October 2021 Minutes

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13th of October at 7:30 pm Online meeting


1. Scott Patterson Chair (SP), Elaine Blanchard - Treasurer (EB), Al Rawlinson (AL), Andy Greig (AG), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (JM), Joanne Ingles, (JI),Yvonne Dickson - Minutes (YD)

Apologies: Gabriela Ingle -Secretary (GI), Sheena Stewart (SS), Cllr Evelyn Tweed (ET), Cllr Martin Earl (ME), Hector Muir -Vice-Chair (HM)

Approval of minutes of meeting on the 1st of September 2021 Agreed (EB) Seconded (AG)

2. Matters arising No matters arising

3. Reports – External:

a. Transport Scotland re Traffic Alleviation at Safari Park – N/A

b. Police Scotland report emailed out to all CC

c. Stirling County Councillor (JM)

· Broken manhole outside Lion and Unicorn, lots of phone calls but now is finally done.

· Still waiting to hear about nuisance motorcycles. Asked the police if we can use drones.

· We can now meet in person and can still have zoom admin grant in the future. This will enable CC to do Hybrid meetings (part in person - part online)

· Bin changes are now fully in force.

4. Reports – Internal:

a. Chair - Nothing to report

b. Secretary N/A

c. Treasurer SC paid £721.61 as admin grant into bank account on 8th October. Current balance is £1,990.11 Recent payments are £200 to Thornhill Views to carry CC page every issue (six a year) and £134 to Blairdrummond Grapevine (4 issues a year)

d. Planning N/A

e. Thornhill Future Group – (AR) meeting in person a few weeks ago another meeting on 23rd to review what has been discussed over the summer.

Smart village sensors starting to be deployed in the village, with a weather station already up and running. Now looking at traffic monitors etc.


f. Thornhill Community Trust (EB) meeting tomorrow night about putting a right to buy order on the Scout hall. (AR) it was gifted to the village so needs further discussion with the whole village. It is a burden to the scouts, it has asbestos in the roof and they would like to sell the building or the land. Need to look into the legalities.

g. Blair Drummond Community Hall – N/A

5. Community Council Business

a. Dunsire and Partners’ development in Thornhill: - (AG) architects firm from Glasgow were in the field today (Wednesday) and they are putting in an application this year. (SP) asked if we should start mobilising on this yet (JM) as soon as it comes up in the planning applications you should ask about material considerations.

b. Windfarm – Shelloch development in Gargunnock – (AG) Nothing new, been checking every week but thinking there may be a decision before December

c. Slow down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards Stirling – ME/ letter from CB circulated to CC

d. Sommers Lane – (JM) says (ME) Weight limits still not done but is going to happen

e. Junction of Main Street and Kippen Road / Road B822 from Thornhill to Kippen- (EB) – feedback was it will be monitored as yellow lines were the SC solution and this was not welcomed by residents (remove from agenda)

f. Resurfacing Kippen Rd – (EB) (remove from agenda)

g. Speed check in Thornhill – reply from Police Scotland circulated 14/09/2021

h. Floral tubs in Thornhill – (MF) (remove from agenda)

i. Debris at the newly-constructed bridge over the Boquhapple Burn at the western entrance to Thornhill – (AG) corresponding with Ian Jeffrey he has written to Mr Greer (farmer) and asked that this be done 28 days has now passed and has moved to planning enforcement

j. CC next meeting: zoom/ face-to-face/ hybrid meeting? (SP) EB will book Thornhill Community hall and zoom with the people who can’t make face to face.

6. Residents Forum:

a. Dog waste bins in Thornhill – (EB) Resident complaints - not enough bins around the village. (EB) will make a list of where the bins could be located in the village. (JM) says that any bins can now be used for dog foul this was changed by the council last year.

b. Trees are obscuring some lights in the village. (JM) The process is to write to the person who owns the tree and ask the council to cut it and the owner will have to pay for this to be done, it is a lengthy process. (JI) suggested writing an article for Thornhill Views to make residents aware that trees should be cut back to allow the lights to work properly. EB would do this.

7. AOB

8. Date, time and venue of next meeting: Wednesday, 24th November 2021 at 7:30pm.