/21 a male was assaulted on Main Street,
      Thornhill. Enquiries are ongoing. We are aware of youths congregating within the
      grounds of Thornhill Primary school causing problems. We will continue to
      monitor the area as and when we can. If anyone witnesses antisocial behaviour,
      please contact police on 101.

      Road Safety - On the evening of 08/05/21 calls were received in relation to 2
      males in dark clothing walking on the A84 between Blairdrummond and Stirling.
      Officers traced the males and conveyed them home. On 18/05/21 a vehicle came
      off the road near the junction for Blairdrummond Safari park. On 28/05/21 two
      vehicles were involved in a collision on A84 near to Nyadd Farm. On 29/05/21
      officers had reason to stop a vehicle on Chalmerston Road. The driver was
      arrested for driving whilst under the influence. Donald and I have carried out
      hand held radar duties on Main Street, Thornhill. As a result 4 drivers were
      stopped regarding their speed. We will continue to carry out speed checks in the

      Theft - On 30/4/21 an attempted break-in occurred at one of the commercial
      properties within the area of Untied Auctions. Enquiries are ongoing in relation
      to this.


    3. Stirling Councillor – Council are beginning to get back up and running, things are
      opening up and repairs that had been put off are no back on. Putting out lots of
      messages on Social Media re- COVID testing. Facebook and Twitter posts –
      ensuring people are getting vaccinations. Testing is really important as people

      may not have symptoms (ET) noted there are items outstanding on Transport
      Scotland how can I help. (HM) talked about the Safari Park junction and would
      welcome support.(ET) asked if (HM) has a contact for this. (HM) has a file on it
      and discussed costs. Action (ET) will look into this further and ask questions as
      well as the funding. Action (HM) send details through to (ET)

  5. Reports – Internal:

    1. Chair nothing to report, but would like to thank everyone for continuing with the

    2. Secretary – set up Gmail after discussion with (MF) two more people should have
      access to the email account – discuss who will have email account. (EB) has
      access to zoom account.

    3. Treasurer – (EB) we have internet banking, no further updates – opening balance
      4/12/20 £2524.04 – closing balance 26/05/21 £1720.16

    4. Planning- (HR) planning schedule emailed out to everyone prior to meeting

    5. Thornhill Future Group (AR) lots of activity across the board, attended local scout
      group meeting – interested in selling the scout hall, looking for deeds for the land
      etc. NR and Land registration.

      Looking at rural broadband and high speed access for Thornhill. Some local
      business are struggling with realisable broadband connections.

      Air quality from traffic – its effect on Main Street in particular.

      SC looking into Smart Village, traffic volume footfall cycle ways and a few other

      Gathering evidence so that futures group can provide data for ways forward.

    6. Thornhill Community Trust – AGM last night, chair resigned and there is a new
      trustee.(GR) we are in touch with the council re electric charge points in the
      village and there may be budget to go ahead in the new few months.

    7. Blair Drummond Community Hall –(GI) no major happening, dance class started

  6. Community Council Business

    1. Dunsire and Partners’ development in Thornhill: (AG) nothing to add.

    2. Windfarm – Shelloch development in Gargunnock – (AG) no updates on Planning

    3. Slow down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards
      Stirling – MF/GI this has been on the agenda for 3 years and nothing has
      happened. GI would like to develop a barn but the planning permission may not
      go ahead due to this issue. (MF) suggest GI writes to the planning dept. to
      highlight this and how long you have been pressing this. Chase this up individually
      as well as CC – ask them to clarify the specifics. (GI) there are speed limits in the
      other villages ie Doune and Thornhill has more traffic and needs reviewed. The
      council has to consider a speed limit in this area. (MF) Caroline has the
      information on this (ET) asked (GI) to copy (JM) and herself into this letter. (GI)
      noted the number of houses have doubled in this area as well as schoolchildren.

      (MF) children have to cross road for the bus to go to school and this was
      supposed to be looked at under the safe routes to school. This has never been
      done as yet. It may be part of the bigger plan of Transport Scotland.

    4. Sommers Lane – (GI) this is the same problem as previous discussion – GPS takes
      delivery vans and big Lorries through this area. This used to be a lane for walking
      and cycling. (GR) safe route from Thornhill to Stirling and we would like to see a
      safe cycling route made available here. (GI) Christine bower sent a letter about
      the Smiddy and Thornhill. There was supposed to be an assessment.

    5. CC engagement with the community – (EB) could probably remove this from the
      agenda as people are engaging with us via web and fb.

    6. Junction of Main Street and Kippen Road / Road B822 from Thornhill to Kippen-
      (EB) – Happy to feed back to Daniel

    7. Resurfacing Kippen Rd – (EB) from a resident, the road surface is a disgrace and
      nothing is being done by the council and want the CC to take it on board. (GR)
      mentioned other roads that are of a bad standard. It is not acceptable with
      temporary repairs. (SP) asks if (ET) could get involved to discuss the spray
      patching of roads.

    8. Cycle parking – (GR) we can drop this for the time being until Thornhill Futures
      may be doing something around this.

    9. Speed check in Thornhill – (JM) – asked, was the CC going to write to the police,
      this has now happened and the police will monitor it.

    10. Floral tubs in Thornhill – (AG) this also ties into the next item – Ian Jeffrey from
      SC has had a look and he wrote to the landowner and asked him to do something
      about it.

    11. Debris at the newly-constructed bridge over the Boquhapple Burn at the western
      entrance to Thornhill - AG

  7. Residents Forum:

    1. Fence around the play park in Thornhill – (GR) general dissatisfaction with the
      play park and the drainage and the fence being rotten and falling to bits in areas.
      Action (GI) will make a CC enquiry Action (GR) to sends more details.

    2. Street lights in Thornhill – AG this is about switching off street lights, the council
      have said they won’t be switched off due to duty of care to residents, remove from
      the agenda. (GI) a letter to the CC from a resident - the council may be able to dim
      lights up to 50% in the evening when traffic is slow, can we ask the council to review
      this please. (JM) says in England they have motion detected lights in some areas and
      may be a solution? Action (GI) will make an enquiry to see if there is any other
      solutions ie dimming the lights.

  8. AOB – (JI) asked (JM) if ME says the roads report will be coming back in June –


(JF) MF has stated the roles had changed in Communities and wanted to know if the
CC would have a dedicated Community Officer attending meetings going forward.

(JM) says unfortunately this is the way it will be. (JF) wanted to ensure the CC would
still have support. (SP) should we ask other CC’s their opinion on this? This is a step
backwards and not happy with this. Action (GI) draft a letter to SC to say CC think this
is a bad idea. Copy JM and ET into this correspondence.


Date, time and venue of next meeting: Wednesday, 1st of September 2021 at 7:30pm.



  • Items outstanding with Transport Scotland (ET) will look into this further and ask
    questions as well as the funding. (HM) send details through to (ET)

  • (GI) provide access to another two CC officers to the Gmail account

  • Slow down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (GI) to write to roads and copy
    in (ET) and (JM)

  • Fence around the play park in Thornhill (GI) will make a CC enquiry (GR) to sends
    more details

  • Street lights in Thornhill - (GI) will make an enquiry to see if there is any other
    solutions ie dimming the lights.

  • Change of roles in Communities meaning there will not be dedicated Community
    Officer to provide CC support (GI) draft a letter to SC to say CC think this is a bad
    idea. Copy JM and ET into this correspondence.