Apr 2022 Minutes

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20th April 2022 at 7:30 pm Online.


1. Present and apologies Scott Patterson Chair (SP), Andy Greig (AG), Hector Muir -Vice- Chair (HM) Elaine Blanchard - Treasurer (EB), Al Rawlinson (AL), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (JM), Joanne Ingles (JI), Sam Campbell (SC), Yvonne Dickson - Minutes (YD)

Apologies Gabriela Ingle -Secretary (GI), Sheena Stewart (SS), Cllr Evelyn Tweed (ET), Cllr Martin Earl (ME),

2. Approval of minutes of meeting on the 9 th March 2022 Agreed (EB) Seconded (HM)

3. Matters arising (EB) looked into Community Pride funding, this isn’t going to work, applications needed to be in by the 19th – TCT asked for £200 donation from us – All agreed (SP) We could try a fundraiser at the gala to recoup the money.

4. Reports – External:

a. Transport Scotland re Traffic Alleviation at Safari Park – (HM) nothing to report (AG) traffic is increasing with the better weather. (HM) In the next year the transport review will make recommendations – not that high up the priority list.

b. Police Scotland (GI) emailed report out to CC members – On 07/03/22 a road traffic collision occurred on the A84 at its junction with Sommers Lane whereby a vehicle pulled out of the Sommers Lane onto the A84 into the path of a southbound vehicle which swerved to avoid a head on collision and left the roadway colliding with roadside signage. To date enquiry, including a media appeal has failed to identify the vehicle or driver involved.

c. Stirling County Councillor (JM) Main thing is the election on May 5 th.

Is hopeful they will spend money in the future to upgrades to the roads.

There is a grant process for hardware to support hybrid meetings and money for hall hire and zoom software, this is very positive. This is JMs last meeting at Thornhill CC. He thanked the members. (SP) wished him good luck

5. Reports – Internal:

a. Chair Nothing to report

b. Secretary Nothing to report

c. Treasurer £1346.23 outgoing – CC minutes and zoom licence

d. Planning (AG) emailed latest planning update to all CC members. Dunsire notification from Michael McGrew (unofficially) said he would recommend that it is not approved but we have had no response, do we press this (JM) Offered to help in any way he can.


e. Thornhill Future Group (EB) looking at Wi-Fi being input to the hall meaning we can have hybrid meetings. (AR) asked JM is this something that could be funded with the grant

f. Thornhill Community Trust - (EB) AGM next Thursday, changing the constitution.

g. Blair Drummond Community Hall – Nothing to report

6. Community Council Business

a. Dunsire and Partners’ development in Thornhill: AG (GI) has sent an email based on (KS) email to the planning department and have heard nothing back to date.

Nothing to report

b. Windfarm – Shelloch development in Gargunnock – AG/ME – remove from the agenda

c. Slow down sign/flashing light on A873 after B8031 (near Coldoch Road) towards Stirling – (GI) and (CB) have started a petition to SC regarding traffic control in the area.

d. Sommers Lane – (JI) not sure where this sits but A84 signs have appeared (blue signs, no access to Briar lands farm) – as a resident I didn’t know these signs were going up – may be a safety concern? Not sure where the large yellow signs have come from. (JM) sounds like SC has overcomplicated things with too many signs. Action He will ask some questions (JI) wasn’t aware this was an issue as currently Sommers lane was the issue.

e. Debris at the newly-constructed bridge over the Boquhapple Burn at the western entrance to Thornhill – AG will do this himself – remove from the agenda

f. Scout Hall ownership – EB went up for auction didn’t meet price and it is now back up for auction.

7. Residents Forum: letter received from a Thornhill resident about the bike track in Mains Farm; this has been closed for many years, can this be re-opened (SP) will contact the farm owners and look into this.

8. AOB (JI) another planning app for a house in Blairdrummond, last time we said we would have to look at this if there were any more applications. It has now been withdrawn but we need to keep an eye on this. Robert Craig is the applicant, this would be his 5th application.

(SC) Would like to raise the issue of speed people are driving through the village. No one is paying attention to the 20 mph zone. (SP) asked JM how we go about getting a sign with the speed people are doing. (JM) will ask about this as these are costly approx. 5K. (SP) Killearn has two and Aberfoyle has three Action (JM) could CC send a map and he will take this forward. Suggests that the CC make a list of 10 points for your next councillor making speed issue no. 1 (AG) can we ask for police with speed cameras to come out (SP) or can we ask for a speed van (JM) will ask the police about these options. (AR) Lider traffic sensor is set up on the masonic hall to log information on size of vehicles, volumes etc. and we could pull the figures on this if this would help. It may add weight (SC) road markings have worn away Action (JM) this is a maintenance issue I will ask about this. Action (EB) will provide a map to JM re speed signs.

SP intends to resign as Chairman at the next meeting if anyone wants to step up.


Date, time and venue of next meeting: AGM Wednesday 8th of June at 7pm, followed by a normal meeting at 7:30pm.